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Athens: Reportback from the gathering in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos

(comrade Nikos Romanos at the hospital)

On Tuesday evening, November 25th, about 150 people gathered outside the Gennimatas hospital on Mesogeion Avenue to show our solidarity with anarchist Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since November 10th, and yesterday was rushed from Koridallos prison to the hospital. The place was full of cops; YMET squads were guarding the gate, while MAT antiriot squads were deployed in the parking lot and the yard, and there were a lot of secret cops alongside special guards of the Greek police inside the hospital building.

The supporters headed to the back of the hospital, from where there was eye contact with the room-cell in which Nikos Romanos is being held. The comrade stood for quite a while behind the bars of the hospital window, waving to solidarians who, in turn, sent strength to him shouting slogans. The gathering lasted for nearly an hour and a half; at about 18:30 the crowd began to disperse.

A banner was left hanging on one side of Mesogeion Avenue, reading: “Struggle for freedom – Solidarity with the comrade N.Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11 (A)”.

Some of the slogans that were shouted:

The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells

The State and the Capital are the only terrorists, solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters

Hunger strike for freedom, explosives and fire to all prison cells

Nikos, hold strong, till freedom

Solidarity is the peoples’ weapon, war on the bosses’ war

Neither penal nor political prisoners, explosives and fire to every prison

Nikos Romanos is our brother, an insurgent in prison, our comrade in the street

If the request of our comrade is not met, Nikopoulos you just might see your house burnt [Eftichis Nikopoulos is the judicial officer who recently denied the request of Nikos for educational furloughs from prison]

The insurrectionists have right on their side, not the snitches or the kneelers

You from behind bars and we from the streets, together we will abolish the State and the laws

SS, SS, cops, judges

Violent and insurrectionary struggles until we tear down every single prison

The smell of gasoline starts to permeate the air, no one can touch Nikos Romanos

Free-free-freedom for those who are in prison cells

Neither fascism nor democracy, down with statism, long live anarchy!

in greek, spanish

Athens: Anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos taken to hospital

“The smell of gasoline starts to permeate the air… No one can touch Nikos Romanos”

“Attack by all means – Solidarity with N.Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11”

On November 24th, 2014, anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos – on hunger strike since November 10th – was rushed from Koridallos prison to Athens general hospital “G. Gennimatas”, located on 154, Mesogeion Avenue (close to the Ethniki Amyna metro station).

Today, November 25th, a solidarity gathering takes place at 17:00 in front of the hospital.

Hamburg: Juvenile justice agency attacked

In the night of November 21st, 2014, the Office of probation services and juvenile court assistance located in the Museumstrasse in Altona, Hamburg, was attacked with stones, and many windows were broken.

Against the State, its Justice and minions!

Solidarity with the accused and the imprisoned in the case of squatting in the Breite Strasse in Hamburg!*

Solidarity with the squatters, who really showed the cops!

Rage and struggle for Rémi Fraisse, who was killed in France some weeks ago after he was hit by a grenade during clashes with the cops!

Freedom is not negotiated or begged for!

Against every authority!

source: linksunten / in swedish

* On the 27th of August 2014 five people were arrested in Hamburg, charged with occupying an empty building in the Breite Strasse and having thrown objects at cops who approached the squat. After almost 3 months, Jakob – one of the five – is still held in pretrial detention, accused of attempted manslaughter.

