Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for attack on the Thessalian Meat Market amid Easter

These days, when thousands of non-human animals are being murdered for the hedonistic and sadistic consumption of their dead flesh on the festive tables of godly slaves, we decided to celebrate in a different way. So, in the daybreak of the 19th of April 2014, we carried out an attack at the Thessalian Meat Market in the city of Volos, smashing its glass facade, and paint-bombing and causing damages to its cargo truck. The same store has been attacked also in the past, so it’s about time that certain people understood that if they continue to profit at the expense of non-human animals, we will stand in their way with even more drastic means.

Ever since the beginning of their existence, civilization and capitalism have used concepts and practices like property and incarceration in order to imprison, torture and slaughter billions of non-human animals to secure food, health, progress and prosperity of the human species, thus setting the foundation for anthropocentrism, under which the human being is superior to the rest of the species, all of whom are eligible for human-inflicted exploitation. Even though it is anthropocentric, domination does not leave humans out of the realm of enslavement (hierarchy, patriarchy, nations, wage slavery, societies of inequalities). With the onslaught of modern totalitarianism, for achieving a sterile prison-society, there’s a surge of both incarceration and exploitation of animals (livestock, vivisection, animal circuses, zoos, pet shops) but also of people whose ideas and practices are hampering the smooth operation of the system (prisons, concentration camps). For these reasons, we do not consider total liberation (animal, earth, human liberation) a separate fragment but rather an integral part of the wider anarchist struggle.

Until the demolition of every cage/prison, nothing will be free!

Solidarity with political prisoners

Strength to those who revolt inside or outside the walls


Paris: Embassy of Belarus paint-bombed in solidarity with Dzmitry Stsyashenka and Dzmitry Zvan’ko

On the night of April 15th to 16th, the embassy of Belarus in Paris was repainted; this was a small gesture of solidarity with the comrades Dzmitry S. and Dzmitry Z., convicted for opposing neo-Nazis in their region. More »

Uruguay: Incendiary attack on Argentine consulate in Montevideo

In the early hours of April 11th, 2014, we attacked the consulate of Argentina in Montevideo with Molotov cocktails. We claim responsibility for this action in response to the eviction of the Biblioteca “Los libros de la esquina” (“Books around the corner” Library), which occurred in the morning of April 9th in the city of Buenos Aires.

This space took shape in an occupied house, and was maintained for over ten years with an approach antagonistic to the social order, diffusing values of solidarity, autonomy and self-management. In addition to the social library, various anti-authoritarian and anarchic projects unfolded there, this being a social conflictuality booster.

Our action is clear: they punch us, we punch them back. In this case, we have chosen to communicate the action so that it reaches out and gives strength to all those who fight in the other side of the river. And also to remind that social war continues in these parts, and even though it often goes unnoticed, and the powerful ones pretend like nothing is happening, the world of domination receives our blows as well.

Let’s continue to strengthen solidarity, self-organization and direct action! Until conflict overflows and social war doesn’t let anyone indifferent!

Strength, comrades!

Insurrectional Cell Sucker Punch

Athens: Police crackdown on migrant street vendors and people in solidarity at ASOEE faculty on April 8th, 2014

Antifa banner in Thissio (Athens, 12/4): “Solidarity with the migrant street vendors of ASOEE”

In the last month, the police have unleashed a show of force at the Athens University of Economics and Business, more commonly known as ASOEE (on Patission Street). Every day, all kinds of cops are deployed around the faculty aiming to intimidate us and make us stop selling items on the pavement in front of ASOEE. With the municipal elections approaching, the various candidates are trying to prove who among them will be the most effective in “restoring the order in the city centre” of Athens, who will be tougher against us, the immigrants, who will be harsher against the students and those who struggle everyday standing next to us.

On the 8th of April, the police once again encircled ASOEE’s building. At approximately 11am, a group of twenty with identical appearance and objects in their hands assaulted street vendors, and unsuccessfully attempted to block the entrance to the faculty. A few minutes later, cops stormed the area. At 3.30pm the scene was repeated. This time nearly 40 guys (plainclothes cops and some of the previous group) unleashed another attack, and 2-3 of them blocked the entrance gate to the building. Simultaneously, alongside anti-riots squadrons, DELTA motorcycle police teams drove down surrounding alleys and started to chase, beat and arrest people at random. One male student and twelve immigrants were thus brought to police station. The same afternoon the students association called for an assembly, in which a lot of other people in solidarity participated, and decided to march toward the Kypseli police department where the arrestees were being held. The demonstration was halted by the police; shortly afterwards, a protest gathering took place in Amerikis Square. The next day the arrestees were brought to court on charges of resisting authority, simple assault causing bodily harm, and illegal trade. At the same time, cops invaded houses of the arrested persons without the presence of public prosecutor, but they didn’t find anything of interest. The trial was postponed for the 23rd of April; the student was released, but the twelve immigrants are still being held by decision of the police.

