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Portugal: António Ferreira de Jesus – In remembrance of an indomitable

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Text in Portuguese (December 2013). Archive material here.

Turkey: Anti-government protest on February 25th, 2014 in Kadıköy, İstanbul

The demo started at 7pm. Thousands of people gathered around the bull sculpture in Kadıköy. Demonstrators blocked the road for a few hours. At one side of the road were two TOMAs (antiriot control vehicle), and cops at the other side; a huge banner reading ‘hükümet istifa’ (government resign) was unfolded. More protesters were [...]

France: Double arson attack in Tarbes

Building of the French Army

Prison at Tarbes

We claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against a building of the French Army (the 35th Parachute Artillery Regiment in Tarbes, France) on the 27th of December 2013.

We also assume responsibility for the incendiary attack against the prison (in Tarbes, France) on the 25th [...]

Alexandroupoli, Northern Greece: Attack on Golden Dawn branch office

In the early hours of Thursday, December 26th, 2013 comrades attacked the Golden Dawn party’s office with stones and sticks. Glass windows at the entrance of the apartment block were smashed, since the Nazis’ office is situated on the first floor. As for residents of the building, that’s what they get when they tolerate fascists.


Athens: Responsibility claim for the placement of incendiary devices

In the early hours of December 27th, 2013 we placed two low-power incendiary devices at two branches of “Christou Bakery” (located on Hippocratous and Voulgaroktonou streets, and on Acharnon and Olympias streets). These bakery chain stores belong to the wife of Golden Dawn MP Germenis and her family. She is a leading member of the [...]

Belgrade: Extreme right-wingers prevented from participating in discussion at the Faculty of Philosophy

On Wednesday the 11th of December 2013, an unknown till then student organization planned to discuss the hazards of GMO foods in the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Among others, fascist Miroslav Živković, coordinator of the campaign “For Serbia without GMO” of the nationalist clerical political party “Dveri Movement”, as well as [...]

Greek prisons: Ergün Mustafa, Rami Syrianos and Michalis Ramadanoglou quit their hunger strike, respecting the wish of Spyros Stratoulis

Banner in the city of Kavala: “Strength and solidarity to comrade hunger striker (since 11.11.2013) S.Stratoulis”

On December 31st, 2013 imprisoned comrades Ergün Mustafa, Rami Syrianos and Michalis Ramadanoglou, who conducted hunger strike since late November in solidarity with prisoner in struggle Spyros Stratoulis, stopped their abstention from eating following this open letter:

Today [...]

Spain: Letter of comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar past the end of the International Solidarity Week

Here we are again, surrounded by these concrete walls and bars, among cameras and jailers. Here we are again, without bowing our heads, and proud of what we are. Proud to be part of the unpredictable gale that seeks to do away with any hint of Power, whose mask is once again removed and can [...]

Mexico: Anarchist Gustavo Rodriguez kidnapped, interrogated, beaten and deported to the US

A few hours ago, comrade Gustavo, missing since December 29th, communicated with his close ones. He briefly explained that he was detained by federal agents and submitted to harsh interrogations. Gustavo commented that he was beaten up, and after some hours he was deported to the United States, because they were unable to charge him [...]

Mexico City: Disappearance of comrade Gustavo Rodriguez

Comrades, we will try to be as brief and objective as possible.

As of late evening of December 29th, 2013, last day of the Informal Anarchic Days/International Anarchist Symposium, and until today (December 31st), anarchist comrade Gustavo Rodriguez Romero is still missing.

On the evening of the 29th, at approximately 7.30pm, comrade Gustavo left the [...]

Helsinki, Finland: New Year’s visit to the detention unit in Metsälä

We will fight the reasons of our sorrows there will be no borders tomorrow!

Solidarity with the imprisoned migrants!

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Greece: Reportback from protest in downtown Athens against the “White Night” on December 28th, 2013

Liberalization of shop opening hours, work on Sundays; they’ve stretched our whole life to the limit… Workers’ interests come first!

They speak of gains and losses — We speak of human lives

Luxury display windows — Unpaid workers

On Saturday evening, December 28, 2013 the Attica base union of [...]

