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Wuppertal: Call for 1st May demonstration (poster)

The poster reads:

Out in the streets for an autonomous 1st May 2015!

Refugees welcome! Autonomous Centre at Gathe stays!

Whether Pegida (“patriotic europeans against islamisation of the occident”), HoGeSa (“hooligans against salafists”), Nazis, or a mob of citizens – confront racist agitation! Get involved in the social question and develop autonomous perspectives! For the social revolution!

2pm at Gathe, Wuppertal, near the Autonomous Centre (AZ)
afterwards, street festival in Schusterplatz

and elsewhere: from 6pm
– Stop the Nazi march in Essen
– Anarchist 1st May demonstration in Dortmund

Solidarity and health to the friend of the Autonomous Centre fighting for his life after fascist knife attack. Read more (in German) on the webpage of the AZ Wuppertal. Our comrade will be on our mind on the 1st May march.

More info in German:

Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack against patriarchal entertainment

We claim responsibility for the act of vandalism against the night club “café Candela”, located in 5077 San Pablo Avenue, during the night-dawn of April 7th, through the placement of an incendiary device with an ignition system consisting of a slow-burning fuse.

The damage occasioned was far less than we expected, nevertheless the entire facade of this establishment of patriarchal entertainment ended up burnt.

We need only just ask some questions to find out a little more of what goes on right under our nose, to identify this and thousands of such centres of torture, exploitation and subjugation of various species!

Strength to the comrades arrested for burning a Transantiago bus!

Against civilisation! Against patriarchy, its defenders and its false critics.

Intermittent vandalic cells FAI/FRI

in greek

Chile: Incendiary attack against construction site of the Santiago Metro

“small actions against the system are not only important to the extent that they contribute to the destruction of the system, but also to the extent that they contribute to the formation of individuals who are free, prepared, conscious of their capacities and limitations, brave and capable of fighting for what they want” (Antitechnology 2009)

We claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against the construction site of the future line 6 of the Santiago Metro, on April 7th, we attacked this representative of social technological progress with an incendiary device of chemical activation.

The harmful consequences of the techno-industrial expansion will not be tolerated without the necessary response, we walk keeping a close watch on your warehouses, supermarkets, areas of urban expansion, the degradation of wild nature in its most extensive forms; we attack and will continue to attack in the fields and your cities, we will defend tooth and claw what remains to be defended and ourselves.

We send our warm greetings to Natalia Collado and Javier Pino.

Strength to the comrades on hunger strike Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Durán.

Against civilisation! For the defense of all that we’ve been losing!

Capybara Group FAI-FRI

portuguese | greek

Chile: Hunger Strike Update

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On April 20th 2015, it became known that anarchist prisoner Enrique Guzmán has also been on hunger strike since April 14th.

Anarchists Nataly Casanova (under isolation in San Miguel women’s prison), Juan Flores (in Wing 1 of Santiago 1 prison), Guillermo Duran (in total house arrest) and Enrique Guzmán (in Wing 35 of Santiago 1 prison) are on hunger strike (on liquids only), demanding:

• the determination of the validity of DNA “evidence” submitted against them, taking into consideration all scientific aspects and not only the tendentious arguments of the prosecution;

• an end to harassments, abductions, interrogations of people who stand in solidarity with the incarcerated comrades;

• an end to harassments, assaults, disciplinary sanctions against Juan and Nataly or any other prisoner in struggle;

• the immediate release of Enrique Guzmán, incarcerated for being close to the comrades implicated in this case and for regularly visiting them in prison;

• the immediate transfer of Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more time in the prison yard.

In his hunger strike initiation statement, Enrique Guzmán added one more request:

• an immediate end to the home confinement regime imposed on Guillermo Duran, against whom no evidence whatsoever has been presented during the course of this investigation.

Greece: Statement of Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis about the U.S. State Department list of international “terrorists”

In 2009, the anarchist urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) was designated a “foreign terrorist organization” by the U.S. Department of State, in the aftermath of a rocket propelled grenade attack against the U.S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007.

On April 21, 2015, the State Department issued “terrorist designation” against one of the members of Revolutionary Struggle, anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis. The next day, the comrade issued the following statement in response.

“Whoever is not with us is against us”
– from a speech of U.S. President George W. Bush after September 11, 2001

“We are not with you, we are against you”
– from a statement of Nikos Maziotis to the special court in Koridallos prisons on June 11, 2012 regarding the Revolutionary Struggle attack on the U.S. Embassy

The State Department admittedly did me great honor by including me in the list of international “terrorists”. This is the second time that the planetary killers honor me as a Revolutionary Struggle member, since they had placed a one-million-dollar bounty on me along with other members of the organization after the Revolutionary Struggle attack against the U.S. Embassy in Athens in January 2007.

Obviously this move signifies the pressure exerted on the Greek government in response to the recent passing of the justice ministry’s bill, which includes a provision whereby prisoners with disabilities of over 80% like Savvas Xiros, from a point onwards, may be placed under house arrest on electronic monitoring for the remainder of their sentence, what the U.S. ambassador to Greece described as a hostile act.

This move is a sign of lack of confidence towards the Greek government, and sends a strong message; that the U.S. government – which does not recognize any court precedent in another State in case of an attack on U.S. targets – may arrest and prosecute any armed fighter and revolutionary who have attacked U.S. targets anywhere in the world, even if they have stood trial and have been incarcerated in the country where this attack was perpetrated. But the State Department has nothing to worry about. The SYRIZA-led government, despite deviations, will present themselves as consistent with the united front in the war on “terrorism”, just as they are being consistent with their debt repayment obligations to the creditors of the supranational elite. Besides, they stated that they “are doubly sensitive to issues of terrorism, since many attacks were carried out in the name of the Left.”

