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Messolonghi, Greece: Police station attacked twice after two plainclothes cops punched and kicked two comrades

October 29, 2014 – Repression without limits in Messolonghi.

The police state has no limits in the town of Messolonghi. In their attempt to hang a banner near the central square, two comrades were physically assaulted by two plainclothes cops. The comrades strongly resisted the brutal assault and were taken to the Messolonghi police station. Shortly afterwards there was a double attack on the police station, and cop cars were smashed. There will be more updates soon.

Solidarity with the arrested comrades.

The coming winter will fall heavily upon you, scumbags.

France: Protester killed in clashes with police at the ZAD of Testet

Background info on the struggle against the dam in Testet: 1, 2

According to a statement from squatters in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, during the night between Saturday and Sunday the 26th of October 2014 a protester named Remi was killed in clashes that broke out after a rally against the construction of a dam along the Sivens forest in the wetland of Testet in the Tarn department (southern France).

Around 7000 people gathered in the ZAD (zone to be defended) of Testet, after months of police attacks and destruction of the wetland and habitations of those who defend the area. In the late evening and overnight, dozens of people attacked the forces of order that were protecting the dam construction site. Activists expressed their anger trying to delay the resumption of works, originally scheduled for Monday the 27th of October.

The cops fired rubber bullets (known as flash-balls), distraction devices such as stun hand grenades and fragmentation grenades, and tear gases. According to testimonies of protesters from the Testet wetland area, Remi must have collapsed after being hit with a grenade; then his body was reportedly taken by the repressive forces.

Prefectural authorities stated they did not want to comment on the matter before the official autopsy was made public on Monday. The government has already begun to stigmatize the protesters, in addition to trying to divide them in order to cover up what happened. But they know very well that, whatever they do, this death will have explosive consequences.

Footage from protest in the evening of October 26th in the town of Gaillac in the Tarn department:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Calls against state violence and updates on planned actions in Nantes and elsewhere at: &

Athens: Nazi physician bashed in Neos Kosmos

On the morning of October 23rd, 2014, comrades paid a visit to the medical practice of Nazi Athena Mataraga, located on 16, Kasomouli Street in Neos Kosmos. Mataraga, an active member of the Golden Dawn, was also a candidate listed on the ballot of the Nazi organization in recent elections of the Athens Medical Association.

What was returned to the colleague of Dr. Mengele was a small percent of the violence that the scumbags of her gang exert on migrants, workers and fighters.

The worms will be dug one by one out of their holes. Nothing will remain unanswered.


Paris: A spoke in their wheel

On the night between the 22nd and 23rd of October 2014, we decided to slightly mess up a few of the companies that collaborate with the prison system by puncturing the tires on:

– a utility vehicle belonging to Challancin (that undertakes cleaning services in immigration detention centres)

– a car of the SNCF railway company (collaborator in the deportation process)

– a utility vehicle belonging to Vinci (constructor of prisons, among other things)

– a car of the Orange telecommunications corporation (that exploits prisoners)

– 29 Vélib’ bikes of this bastard called JCDecaux, that also exploits prisoners.

We take this opportunity to salute the comrades who were recently sentenced for the double robbery in Velventos, Kozani.

from nantes indymedia via le chat noir émeutier

Athens: Incendiary attack at fascist-owned business

In the early morning of October 24th, 2014, we attacked the “Bristol” bar, located in Davaki street in Ambelokipi, with an incendiary device. This business is owned by Christos Zervas, a known Golden Dawn member and candidate in the last municipal elections, in addition to being a place frequented by Golden Dawn MPs and other fascist scum.

We dedicate this action to the memory of Pavlos Fyssas, Shehzad Luqman and the innumerable migrants who were victims of state violence as manifested on sea and land borders.

We continue the antifascist struggle in the streets and squares, and do not expect anything from the statist “anti-fascism” and its followers; on the contrary, they are our enemies.

We do not forget the captives and prosecuted of the struggle. Preventive arrests, persecutions and tortures will not remain unanswered.

Athens: Latest announcement from the squatted social centre VOX

The discussion event ‘Armed Struggle, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution’ with phone-call intervention from anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, will finally take place on Wednesday the 5th of November 2014, at 5pm, in the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia.