Greek prisons: Letter of comrade Panos Michalakoglou, held in pretrial detention

In October 2014, anarchist Panagiotis (Panos) Michalakoglou and another comrade were sent in pretrial detention. They were arrested together on the 1st of October in Kolonaki, Athens, accused of aggravated possession of weapons and illegal possession of explosive (one hand grenade). From the outset, Michalakoglou claimed responsibility for the firearms found during the police raid in his home, and made it clear that his friend and comrade M.V. has no connection whatsoever to the case. In mid-October, Michalakoglou was taken to Nigrita prison, near Serres (where inmate Ilia Kareli was murdered by the screws), and the other comrade was transferred to Aghios Stefanos prison in Patras. Below are words from Panos Michalakoglou.
Yesterday evening, Friday the 21st of November 2014, at my demand to see the chief warden Yannis Dimou shortly before the prison’s scheduled lockdown period, I was called from the wing’s loudspeakers to go to the chief warden’s office. As soon as I entered his office, I demanded that my requests be accepted; otherwise, I made it clear that I would not go into my cell, and refuse to be locked in. This stance of mine resulted in winning my primary request, which was my transfer to another wing (from C2 to C1). As for the rest of my requests (to be provided with clothing items, books, mp3player, political texts/updates), he committed to granting them, from now on following the regular procedure.

This experience has made me realize that the enemy in prison is not only the administration, but oftentimes the prisoners themselves who bow their heads and settle for less while, several times, they try to prevent a protest from being set into motion or a mutiny from taking place at all.

What is my conclusion from all this? If you don’t claim what you are entitled to, you are definitely doomed. Same as in society, anyone who bows his/her head in prison will always be defeated.

I won’t make even a step back, until all my requests are met.
Nothing is finished; everything continues.

Panos Michalakoglou
November 22nd, 2014
C1 wing of Nigrita prison, Serres

Bilbao: A gesture of solidarity with anarchist prisoners

On November 17th, 2014 two banners were hanged in Bilbao, both written in Basque. One in support of anarchists Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, prisoners of the Spanish State, reading “Freedom for Mónica and Francisco – Fire to the prison society!” and another one in solidarity with the hunger striker Nikos Romanos, anarchist incarcerated in Greece: “Nikos Romanos on hunger strike – Long live international anarchist struggle!”

Nicosia, Cyprus: Banner in solidarity with the hunger strikers Nikos Romanos, Iraklis Kostaris and Yannis Michailidis

Solidarity with N.Romanos, I.Kostaris, Y.Michailidis and all political prisoners


On Thursday evening, November 20th, a group of comrades from Nicosia placed a banner in the city centre (Faneromeni Square) as a small token of solidarity with the captives of the Greek State, hunger strikers N.Romanos (since 10/11), I.Kostaris (since 29/10) and Y.Michailidis (since 17/11).


Paris: Star-break cracks against the cops and their society

The night between the 17th and 18th of November 2014, we broke all windows of the police station located at 10, rue Camille Desmoulins (in the 11th arrondissement of Paris) as well as the windshield of a truck belonging to the municipal cleaning service provider Propreté de Paris (‘Cleanliness of Paris’).

The hatred of cops and this society is shouted in the street these days; let us expand our means to attack them day and night, without having to wait to be the masses.

May violence change sides!

Besançon, France: A few spokes in the wheels of domination

The night between the 7th and 8th of November 2014, the tires on two utility vehicles (one of the municipality and another of the EDF, France’s main electric utility company) and several VéloCité bicycles were slashed.

Some twenty JCDecaux’s bicycles were rendered useless. A vehicle belonging to the municipality and a utility van of the EDF met the same fate.

Because EDF is part of this nuclear society which domesticates and poisons our lives. Because JCDecaux exploits prisoners to repair its crap that’s used to transport the yuppies. Because the city council is its prime collaborator and quite simply the authority.

May the State and capitalism get slashed!

Greek prisons: Words from Nikos Maziotis in solidarity with hunger striker Nikos Romanos

Anarchist Nikos Romanos is one of us. He is one of those who, like us, rebelled against Power, against law and order that wants people to be slaves, subservient and submissive; he is one of those who learned first-hand what “law and order” really means, when he witnessed the murder of his friend Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the dogs of the State, Korkoneas and Saraliotis.

Comrade Romanos is not one of those who seize the homes and assets of the people, as the bank that he expropriated does, action for which he has been sentenced. He is not the one who made the laws that the straight-laced politicians enact, the fathers of the nation who rob and murder the people and the workers to make the rich even richer. He didn’t steal the salary or the pension from any poor breadwinner, as the multinationals, bankers and powerful businesspeople, as well as their servants, the governments and parliamentarians, are permitted by law to do. He is not the one who made the laws that deprive the mouths of the poor of a food bite, the laws that murder thousands of people driving them to suicide, the laws that force people to eat out of garbage and sleep on the streets. Comrade Romanos is one of those who confront the blows with dignity, all the blows inflicted by the subservients of the State and the rich – slaves who are paid seven hundred euros each month to do their miserable job.