Cops have activated a series of racist administrative laws (presidential decree 113/2013, law 3386/2005), and deemed the arrested immigrants as “dangerous to public order and security.” These are legal provisions under which the police, regardless of the formal decision made by a court, have the power to decide upon detention of any immigrant, even those who have papers. In practice this enables the police to confiscate documents of detained immigrants, to incarcerate them for eighteen months in a concentration camp, and to order their deportation. In other words, the police have the authority to capture immigrants, charge them with anything they want (besides, it’s what they do best…), and thus decide that their arrest makes them “a danger to public order or security of the country,” and allege that there are grounds for their detention and deportation. In case of appeal in the first instance against this decision, the competent authority to issue a decision is once again the police. The last legal option available to detained immigrants is to appeal to an administrative court, where the chances of vindication are virtually non-existent — the judges examine the files by a fast-track procedure (literally a 5-minute proceeding), simply ratifying any prior decision of the police. These provisions were recently used in the case of four immigrants that were arrested in police operation at ASOEE on the 22nd of October 2013, and in the case of one of the eleven arrestees in Victoria Square (downtown Athens) during flyposting against detention centres on the 28th of December 2013.

When we left different countries behind, we believed that we would at least continue to live in freedom. But we have lost our freedom ever since we arrived in Greece, even if migrating to Greece meant that we had to risk losing our lives at sea — like those who drowned off the coast of Farmakonisi Island or, more recently, off the coast of Lesvos island. So when we came here, we found ourselves in a type of prison, a prison without walls. They slander us using racist campaigns of misinformation. According to the media, we are nothing but thieves, murderers, and carriers of diseases. By implementing racist and outdated laws they don’t allow us to work. Cops, fascists and racists hunt us in the streets. And this doesn’t happen only around ASOEE; same is the situation in Monastiraki, Thissio, Omonoia, in all of our neighbourhoods. We live everyday under the threat of imprisonment, either in a police station or in a detention centre. And the detention term is ever growing: in the beginning the period of incarceration was three months, then six, nine, currently eighteen months, and from now on detention can be indefinite (if one refuses cooperation for “voluntary departure from the country”).

And now, by constantly unleashing police operations outside the faculty, they forbid us to sell things on the street, which has been the only way for us to survive. It has been the only way to earn some money, to pay our rent, the water and electricity bills, and to buy some food. What we really wish is to be able to live with dignity by the sweat of our face.

Without papers, we can’t work, we can’t even go outside of our homes, we can’t integrate into society, and we have no access to medical care — why don’t they just burn us alive, then?

We are not thieves, murderers, or rapists. We hear everywhere that the Third World countries are un-civilized. However, in those countries there’s no such hate-frenzy against foreigners, or so many detention centers, or so many border fences, or so many drown by the coast guard police. Greece doesn’t seem to understand that we, the immigrants, are not a problem. We want a world without discriminations, without injustice, without racism, without rich or poor. Every day, we face survival anxiety, police brutality, and the violence of bosses — we are not a problem; but we can become one.

Everyone to Evelpidon courts on Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014 at 12pm
Freedom for the arrestees
Not a single immigrant in detention camps

Communities of struggle by locals and immigrants in ASOEE and everywhere

Assembly of immigrants and solidarians of ASOEE
Every Thursday at 20:00

Athens: Supermarket expropriated in the district of Vyronas as a minimum act of resistance

Everything is stolen; everything belongs to us!

We take back a few of the things we produced with hard labour and our bosses have stolen from us…

The establishment of a state of emergency, in conjunction with the predatory raids of the bosses at work and in our lives, imposes the fear of repression as well as destitution on society. Disparities in everyday life have a tragic dimension, when hands reach out begging or overturn trash bins hoping to find food. Unemployment and constant price increases of products on the shelves of supermarkets have made us wonder if we can even meet our basic needs.

We do not tolerate this situation; we will resist.

Today (April 11th, 2014), we covered our faces and expropriated one of these big supermarkets. We have made our face visible with our move, and because it disturbs (mostly) their peace as well as their profitability, they will try to track us down. We do not give ourselves over to them, we defy their terrorism, we plan our ways, and respond collectively in the street. We collectivize our resistances and rebel against our oppressors.

Today, we also made a stop at the manpower employment organization (OAED).

We left some of the items we took from the supermarket at the local unemployment office as a gesture of class solidarity towards other workers and unemployed; a righteous act that we, those from below, do for ourselves, redistributing the pie. In this modern system of human trafficking, in this contemporary galley, workers in public benefit projects, which the Greek manpower employment organization promotes, are forced to live like slaves for five months. They have no right to holiday or sick leave; they get crumbs, and face the threat of removal from the unemployed register in case they refuse the position assigned to them. Every one of us should know that we outnumber them, and if we want to organize ourselves, we can overthrow the exploiters of our lives.

poor but dishonest

Germany: Hambach Forest occupation evicted a third time – Reoccupation scheduled for April 26th

After the crackdown on the third occupation in the Hambach Forest, activists are determined to reoccupy the Hambach Forest on April 26th, 2014. On that day, a demonstration will start at 2pm at the train station in Buir (near Cologne).