Regardless of how many years I have to spend in prison, regardless of the price I pay, I will always be filled with joy remembering how we as Revolutionary Struggle humiliated them that morning of January 2007, when we struck the facade of the U.S. Embassy with an anti-tank RPG, and I will always remember with satisfaction the words of the then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who woke the then planetarch George W. Bush, saying: “Mister President, we are under attack in Athens.”

Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle
Domokos prison

Athens: Antiracist-antipatriotic action in Plaka

received in english, greek, portuguese and french

In the early hours of Monday 20th of April we went to the district of Plaka to paint over a disgusting mural of racist and nationalist drawings and slogans made by a supposed artist that calls himself Tom, who has been using for some years that wall located at Sotiros Street. The shitty mural that was transmitting, among other things, also messages against people coming from Africa, targeting them as carriers of diseases, was there for at least 3 months so we thought we should do something about it. We threw colors, we tagged the walls with anarcofeminist symbols and we wrote the following messages in various languages:

Without fatherlands, without bosses. Self-management (in Portuguese)

No borders, no masters (in English)

Shit to the fatherland (in Greek)

Lets erase the fash from the map (in French)

Black lives matter (in English)

Ps. The day after our action the wall was painted over again in blue. In case racist slogans appear again, other actions will be taken.

in spanish

[Greece] ‘War Against War’ by Xipolito Tagma – English edition 04/2015

War Against War’, an antimilitarist brochure by the collective of total objectors to military service Xipolito Tagma (‘Barefoot Battalion’ in Ioannina, Greece), is now available in English.

Click image to read / download / distribute the pdf.

All texts were translated from the 1st Greek edition (03/2011), without any chronological adaptation of the facts and dates displayed. Only footnotes and the chapter “Declaring Our Objection” were added.

Xipolito Tagma would like to thank L. for the English translation, and plan to translate the brochure also in Spanish.

Meuse, France: Anti-nuclear camp in Bure this summer

Translation of PDF leaflet ‘Bring your pickaxe‘ for an anti-nuclear camp – 1st-10th August

We have 10 days to bury ANDRA!

The management of nuclear waste hasn’t and never will have a solution. It will always be there, whether 500 metres underground here at Bure, like elsewhere. The urgency is not about their management, but to stop their production. If the atomic industry and the state wish to bury the problem as fast as possible, it’s surely to continue to produce it. We are opposed to the destruction of our living places, in the Meuse as elsewhere, as well as the continuation of the nuclear industry at any time.

We propose for you to meet with us in Bure, between the 1st and 10th August, 2015, to take the time together to amplify the concrete opposition to CIGEO and its world.

The fall of nuclear

Following half a century of poisoning, the nuclear industry does not have a solution to the radioactivity of nuclear waste. Consequently with this inability, the state wishes to enforce the burial with always more mafia-like methods: a democratic masquerade, hoarding of lands with authoritarianism and violence.

After being made to leave from several other sites in the 1980’s, the National Agency for the management of Radioactive Waste in France [l’Agence Nationale pour la gestion des Dechets Radioactifs in France, or ANDRA] installed themselves for a stage of research in the central-eastern department of the Meuse, in Bure, in 1993.

A sparsely populated area (7 people per square kilometre), Bure is a dream location for piling up the worst waste of inhumanity.  Since 2001 there has been an underground laboratory, and in 2006, despite the conclusion of a public debate with reservations about deep storage, the ANDRA project was converted into a “Industrial Centre of Geologic Stockage” (CIGEO).

No waste has arrived yet; the bulk of the construction work is intended for 2017 and the first loads of waste will arrive in 2025.

We have observed that, as well as an experimental laboratory, archiving centres and an “ecotheque” [eco-library] (a kind of memory of the pre-nuclear state) already present, there are also related works discretely starting every day. There are routes being widened, land is being side aside for the project, trees are being cut down in surrounding forests, etc.

At the same time, a whole industrial accompanying program is being created in the south of the Meuse: a platform of transport for radioactive materials, another platform for stocking new parts of the nuclear plant and educational courses related to nuclear power.

All attempts of opposition by legal means have failed so far
A petition of 42,000 local signatures demanding a referendum, wasted!
The conclusion of the public debate in 2006 dealing with reservations of deep storage, swept aside!
By-laws against toxic landfill, insignificant!

For 10 years, within a network of local and national associations and in response to the installation of the laboratory of ANDRA, a house was bought with the help of German anti-nuclearists, then renovated thanks to donations and personal investment from passing activists. This house has the purpose of being a place of independent information, of alternative energetic organisation, as well as for collective living and welcome space. This “house of resistance to nuclear waste” has allowed individuals and collectives to anchor a local struggle and enable the encounter of many people in struggle.

Whilst these historic components taking place on the ground in Bure for 20 years working on awareness-raising, networking and monitoring the preliminary actions of ANDRA very closely; the state project progresses. To go beyond the associative ways of organisation, it becomes more and more necessary to concretely react against CIGEO.

Why do we oppose this?

Waste is the unsolvable problem of the nuclear industry, we don’t know how to make it disappear, and it lasts for thousands of years to come. It’s management is the missing link in the French nuclear program.

Whether one is for or against nuclear, the political elite would like that everybody recognises the need to manage the waste. This is neither more nor less a strategy of depoliticizing the issue, under the pretext of protecting future generations. But since when was the nuclear industry humanist? If the state and the nuclear industry were coherent, they would stop producing in this completely schizophrenic manner. That would avoid us all living forever with the risks related to the existence of nuclear plants and transportation of nuclear material.

So we are told “the waste is there”, and yes, it is indeed, and it will always be 500 meters underground. Burying the catastrophe is not erasing it; we will not further get out of nuclear. We don’t want neither to referee nor “propose a solution” to the eternal problem that represents the management of nuclear waste. We are not co-managers, that would return to produce the message of the voluntary experts of alternatives, for the profit of nucleocrats [nuclear industry bureaucrats]. Their point is not to raise awareness of the techno-industrial apparatus and political systems for a better solution of waste management; but to stop nuclear production.