Since Monday, November 10th, 2014, the comrade has begun a hunger strike claiming the right to make use of educational furloughs. Nikos Romanos – just like Iraklis Kostaris, who is on hunger strike for the same reason – is one among the dozens of political prisoners and imprisoned fighters who are currently held in Greek prisons, at a time when the policy of social genocide, imposed by the Capital and the State on the occasion of the economic crisis, is linked with the hardening of repression in general but also especially against captive combatants, many of whom are self-admitted members of armed revolutionary organizations, or are being accused of armed struggle. The legislation for type C prisons with special conditions of detention, primarily aimed against political prisoners and imprisoned fighters, falls within this context. Each imprisoned comrade is one of us, so if we consider that the struggle for Freedom connects all of us, the struggle for Social Liberation from the yoke of the Capital and the State, then the claim of one is also the claim of all of us.

Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle
Diavata prison

in Spanish

Victoria, British Columbia: Benefit gig for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, imprisoned anarchists in Mexico

We’re doing a solidarity benefit show for anarchist prisoners Amélie, Fallon and Carlos on December 4th, 2014 in Victoria (Occupied Lekwungen Territories). Come out and help support them!

Storm of Sedition – Anti-Civ Anarchist Crust
Azotobacter – Local Punk
Not a Cost – Anarchist Crust

There will also be cheap food and zine distros.

Doors @6PM
No bigots, no assholes. Respect the space!

Ask a punk for the address (

Turin: Update from the trial against anarchist prisoners Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò

On November 14th, 2014, Macerie transmitted that, in the bunker courtroom of Turin’s prison Le Vallette, the bastard prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino requested heavy sentences against imprisoned anarchists Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi: 9 years and 6 months for all four comrades on charges of attacking with purposes of terrorism, committing terroristic attack with deadly weapons and explosives, possession and transport of war weapons, and causing damage to public functionary by fire and violence. Among the civil plaintiffs, the Lyon Turin Ferroviaire (LTF) claimed the “symbolic” amount of 50 thousand euros as compensation for the act of sabotage.

In September 2014, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò proudly assumed responsibility for their participation in the sabotage at Chiomonte’s TAV construction yard that occurred in May 2013.

The sentencing hearing takes places on the 17th of December 2014.

Madrid: Police gear shop attacked in solidarity with La Gatonera squat, evicted on 27/10

On the night of November 10th, a police equipment shop was attacked in the district of Carabanchel, in Madrid, in solidarity with La Gatonera.

No eviction must remain unanswered!

Active solidarity with the social centres threatened with eviction!

some uncontrollables

Milan: ATMs and luxury cars attacked in solidarity with anarchist prisoners

On Wednesday night, November 12th, we attacked 5 ATMs with hammer and vandalized several luxury cars (punctured tires and broken windows), as a minimum gesture of individual revolt against a capitalist system that exploits and devastates.

We dedicate this action to the compagni and the compagna accused of attacking the TAV construction yard in May 2013 as well as to all anarchist prisoners.

We cannot stand idly by while our comrades are buried under years of imprisonment, or limit ourselves to symbolic acts that do not cause any nuisance.

The only solidarity is attack!

Athens: Update on the health condition of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos

A doctor who examined the comrade at Koridallos prison on Tuesday morning, November 18th – during the ninth day of hunger strike – reports that 21-year-old Nikos Romanos has lost 6kg of body weight (nearly 10% of his total body weight) and feels greater fatigue since the last medical examination. He experiences malaise, dizziness, weakness and mild inspiratory dyspnea on exertion, associated with orthostatic hypotension and sinus tachycardia. His blood glucose level (measured by finger stick) was 58.