New courage despite eviction and repression

The Hambach Forest occupation was evicted. Using numerous squadrons, climbing teams and attempts to intimidate the public (“we do not advice anyone to come here”), the police finally did what was anyways expected long ago: the RWE energy company, the federal state, the city and the police wanted to prove who dominates, who sets the tone. But it is not all so simple. In no way do raids, evictions and all fucking repressive operations show their superiority, but their fear! Furthermore, several media representatives once again showed themselves to be compliant assistants of the interests of industry and politics. For instance, during the eviction of the forest occupation in November 2012, specialists of the mine rescue team were admiring the “professionally constructed” tunnel in the Hambach Forest [built as refuge from police raids], but ultimately the media copied the police statement alone, reporting it was all about a rescue operation because one single person was endangering one’s own life and the lives of others. Absurd.

Now it is said that the city of Kerpen was responsible for the eviction order on March 27th, 2014. According to allegations, there was a danger to “life and limb”, building regulations were violated, and therefore ramblers ran the permanent risk of falling treehouses. Actually, we are really not in the mood to remark on arguments which try to legitimize the brutal crackdown of resistance, and thereby provide legitimization for environmental destruction, climate change, forced evictions of entire villages as well as the killing of human and non-human beings. And yes, we talk about murder, for what other word should we use regarding the increased nuclear radiation through mining, fine dust pollution, CO2 emissions, the streams of refugees, starving and dying people caused by climate change and capitalism, the splitting of families and local communities through the displacement of entire localities, the destruction of habitat, and the direct killing of animals by logging and pit mining? As previously written, it is not all so simple. More »

June 11, 2014 – International day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and all long-term anarchist prisoners

June 11th is quickly approaching. As a revitalization of the day of support for eco-prisoners, the International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners has seen a huge outpouring of support and love for both Marie and Eric from all corners of the globe over the past 3 years.

Significantly, in addition to the wellspring of both material and immaterial support, we’ve seen the proliferation of solidarity actions in many diverse contexts spreading the spirit and contributions to our struggles of those the state has attempted to disappear. Coordinated international solidarity has begun to flourish, with information about long-term anarchist and environmental prisoners crossing many geographic and linguistic barriers.

These efforts have had very tangible effects in the lives of Marie and Eric (and many others). Fundraisers have helped them remain true to their vegan principles, loved ones have been able to visit regularly even across vast distances, new generations of radical folks all over the world have reached out to them in solidarity. In short, June 11th has been greatly successful in helping to keep Marie, Eric and many other long-term anarchist and environmental prisoners in our hearts and minds, and to keep them alive in our struggles.

But this process of remembering – of “keeping alive” – is a tricky thing.

Our struggles and movements are often mired by a lack of memory, and a lack of understanding and connecting with the past as a way to inform our actions in the present. This is both a product of the techno-alienation of our age as well as a consequence of tactical repression by state forces. The state, for the time being, has the ability to kidnap our comrades and bury them alive, to force them to languish in cold steel and concrete for decades on end. They’re ripped from our communities, from our lives. And in their place exists a painful void.

The state, for its part, is banking on the veracity of the old adage “time heals all wounds”; it is hoping that this void will shrink and that we will “forget”. If held in captivity long enough, so thinks the state, the actions of our courageous comrades will fade into the oblivion of history and we on the outside will be left without their constructive and loving presence in our struggles. We must fight against this repressive tendency; we must never forget.

Over the past few years we have seen a sharp increase in ecological defense and animal liberation actions all over the world. In this ever-increasing resistance it is paramount that we recognize the actions and struggles of the past, of the comrades who we must now unfortunately call “long-term anarchist prisoners.” The continuation of their fights – their active remembering – must be kept alive.

To this end, for June 11th this year we’re making a specific call. While in years past we may have emphasized certain aspects of long-term prisoner support (i.e. material support, building international ties, etc), this year we want to make it explicit.

As the June 11th organizing crew, we’ve often used the term “active remembering” to describe a process that feels crucial to us in doing long-term prisoner support. That is, we’ve come to see the necessity of not simply passively holding onto a set of names to “honor and remember,” but to work towards a mode of support that ties our relationships with long-term anarchist and environmental prisoners into action in our/their ongoing struggles.

Marie and Eric, being the focus of our June 11th organizing efforts, are both dedicated vegans imprisoned for acting in direct opposition to the destruction of the earth. In an effort to “actively remember” them and to engage with them in the present by connecting them to a continuance of their fight, we’re encouraging people to tie their June 11th events into actively ongoing eco and animal liberation struggles.

This call is not proscriptive in any way; read what you want in these words and put them into action as you and your crew see fit. But remember, what we’re calling for is not a ritualistic expression of solidarity, a once a year party in which we, for only an instant, call to mind those captured by the State. Rather, ours is a call to live the history of our imprisoned comrades, to take their names, their actions, and their struggles and to turn them back on the world that locks them up. Ours is a call to action.

