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[Italy] Painted slogan on a wall in Bergamo

Freedom for Nikos Maziotis (A)

August 23-30, 2014 – Week for Anarchist Prisoners

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Greece: Comrade Nikos Maziotis transferred to Diavata prison

In the morning hours of July 26th, Nikos Maziotis was transferred from Koridallos prison (Athens) to Diavata prison, near the city of Thessaloniki. His transfer is a clearly vindictive practice by the State, especially given the fact that the comrade must undergo further medical examinations and surgeries.

Hands off anarchist Nikos Maziotis,
member of Revolutionary Struggle.

Athens: Poster in Exarchia, in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

Come play with me.
I will hand my queen over to you.
(She was once my loved one
now I don’t have a loved one anymore.)
I will hand my rooks over to you
(now I don’t shoot at my friends anymore
they died a long time ago, before I ever did)
And this king was never mine
and what do I need all these pawns for?
(they go right ahead, blind, without dreams to speak of)
All of them, I’ll give all of my knights to you
I’ll just keep this fou of mine
who knows how to go to one colour only
jumping from one edge to the other
laughing at the many armors you have
taking over your lines all of a sudden
agitating your unyielding deployments.

And this game shall have no end.

Manolis Anagnostakis


Santiago: Action at the Chilean-Hellenic Institute in solidarity with Nikos Maziotis


Thursday, July 17th, 2014, Santiago

Anarchist Nikos Maziotis had gone into hiding two years ago, when he did not present himself in court during the trial in which he was later convicted for armed struggle actions as member of the anarchist urban guerrilla organization Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), in which he proudly admitted his participation. From counter-information sites of affinity, we learned that Nikos Maziotis was seriously injured the day before, July 16th, in a shootout with police in the area of Monastiraki, central Athens. The comrade was in Evangelismos hospital, and was transferred to Koridallos prison hospital on Saturday, July 19th.

As soon as we were informed of the situation, in the early hours of Thursday, July 17th, we placed a banner in solidarity with the comrade, threw various fliers and painted some slogans outside the Chilean-Hellenic Institute, located in República Street, central Santiago.

From a distance we send a fraternal embrace to the compañeros who are incarcerated for their membership in the anarchist urban guerrilla of Revolutionary Struggle, and also to the compañera who is still on the run. We are aware of all the strength they have, that their morale will not drop, and of the dignity with which they have confronted Power and its prosecution.

Love and solidarity from a distance!
We don’t recognize any border!

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)

Poster in solidarity with the current (prisoner-)struggles against the prison society

German original

Switzerland: Banner action in solidarity with prisoners in struggle

July 20, 2014 – Solidarity from Zurich with the struggle of prisoners in Greece against the new isolation prison project, with Nikos Maziotis who was recently recaptured in Athens, and the hunger striking prisoners in Switzerland (Marco Camenisch) and Germany (Olli Rast, Andreas Krebs, Thomas Meyer-Falk, Sadi Özpolat, Ahmet Düzgün Yüksel). Also R. who is imprisoned in a forensic psychiatric institution in Germany, participated in the solidarity hunger strike from 18 to 20 July 2014.

Bologna: Poster about the proceeding for the events in Piazza Verdi in 2007

I prefer insanity to their normality

On July 15, 2014, the investigation of the proceeding for the facts in Piazza Verdi in Bologna in 2007* was concluded, a trial against five comrades which has not yet reached even a first-instance judgment.

On this occasion the public prosecutor Simone Purgato asked for high sentences ranging from 6 and a half years to 7 and a half years in prison against the five, who at the time were arrested and incarcerated for obstructing a TSO.

These conviction requests are clearly an attempt to create a precedent and to intimidate the comrades. Similarly, accusations were invented against them in a typical frame-up of the State, in order to hold the five back and suppress them.

On October 17, 2014, at 10am, there will be another hearing, which may be the sentencing.

Conscious of the fact that the real lunatics are outside, we do not take a step back.

Maximum solidarity and complicity with Madda, Sirio, Fede, Juan, Fako!


* Translator’s note: On October 13, 2007, at around 4am, a young woman who is sleeping in Piazza Verdi is noticed by cops, who decide that the girl’s behaviour must be “corrected” by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They forcibly keep the girl under their custody and call an ambulance to commit her to a mental hospital against her will. Juan Sorroche Fernandez, Cristian Facchinetti (Fako), Federico Razzoli, Sirio Manfrini and Maddalena Calore, five comrades of the anarchist space Fuoriluogo, witness the incident and try to block the ambulance staff in an attempt to free the girl. The reaction of the police is immediate and brutal. Shortly afterwards, the anarchists are handcuffed, having been severely beaten by cops. The invented accusations against them are quite heavy, including robbery charges (according to the prosecution, the comrades took a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie, and attempted to steal a gun from one of the cops during the scuffle).