Athens: Migrants go on trial for participation in 2013 Amygdaleza detention centre riot

Poster En/Fr – Solidarity Calls 1, 2

Trikala, Greece: Comrade Vaggelis Koutsibelas released from prison!

Vaggelis Koutsibelas was eligible for conditional release after being given a reduced sentence (eight years and three months) by a court of appeals.

Today, October 24th, 2014, the comrade was released from the prisons of Trikala, where he was held captive since April 2012.

According to the conditions of his parole, he must report every month to the Trikala police department and reside in the home he has established as permanent residence until completion of the remainder of his sentence.

Arcadia, Greece: Stella Antoniou tortured at the hands of police

On October 23rd, 2014, anarchist Stella Antoniou was arrested in the village of Dimitsana in Arcadia, Peloponnese, for allegedly violating a restrictive condition related to permanent residence in Athens. Antiterrorist cops pounced on her, throwing her to the ground. She was taken to the local police station, where she firmly refused to give a DNA sample and suffered beatings from the cops. Under the eyes of the Dimitsana police director, Papazafeiropoulos, five thugs of the antiterrorist squad repeatedly attempted but failed to obtain her genetic sample. Initially she was choked and had her nose blocked so that she would forcibly open the mouth and have her DNA sample taken with a cotton swab. Then police violently pulled her hair and threw her to the ground once again. Blood vessels under her eye were broken, resulting in bleeding (recall that Stella experiences serious health problems with her eye).

On October 24th, the comrade was moved to the courthouse in a nearby town, Tripoli, to undergo proceeding for alleged violation of her restrictive conditions, even though she is not banned from exiting Attica. Besides, she has already been acquitted by a court on a similar occasion in Thessaloniki. Cops did not allow comrades to enter the courthouse of Tripoli, so people in solidarity remained outside the building (in the rain) awaiting the outcome of the hearing.

Stella stays strong despite what she suffered by officers of the anti-terrorist squad. According to her personal physician, who visited her along with her relatives and lawyer while the comrade was still in temporary custody, she sustained not only retinal hemorrhage but also mandibular, cervical spine and right shoulder injuries. Because of her pre-existing health condition, the doctor requested her emergency evacuation to a general hospital for examination.

Later the same day, solidarians reported that Stella Antoniou was finally released after the court hearing was postponed to the 6th of November 2014.

Athens: Polykarpos Georgiadis sentenced for allegedly violating his conditions of parole

In September 2013, antiauthoritarian communist Polykarpos Georgiadis was released on parole under specific conditions, such as the obligation to report to his nearest police department the first five days of each month, but he was never banned from leaving the country, so he should have been allowed to travel abroad for a short period of time.

Nevertheless, in the early morning of October 21st, 2014, cops arrested him at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, just before boarding an airplane along with another comrade to Brussels, where they would participate in a scheduled event of the International Red Aid. The “violation” of the imaginary prohibition on Polykarpos Georgiadis to exit Greece was the official reason for his arrest.

He was eventually released, but only after being brought to the Evelpidon courts in Athens, where he received a six-month sentence (suspended for five years) for allegedly violating the terms of his permanent residency. The prosecutor argued that a parolee, who has established a permanent residence, is under a quasi-house arrest. Of course, the presiding judge of the court did not hesitate to endorse this sort of argument and sentenced the comrade to six months in prison (which means that if an appellate court upholds the conviction, he will also be forced to serve the five-year suspension period).

Ávila prison, Spain: Words from comrade Mónica Caballero

The State calls its own violence Law; that of the individual crime. Lawbreaking, then – so the individual’s violence is called; and only by crime does he break the State’s violence when he thinks that the State is not above him, but rather he is above the State. – Max Stirner

These days, almost 10 months since my incarceration in the prisons of the Spanish State, I needed to give out these words to you dear comrades, who struggle for the abolition of every authority and the integral development of every individual.