In solidarity with Marie and Eric; with all long-term anarchist prisoners; in defence of the earth; until all cages are empty!


Sweden: Comrades in Skövde sentenced

On Monday the 7th of April 2014, our comrades in Skövde (Sweden) were sentenced.

The comrade who’s still kept in captivity was sentenced to 2 years and six months in prison.

One of those who were released last week was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The other one, with the more talkative approach in court who was also released last week, was sentenced to probation.

Two more comrades that were on the outside received suspended sentences.

Even though the prosecutor creep didn’t get their will done, we see no reason to celebrate. Our comrades have spent half a year – more and less – in the disgusting pre-trial isolation cells, and they still have their sentences to either serve or evade.

As long as this society continues to exist, prison is and will be one of the worst weapons in the State’s arsenal. A weapon they are using every day in the social war against us and anybody who doesn’t fit in to their disgusting frames of normality. Prison is however not an end station but a continuation of our struggle against this reality. To maintain a struggle without including the prison and justice system as targets, is to shoot oneself in the foot.

Fire to the prisons! Strength to our comrades!

Write to our comrades: support_mejl_now_4@live.se

-always for the subversion of the existent

Greece: Reportback from solidarity intervention at Domokos prison

Against maximum security prisons

On Sunday, April 6th, 2014 comrades from several parts of Greece joined together to protest in close proximity to Domokos prison against the new prison reform bill of the ministry of Justice, and to send strength and warmth to the prisoners held in there.

At around 1pm, buses from Patras and Athens arrived straight to the road leading to Domokos prison, finding there was a police blockade half a kilometer away from the prison, so they couldn’t get any closer from there. Comrades from Karditsa, Volos, Trikala, Larissa and other cities had gathered beforehand in the central square of the village as planned, to march toward the prison. Protesters from Thessaloniki arrived later due to problems at one of their buses.

Some slogans were chanted initially, but people didn’t know whether inmates could hear anything due to the distance, so the cheers went down until there was phone communication with prisoners, who confirmed they were hearing the shouts on the inside. A smaller group of comrades found there was a way to get closer to the prison facilities going through the fields surrounding the prison, and from there they sent their warmth to the prisoners. Soon afterwards, there were small-scale clashes with the cops who were positioned on that side of the building. Tear gases were thrown but the wind did not blow in favor of police squadrons, so the effects were rather small. Intermittent clashes continued for more than an hour, with the rest of demonstrators waiting nearby not to leave others behind.

At about 3.30pm, there was quite a fun moment when comrades attempted to attack a patrol car and a secret police vehicle. When the three cops realized it, they jumped into their cars and drove the hell out of there, leaving a trace of tires on the asphalt.

Slogans against prisons and cops, but also for anarchy were mainly chanted, like:

Neither penal nor political prisoners; fire and explosives to all the prison cells.
Listen up you prison guards, hands off the fighters.
Those whose heads are full of shit cannot understand anything about freedom.
That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, bursts of Kalashnikov to make it stick in your mind.
Not a single teardrop for Tsironis; cops, pigs, murderers. (Giorgos Tsironis is the prison guard who was fatally stabbed by prisoner Ilia Kareli.)
Freedom for those who are in prison cells.

Solidarity zine in English with letters and communiqués about Amélie, Fallon, and Carlos (the 5E3 anarchist prisoners in Mexico City)

Click image for PDF.

(…) Perhaps the words of Fallon, Amélie, and Carlos will inspire you to build friendships based on trust and affinity, to have each others’ backs, and to translate your own rage against the world of prisons and police and borders into actions. As Carlos “El Chivo” wrote, “I know that anarchist solidarity is strong like an oak tree, and that always goes farther than simple words.” And as anarchists everywhere never cease to remind us: it’s easy to attack.

Somewhere between Mexico City and Montréal, March 2014.

Sweden: Repression against comrades in Skövde

Late the 14th and early the 15th of October 2013, five comrades were arrested and imprisoned in Skövde, Sweden, suspected for over twenty different attacks on fur farmers and the fur industry, as well as liberations of minks. Three of the comrades were later considered to be main suspects and the two others were released, however still being suspects. Close upon the trial startup, end of January, yet another person was detained for involvement in some of the suspected attacks but this person was also released, still being a suspect.

During their interrogations the three main suspects kept their mouths shut, besides one comrade who took the responsibility for a suspected arson against a garage belonging to a fur farmer.

Seeing the media potential the disgusting ex-minister of Justice Thomas Bodström, nowadays a populist lawyer, took on himself to represent all the fur farmers in the court process.

As the trial began in the end of January 2014, two of the comrades remained quiet and didn’t answer to any questions in court, just letting the assembled people know their denying position to the accusations through the voice of their defenders. The third person did however choose another approach, claiming his innocence, his aversion towards violence, as well as calling his close ones as witnesses to his advantage in the court process.