Half of the waste that they envisage burying is not yet produced…current storage facilities are full, and they now need to hide troublesome waste and to make room for future waste of the nuclear industry. To finally brandish a quick solution before legitimising the continuation of the “electro-nuclear” program. In other words perpetuating the catastrophe.

CIGEO responds with the the same power game that governs the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries…

CIGEO is also an international marketing operation that aims to give to the French nuclear industry the image of having total control, from the extraction of uranium, to the dismantling of nuclear reactors. To fight against CIGEO is to fight the French energy policy that wishes to make France the switch of Europe and Maghreb [North Africa]. From the EPR-style nuclear reactors to the burying of waste, passing by high-voltage power-lines, CIGEO is the result of a series of nuisances and development of land imposed by the nuclear industry. Besides screwing up a whole region, the burial of waste aims at sustaining the power of the electro-nuclear industry everywhere and also assures beautiful days for the State power and to capitalism. To invitingly dangle this growth with the extension of the European market for electricity and its industrial innovations entirely electric: from objects connected to electric cars, to intelligent networks, smart phones and all these ‘high-flying people’ who promise us the management and development of our living environment.

The flow of nuclides are inevitably dripping out of Bure.

This is why we are opposing the burying of nuclear waste in Bure, like elsewhere….

CIGEO concerns us all!

Come together this summer in Bure

Blocking the public debate in 2013 has given a feeling of returning some collective strength to the struggle. The mobilisation of the local population opposed to the project, comprised of several associations, testifies the will to no longer suffer the powerlessness and dispossession of the struggle faced with lies, corruption and bullshit consultations.

We want to not only inform but to reverse the balance: if this gathering contributes to put a spotlight on the mobilisation in Bure, it will serve mostly as an occasion for concrete actions.

For several years, we have shared collective experiences and common elements in our practices: skill-sharing, researching our autonomy, horizontally structured organisation, opening up spaces where it becomes possible for collective experimentation, benevolence from one to another.

Coming to Bure doesn’t imply being an ecological or anti-nuclear activist, but it signifies that we believe in the necessity to organise beyond local struggles. We will together create a space to live for ten days of exchanges and practices, to discuss about struggles here and elsewhere and about our methods of collective living, within an anti-authoritarian atmosphere, mindful to ward off all forms of domination.

We will address the issue of current struggles (Bure, ZAD, No Tav, Hambach forest…) and those of the evolutions of forms of repression and reactionary movements, before better anticipating the struggle in Bure and envisaging common possibilities. It will also be an opportunity to organise ourselves around the COP21, the intergovernmental climate summit planned for Paris in December 2015.

Let’s outline other imaginary plans for our lives…

Vladimir, Martine & Co, vmc[at]

The CIGEO has planned for Bure to represent 99% of the French radioactivity and will also become one of the most consequential European projects for the next years. The site for burying radioactive waste in Bure (500 metres below ground) will occupy 200ha of agricultural land, 200ha of forest and the filling in of a valley. To all of this, add 10,000 cubic metres of spoilt land, and the arrival of an average of two trains per week for 130 years. 50% of this volume concerns radioactive waste not even produced yet, or from neighbouring countries. ANDRA works to the service of the CEA [Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission], AREVA [French uranium mining company] and the EDF [Electricity of France] among others.

Greek prisons: The 8 anarchists from the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK) terminated their hunger strike

On April 18th 2015, the eight anarchist prisoners of DAK Antonis Stamboulos, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios, Grigoris Sarafoudis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis and Yannis Michailidis announced the end of their hunger strike, considering that a significant portion of their demands were partially fulfilled after the new prison reform bill was passed by parliament:

– The legal framework that determines the operation of type C prisons was repealed. (However, article 187 regarding criminal organisations and article 187A regarding terrorist organisations still stand.)

– The aggravating feature relating to acts committed with concealed/altered physical characteristics was abolished for cases of arrests in demonstrations. However, the anti-hoodie law still applies to cases of (armed) robberies. According to the hunger strike termination statement of the participants in DAK, the minimum sentence for robbery with concealed/altered physical characteristics was dropped from 10 to 5 years, leaving the matter to the discretion of the judge.

– It was determined that an independent expert witness may be present from the early stage of collection of genetic material/samples. However, the prosecutorial provision of forcible taking of DNA samples still stands.

– It was determined that inmates sentenced to life imprisonment who have served 10 years in prison, and their degree of disability exceeds an 80%, may be granted release to serve the remainder of their sentence under house arrest (with an electronic bracelet). So, the convicted 17N member Savvas Xiros may be granted the possibility to be placed under house arrest, as his degree of disability has reached a 98%.

We wish all rebellious prisoners who conducted hunger strikes a complete and speedy recovery.

in Spanish, Italian, French

Germany: News in brief of sabotages in the framework of Destroika

February 2015

Bremen: In the night between the 24th and 25th February, a service vehicle of the German army was burnt out in the Hemmstrasse in the neighbourhood of Findorff.

“(…) The Bundeswehr is an instrument to protect the wealth of a few. Wars are led in order to secure resources for the already existing supremacy, to export the authoritarian capitalist system and to establish this system for their own benefit. For a long time, Germany has been leading wars again or providing material support.

It is intentionally accepted that many people’s means of subsistence are destroyed by the exploitation of natural resources, the selling of land and the obligation of dependence on the neoliberal world market.

That these politics function on dead bodies without scruples becomes especially visible at the European borders. To most people who try to come into Europe a legal entry is refused because they don’t have papers, or they have the wrong papers. Thus they become illegal, which serves as a pretext to open up the hunt after them for the police, border guards and military within Europe, at its borders and in the sea. For many, this means detention pending deportation or death.

For passionate moments of insurrection the 18th March at Frankfurt!
For a militant antiracism!
War starts here – lets stop it here!
Autonomous Groups”

Berlin: During the night of the 24th February, “four ATMs were smashed or rendered inoperable with expanding foam in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. This is not the first action against banks in Berlin as a callout for Destroika, and we are looking forward to more actions! (…)

Come to Frankfurt the 18th March! In the morning for the blockade, 5pm for the large demonstration!”