Today, at the security level, anarchism is one of the major concerns of many Western (and some Eastern) States; in this witch-hunt aimed at informal antiauthoritarians anything goes, this repressive hysteria is inherent in the conquest of total liberation, it is as old as the acratist ideas. Therefore, a momentary or prolonged visit to one of the placid monuments of human extermination awaits all those who try to confront or simply question the prevailing order. In my case, the passage from some cage is not something new. Whenever one decides to fight against the establishment, punishment is one of the consequences; this stance goes far beyond the democratic vision of Innocent/Guilty, which has no place in anyone who wants to destroy this world that’s founded on laws I don’t believe in. I don’t recognize any judge, their law transforms me into a slave, their justice makes me a prisoner.

In the interior of prisons the biggest garbage of society comes to light. Here, on the inside, the individual is crushed in his/her deepest essence; blackmail and manipulation by the tentacles of Power are blended and transformed as social reintegration policy. In the face of this policy coherence is my victory, maintaining myself incorruptible and dignified is the everyday fight.

In this political-judicial-police process, where initially charges were brought against a group of comrades and eventually ended up being pressed against my beloved comrade and me, the apparatuses of Power have used the most diverse tricks, some nearing ridiculous levels, but those who were breastfed by this system and attempt to perpetuate it will never comprehend our forms. Forms that break down the hierarchy, that do not receive orders from anybody, that grow and multiply like weeds in their quiet and sterile garden. Anarchist ideas in their entirety are developed in the complexity of individual integrity; this individual freely associated with other individuals put an end to this rotten society.

The forms and modes in which individuals confront domination are multiple and limitless; neither one is better nor worse, they’re just different. No acratist that considers oneself as such can impose what is to be done on anyone, let alone permit some type of imposition.

On the path of anarchist construction-destruction we do not possess (nor want) any type of manual or itinerary; we construct it day by day with our comrades in affinity. As for those who believe that we antiauthoritarians follow the postulates of some “renowned” comrade to the letter, I tell them they haven’t understood anything.

There have been (and still are) a great many valued compañeros and compañeras who have made great contributions to the struggle against authority throughout history; however that doesn’t mean we render some type of cult to anyone.

Dear comrades, I would love to dedicate words more often, but given the limitations in which I find myself I’m not sure I’ll be able to communicate this way again.

The trial against us will take place within a few months; when that moment comes, I will try to rise to the occasion, never bowing down the head.

I send a fraternal hug to those who have expressed solidarity with us; every gesture of solidarity illuminates the shadows of these cold walls.

To the subversive political prisoners who are being held in the prisons of the Chilean State: you are always present in my thoughts; though I am far away from you, I am with you. And to you freely chosen brothers and sisters: we’ll soon exchange glances again.

Open hand to the comrade, closed fist to the enemy!
Death to the State and long live anarchy!

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
Anarchist Political Prisoner
Ávila prison, September 2014
Territory dominated by the Spanish State

(Transcription note: These words were written by Mónica in early September and should have been published over a month ago, but for unknown reasons they didn’t reach our hands until now, late October.)

source / translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, Chile (edited by Contra Info)

Athens: Fascist bashed in Exarchia

On Monday afternoon, October 20th, a fascist was spotted and crushed in the area of Exarchia. The spineless thug that goes by the name Ioannis Kaptsis (originally from Syros Island) was wearing a ‘Pit Bull Hellas’ t-shirt, which he lost along with his handbag. Receipts of purchases from the area of Exarchia (he’s probably a resident) were found on him, as well as contacts with infamous fascists (Lagos of the Golden Dawn, for example) and other like-minded scum (e.g. Giorgos Golden, Maria Golden) in his mobile phone.

Neither in Exarchia, nor anywhere; bash the fash in every hood.

PS. We thank him for the generous donation of his money that will enable us to renew the residence permit of a migrant comrade.

[German prisons] Thomas Meyer-Falk – A contribution to the 2014 Anti-Prison Days in Vienna

Many of us are spontaneously and long since aware of it: prisons are places of ethical, humane, moral and cultural decay. There is no desire for life, freedom, humaneness conveyed there but instead the guards and any other staff treat the detainees as dead objects; they manage people as piece goods in a storehouse.

So prisons are necrophiliac places.

It was only a few weeks ago that a prison inmate – who was kept in solitary confinement for a couple of years after having broken a guard’s nose with a headbutt in 2012 – was starved to death in Germany.