During the first day, the prosecutor scum used an interview from the anarchist zine UpprorsBladet no.3 as evidence against one of the comrades, claiming that he was the one being interviewed. His legal defense stated that there is no evidence-based connection between his client and the person being interviewed.

During the planned ten-days long trial the State posed an allegation that one or more of the accused were suffering from mental disorders. This, in the end, resulted in a six-week long psychiatric evaluation for the three of them, before any convictions could be made. On the 27th of March the main scum doctor of the State institution for (captive) psychiatric care declared all of them ”healthy enough to be sentenced to prison.”

Yesterday, the 31th of March, the last day of trial before conviction took place, and two of the comrades were released on bail. The remaining comrade, being the one who took the responsibility for the alleged arson, were to be kept in captivity as there were some aggravating circumstances concerning evidence around the arson and her involvement therein. The accusations of the two released comrades were, according to the court, not enough to motivate the continuation of an already six months long isolation in captivity; this being stated, although they considered the high likeliness of them evading the long arm of the law, continuing their criminal activities or both.

If the prosecutor gets her will done, the more talkative of the three would get 3 to 3,5 years in prison, and the other two at least 6 years in prison.

Besides showing our comrades the greatest of support for their ideas, their actions and their commitment to the liberation of animals, we find it important to comment on the use of our idea-based weapon against us and our comrades. For us, the enemy using our magazine against a comrade like this, is equal to us taking the service pistol of the State lackeys and point the gun barrel right back at them… This is not the first incident as such but this time we won’t let it be unanswered…

Stay updated with the development of the case and remember that there is always ways to communicate without addresses, names and letters!

Solidarity with our comrades in the struggle for Animal Liberation, for an inter-sectional struggle and most importantly – FOR ANARCHY!


– in constant struggle against the existent

in Swedish (April 1st, 2014)

[Mexico, September 2012] A dialogue between Conspiración Ácrata and comrade Gustavo Rodríguez

Click image to read pdf. Spanish original text here.

Mexico City: Update on anarchist prisoners Carlos, Amélie and Fallon

March 28th, 2014.

Various weeks have passed since the last update on the case of the three anarchists arrested on the 5th of January 2014. A variety of events have occurred since then; here is an actualization:

The General Prosecutor of the Republic was not able to find enough elements to maintain the charges of “terrorism and organized crime” against the three, and they were charged with the accusations of “damages and attack on the public peace.” Their process is in the stage of presenting evidence, and the first court dates are set for the 2nd and 3rd of April.

Amelie and Fallon were taken to the women’s prison of Santa Martha, and Carlos to the Reclusorio Oriente. Amelie and Fallon are in the general population area, while Carlos still remains in the “observation and classification” area, but will most likely be moved to the general population in the next few days.

We want to expand a little on the situation of Carlos, explaining a bit about the conditions in which thousands of prisoners live in jails around Mexico City. In these reclusion centres there is a huge network of corruption and collusion between authorities and some of the inmates, who reproduce the prison logic and assume themselves as prison guards over the rest of the prisoners. This network of corruption and collusion not only strengthens the disciplinary role of prisons, but is also big business, as the majority of the prisoners is forced to pay for everything: visits, roll-call, etc. By paying they are saved from being beaten by those other prisoners that enjoy protection of the authorities, who receive part of this money in exchange. These prisoners maintain control over practically the entire prison.

A few days ago we found out that Carlos had a problem with another prisoner, which led him to get into a fight with him. Prison guards intervened and beat both of them, then locked them up for 9 hours in punishment cells. On leaving the disciplinary cell, Carlos was transferred to the ingress area, in which he was for classification. There he was required to pay to be able to get out of the cleaning work known as “fajina”. The compa decided not to pay. The fajina consists of leaning a determined area but under a scheme of hard labour. During the fajina of the first day, Carlos was again beaten by prisoners who were trying to get him to pay.

At this point we know that the compañero is unwell due to the humidity of the punishment cell he was locked up in; also that he has back pains due to the beatings. However he remains strong and firm in his convictions.

Thankfully, the compañeras Amelie and Fallon have not had to deal with these types of situations.

We call for expressions of solidarity with the three anarchists arrested on the 5th of January. We will continue to diffuse their situation.

Freedom to Carlos, Amelie and Fallon!

Solidarity with Mario González!

A greeting to Tripa; that they never stop you!*

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

* Comrade Mario López “Tripa” has escaped into clandestinity and gone underground.

Santiago, Chile: Four arrests in La Victoria on March 29th, 2014

On March 29th, in the context of the commemorations of the “Day of the Combatant Youth”, four comrades were arrested by police thugs in the historical neighborhood of La Victoria, in Santiago. During their arrest, they were brutally beaten by men of the Carabiniers, who broke the teeth of a female compa and caused a deep cut on the head of another male compa.