Athens: Incendiary attack on security company vehicle

In the early hours of Monday 17/11 we torched a vehicle belonging to the private security firm Starguard, on Anagenniseos street in the area of Metamorfosi, as a minimal display of solidarity with the hunger strikers Nikos Romanos, Iraklis Kostaris and Yannis Michailidis.

Strength to those who are not of this world.

The war continues.

Type N arsonists

Madrid: Police academy attacked in solidarity with La Gatonera squat, evicted on 27/10

Early on Thursday, November 6th, a police and Guardia Civil academy was attacked with stones in the area of Legazpi (Madrid). A message was written: “No eviction unanswered. La Gato resists.”

Death to the State and long live anarchy!

Greek prisons: Rotating hunger strike in solidarity with Nikos Romanos

Comrade Yannis Michailidis, currently incarcerated in Koridallos prison, announced that the anarchists who were arrested after the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani (in February 2013), begin a rotating hunger strike as of Monday, November 17th, 2014 to show factual support to Nikos Romanos, who is on hunger strike since the 10th of November demanding that educational furloughs be granted to him.

In his statement, Michailidis – who is the first comrade to enter this solidarity hunger strike – has mentioned among others:

“In this instance, my comrade and brother Nikos Romanos is using his body as a barricade to claim passageways out of the stifling conditions of confinement, so I sought a way to express my solidarity with him in practice. Given the condition in which I also find myself at the present juncture, I decided to participate in a rotating hunger strike that we, the comrades who were arrested together after the robbery in Velventos, have now commenced. As of November 17th I start a hunger strike until the request of Nikos Romanos is met.

This choice of ours aims to contribute towards further motivation of comrades outside the prison walls so as to multiply and intensify multiform solidarity actions, thus opening another front in the war against the State and consequently a scope of awareness amongst new comrades.”

Additionally, anarchist prisoner Yannis Michailidis expressed his solidarity with Iraklis Kostaris, imprisoned member of the R.O. 17 November (17N), who conducts a hunger strike since October 29th, 2014 claiming educational furloughs he’s also entitled to.

London: Benefit event for anarchist Thodoris Sipsas, wrongfully accused in the case of the 2010 Marfin bank arson

Trial of anarchist Thodoris Sipsas will take place in Athens on December 1st, 2014. More information h e r e.

We are welcoming you to join us on Saturday 6th of December to our benefit event for the anarchist T. Sipsas who is prosecuted for the Marfin case of 2010 in Athens, Greece.

“The prosecution of T. Sipsas is a prosecution of all those who struggle against totalitarianism and barbarity, against the devaluation of life and dignity.”

There will be a short film screening “the accidental prosecution of an anarchist” followed by an update on the case from T. Sipsas.

Start at 7pm with a cocktail bar throughout the night! After the briefing, there will be live music and djs!

For location contact the infoline on the eve: 07405412161 or

Please feel free to spread the word!!!

We’d also like to ask you for your understanding to respect the fact that we do not wish this event to be republished on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc

see you all there!

ASF LDN – Anarchists in Solidarity

Poster in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, held captive by the Spanish State

Please spread far and wide. Printable size here.

Greek prisons: Updates on the hunger strike of anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos

Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia: Solidarity with anarchist N. Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11

East side Thessaloniki: Solidarity with anarchist prisoner N. Romanos – Hunger strike since 10/11

Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Kozani: Solidarity with N. Romanos, who is on hunger strike since 10/11 because he has not been granted student attendance furloughs from Koridallos prison

Chania, Crete: “Never again slaves, never again with downcast eyes, never again alone; forever on the opposite riverbank, forever insurrectionists and profane, forever on the path of free humans; forever, do you hear me?” [thoughts of Nikos Romanos written in November 2013] Strength to anarchist N. Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11

Zografou campus, Athens: Asphyxiating for a breath of freedom – Solidarity with anarchist N. Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11 – No comrade left alone in the hands of the State

A doctor who examined the comrade at Koridallos prison on Thursday morning, November 13th – during the fourth day of hunger strike – reports that 21-year-old Nikos Romanos has lost 3.2 kg of body weight and feels intense weakness and fatigue even after very mild exertion, such as walking from the cell to the prison infirmary. His blood glucose level (measured by finger stick) was 64.