Koala Rosmane was only 33 years old; he came from Burkina Faso, where he had been forcibly recruited as a child soldier.

After his death, a lawyer brought charges against the competent administration of the detention facility, as a right-wing extremist network was operating on the inside. Surprisingly the prison director, Thomas Müller, was suspended after the death of Koala Rosmane. They had knowingly let him die (in Bruchsal prison).

This may illustrate what we are supposed to imagine under a necrophiliac place.

What we set against that is our love for freedom, life, diversity and colourfulness. Certainly the fight for freedom also means to make sacrifices because the state power will do anything to retain further control.

Freedom is not given; we need to take it, fight for it and defend it.

Whenever they put us in their prisons, trying to silence us by all means, a solidarity movement outside the prison walls is vital for our survival.

For life and freedom!

Thomas Meyer-Falk
currently held at JVA Freiburg

source: antiknasttage2014 via machorka

* the Anti-Prison Days take place in Vienna between the 7th and 9th of November 2014

Mexico City: Bank branches attacked in solidarity with Mario, Carlos, Fernando and Abraham

A gesture of solidarity…

On the night of October 12th we used stones, slingshots and Molotov cocktails to sabotage two banking entities in Iztapalapa delegation of Mexico City.

Revolutionary solidarity is how we also show our support to the imprisoned comrades on hunger strike since the 1st [until the 17th] of October by attacking those responsible for this miserable everyday living. It is our response to the harassment of the comrades by guards, physicians and the staff of penitentiary institutions. So ours is a target easily identifiable and relatable to domination.

The insurrectionary anarchist perspective goes beyond the fetishism of fire or weapons. Our approach to anarchy is a struggle that has no interest in being a televised spectacle, nor need for “self-promotion” due to lack of promotion by the State. So ours is a simple and direct communication that corresponds to the requirement of the moment concerning the striking comrades; a simple and easily reproducible means.

The insurrectionary anarchist perspective is a method, often suitable for the generalization of individual and social conflict that subverts the normalcy. For insurrection as many other forms (and in their entirety) open up possibilities for a veritable revolution. An anarchist method for radical and profound change.

No mediation or dialogues with the State and the Capital!

For the struggle against all kinds of power, including the so-called Popular Power that is being sold to us as autonomy!

in spanish

Thessaloniki: Responsibility claim for explosive device placement in the house of Golden Dawn member

On Tuesday night, October 14th, 2014, we made home delivery of an explosive device to the building located on 28, Lahana street (2nd floor) in Thessaloniki, where Golden Dawn member Stathis Valakos lives. The specific fascist was a candidate for municipal council with the “Greek Dawn” in last elections. Scums like Stathis stand no chance of hiding. We will keep finding them and treating them as they deserve.

PS.1. Not only do we not trust or rely on any statist “combating” of fascism, but to the contrary, we are hostile to it. Fascism can only be combated by constant presence on the streets, and fascists can only be fought by continuous visits at their homes, their offices and other occasions of their everyday life.

PS.2 The face of this guy can be found by simply googling his name.

In memory of Shehzad Luqman and Pavlos Fyssas.

We take – and send – strength from those who continue to FIGHT inside and outside the prison walls.

Street group for the diffusion of direct action

Berlin: Antimilitarist gesture in support of Destroika call

In the night between the 1st and 2nd of October 2014, we made the windows of Ingenieurbüro Döring – an engineering office located in 3, Pauline Staegemann street in Berlin – rattle. The reason for our visit: they pride themselves on organizing the clearance of weapons and ammunition in the northern region, at the German Army’s GÜZ combat training centre in Magdeburg. A ghost town called Schnöggersburg is under construction in the north of Magdeburg, so that prospective NATO armies and Europe cops can be trained there in counterinsurgency combat. Global riots of the last years have shown that revolt is quite possible. It’s knocking on Europe’s door as well – let’s kick it. For the collapse of new constructions on the GÜZ military base and everywhere, where these buildings are responsible for ravaging our lives. See you in Frankfurt.*

source: linksunten

* You may follow these links 1 & 2 for Destroika-related actions, referring to militant protest against the opening of the new European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Meanwhile the date of the inaugural ceremony has been postponed; the opening of the new ECB building takes place not before early 2015 and might be delayed further.