The day after, around 2pm, a judge of the 10th Guarantee Court ordered a two months’ pre-trial detention for the comrades. Since March 30th at 11pm, Javier and Miguel are being held in the prison-enterprise of Santiago 1, while Paz and Chrystal were sent to the jail of San Miguel.

The charges for which they’ll be under investigation these two next months are: arson attempt (of a Transantiago bus) that placed people in danger, attempted murder (against a cop of the Carabiniers), possession of incendiary devices (Molotov cocktail), trespassing private property (regarding the house they entered to find shelter from the cops) and violation of the antiterrorist law. All this means that the comrades risk prison sentences of 5 years and a day to 10 years.

In these kind of situations it is essential to run solidarity initiatives with the arrested comrades, from spreading the word on their current situation, preparing and sending packages into prison or supporting their families, to the direct attack against those that keep them locked up.

By any means necessary, and beyond any technical difficulties, we should now break with reality, its defenders and its false critics!

Immediate solidarity with Javier, Paz, Miguel[*] and Chrystal!

Hold on mates, we shall not leave you alone!

Until every cell is empty! For total liberation!

Let solidarity transcend the walls of every prison!

* Update: On the 5th of April one the four arrestees, Miguel, released an open letter which is very embarrassing, to say the least; see related note of Refractario, in Spanish, here.

Kiev, Ukraine: Good night macho pride 2014

From the 24th to the 28th of April 2014, the 3rd ‘Good night macho pride’ anarcha-feminist festival will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.

During the gathering, there will be theoretical and practical discussions related to anarchist and feminist topics such as relations and ways of talking to each other, interaction in groups, how to deal with insults or assaults, awareness regarding sexist behaviour, and prevention of activists’ burnout. Besides, it will be a good opportunity to get in touch with anarcha-feminist groups and activists from different European countries.

One important point will be presentations about anarcha-feminism and gender related topics in the anarchist movement of the former USSR. Another is the exchange of experiences and strategies to overcome patriarchy.

Contact email: gnmp@riseup.net / More info: svobodna via a3yo

Athens, Greece: Protest action at Koridallos men’s and women’s prisons

The State murders prisoners – Ilir Kareli

(A) We don’t forget, we don’t forgive (N)

Fire to the hellholes, bombs on the courts – A.C.A.B.

The blood is still flowing seeking revenge

If not now, when?

On Monday, March 31st, 2014, men incarcerated in the A wing as well as women inmates of Koridallos prisons refused to return to the cells after the end of time on prison yards, staying outside for one hour (from 11am to 12pm) as a sign of mourning and rage over the recent death of their fellow prisoner Ilia (Ilir) Kareli.

In the A wing of Koridallos men’s prison, slogans were painted on walls of the yard while inmates shouted slogans such as “And now one slogan that unites us all: cops, pigs, murderers,” “The blood is still flowing seeking revenge,” “Fire and arson to all the prison cells.”

Footage from these moments:

In the women’s prison, inmates chanted slogans against cops, prisons, Golden Dawn thugs, like: “Fire and arson to all the prison cells,” “Fascist scum, soon you will be hanged at gallows”, “Rage and consciousness, negation and violence bring chaos and anarchy,” “The States are the only terrorists; solidarity with armed guerrillas,” “Fire and blast at this brothel.”

Below is the text of men and women prisoners from Koridallos which was sent to the ministry.

Prisoners’ announcement to the ministry of Justice:

Only a few days after the brutal assassination of our co-prisoner Ilia Kareli, and while his blood from the beatings of his torturers is still fresh, nobody from the ministry of Justice has done anything regarding this killing. That’s why today the 31st of March we men/women prisoners in Koridallos will stay outside in the yards until noon, for one hour after lock up time, as a sign of protest.

We demand that the ministry apologize publicly to the murdered prisoner’s family, and find and punish the uniformed murderers that killed Ilia Kareli. We owe it to our dead fellow inmate, to ourselves and the dozens of prisoners who were tortured and lost their lives in the correctional galleys. We will either fight for our rights, or we will die slowly inside the prisons.

Men/women prisoners of Koridallos

PS: The mobilization against the fascist bill of the ministry of Justice for type C prisons continues until victory.

Germany: Reportback from antifascist demonstration in Dortmund

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On March 29th, 2014, around 400 people took part in an antifascist demonstration in Dortmund. People took to the streets in remembrance of punk Thomas “Schmuddel” Schulz, who was murdered by the neo-Nazi Sven Kahlin 9 years ago, and in memory of Mehmet Kubaşık, who was one of the victims of a series of murders by the Nationalist Socialist Underground (NSU).

The demonstration started in front of the main railroad station and went to the Dorstfeld district, where many neo-Nazis live, in their so-called “home zone” (for years they’ve been trying to take control over this part of Dortmund). Right before getting into Dorstfeld, many activists inside the demonstration used umbrellas to protect themselves from fascist photographers. Cops used this pretext to stop the march, arguing that people would mask themselves (to cover one’s face is considered a criminal act in Germany). After a few minutes people closed their umbrellas, and cops allowed the demonstration to go on, even though many protesters now used other ways to disguise themselves. In Dorstfeld, a bunch of neo-Nazis held a barbecue while posting pictures in social networks and bragging about themselves. Obviously, cops protected the fascists and blocked every way to them.