Frankfurt: “(…) in the night between the 18th and 19th February, we attacked the Deutsche Annington in the neighbourhood of Sachsenhausen. Three vehicles were burnt out and the back windows of the building complex were smashed. Other damages were purposely avoided. (…)

The Deutsche Annington is grossly profiteering off the rental sector of the former social and low-price housing market. Between 2001 and their introduction to the stock market in 2010, they have bought and increased the price of over 210,000 houses that formerly belonged to the British armed forces, various housing associations of railroad workers, the large companies RWE and E.ON, but also to social housing associations. (…)

Our action is thus also a sign of solidarity with the numerous tenants initiatives and the struggles of the workforce. (…)

We have identified another potential target to go along with banks and insurance companies.”

Excerpts collated by Le Chat Noir Emeutier

Italy: Incendiary solidarity from Genoa

Genoa: ATM set on fire in solidarity with the prisoners in the AS2 section of Ferrara and with the struggles inside and outside the Greek prisons.

source: informa-azione | french, spanish, greek, portuguese

Athens: Protest march in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons followed by clashes in Exarchia

No tolerance to type C prisons and any form of incarceration

Fire to states and prisons – That’s right, that’s right; fire to the parliament to make you come to your senses (A)

War on democracy

delayed report:

During the evening of April 7th 2015, more than a thousand people took to the streets in central Athens in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons.
Outer walls of the Greek parliament were tagged with anti-prison slogans.

The demo ended in front of the occupied building of the rectorate of Athens University in Propylaea, Panepistimiou Street.

Shorty afterwards, clashes erupted in Exarchia, in the vicinity of Athens Polytechnic School and Stournari Street, with Molotov attacks and burning of cars and trash bins. Several people were detained by cops during the night.

more photos


The University of Athens rectorate (Prytaneia EKPA) was occupied by comrades in active solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons since March 30th 2015. The occupation was violently evicted by police on April 17th, when 14 comrades who were still inside the building were arrested and charged with misdemeanors. All are now released, awaiting trial on April 20th.

From Portugal to Greece, strength to prisoners in struggle

On Wednesday, March 18th 2015, we went out to the streets to express our solidarity with the struggle of hunger strikers in Greek prisons. We placed a banner at the ferryboat quay of Cacilhas area in the city of Almada, reading: “Strength prisoners in Greece. Fire to the prisons! (A)”

Flyers (1, 2) were spread in streets and squares, gardens and walkways in various areas of Almada and Lisbon, calling for solidarity through anarchist struggle: “Fight for total demolition of the State and the Capital / Fight without respite for the abolition of all prisons / Against every government, against every power / Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons / Immediate fulfillment of the demands of prisoners in Greece / From Portugal to Greece, strength to the hunger strikers / Anarchist resistance throughout the world / Fire and explosions to all prisons!”

in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek

Sweden: Actions against the state and the capital in Stockholm

During the 15th week of 2015, between 10th and 12th of April, cars belonging to the Nokas security company were burned in the district of Midsommarkransen, and the entrance door to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) on the island-borough of Södermalm was smashed.

Nokas was attacked as a symbol of the administration of capitalism, and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth as it is one of the major ideological foundations for the trend toward growing social inequality between those who have been awarded more and those who are being thrown deeper into misery and uncertainty.

This time our acts were only directed against material and symbolic targets. But the persons who are in charge of this development are by no means forgotten or forgiven.

So long as people are forced to live in the slavery of capitalism, it will always be right to strike back.

Fight power by all means available!

Freedom for our imprisoned comrades in Sweden and the world

originally received in Swedish | in Greek | French | Italian

Montreal, Canada: Solidarity with hunger strikers in Greece

On April 8th, a banner reading “Solidarité avec les prisonniers en grève de la faim en Grèce. Que vive l’anarchie (Solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike in Greece. Long live anarchy)” was dropped along with flyers bearing the following text:

Solidarity from Montreal

Today, we paid homage to those prisoners in Greece who are on hunger strike since March 2nd, 2015.

The governing political party in Greece since January 2015 is the radical leftist party Syriza, a party which promotes anticapitalist and antipatriarchal ideas. However, it is clear this party’s role in reality is to recuperate all social rebellion. Many anarchist prisoners, political prisoners, and social prisoners recognize this and live the consequences each day.

A hunger strike was thus called to demand, among other things, the abolition for several fascist laws and Type C prisons. Many comrades are experiencing severe health problems for their participation in the strike. These events show the true face of the ruling Left party, which continues to repress struggle.

Here are the demands of the prisoners on strike:

• Abolition of the antiterrorist law 187A and the law against illicit organisations 187
• Abolition of the increased severity for actions committed with facial characteristics disguised (“the mask law”)
• Abolition of maximum security prisons Type C
• Abolition of laws permitting the testing of DNA traces
• Access for expert witnesses of the accused to DNA-related evidence
• Abolition of DNA analysis of evidence containing a mix of more than two people’s DNA
• The immediate liberation of Savvas Xiros so that he may receive the medical treatment he requires.

Strength and courage to those in prison and on the run!
For the destruction of the state, capitalism, and all prisons.
Long live anarchy.

More information:

received on April 17th | in French

Chilean prisons: Words of Tamara Sol Farías Vergara and Natalia Collado, held in the same wing of San Miguel prison

Solidarity days with prisoners of social war in Chilean prisons, from 10 to 20 of April – related tag in Spanish

April 16th 2015

(We would expatiate more, but the ability to put out this note and make our action visible is limited.)

Comrades in affinity:

Within the week of agitation for antiauthoritarian prisoners in all territories which is underway these days, and particularly tomorrow (17/4) is a call for solidarity with long-term prisoners, Natalia Collado and Tamara Sol Farías send all our love, support and rebelliousness, deciding to abstain from meals all day on Friday, April 17th.