Alexandroupoli: Banner in solidarity with Nikos Maziotis

A banner that reads “The State is the only terrorist – Solidarity with Nikos Maziotis” was placed outside the university premises in Alexandroupoli, the northernmost city in Greece.


Madrid: Banner in solidarity with Nikos Maziotis

Freedom for anarchist Nikos Maziotis, arrested in Athens

Banner placed on Sunday 20/7 in central Madrid in solidarity with the arrested comrade. A small gesture to let it be known that we do not forget the comrades fallen in the hands of repression.

Athens: Responsibility claim for Molotov attack against anti-riot squad in Exarchia

(flyer from 2009: “Attention! Attention! Socialism lurks around every corner. Beware! Beware!”)

In the early hours of Sunday, July 20th, we attacked the bastards of the MAT anti-riot squad with Molotov cocktails, at the headquarters of Greece’s socialist PASOK co-ruling party located in Charilaou Trikoupi Street, Exarchia, as a minimum act of solidarity with urban guerrilla fighter Nikos Maziotis…

The States are the only terrorists. Solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters!

Strength and solidarity to anarchist combatant Nikos Maziotis, and Pola Roupa who has a bounty on her head.

Athens: Nikos Maziotis transferred to Koridallos prison

On Saturday morning, July 19th, 2014, an interrogator visited the room in Evangelismos hospital where Nikos Maziotis was being treated since July 16th, after the armed clash with cops in Monastiraki, which caused his injury and captivity. When the anarchist prisoner was asked what his name is, he did not answer anything. When he was asked what his profession is, he replied: “Revolutionary.” He refused to say anything else. The comrade was discharged from the hospital in the presence of his lawyers. In the same afternoon, he was taken to courts of Athens where the warrants against him were executed. He was then transferred to the ‘hospital’ of Koridallos prison.

Solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members, Kostas Gournas, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa.

Honour forever to Lambros Foundas, who gave his life in struggle.

Athens: Anarchist gathering in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis

The State and the Capital are the only terrorists

Immediately after the armed clash of July 16th in Monastiraki, that led to the injury and captivity of anarchist fighter and Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis, the propaganda apparatus of the establishment of permanent state of emergency unleashed a communications war.

The long-standing course of action of the comrade himself, but also the positions and the trajectory of the Revolutionary Struggle organization speak for themselves, and reveal the values and objectives they stand for in the struggle against the Capital and the State, for social revolution.

Solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters
Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa

Back off, snitches! Onward, comrades!

Gathering on Saturday, July 19th, 2014, at 12pm in Evangelismos Park (opposite the hospital where the captive comrade is) in Athens


Greece: Text by anarchist Stella Antoniou after her detention in Thessaloniki

On July 14th, I traveled from Athens to Thessaloniki to stay there until the 16th of July, when I planned to return to Athens; personally, when I got bail conditions, I was not banned from exiting Attica.

There I was hosted by a couple of comrades. Thanos Chatziaggelou, who is one of the comrades that hosted me in their home for one night, had an arrest warrant against him for refusing to do military service, and he had let me know about it.

The next afternoon, specifically at 2pm, as we were coming out of their home, 20 hooded men of the anti-terrorist force flung themselves at us, having blocked the surrounding alleys with vehicles beforehand, and staged another infamous super-blockbuster operation to arrest us.

During the house search that followed, the cops seized a laptop, a pc and personal items of both comrades as well as my own.

During the arrest they beat comrade Chatziaggelou, handcuffed us and transferred us to a room located in a basement, where we were handcuffed continuously for five hours, with the constant presence of anti-terrorist cops inside the room. All this time, I had absolutely no idea why I’d been arrested.

Finally, at 7pm, I was informed that I’m being accused of breaking the bail condition regarding my permanent residence.

We were taken to the detention section, where there were around 80 prisoners, some of whom have been there for up to six months. They had to pay themselves for food and water; there were no televisions or radios inside, although these cells have become a regular prison by now, since they are being held in that section for months, deprived of hours out in a yard all this time.

As for the accusation brought against me, it’s the same prosecution that was ‘staged’ against comrade Kostas Sakkas, who was falsely accused of having violated the condition relating to permanent residence, because he stayed overnight at the house of one of his friends.