Mexican prisons: The four anarchist comrades end hunger strike

On October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López, Mario González, Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés called off their hunger strike that began on October 1st.

The comrades are well, without complications or physical damage. They will soon make the reasons and motives for ending the strike public.

For now this is all the information we have.

Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Solidarity with revolutionary prisoner Nikos Maziotis

This morning, the 17th of October 2014, we placed a banner in solidarity with comrade and fighter Nikos Maziotis. He is one of the few uncompromising fighters and people who have decided to devote their life to the struggle for freedom, and in this fight do not think of their own safety but assume the risk of choosing this path.

Nikos stands out as an example not only Greece, that is affected by the capitalist and brutal measures of austerity and class war – where on one side are states, rich domestic and foreign capital owners, with all financial means, military resources and logistics, and on the other unarmed people who are impoverished and vanish under the heel of fascist capitalists, an unjust war in which the victims were always on the side of the oppressed – but also in the whole of Europe and the world, where this kind of open combat against the system is missing or has a milder form…

Nikos shows that today in debt-ridden Greece, as well as in other countries that are under EU capitalism, the poor not only pay the debt to banks, but also pay the price with their blood and skin. Recall that in Greece there is increase in suicide rate because people are unable to pay their debt to the banks – e.g. the case of the pensioner who killed himself in front of the Greek parliament in 2012 – what sparked riots and protests in Greece. The percentage of people who go on hunger strike claiming their rights is growing, including those in prison.

Nikos is behind bars, but his free spirit remains unshaken, and he now addresses his fellow citizens by phone and his message will be conveyed live at a building in the Polytechnic School (after another letter he wrote from prison in honour of Ulrike Meinhof’s birthday).

Solidarity with Nikos Maziotis and all political prisoners who stood in open conflict with the system and its inhumane “values”.


Friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prijedor

Note by Contra Info: This evening (17/10) the comrade was hindered from making the scheduled phone call from Diavata prison. The official excuse for not permitting him to intervene in the discussion event was that the telephone system in that prison wing suddenly broke down [see also 18/10 update].

Spain: 3rd Zaragoza Anarchist Bookfair

The 3rd Zaragoza Anarchist Bookfair will be held between October 31st and November 2nd, 2014. The events will take place at the anarchist social centre La Revuelta, on San Agustín Street in the neighbourhood of Magdalena, and the squatted social centre Kike Mur, located in the old building of the Torrero prison, in the city of Zaragoza.

During the three days, each participant – publisher, library or distributor – will have a stall with books, fanzines and brochures. There will be 100% vegan kitchen and café at affordable prices for all visitors.

Contact: libroanarquistazgz[at]

See the schedule of events, and how to get to the spaces that will host the activities, here.

Mexican prisons: Update on the health situation of 4 anarchists on hunger strike

Since October 1st, 2014, four anarchist prisoners in different penitentiaries of Mexico City are on indefinite hunger strike: Carlos López Marín (“El Chivo”, held in the Eastern Prison), Mario González (in the Tepepan Medical Tower) and Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés Ávila (in the Northern Prison). You may read a common statement of the comrades and a short description of their cases here, and previous updates here.

Below is a report on their health condition on 15th day of hunger strike:

Carlos López has lost almost 7 kilos. The comrade is still separated from the general prison population, held in the newcomers’ area where he was transferred since the start of hunger strike. During the first days he was sharing a cell with another prisoner, but from October 5th he is held alone. He presents discomfort and heartburn from acid reflux, weakness and mild dizziness. They transfer him from the cell up to 4 times a day to take him to the medical service of the prison, mainly early in the morning, only to take his data and measure his blood pressure, given that the weighing scale is not working and they don’t have the necessary equipment to check the blood glucose levels. On Monday, October 13th, a nurse of the solidarity medical crew attempted to examine him, but she was denied entry for not having authorization. The sentencing of Carlos López, Amélie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson, charged with damages and attacks to public peace in the first case tried locally, is expected to be delivered in the next ten days.