We send all our strength and affection especially to Nataly Casanova, who is on hunger strike, seeking the end of her prison regime in isolation. Compañera, no prisoner is alone!

For total liberation; down with patriarchy and the techno-industrial society!

Solidarity with all antiauthoritarian prisoners!

in Greek, French, Italian

Nantes, France: April 9th demonstration – Some colour in the monotony

Since the Socialist Party came to power, we no longer count the protesters killed, mutilated and imprisoned. The most draconian anti-terrorism laws have been adopted, the undocumented hunted, social rights under attack like never before. In the almost universal indifference of “the left”.

On Thursday 9th April, the large unions finally decided to call a strike against yet another neo-liberal attack orchestrated by the government. This day of action only confirms – unfortunately – the difficulty these days in unions mobilising, in the context of repeated retreats and ‘security considerations’. Under a nice spring sunshine, some 5,000 people lined the streets of Nantes, behind a yellow banner which only the small union bosses hold the secret to making.

Nevertheless, a more energetic procession of about 200 people, together with libertarian and anti-capitalist collectives and individuals – joined by college and university students – insert themselves into the Nantes parade. Colourful and dynamic, they break off from the rest of the rather gray and apathetic demonstration. Banks and buildings of power – the town hall, prefecture and PS [Socialist Party] office – are redecorated in passing, under the ulcerated eyes of FO [Force Ouvrière] unionists. When a fast food place is hit, they even threaten to denounce the protesters and try desperately to protect banks coming up.

Tags and a massive pasting of stickers lined the route with chants of:

“From Nantes to Athens, Resistance, Resistance!”

“Strike, blockades and sabotage”

“I hate the state, its cops and its Macron [Economy Minister]” and other slogans against the socialist government.

To note, a police car with an open window on the edge of the parade was repainted from the inside by a beautifully aimed egg paint-bomb shot.

At the time of the dislocation, the BAC [Anti-Criminality Brigade police] are completely fuming, but the troublemakers had already evaporated.

While it’s evident that a few hours walk never worries the government, this day of mobilisation was a small achievement in the context of widespread fatalism.

They want us to stay resigned, diffuse the revolt!

more pictures: Nantes Indymedia

Athens: Dimitris Politis, on hunger strike since 16/3, currently hospitalised

On April 14th, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike Dimitris Politis, participant in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK), was transferred from Koridallos prison to Evangelismos hospital in Athens.

The comrade has now lost 13% of his initial body weight. Additionally, his body has not had time to regain the weight lost in the recent hunger strike that Dimitris carried out in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Nikos Romanos.

see related updates

Chile: Anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran declare hunger strike

Anarchist comrades Juan, Nataly and Guillermo were arrested in Santiago on September 18th 2014.

Juan is held in pretrial detention in the Santiago 1 prison, accused of involvement in two bomb attacks that occurred on July 13th and September 8th 2014, and were claimed by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile); he’s also charged with participation in a coordinated attack against two police stations on August 11th 2014 that was claimed by C.I.V (International Conspiracy for Revenge).

Nataly is held in pretrial detention in San Miguel prison, accused of participation in the July 13th bomb attack and possession of explosives.

Guillermo is under full house arrest, charged with possession of explosives in relation to the same case.

On April 1st 2015, the three comrades released their first open letter by which they embrace the call for solidarity days with the prisoners of social war in Chile (between the 10th and 20th of April), which was initiated by the rebellious prisoners Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, Alejandro Astorga Valdés, Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, Juan Aliste Vega, Freddy Fuentevilla Saa, Hans Niemeyer Salinas, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Alfredo Canales Moreno, and also supported by the recently remanded comrades Natalia Collado and Javier Pino.

On April 6th 2015, Enrique Guzmán – a close friend and comrade of Juan, Nataly and Guillermo – was arrested and a few days later sent to pretrial detention, accused of participation in the aforementioned coordinated attack against two police stations. At the same time, the cops have reportedly harassed several supporters of theirs, going so far as to (literally) abduct another compa in the middle of a street.

Juan, Nataly and Guillermo are currently on hunger strike, demanding:
– the immediate release of compañero Enrique Guzmán;
– an end to assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards prisoners in struggle;
– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to an “ordinary” prison wing;
– an end to harassment of people who stand in solidarity with incarcerated comrades;
– an end to DNA-based prosecutions.

Below are their hunger strike initiation statements that we originally received in Spanish in the early hours of April 15th 2015.

“this is our clear response repudiating and spitting unhesitatingly at the last repressive blow against our close ones”

This is our response to the harassment of Power and its repressive forces against our solidarian circle, relatives, friends and comrades. They are being subjected daily to persecutions, intimidation, harassment, assaults and kidnappings by the cops; in the face of all this clearly because of our criteria and furthermore our conviction it’s impossible for us to sit idly by.

Thus, as of April 14th 2015, we initiate a mobilisation as a form of protest and in response to the emotional blackmail that we are suffering by Power and its repressive institutions. We turn our discontent into practice in an unsubmissive manner, as is our essence in general, using our body as a barricade and initiating the paralysation of our activities and a hunger strike by taking only liquids on the inside, demanding:

– The immediate release of Enrique Alfonso Guzmán Amadeo, taking into consideration the ridiculous accusation and delirious evidence presented by the public prosecutor.

– That the scientific validity of DNA evidence be established. Is there a real certainty of its use being 100% accurate and precise in order to incriminate? Principally there is no scientific certainty of DNA analysis, especially when there are samples with biological traits of several people, while the prosecutor’s office makes use of this evidence as proof of great weight when in fact it is not, and especially the way they have set the evidence in our case tries to have us believe that the biological record that was left behind after an explosion is extremely valid and accurate, even when geneticists and criminologists have discarded its validity and quality.