Functioning and dynamics of Athens IMC

Announcement of the Administration assembly of Athens Indymedia by Administration Team 17:38, Sunday, December 29, 2013

Administration on the basis of the Editorial Policy, and not on the basis of anybody’s demands!

Let us repeat the things that have been repeated a thousand times already. Athens [...]

Veria, Northern Greece: Action for the four hunger strikers in prison

Banner drop in Rethymnon, Crete: “No prosecution against hunger striker S.Stratoulis”

Banner drop in Peristeri, Athens: “Strength and courage to S.Stratoulis, hunger striker as of 11/11”

During the holidays, we chose to celebrate in our own way, throwing paint on two central bank branches in Veria and painting slogans in solidarity with Spyros [...]

Serbia: Banner drop of libertarians from Niš

December 7th, 2013: Disgusted at the increasingly arrogant behaviour of gendarmes, and disappointed with the racist attitude of citizens towards asylum seekers, some libertarians proposed a simple exchange: “Give us asylum seekers; you can have the gendarmerie” is the slogan written on a banner hung on one of the overpasses in Niš. Well done to [...]

Croatia: Responsibility claim for attacks on unemployment offices

We are taking over responsibility for the attacks and the breakings of name tags and windows of the Unemployment offices in Varaždin, Rijeka and Pula (Croatia) which took place on the night of 25th-26th of December 2013.

In these moments, during which we are being raped by an artificial division based on national, religious and [...]

Germany: Reportback from the streets of Hamburg on December 21st, 2013

Thousands of people came to Hamburg on the 21st of December to participate in the protest against the eviction of the Rote Flora squat, for a right to stay for refugees, and to show solidarity to the evicted residents of the Esso houses. Everybody knew that it would be a chaotic day, with thousands of [...]

London, UK: New Years Eve Prison Solidarity Demo 2013


Starting at HMP Pentonville at 8pm moving to Hollway at 9.30pm.

Bring Noise makers!

START ADDRESS: HMP Pentonville, Caledonian Rd, London N7 8TT

London ABC

Zaragoza, Spain: Mural in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar


In the context of the week in solidarity with the 5 arrestees in Barcelona, we painted a mural to make our support and solidarity with comrades Mónica and Francisco visible, as well as with the other comrades who were detained. Needless to say we won’t enter the [...]

Porto Alegre, Brazil: Incendiary attack in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

Solidarity is a living force! Light it up!

On Monday, December 16th, 2013, as a hot sun of 34°C was setting and the full moon was rising against the sky that covers us, we paid a visit to a Santander bank branch located on Osvaldo Aranha Avenue, right in front of a police station. We [...]

Tenerife, Spanish State: Redecorating…

A couple of painted slogans found on the streets of La Orotava, Tenerife. Freedom for Mónica and Francisco! Freedom for prisoners!

Thebes, Boeotia: Hooray for internationalist anarchist solidarity


On December 23, 2013 we soiled the walls of this fucking town once again. Combative greetings from Thebes. Freedom for anarchist guerrillas.

Greece: Solidarity gestures with the Rote Flora squat in Hamburg

“Solidarity with Rote Flora of Hamburg and all squats worldwide. We are an image from the future. Revolution: inalienable!”

On December 24, 2013 people from the Self-managed Hangout of Karditsa placed a banner at the central square of the city, in solidarity with the Rote Flora squat and all squats in the world.

Terrorism [...]

Germany: Updates from the streets of Berlin, Hamburg and a few other places

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November 23rd

On Saturday, nearly 6,000 protesters marched in the city centre of Berlin during the annual demo in remembrance of comrade Silvio Meier, who was killed by neo-Nazis in 1992. However, on the same day, approximately 150 thugs from the neo-Nazi scene held a rally in one [...]


… BEGINNING OF MESSAGE… 18-12-2013… STOP… 32, Square Ambiorix, in Brussels… STOP… arson on BMW of Georgios Papastamkos… STOP… Vice-President of the European Parliament… STOP… member of Nea Dimokratia party, Greece… STOP… solidarity with anarchists kidnapped by the State… END OF MESSAGE…