Mario González faces some problems, mainly in his pancreas, as well as changes observed in the kidneys and liver during the days of hunger strike. His condition was considered as stable by a physician of the solidarity medical crew who examined him on Tuesday. He continues to present the same symptoms he had the previous days (abdominal pain, anxiety, physical debility, irritability and difficulty concentrating), except that the abdominal pain has increased. The director of the Tepepan Medical Tower has obstructed access to Mario’s medical record; the solidarian doctor gained access to the file on October 15th, and required that new laboratory tests be done. The comrade has lost about 10 kilos. He is currently awaiting resolution of an amparo petition he filed against his prison sentence.

Fernando Bárcenas has lost 3 kilos and 200 grams, while Abraham Cortés (whose conviction of 13 years and 4 months was recently upheld by an appeals court) has lost 3 kilos and 900 grams. Both comrades remain in the newcomers’ area where they have been held since their respective detentions. They are taken out of the cells for medical check several times in the early hours of the morning, so they cannot get a good night’s rest. They have restriction on phone calls.

Greek prisons (2012): Reflections from the Country of Nothingness

click image to read/download pdf

France: New squat in the city of Nancy

For over a month, we – a collective of unemployed youths, precarious workers and students – occupied a house which was abandoned for three years, located on 103, Libération Avenue in Nancy.

Through this gesture, among so many others, we intend to break with the merchandising mentality of this fucked up world and all discriminatory logics that come with it, be it sexist, homophobic, racist or classist. We counterpose modes of life based on gratuitousness and mutual aid, self-management and solidarity.

Against private property and social exclusion, against capitalism, we re-appropriate our lives, we squat the empty buildings.

The space is open. You can contact us at auxenfantsterribles[at]riseup[dot]net

source: le chat noir émeutier

A dead end – Gaza is theatre of war, the world is watching

In Gaza the dead are being counted after yet another aggression of the Israeli State. The siege and suffocation of this plot of land, which is the Gaza strip, are accomplished facts since a long time ago. The bloody military incursions are simply their horrible confirmation.

The arrogance with which the Israeli army is waging its operations under the camera lenses of the entire world press is striking. But it could only still surprise those who naively believed that politics and international interests are directed by codes of moral conduct. World politics are as pragmatic as they are opportunistic.

The cynical conclusion of this military action is that there are two victors: Hamas and the Israeli State. Hamas can brag about itself simply because it still exists tout court, after yet another aggression by one of the most impressive military powers in the world. And even more, since this military power has not completely occupied the Gaza strip – according to Hamas, undoubtedly also a consequence of its “resistance”; a resistance which mainly consisted of launching rockets in the direction of Israeli territory, striking completely random targets (and in the vast majority of cases not striking anything at all). The power position of Hamas has hardly been disrupted – because who else could claim to be able to protect the inhabitants of the Gaza strip from total elimination?

The Israeli State has once again legitimized the necessity of an operation by the operation itself. Dozens of tunnels escaping its control have been destroyed, “terrorist bases” directly threatening its security have been wiped off the face of the earth. What obedient citizen could then still question the necessity of this operation? Meanwhile, the rhetoric of war and militarization dominate the Israeli society. The real contradictions in this society (racist discriminations and class conflicts) are covered up by the “threat of a common enemy”. And the more brutalities the Israeli State commits in the name of the Israeli population, the more this population becomes dependent on that same State to protect themselves against possible attempts at vengeance. The less people with an Israeli passport in their pockets resist against the terror of the Israeli State, the more the arbitrary actions of vengeance get favorable reception.

The myth of the “two-state solution”

The Palestinian flag may well be waved everywhere as a symbol of resistance against the Israeli colonization, yet the existence of the Palestinian Authority has above all benefitted the Israeli State. The Gaza strip which officially contains no more Israeli settlers (since Sharon forced all of them in 2005 to leave the Gaza strip) is totally monitored by the Israeli State. The inhabitants of Gaza are totally dependent for their daily survival on the power games of Hamas and the Israeli State. On the West Bank, space of movement is progressively limited by the Israeli army (often also with the collaboration of the Palestinian Authority) and the settlers. Economical survival largely depends on the “neighbouring country”. The Israeli army can do whatever it likes to “protect the security and integrity of its territory and population,” without having to bear any responsibility for the fate of the inhabitants of Palestinian territories (at least, not for those who aren’t settlers). A Palestinian State which would put a halt to the daily humiliations of its subjects is nothing more than an illusion. In reality the Palestinian Authority, this embryo of a future State, contributes to the oppression of the population on its own initiative or on demand of the Israeli State. The “two-state solution” is therefore not only a dead end, it is also to the benefit of the Israeli State without anyone realizing it.

