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Koridallos prison, Athens: Sentences in the Velventos double robbery case

On Wednesday, October 1st, 2014, the Koridallos prison court in Athens found anarchist prisoners Yannis Michailidis, Nikos Romanos, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Dimitris Politis (who have claimed political responsibility for the double armed robbery in Velventos, Kozani) as well as Fivos Harisis and Argyris Ntalios (who have denied all charges) guilty of: – committing robbery while […]

Italy – Operation Ardesia: Francesco Gioa and Daniele Casalini arrested to serve rest of sentence

On Wednesday, May 28th and Friday, May 30 Francesco and Daniele were arrested to serve the remainder of their sentence (2 years and 1 month, and 1 year and 9 months, respectively) in relation to the robbery that took place in Lucca in June 2007.

On May 20th, 2014, a hearing was in fact held […]

Athens: Supermarket expropriated in the district of Vyronas as a minimum act of resistance

Everything is stolen; everything belongs to us!

We take back a few of the things we produced with hard labour and our bosses have stolen from us…

The establishment of a state of emergency, in conjunction with the predatory raids of the bosses at work and in our lives, imposes the fear of repression as […]

Argentina: The Indignity of Normalcy

From Boletín La Oveja Negra:

While in various places around the world an incipient aggression begins to materialize, show itself and organize, in the Argentine State the mass of the population is living in a kind of bubble. Simply criticizing the government is enough to put you on one side, and you are put […]

Thessaloniki: Supermarket expropriation as a token of solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos, who is on hunger strike since May 15th

Text that was shared out during the supermarket expropriation: We won’t beg for a pittance from no boss. We live in a reality full of inequalities. Others wonder what to throw out from their filled fridge, and others look for food in the garbage bins. Others are looking after a career with high salaries, and […]

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for sabotage on ATMs in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Rami Syrianos, who is on hunger strike since May 15th

Downtown Thessaloniki Friday, 13.15pm

Divided into different groups of comrades, we moved synchronously in order to disrupt, even in a symbolic way, the city’s normality during rush hour, when the metropolitan factory’s machines are working nonstop. We smashed and took 3 ATMs out of service, thus sabotaging the Capital’s smooth flow.

With this action we […]

Athens: A special New Year’s Eve ‘offer’

On Saturday 31–12/11, nearly 80 anarchists expropriated a supermarket in downtown Athens, sharing out the staple foods in Exarchia Square where other comrades from the neighbourhood were having a gratuitous bazaar. The response of people was warm.

They also handed out the following communiqué:

Let’s take back what belongs to us

Within the framework of […]

Athens: Double supermarket expropriation by anarchists in Peristeri


Nowadays, nothing is more infuriating than watching the bosses keeping on the same feast of lies, acting as if nothing has happened, as if a bright future awaits us within capitalism; as if the attack that we experience is simply a digression caused by […]

Athens: Supermarket expropriated in Nea Smyrni

On Wednesday, November 30rd, another supermarket expropriation was carried out in the southern Athens neighborhood of Nea Smyrni. As the comrades who took part in the direct action write in their communiqué:

United by shared class-conscious interests, the world’s producers of wealth must respond every day to those who dominate our lives.

With wildcat strikes, […]

Supermarket expropriations continue in Athens

From a supermarket expropriation in 2008

Two more supermarket expropriations were carried out on November 19th in separate Athens neighbourhoods. At around 6 pm, a group of people expropriated staple foods from a supermarket on Soultani Street in Exarchia. Earlier in the morning, another group of comrades had expropriated a supermarket in Galatsi, sharing […]

Greece: Supermarket expropriated in Patras

During the morning of Thursday, October 20th, a group of about 50 anarchists carried out a supermarket expropriation in the city of Patras. The group expropriated a large quantity of food and immediately distributed it among people in an open-air market located near the supermarket.

As the group explain in a communiqué given out during […]

Larissa (central Greece): 2 trials of young people and actions

trial of 11 minors accused with the anti-terrorism law

On December 9th the trial of 11 underage students, accused with the anti-terrorism law for setting up a criminal association because they participated in the uprising of December 2008, takes place in Larissa.

On November 27th, a nationwide demonstration against anti-terrorist law took place […]

Expropriation of a supermarket: “Everything is stolen, everything belongs to us”

On Wednesday 3rd of November, dozens of comrades expropriated products from the AB Vassilopoulos supermarket at Labrini district. Some of the comrades were blocking the street outside the supermarket holding a banner, distributing flyers and shouting slogans, while the rest of the group was expropriating the products from within. The products were distributed afterwards at […]