It was a loud demonstration and it was nice that so many people took to the streets (demos in previous years were attended with nearly 200 people). But it was also disappointing to see 400 antifascists getting stopped by cops because of umbrellas, and not really doing anything against it…

Greek prisons are boiling…

Banner in Thessaloniki, Greece (27/3/2014): “All values of democracy are maximum security prisons”

On March 24th, 2014, prisoners across Greece announced mobilizations to protest ever-stricter detention conditions, demanding that the government’s draft law for maximum security prisons be withdrawn. According to this new bill, “dangerous” inmates sent to the type C units will not be granted prison furloughs and will have substantially restricted visitation rights.

On March 25th, amid rising tension in penitentiaries, Albania-born convict Ilia Kareli stabbed a prison guard to death with an improvised knife in Malandrino prison. Even though Kareli was imprisoned for a total of 16 years, he was recently denied furlough. The dead jailer, whom the mass media portrayed as almost a saint, was an infamous sadistic torturer who used to whip inmates with electric cables.

On March 27th, prisoner Ilia Kareli was transferred to solitary confinement in Nigrita prison (near the city of Serres, northern Greece), where he was later found dead due to multiple internal injuries and severe fractures caused by repeated beatings of killers in uniform. In other words, after taking the miserable life of a guard, he was tortured to death by the prison system.

In response to the murder of Ilia Kareli, as well as to this monstrous bill that Power is prepared to implement against prisoners in Greece, inmates in several prisons have held massive protests, in some cases with abstention from prison meals and/or refusal to be locked up in cells.

On Sunday afternoon, March 30th, a gathering was held outside the Nigrita prison, wherein Kareli was found dead. The action lasted more than an hour and was attended by 100 comrades from the cities of Thessaloniki, Serres and Kavala. The response of inmates was lively, as both sides exchanged shouts against the torturers-killers of the prison administration as well as slogans against cops, and in solidarity with the ongoing struggle of prisoners.

During the gathering, the administration tried everything in their power to hinder the communication between prisoners and people in solidarity. The institutional alarms were launched and announcements were continuously transmitted through loudspeakers so that the chants would not reach inside. However prisoners were not discouraged by the jailers’ effort; particularly in the C2 wing, surveillance cameras and glass windows, etc. were smashed by inmates.

Solidarity among people who revolt inside and outside the walls

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Solidarity gathering at the Chilean consulate for the Security Case prisoners

Days of Internationalist Agitation and Solidarity, from the 14th to the 25th of March 2014, before the beginning of the trial against comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan. Subversive brothers of the Chilean region, to the streets and free! Because neither laws nor incarceration or juridical pitfalls can ever halt the social tempest against the State/Capital! Comrades of the Security Case to the street!

In the context of the agitation and solidarity week for our comrades kidnapped by Power and accused in the so-called “Security Case” in Chile, we realized this action on the 24th of March, a day before the start of this absurd judicial circus.

Like many others who stand in solidarity, some of us called for a gathering outside the Chilean consulate in Buenos Aires, firmly wanting to make the enemy feel that “here we are once again”, ready and decisive to face the consequences, always choosing to stand on the side of our combatant comrades, whether or not kidnapped by the State/Capital.

We ignite the flame of direct action, the subversive fire that Juan, Freddy and Marcelo knew and still know how to light up, like so many others in so many parts of this vast world, where cultures of death, submission and exploitation are being imposed on societies.

Because, while there is misery, there will always be rebellion!
Revolt is inevitable; let’s shape anarchy, till the end!

Istanbul: Özgür Ortak Alan 1903

Below is the proclamation which was distributed on March 22nd, 2014, during the squat attempt in the district of Beşiktaş, Istanbul [‘we’ for buildings; ‘you’ for people]:

I came into being of stone and wood in the year 1903. I am a product of human thinking and effort.

I have been through many things.

Workers’ labor, kids’ hustle and bustle and laughter, lectures of teachers… Afterwards came my desertion by people, my damp walls and leaking ceilings…

There came a time when you abandoned me and broke the bonds that you had once formed with me. With time, you broke the bonds among us as well. With each passing day, you built a new wall between us. You have surrounded us with fences.

You have imprisoned us. Why?

Because you have broken apart from each other. You have fallen into doubt and fear. Some of you even fed yourselves by playing games on us; people who were selfish and infected with the disease of always wanting more.

During the 40 years that you are not here, I have been watching the growth of plants in my garden and the lives of mice, spiders, lizards, birds, and cats.

Recently I have noticed that you began to form bonds with each other again. You have overcome your fears. You were right about your doubts.

I overheard Taşkışla telling the story of what happened on the grave of the deceased Topçu Kışlası artillery barracks, where Gezi Park is now located.