And yes, nowadays in Israel voices are pleading for more steps in the direction of a full recognition of a Palestinian State. These voices are afraid of an implosion of the Palestinian Authority, which would oblige the Israeli State to recognize all inhabitants of Palestinian territories as Israeli citizens. And that would complicate the maintaining and legitimating of the apartheid system. In short: an implosion of the Palestinian Authority would damage the Zionist project of an Israel as “Jewish State”.

Even if the scenario of the two States would become reality, this would therefore not at all mark a step on the road towards a “just society” for the whole population. Without a doubt, this new State would find other ways to feed and exploit the racist and sectarian demarcations amongst its subjects, as all States do. The military occupation and the daily humiliation would only change face.

Two States or one State, neither of these perspectives are means of emancipation for the inhabitants of the Israeli and Palestinian territories. More »


A first-person report received on October 12th, 2014.
I wanted to share some knowledge about what’s happening and what happened around here.

IS (Islamic State) attacks to Kobane city in Rojava (means West Kurdistan in Kurdish) as everybody knows. But I want to explain why there is this organization Islamic State, how it is founded. So maybe everything can be clearer.

We can say history of ISIS begins with Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who organizes the strongest resistance against USA and Coalition troops in Iraq. Actually he is from Jordan, city called Zarqa, so he took this name “Zarqawi”.

In Jordan he was in a Salafi and jihadist organization and he was imprisoned with his comrades because of this. Why Jordan state doesn’t want a Salafi-jihadist organization? 1- Salafi organizations against Human Laws (Constitution), just the Allah Laws (Quran) must be applied. So also they are against democracy and election. 2- Jihadist organizations against Western Block and Israel. But Jordan is the most domesticated collaborator of the Western Block and Israel.

After he went out from prison he didn’t want to get in the Jordan prisons, so he moved to Afghanistan to train militants. But in 2001 USA invaded Afghanistan so he had to move with his comrades to Iraq to organize a Salafi organization in Iraq.

Slowly slowly they got contacts etc. And on 2003 USA also invaded Iraq and gave power to Shia power, so Shia’s stopped resisting immediately. And Sunni’s resistance started.

Why formed a great hatred between Shia and Sunni? It is not just because of religious practices. It was always different, why now? We need to look to invasion and how USA changed the balances. Who resists most was them (Salafists who come from Sunni regions) and old Baas (Saddam, and also Sunni) soldiers-militants.

For the last 10 years (2004-2014) Sunni cities, villages was bombed by the Coalition; Salafist Sunnis was in the USA prisons like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo… So why now there is this ISIS we have to look to these facts. And why for the last 10 years it turned to a ‘Religious Sect Wars’ between Shia and Sunni.

Zarqawi was a guy full of anger and a militant. He had also this hatred against Shia. He organized lots of bomb attacks in markets of Shia neighbourhoods and mosques. They don’t recognize western values like ‘Humanism’, ‘Civilians’. To critic them, do not critic with these values. Why are they killing-torturing those who are irrelevant to cruelty? Why are they killing irrelevant Ezidi, Christian, Alawi people just because they ARE? This is the problem. Kill who supports the cruelty with his money, weapon or knowledge. More »

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks

On Friday night, October 10th, we set fire to a diplomatic vehicle with registration plates D.C. 65-17 in Halandri, and another car belonging to Spartakos security company in Nea Filadelfeia, in a display of solidarity with anarchist revolutionary Antonis Stamboulos and his more than dignified struggle (on strike or not).

Strength to comrade Antonis and all imprisoned revolutionaries

PS. Comrades, the whole of Athens should have been burnt these days, and there’s no room for excuses…