– We demand an end to harassment and persecution that the repressive forces have unleashed against our closest environment, wanting to achieve intimidation and criminalisation against those who have not hesitated to manifest their love and active, unconditional solidarity. Clear evidence of this harassment is the incarceration of our comrade Enrique [currently in pretrial detention] – who having nothing to hide or deny decided to assist us regularly, visiting us at the various centres of torture and extermination – as well as the abduction of a friend [now released], whom they grabbed by the neck and put by force in a car on a public street.

We demand this cessation of harassment both outside and inside the penitentiaries, since my compañera Nataly and I are being punished daily by the Chilean gendarmerie [prison guards]; clearly our response has not been submissive, and that has cost us several sanctions and assaults, but we clearly intend to meet each other again within the prison instance.

– We demand an immediate solution to the situation of our compañera Nataly Antonieta Casanova Muñoz, because since her arrival at the prison in San Miguel she finds herself in a disciplinary regime and severe isolation, and the screws ignore the requirement for her transfer to another wing, leaving our compañera in a “prison limbo”. We demand the immediate transfer of our compañera to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more hours in the yard, because since arriving there she has only had an hour of yard time, this being a conduct/protocol completely irregular.


Juan Alexis Flores Riquelme
1st Wing, Santiago 1 prison


Since Monday, April 13th 2015, I have started a hunger strike through the ingestion of liquids (only drinking water) against the reprisals of state apparatuses to our closest environment (relatives and friends). Fed up with the deliriums of prosecutors in the southern zone and the lies of the prosecutor Raúl Guzmán, in their media, attempting to incriminate Enrique Guzmán in order to incorporate him in the rotten course that has allowed the initiation and continuation of his investigation (spectacle, persecutions, harassments, threats and even abduction of a friend by plainclothes cops).

We put our consciousness, affectionate ties and ideas against this play of Power, rejecting the imposition of their antiterrorist or whatever laws, because their legislation solely defends their order of privileges and parasitic lives.

Here, within their prison walls, we are neither defeated nor alone, as they claim; we continue to be unsubmissive, free and dignified, fighting anew with our body as a weapon against those who wish to cage and bury struggle, dignity, love and solidarity under the concrete.

We demand:

– The immediate release of our brother, friend and compañero Enrique Guzmán, incarcerated for being close to us and for visiting us in prison.

– An end to persecutions, harassments, abductions and interrogations of our family members and friends, for being those who support us in this situation; because Power is seeking to isolate us.

– We also demand the end of harassment by jailers against all prisoners who are facing this place with dignity; every beating and humiliation will always have an answer, none of us is alone. I stress the increasingly violent harassment and cell raids against my compañero Juan Flores, and that I find myself in a similar situation.

– Their DNA evidence have no scientific validity due to the scarcity and quality of the samples, and that goes for the variety of available biological mixtures, too, as these may coincide with many individuals, and such are the proofs presented by prosecutors as their best evidence. We demand the determination of the validity of DNA evidence through an analysis of methods and samples; considering all scientific aspects, not only the tendentious accusation of prosecutors.

– On a personal level, I let everyone close to me and those who are not indifferent to confinement know that, for 7 months that I have been in preventive detention, I am being held in severe isolation with only 1 hour in the yard a day, without any recreational activity, apart from those that I’m providing myself; so, under this regime, I’m being denied any workshop or recreational activity available in the penitentiary with the excuse that we are very few inmates in our wing. I live with only one inmate/prisoner, sometimes with more, but all are rotated, being myself the only one that’s kept in this unstable situation. Due to the above, I demand the immediate change of wing.



Nataly Casanova Muñoz
San Miguel women’s prison


To relatives, friends and comrades. To public knowledge.

On April 14th 2015, at midnight, I begin a hunger strike by taking liquids (only drinking water) for the fulfillment of the demands that I indicate below. This is a means of struggle and solidarity, by which we put our health and life at risk. This decision was motivated by recent occurrences that have struck our close environment; Enrique’s arrest, persecution and harassment of our close and solidarian circle, aggression and punishment exercised by the prison guards towards Nataly and Juan. Finally, a whole tangle of machinations exerted by Power and its apparatuses (the Press, prosecutors, cops, etc.), aiming at halting the effective solidarity with our incarcerated comrades.

I know that situations like this are not new, both in this country and in different parts of the world; we/I take examples of struggle wherever these exist, that’s why today and within my rather limited possibilities, I decide to abstain from solid foods in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. We/I carry out this struggle against those who say they practice law and make decisions for the good of society, trumpeting equality before the law, when their own laws and society have been forged by the inequality that reigns under the domination of capitalism.

I cannot stay inert and passive in the face of this repressive context that today strikes my brothers and sisters, so I stand in solidarity with the indefinite hunger strike until our demands are met:

– the immediate release of our brother and compañero Enrique Guzmán Amadeo, arrested and kidnapped by the State, only thanks to the delirious imagination of prosecutors and their yearning to suppress solidarity towards unsubmissive prisoners.

– no more harassment and aggression against Juan and Nataly by prison guards; and, additionally, the cessation of persecution and intimidation towards family members, friends and solidarian people by the State, its prosecutors and cops.

– a solution to the prison situation of Nataly Casanova, compañera held in severe isolation from the beginning of her preventive detention (September 23rd 2014), having only one hour of yard time, and being denied the possibility of coexistence with other inmates who are not being punished, or access to activities of recreation and apprenticeship (workshops, etc.). We demand her immediate transfer to another wing in which this humiliating situation be remedied.

– the scientific clarification of the validity of DNA evidence. That the validity of the analysis method and the accuracy of its results be taken into account, depending on the quality and composition of the samples. Today these DNA proofs are used as the main incriminating evidence in the case, even though both their origin and quality are far from the purported scientific certainty that the prosecutor’s office intends to give to these “magnificent” proofs.

Only struggle and solidarity deliver what is negated by the State; it’s only in this way that we can confront this world con$tructed by and for them.