You were very loud. Your voice echoed at my rooms, which you may call empty. The voice of your streets. I was able to hear you.

I am aware that you need us in order to develop the bonds you have formed with each other. We also need you in order to keep standing.

Your past and our past have reconnected me and you at this point.

It is time to wake up. Both for us and for you.

I am glad I was able to provoke you. Welcome.


Mexico City: Prison addresses of anarchists Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, incarcerated since the 5th of January 2014

You may send solidarity letters to Amélie, Fallon and Carlos at the following addresses.

Amélie Trudeau / Fallon Rouiller
Centro Femenil de Reinserción Social Santa Martha Acatitla
Calzada Ermita, Iztapalapa No 4037, Colonia Santa Martha Acatitla
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09560, Ciudad de México, D.F.

Carlos López Marín
Reclusorio Preventivo Oriente
Calle Reforma #50, Col. San Lorenzo Tezonco
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09800, Ciudad de México, D.F.

For updates and letters of the comrades from prison, follow Sabotagemedia.

Santiago, Chile: Everyday a young combatant is born!

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Responsibility claim for the action which was carried out on Monday the 17th of March 2014 outside the ex-Pedagogical School in Santiago, in commemoration of the “Week of the Combatant Youth”

In relation to conditions pre-established by the security forces, we felt the obligation to generate a combative instance that goes far beyond the very “day of the combatant youth”, understanding our struggle as something that transcends emblematic and focal dates, towards the destruction of social norms and the prevailing model.

Hunger, misery, poverty, injustice, police harassment, exploitation and all elements of domination and oppression against the most unprotected classes—of which we are also a part—are realities of everyday living, apart from the emblematic dates of street fighting, so this is a call to generate this struggle in every place, on every corner of this society, 365 days a year.

Regarding the details of the action itself, we would love to give you more; however we believe that on this occasion the images speak for themselves.

Everyday a young combatant is born!
In memory of Eduardo and Rafael.

Photos kindly donated by Héctor Antonio Cerda Burgos, ID number 17.459.433-3*

source: hommodolars

* ironic reference to another cop who had infiltrated in the campus on the same day; when he was spotted by students, in his rush to escape he left his bag and police ID card behind

Volos, Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attack on tax office

1,000 hours of theory equal 1 minute of action.

In the early morning hours of Friday, March 21st, 2014, we attacked the tax office of the Nea Ionia district in the city of Volos. We chose to torch the tax archives, and poured records with gasoline and lit them on fire. Our goal was to expand the flames throughout the whole of the building, but due to lack of oxygen the fire didn’t spread. Next time we’ll be more cautious.

- The reasons why we chose to target the tax office are self-evident. Our only debt to the main predatory mechanism of the State is its destruction.

- Action replaces tears.

- We take action to overcome our fears.

- We will not wait for any condition to become ripe.

- We will not wait for any society to wake up.

- We will not wait for any “revolutionary” to revolutionize oneself.

We urge anyone who doesn’t want to live a slavish life, anyone who consciously opposes this aging world, to let go of the miseries and ideologized inactivity, and act aggressively.

Let us be the ones who start to determine the current event agenda.

Anarchists in action.

Bern, Switzerland: Antifascists on alert

No space for Nazis and nationalists

No space for Nazis and nationalists

The increasing trend toward the right wing in Switzerland is unbearable: xenophobic and racist ideologies get the upper hand. After the admission of the “initiative against mass immigration”, professed neo-Nazis took to the streets in Solothurn, and on the 29th of March a horror compound consisting of supporters of the SVP/UDC far-right party, patriots and neo-Nazis planned to demonstrate in Bern against the alleged “soft justice” and “for a harsher punishment of aliens.” Those who organized this racist rally are the “Stopp Kuscheljustiz” (“Stop soft justice”), an alliance of racists, nationalists, right-wing conservatives and neo-Nazis. In 2013, a mobilization of them in Bern had been blocked by antifascists.

Antifascists announced an occupation of the Federal Square (Bundesplatz) on the 29th, before the professed patriots could spread their propaganda there. They invited every resister to join this blockade and prevent these regressive xenophobes from having a public platform in Bern.

The announced antifascist resistance reached an important goal: the “Stopp Kuscheljustiz” scum finally cancelled their event. The occupation of the Federal Square is therefore no longer necessary and will not take place. However antifascists will be on alert throughout the day.

Sources: Bern remains Nazi-free, RAGE-Antifascist Network Geneva, Antifa Bern

New issue of international anarchist publication ‘Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence’

Click image to read issue #1 / March 2014

“We do a warm call to all comrades who can recognize themselves in it to contribute to the project of Avalanche, an international anarchist correspondence, in the way they consider most appropriate. Among many other occasions and opportunities we hope this project offers space to the strengthening of the relationships across borders and to propel the anarchist struggle.”

Previous issue here. For paper copies, please send a mail to correspondance@riseup.net

AVALANCHE Anarchist Correspondence | Correspondance anarchiste