Between the 13th and the 14th of November, 75 prisoners in the Ε wing of Koridallos men’s prison abstained from meals in solidarity with their fellow inmate Romanos.

Comrades from Athens solidarity assembly, which was organized especially for this case, inform that the special appellate judge Eftihis Nikopoulos formally rejected the motion of educational furloughs that Romanos is entitled to since September 2014. Prior to the hunger strike, the same interrogator said he was not competent to decide on the matter; on Thursday, however, he notified the prison board that the comrade’s request is denied.

On the 19th of November, at 18:00, there will be another assembly in the Athens Polytechnic School (Gini building) in Exarchia, where people in solidarity will be able to hear directly from anarchist Nikos Romanos – through phone call – about his current struggle.

[Bilbao] Prisoners to the streets! Streets for the insurrection!

YouTube Preview Image

Video for the upcoming event in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

Sunday, November 16th, at 17:00 @anarchist squat Izar Beltz, Irala, Bilbao

Radio spots in Castilian and Basque by comrades from Biblioteca Durruti of Altsasu (Nafarroa)

Spread the word!

[Greek prisons] Nikos Romanos: Liberating Journeys of Attack

The following text is intended to be the continuation of a dialogue on the tools of anarchist insurgency and the ways of organizing ourselves; a dialogue that was initiated at an international anarchist encounter somewhere in the countryside of France and now continues from a prison cell in Greece.

The opinions expressed here are my own personal views, so it should be clear that they promote a particular position on the issue. However it is not desired to have one position prevail over all the others; what matters is how the various different, yet complementary, points of view communicate and interact with each other. In the face of an enemy that’s very flexible as regards the use and multitude of means and forms of attack, the diversity of considerations and practices on the part of anarchists is self-evident. Whichever different perspectives cannot be promoted dogmatically but rather based on a rationale of multifaceted attack.

First we need to talk about the very concept of organization, a word quite misunderstood in anarchist circles.

We face an enemy with complex and complicated functions. One of the main characteristics that make the enemy powerful is the constant evolution and organization of the social paranoia we are experiencing today: a technological, military, architectural, civil, industrial, economic, scientific organization. Every aspect of this world is being organized, constantly correcting its imperfections through an intelligent system which has a great number of servants.

In the face of this condition, whoever believes that one is able to fight without organization is naive to say the least.

“In 1972, the pigs mobilized 150,000 men to hunt the RAF, using television to involve the people in the manhunt, having the Federal Chancellor intervene, and centralizing all police forces in the hands of the BKA; this makes it clear that, already at that point, a numerically insignificant group of revolutionaries was all it took to set in motion all of the material and human resources of the State; it was already clear that the State’s monopoly of violence had material limits, that their forces could be exhausted, that if, on the tactical level, imperialism is a beast that devours humans, on the strategic level it is a paper tiger. It was clear that it is up to us whether the oppression continues, and it is also up to us to smash it.” (Ulrike Meinhof)

We can thus say that whoever does not organize himself/herself will turn into a harmless aggregation that will be assimilated to the alienation mechanisms of the existent sooner or later. They will lose the combative attributes that make them dangerous for the enemy and subsequently be deported from the field of antagonistic battle.

Conversely, whoever has decided to fight this system will need to organize their hatred, in order to become effective and dangerous. So, the discussion about ways of organizing ourselves, having attributes inherent in our anarchist values, begins somewhere at this point.

The dilemma then is whether we will organize ourselves through a central anarchist organization that will be the reference point for the anarchist movement, or in a decentralized and diffuse manner through anarchist affinity groups that will maintain their political autonomy both in terms of action and collective decisions.

As regards the centralizing mode of organization I will speak in general, instead of specific, terms about who, and how, have opted for it in Greece.