Later of course he was acquitted at trial, as the residence term obliged him to register a fixed and permanent home, and did not ban him from staying overnight at another home.

Now that the court case in Athens against me and my comrades Mitroussias, Karagiannidis, Sakkas comes to an end, it is no coincidence that there’s an attempt to create such frenzy with new charges and proceedings imposed against me.

The clearest of all is the State’s effort to unleash a show of force, as well as the ever increasing repression against fighters, part of which is the creation of maximum security prisons.

On Wednesday morning, July 16th, we were taken to court on additional charges, that of contemptuous resistance to authorities, because we refused to give fingerprints. Comrades had called for a solidarity gathering, and attended the courtroom that morning.

The hearing at the court in Thessaloniki was postponed to the 28th of July.

We were still in court having the trial postponed, when I was informed about the shootout between comrade Nikos Maziotis and the cops, and his injury and arrest. I stand in solidarity with comrade Nikos Maziotis, who has fought for his life and freedom.

Solidarity with armed fighters Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, members of the Revolutionary Struggle. Our comrades are not alone!

Stella Antoniou
July 18th, 2014

Translator’s note:
Stella Antoniou and Thanos Chatziaggelou were both released on the 16th of July, and will stand trial on Monday, July 28th. Chatziaggelou also awaits court-martial.
Kostas Sakkas is still a fugitive.
After Nikos Maziotis was recaptured, state agents have unleashed a hysterical manhunt to track down Pola Roupa, who is currently on the run.

Koridallos prisons: Sentences in the trial for the bank robbery in Pyrgetos (Larissa)

see previous trial updates here

On July 17th, 2014, the Koridallos prison court in Athens found anarchists Grigoris Sarafoudis and Yannis Naxakis guilty, and convicted both of them to:
- 10 years for robbery with concealed physical characteristics,
- 6 years for participation in a terrorist organization (i.e. they were sentenced for alleged membership in the CCF),
- 5 years for aggravated car theft,
- 2 years for simple possession of firearms.

The aggregate sentence against each comrade is 16 years imprisonment.

Athens: Comrades raided by police in Exarchia

After Nikos Maziotis was recaptured, anti-terror cops stormed a house of comrades in Exarchia on the 17th of July and conducted a search, denying them the right to the presence of a lawyer. In addition, five of those who gathered in solidarity in front of the house were detained (the five comrades were released after few hours).

They don’t intimidate us, they don’t stop us.

Greece: Strength to anarchist Nikos Maziotis, arrested in Athens on 16/7

The State and the Capital are the only terrorists – Solidarity with N. Maziotis

In the evening of July 16th, 2014 comrades put up a solidarity banner at the gate of the Polytechnic School, on Patission Street, in response to the fact that Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis was recaptured by police in central Athens.

Anarchist Nikos Maziotis, who was on the run for two years, was seriously wounded and arrested earlier today after a shootout with cops in Monastiraki. He was then transferred to the tightly-guarded Evangelismos hospital, where he remains hospitalized. According to his lawyer, the comrade’s life is out of danger.

From 22:30, dozens of anarchists gathered outside the hospital to demonstrate their solidarity with urban guerrilla fighter Nikos Maziotis. At about 23:30 the solidarity intervention was over, and an assembly was called for tomorrow, Thursday 17/7, at 19:30, in the Polytechnic School in Exarchia.

More updates as they come.

[Netherlands] Impressions from Pinksterlanddagen 2014

Over the bar in the main building of the camp: “First a cup of tea, then the revolution”

Inside the main building: “Drinking workers don’t think. Thinking workers don’t drink” [picture and quote of socialist Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, who sympathized with anarchism in the late 1890s]

From the 6th to 9th of June 2014, the yearly anarchist camp Pinksterlanddagen took place in Appelscha, the Netherlands. The camp is a long tradition; it was now organized for the 80th time. Under the motto “Do it yourself, no freedom without responsibility,” hundreds of anarchists gathered on the camping terrain tot Vrijheidsbezinning (“to freedom-consciousness”) which is managed by comrades since the 1930s.

There were broad topics in the program, like presentations about anarchist resistance in the Netherlands during World War Ι, fight of refugees in Calais (France), debate in the Netherlands over the racist popular character Zwarte Piet (“Black Peter”), as well as an introduction to anarchism. For a Non-Dutch speaker, it was no problem to participate in these presentations and discussions, because most of them could be held entirely in English on request, or there was a live translation. Even though several comrades could speak German pretty well, we encourage people who wish to participate in Pinksterlanddagen to practice English a little bit. Besides presentations, discussions and workshops, there were also screenings of films in a small gym.