Guillermo Duran Méndez
In total house arrest

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Brussels: Struggle against the maxi-prison in Haren – On your marks, get set, go!

Extract from Ricochets n° 4, March 2015, the newsletter against the maxi-prison and the world that goes with it. This is the third in a series of translations by the openly conspiratorial Person(s) Unknown Publications, this time featuring a list of international targets (see notes below):

On your marks

At the end of February 2015, the state hired a company to install fences around the terrain of the future site of the maxi-prison in Haren, north Brussels. Workers with an excavator, accompanied by some police, then began to fence off the area so they could “be ready to work away from curious prying eyes.” [1] Another company started demolition work of a former industrial site that is also located on the land of the future construction site.

These are undeniable signs that the project of the maxi-prison is progressing and that the state wants to step up a gear to erect the largest jail in Belgium. And it’s hard to not understand their message when they get started… installing fences to protect themselves and placing surveillance cameras in the village of Haren. The construction of this prison will inevitably bring the militarisation of the area.

Get set

If the Cafasso consortium (which includes the companies Denys, VK Engineering, Buro II & Archi+I…) [2] will have to wait until June for the last necessary permits, while waiting, the state prepares us with a few bad-tasting jokes. Also in March, there will be a “public inquiry” where citizens are asked to give their opinion on the project (who can still believe these kind of things?). In any case, it will then be especially easier to intimidate them to “shut their mouths” and to portray the radical opponents as “extremists” and “terrorists”… The state prepares and wants to be ready to impose by any means necessary their project.

And us, are we ready? Has each and every one of us, those who are fighting against this maxi-prison and the world that it produces, reflected on what will be done to defeat this plan? The possibilities are numerous: actions against constructors to attacks against those responsible, blockages of the daily routine to wild demonstrations, etc.


It seems likely that the start of construction will not be far away. Will they start before summer? It’s very possible. [3] It’s now and at every moment that we must harass them and put a spoke in the wheel. But when work begins, rather than be discouraged, intimidated and declared defeated, it will be an opportunity to take new steps in this dance that is the fight against this horror.

When the builders and machines arrive on the ground in Haren, let’s propagate chaos in the streets of Brussels, in the neighbourhoods where we live and struggle. To mark this move, and give them a glimpse of what will follow – what we hope and are working on – throughout the construction of this horror. By lighting the fires of revolt in the neighbourhoods, we undermine the pillars on which any plan of the State ultimately rests upon: resignation and passivity of the oppressed. And it’s from there that the assault to destroy this maxi-prison goes away.

PS: Companies that have started to prepare the ground in Haren to build the maxi-prison are: Van Kempen (demolition work, Antwerp), APB (asbestos removal, Brabant) and Verbruggen Groep Mol (fences, Antwerp).. Without all these collaborators, the maxi-prison could never be built. A word to the wise…

Translation notes from Person(s) unknown (additional info from De l’air! and independently researched):

[1] In the last week of February, a group of people brought down nearly half of the 400 Heras fences surrounding the site of the future maxi-prison

[2] The prison contract is a private-public partnership between the federal government and the Cafasso consortium, that will build and manage the infrastructure of the prison and then lease it to the state. The Cafasso consortium is; Denys, FFC Construccion, Buro II & ARCHI+I (Belgium/France), EGM Architectes (Netherlands), AAFM Facility Management (Belgium/Netherlands), M.O.O.CON Advisers (Austria/Germany), G. Derveaux Ingénieurs, Typsa (International), Marcq & Roba, Vialia Sociedad Gestora de Concesiones de Infraestructuras (Madrid), Macquarie Capital Group (International), VK Engineering, Dr. Andrea Seelich (Vienna), and the Building Agency of the Belgian federal state. Targets are located in Belgium unless referenced otherwise. Other companies involved in building new prisons in Belgium: Eiffage, BAM, Cordeel, Interbuild, Willemen, BNP Paribas, KBC Banque, GDF Suez, Sodexo, Cegelec, ABN Amro, Socotec and Eurest.

[3] The building work is intended for 2015, with the completion date set for 2017.

Finland: People power against nuclear power! Anti-nuclear action camp in Pyhäjoki

June 8th – 21st 2015

Energy company Fennovoima intends to start building a new nuclear power plant at the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki, in Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland. Join us to stop the construction of this 100 000 year lasting problem, at its beginning!

Finnish energy policy is still stuck in the centralized production mode, and attempts to provide more nuclear power as a climate friendly solution, hiding the fact that nuclear power is an enemy of more sustainable and egalitarian forms of decentralized renewables. Decentralized and horizontal production of energy is just one part of the more equal society we are aiming for. The ecological crisis, and the social crisis in general, requires us to demolish the current model of economy and build alternatives where production provides for everyone’s needs.

A struggle against one irresponsible project is part of the global struggle for conditions of life itself. In recent years, socially and ecologically destructive projects have been stopped by the political power of the people joining forces to overturn political decisions. It is time to realize that also in Finland the acts of the people can be stronger than the words of politicians in making history.

During the camp we aim to learn and share skills and ideas for different forms of direct resistance. Participants are encouraged to provide program related to the topics. We prefer consensus decision making. Any kind of discrimination (sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.) is forbidden, and party political or nationalistic signs don’t belong in the camp. More »

Piraeus: Giorgos Karagiannidis, on hunger strike since 2/3, currently hospitalised

insurrection inside and outside the prison walls

On April 12th, anarchist prisoner on hunger strike Giorgos Karagiannidis, participant in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK), was transferred from Koridallos prison to the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus.

The comrade has now lost 19% of his initial body weight and presents with symptoms such as hypotension, bradycardia, weakness, hypoglycemia and severe dizziness.

source: athens imc (1, 2)

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Greek prisons: Words from 8 hunger strikers of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK)

Banner drop at a shopping mall in Thessaloniki, Greece (April 9th 2015):
“Victory to the struggle of the hunger strikers – since 2/3.
Fire and arson to all the prison cells (A)”

Below is an excerpt from an open letter released in the small hours of April 11th 2015 by hunger strikers of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters.