If you look at it historically, these two forms of organization have always existed but never coexisted. In the Spanish civil war, anarchists were organized at the central level to combat the fascists, and the same thing happened during other revolutionary attempts.

The same is the case with most urban guerrilla warfare organizations in the past decades that approached new comrades in the context of a particular political project, thus aiming to strengthen the organization instead of an armed diffusion, where the autonomy of each individuality opens up the possibility of creating chaotic fronts of attack.

This understanding of organizational ways should not be viewed separately from the social and political conditions of the time.

The combatants of those times studied their adversary with their own analytical tools, fought for freedom and paid the price with murders, harsh prison sentences, tortures, solitary confinement wards. Those among them who haven’t renounced their values make their own critical assessment of the experiences acquired through the years, experiences which obviously deserve careful study; but if we cling to that we are doomed. What matters is what we’re doing today, in the era we live in.

So, for me, the central organization and the revolutionary centralism are ghosts we need to banish from us.

Besides, an indication of this is the fact that all the remaining central anarchist organizations have simply kept the glorious hallmarks of those times, having sunk deep into reformism while they renounce direct action and rebellion in everyday life, and have nothing to do with something pertaining to combativeness. They refuse to understand the enormous changes at the social and political level, they refuse to talk about the edges of contemporary oppression, the advancement of science, the technological fascistization, the domination of multinationals, and merely trot ideologized theories about the conflict between capital and labour out, using terms that were written one hundred years ago, in another era of capitalism.

Worse still, they refuse to act, unable to understand that if they lived in the glorious past they reminisce about they would only be extras because they would never take any risks.

Now, as regards the revolutionary centralism within urban guerrilla groups, even though I understand the causes and effects behind such a choice, I disagree with that because I believe that our goal is not to walk all together according to a common political project-program but rather to diffuse our means and urge everyone to safeguard their autonomy, thus contributing to the creation of new perceptions and possibilities for the intensification of polymorphous anarchist action.

This is why I opt for the informal organization, which I consider more qualitative and effective for reasons I will explain later. The basic component that gives tangibility to the informal organization (and not only) is nothing other than direct action; otherwise, we would be just a bunch of charlatans with dissident rhetoric.

The most important thing for an anarchist is deciding to undertake action because, in this way, the individuality breaks through the fear inflicted by domination regarding the choice of revolutionary action; when you take action, you overcome inhibitory factors that lead you to inactivity, you take your life in both hands and acquire the ability to affect to a greater or lesser extent the circumstances that define your life. Undertaking action is the equivalent of reclaiming our life that was stolen from us, thus shaping the characteristics of a free human who fights to get rid of their shackles, their social commitments, on a daily basis, abolishing the authoritarian roles imposed on them and building a culture that gestates the quality of a new life, the life of an anarchist insurgent who inflicts open wounds from razors on the contemporary world.

After having made such a decision, comes experimentation. Anarchists shouldn’t have fixed positions; they’re constantly on the move because, without moving, they are driven to self-destruction by ideological dogmatism. They reconsider things, criticize themselves, and explore the collective experience to adapt it to the current historical data. They put their hearts on ice to withstand pain, and set fire to what’s left to wipe out the traces of their past “quiet” life. From this point forward, what counts is the struggle, but also vengeance, because whoever felt violence firsthand and did not seek revenge are worthy of their sufferings.

Let’s go back to the issue of practical experimentation, that is, action with many ways, many methods and many forms.

I believe that the organization of our destructive desires should be expressed through Action Networks of high distinctiveness, where everyone will be able to read one’s own words and works, get inspired, reflect, and act alongside us or fight against us. Being (communicatively) visible is part of our purpose to bring about the maximum degree of social polarization in order to clarify everyone’s role in the authoritarian edifice, and then pass from armed critique to a critique of arms.

In my opinion, the responsibility claim is what gives meaning to an action, leads it to your desired objectives, and explains to whoever is interested in breaking the vicious circle of oppression and passing on the offensive the motives and reasons that made you do it. Simply and clearly. In a world of generalized information overload and terrorism of virtual bombardments, no action can speak for itself unless the subjects-actors speak out about it.