The events were held in the grote zaal (“big hall”) or at a half-open large tent. The big hall is part of the house at the entrance of the campsite, where you could buy snacks, breakfast and something to drink. In the evenings various artists performed there. Next to the house there were lots of bookstands (also with editions in English) and info-material. The cooking collective Rampenplan (which may translate to “contingency plan”) provided tasty vegan food. Considering that fact that the camp was organized to host 500 people, the prices were pretty okay (the entrance fee for the festival was 12.50 euros, and dinner was 4.50 every day).

It was nice that people were accustomed to no consuming of drugs at the campsite. Every night, at around 10pm just outside the camp, there was a campfire in the nearby forest where some people would consume drugs, but the consumption was limited in our opinion. The big program for children was also very positive. There were many activities for kids all day long, like a puppet theatre or an animal-amulet workshop.

It’s no wonder that the Pinksterlanddagen has been held for several decades, and hundreds of people travel to the small town of Appelscha every year. As we drove up the way to the entrance, which was decorated with black-red and black-white flags, we knew we’d found something special.

anarchistischer Funke (“anarchist spark”, from Germany)

Santiago: Action at the Greek embassy in remembrance of Lambros Foundas and in solidarity with Kostas Gournas

Banner and fliers at the Embassy of Greece
Thursday, July 10th, 2014, Santiago

The Bad Times will be lit ablaze…

On July 10th, 2014 we put up a banner outside the Greek embassy, accompanied by a shower of fliers thrown in the streets (of the Republic) that are always clean and tidy in the district of Las Condes.

We chose this date to commemorate comrade Lambros Foundas, fallen on March 10th, 2010 in a shootout with police. We do not forget, our memory is still intact, and our convictions too.

We also chose this date to remind that three months ago, on April 10th, 2014, the anarchist urban guerrilla of Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) was reactivated when a car bomb was detonated outside the Supervision Directorate of the Bank of Greece in response to the crisis and in memory of comrade Lambros Foundas.

We dedicate this small gesture of solidarity to comrade Kostas Gournas, who is incarcerated in Koridallos prison (Greece) for his membership in the anarchist urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), but despite all efforts to stifle his ideas and practices, they have not succeeded as he continues to combat Power, the State and Capital with firm conviction.

We also dedicate this to those who are in clandestinity since 2012; we salute and support their difficult but unwavering decision. We hope that our words cross the cold ocean to reach you; from the other side, we send you a tight embrace and all the strength necessary to continue the struggle, always staying out of reach of those who are under the yoke of Power, and persecute, torture and incarcerate without, however, causing the decline of war.

The bad times will be lit ablaze!
Lambros Foundas present!
Freedom for Kostas Gournas!

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)

8th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair: Over the Walls of Nationalism (September 2014)

Eighth Balkan Anarchist Bookfair will take place in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 5th and 6th of September 2014 as part of Anti-fascist festival, annual Mostar event.

We invite all anarchist/antiauthoritarian groups, individuals, publishers, initiatives and projects from Balkan (and beyond) to come and participate at BAB in discussions and meetings which will help us build solidarity networks and strong anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist movement.

Mostar in many ways represent misery that is imposed on big part of Balkan through divisions created by nationalism, war and fight for power between political elites which were and still are working on destruction of all social networks in town that go beyond these artificial “differences”. All this fits perfect to capitalist logic of “divide and rule”, since it’s used as tool for prevention of all social revolts and attempts to build up social connections that were violently broken.

Even today, almost 20 years after the war, Mostar doesn’t live like one town. Still, town did see new ways of resistance to imposed normality of nationalism and capitalism.

At this year’s BAB we will discuss about anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist struggles, anarchist anti-war initiatives and solidarity actions, exchange ideas and strategies, and above all, show that our solidarity goes beyond all borders and divisions created by authority and state.

All proposals for meetings, discussions and participation at bookfair please send to:

More news soon at

‘Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence’, issue 2

Click image to read issue #2 / July 2014

There’s no other way. Our trajectories should not consist of running forward with blindfolds on. One has to keep finding the time, space and energy to remain critical towards his or her own activities, one’s own projects. Not the criticism that make you fade away into inactivity, compromise and defeatism, only favoring the slow but steady absorption by authoritarian society, but the critique that continuously feels the heartbeat of the struggle. Yes, we are speaking of the critique that allows one to verify that one’s acting is still synchronized with the ideas one is nourishing, that allows for perspectives to be deepened and struggle experiences to be fertile ground for further assault on authority. And this also counts for the very modest project of offering a space of international anarchist correspondence.