The high level of distinctiveness that I mentioned above is related to both invariable insurgent names and acronyms; for me invariable names in insurgent actions are of particular importance because, in this way, your actions are linked to each other, stepping up their momentum at the same time.

Furthermore, your discourse takes on greater importance, as it is connected to the consistency of your action. You have the possibility to devise strategies of insurgent action making your overall rationale understood, creating a point of reference and issuing a challenge to action, thus exacerbating the revolutionary threat, breaking up the State’s monopoly on violence, as anarchists claim their share of violence to turn it against the enemy.

Turning now to the use of acronyms, it’s similarly useful on a more comprehensive level; their main importance is their contribution to recognizing resistance that is manifested without a centre, but instead horizontally and chaotically at the same time, depending on the choices of rebels.

I think that the existence of acronyms is also important as a propaganda tool. Translation networks can do the work of a messenger between insurgent groups regardless of whether or not the latter use an acronym. Nevertheless, the existence of one or more informal networks that use acronyms and recognize one another enhances the momentum of actions placing them within an overall context, rather than something fragmentary, and creates a solid (as to its existence, that is, continuous action) structure which is anarchist and insurrectionary at its root.

Instead of an epilogue

It is clear already that in the name of “citizen security” artificial social threats are constructed in a way to provide political alibi for committing the greatest state crimes, establishing more and more practices of control and surveillance, and toughening anti-terrorism laws. All this is aimed at enabling the privileged citizens of developed countries, who have been awarded this prestigious label, to feel safe while their statist protectors massively and indiscriminately sow death around them.

This is why I envision a belligerent condition in the urban centres where every day the rebels will organize plans for attacks, creating an asymmetric threat that will tear social cohesion and political stability to bits and sow insecurity in the reproduction centres of capitalism. The smooth flow of goods will no longer be taken for granted, and the representatives of oppression will live in fear.

We have nothing to wait for, so we organize ourselves and strike the society of capitalism; revolutionary actions shape the objective conditions, let’s multiply them.

Strength to all captive and fugitive comrades
Strength to the 4 anarchist hunger strikers in Mexico*

Nikos Romanos
Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou, Ε Pteryga, 18110 Koridallos, Athens, Greece

October 2014.

First published in the 3rd issue of Avalanche (November 2014).

* Transcription note: At the time of writing Fernando Bárcenas, Abraham Cortés Ávila, Carlos López Marín and Mario González, incarcerated in different Mexican prisons, were still on hunger strike. On October 17th, 2014, the comrades called off their strike. On October 31st, Mario was released from prison. Freedom for all!

[UK] New zine: “Since the Bristol Riots”

PDF: “Since the Bristol Riots” – Communiqués from the FAI, ELF and other attacks (2011-2014)
by Person(s) Unknown / Dark Matter Publications

“Since the Bristol Riots” is a collection of communiqués from the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and other anonymous attacks in the Bristol area since the riots in April 2011 until October 2014. The communiqués include attacks targeted against police, banks, prisons, military, security services, courts, state, church, fascists, media, communications infrastructure, corporations and more. Totally 92 pages, included is a selection of over a dozen articles related to this time frame and context, such as reports of the Stokes Croft riots and recent police repression against the broader anarchist movement as they investigate the attacks.

For antagonistic struggle,
Person(s) unknown

Istanbul: Social War’s (insurrectional anti-civ magazine) 4th issue is out now!

there are translations from alfredo m. bonanno, enzo martucci, kaczynski, 325, crimetinc., nestor makhno comics, and there is an interview with kurdistan anarchist forum about the situation in kurdistan, iraq and syria… and there are some articles about current issues and civilization, and of course actions

we need all kind of support about distribution and also about content. you can write articles, send your local action news and photos. contact us at sosyalsavas[at]

The 3rd issue of Avalanche is out now (11/2014)

If you want to get paper copies sent to you, please give us a sign: correspondance[at]

If not, the pdf can be downloaded from