A third issue then, and therefore, also some questions and doubts. The initial idea of this project was not so much to read through the existing anarchist publications and pick out some significant texts to republish them in Avalanche. No, the idea was – and still is – that comrades would contribute words and analyses, ideas and questions, from out of their own context, their own paths, and their own experiences (as several contributions sent by comrades in this issue do) so as to give life to this correspondence and make it a dangerous matter. Dangerous, because away from the continuous information bombardment that seems only to promote passivity, away from the theatrical scenes of political representation which has also infected the anarchist movement, away from the very modern obsession with facts and figures, dead material which cannot fertilize the inseparable duo of ideas and dynamite of anarchism.

(…) we send our greetings to all the comrades out there, wherever they are, in whatever situation they might be.

July 2014 //

Information about prisoner hunger strike from 18 to 20 July in Germany and Switzerland

solidarity will prolong our lives

July 9th, 2014 – Update on prisoner hunger strike in Germany and Switzerland, in solidarity with prisoners in Greece, following this announcement:

Even if the Greek parliament passed the bill on maximum security prisons on the 8th of July, the resistance against the new prison system, and in particular the type C prisons, is not over… These prisons have similarity with the F-type prisons in Turkey or with maximum security prisons in Germany. Following the mass hunger strike in Greek prisons, a statement on international solidarity hunger strike has been sent around in different prisons in Germany, but the communication between/with inmates takes a long time.

In German prisons, the participants in the solidarity hunger strike are until now Oliver Rast at Tegel prison in Berlin, Ahmet Düzgün Yüksel (extradited from Greece to Germany in May 2014), as well as Andreas Krebs.

Andreas, in his early 40s, has been in prison for over 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner, and participated in several hunger strikes and also tried to escape two times. Thanks to his initiative, over 20 prisoners in the Aschaffenburg jail in Bavaria declared their solidarity with the upcoming strike. He has also written to inmates in two other prisons.

Comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk, imprisoned since 1996 and now in security detention in Freiburg, has written a solidarity message for the hunger strike, announced between the 18th and the 20th of July 2014.

Anarchist Marco Camenisch (in jail more than 20 years) will participate in the hunger strike as well; he is currently held in Bostadel, Switzerland.

Thessaloniki: Office of Greece’s ruling party MP trashed

Struggle with all means for the destruction of prisons

On Monday the 7th of July, at 12pm, we paid a visit to the political office of Nea Dimokratia MP, Elena Rapti, in the city centre of Thessaloniki, and intervened in the decor with paints and fliers.

She is one of the MPs who, from the outset, supported and voted in favor of the bill on establishment of type C prisons, while she participated in its shaping as well. So, we sent her the message that responsibility for the wretchedness of thousands of prisoners and targeting of people in struggle bears a cost. Those responsible have a face and a name, and we do not forget it.

All other minions, who sell their ass for a place next to political figures, offering them full support and then trying to deny responsibility for their actions, should also keep in mind that we’re not willing to forget what they’ve done.

The fact that the bill passed does not stop our fight against prisons, be it regular jails or solitary confinement units!

Fire to all prison cells!

Spanish State: Update on the case against Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

July 6th, 2014

- Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar are prosecuted on terrorism charges; basically, the examining judge Velasco accepted the police hypothesis as valid to bring them to trial.

- All charges against the rest of the comrades implicated in the same case were dropped.

Mónica and Francisco are doing well, and cheered up when they heard the news about the other comrades, whose charges were dismissed. To write letters to them in prison:

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila), España/Spain

Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona Finca Tabladiello
33480 Villabona-Llanera (Asturias), España/Spain

[Cybrigade] Update following yesterday’s shutdown of espiv server

On July 8th, 2014, members of the Cybrigade admin crew, as well as representatives of the Proledialers (call-centre workers, whose blog is hosted on espiv), went to the Panteion university premises. Their presence was enough to put the server back in operation.

The attempted silencing of hundreds of collectives that use the espiv infrastructure was averted. Certainly, this does not mean that similar attempts by either the authorities or private individuals cannot occur in the future.

Espiv is not owned by one administrative group, but rather is an infrastructure already used by a big part of the movement. Therefore, the struggle in defense of espiv server concerns us all. Faced with an attempted attack on struggles within the labour movement, on infrastructure of the antagonistic movement, on islets of freedom of expression and speech, solidarity is our weapon.

We support the new call by the Proledialers, for Monday the 14th of July at 9am in the office of the Labour Inspectorate located in 10, Agisilaou Street, Athens.