[…] When we started the hunger strike, we knew it would be an uphill struggle that would stretch us to our limits. And it’s true that some of us, after 40 days of tough struggle, run the risk of developing serious health problems. Nevertheless, we’re not going to concede any ground to anyone who’s taking advantage of the government’s strategy in their attempt to wear us down and annul the effectiveness of our struggle. Therefore, we reiterate that we continue the hunger strike until the fulfillment of our demands, despite the visible risks to our health. We owe it to all the comrades who’ve felt we are giving a joint struggle against the state of exception, but above all we owe it to our own selves and to the means of fight that we have chosen. We invite all comrades to reflect on the cruciality of the situation (four comrades have been on strike for more than 40 days) and turn Every Day of Hunger Strike into A Day of Action.

Every fight exhausts its potential only when we give up, and this fight has neither exhausted its potential nor completed its cycle.*

PS.1: Yesterday [April 10th], our comrade Tasos Theofilou stopped the strike as well. We walked together this far, and remain united in our common struggle. Tasos, we wish you a good recovery.

PS.2: We send our solidarity to the revolutionaries from Turkey [incarcerated in Greek prisons], who stand beside us in this battle. We wish Giorgos Inglessis [who suspended hunger strike] a good recovery.**

PS.3: Solidarity with the migrants who went on hunger strike at the concentration camp in Paranesti, near Drama.***

Until the End – Until Victory
Not One Step Back

Network of Imprisoned Fighters

Translation notes:

* A reference to the opinion expressed by imprisoned comrade Nikos Maziotis.

** According to our information so far, the prisoners who remain on hunger strike are eight anarchists of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK), Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Antonis Stamboulos, Argyris Ntalios, Dimitris Politis, Fivos Harisis, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Grigoris Sarafoudis and Yannis Michailidis, as well as communists from Turkey & Kurdistan incarcerated in Greek prisons.

*** On April 10th, the No Lager Assembly in Thessaloniki, having established ties of solidarity and constant communication with the imprisoned migrants, reported that only one migrant is still on hunger strike in Paranesti camp, also noting that comrades from various collectives in Thessaloniki, Drama, Patras, Athens and other places supported and publicised the strike.

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Montreal, Canada: International call for solidarity actions against repression at the University of Quebec

On April 8th 2015, security guards with the help of the SPVM (Montreal City police force) arrested 21 people at the University of Quebec, Canada.

International call for solidarity actions – 13th-17th April 2015
Against repression at the University of Quebec (UQAM) and everywhere

On March 21st 2015, students from Quebec (Canada) launched a political strike against austerity measures and hydrocarbon extraction. Our social movement takes place in the context of generalised repression, where demonstrations are forbidden and brutally clamped down upon through various municipal by-laws. Thousands of people have thus been arrested in the last three years, receiving $640 of fines for the luckiest and criminal charges for the rest.

For weeks now we have been confronted with even greater repression, inside the walls of our university. The movement as a whole has shown great courage, responding blow for blow to this repression, but now we need your help.

These last days a sequence of events has weighed us down:

– At the end of March, nine students were summoned from UQAM’s executive counsel. Without the possibility of any appeal, and bypassing normal procedures, these students are threatened with the university’s most severe sanction: their definitive expulsion. In some cases, they are accused of acts that go back to winter 2013.

– UQAM has ordered a court injunction forbidding us to prevent courses from being held, as well as ANY activity related to the strike.

– On April 8th, after students had interrupted courses, UQAM’s administration called the police, who arrested 21 people inside the university. They are now forbidden from approaching the university and also face criminal charges.

In reaction to all this, since April 8th, general assemblies from various departments have decided to continue the general strike, adding these demands:

To cancel the court injunction and of the judicial repression of the social movement.

To forbid police on campus

To abandon prosecution against the nine political expulsions

We need your help!

This is a call for an international week of solidarity actions from April 13th-17th 2015. Our university, UQAM, cares a lot for its public image, so we invite you to take action, to the extent of your means and possibilities.

Whatever you plan to do, don’t hesitate to recount your events, by writing to us at the following address: solidariteactionuqam[at]

Against repression, by all means necessary!

Signed: Students and student employees from UQAM

Lithuania: Kaunas Karnival – EastCentral European Squatters’ and Radicals’ gathering

You can also find more info about our collective and the gathering from

EastCentral European squatters’ and radicals’ gathering
Street actions, raves, workshops, discussions

Kaunas Karnival – 01-04/05 – Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas Karnival is a not-quite-party-but-not-really-conference-either gathering. Squatters, political activists and all the other good radical people from Eastern Europe (and further) are invited to come to four days of street action, skill-sharing and network building event. The main aim of the gathering is to exchange knowledge between collectives from EastCentral Europe about radical actions, such as squatting and organizing movements and establish a basis of future cooperation. The program of Kaunas Karnival will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania, between the 1st and 4th of this May.

About us and Kaunas

We are a new autonomous collective “Egzilis” (“Exile”) based in Kaunas, Lithuania. Several months ago we opened our first social squat and are as eager to encourage ourselves and our fellow citizens to expropriate space as to forge cooperative ties with other collectives through common action, both frivolous and earnest.

We believe Kaunas is a great place for the Karnival because inside and outside the city is full of empty spaces. About one in ten buildings are abandoned (mostly due to emigration) and thriving tendencies of neoliberal space privatization which are deepening ever since the fall of the Soviet Union with little resistance.

Resistance is born in these empty spaces, sometimes occurring as illegal raves, sometimes as occupations of houses. And these spaces step by step gather people around the Right to the City issues, at least that is what we hope to see.

So, what’s the program?

Our vision of Karnival is a gathering of radicals from Eastern Europe together with accumulative public actions in the city. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and will try to cover the travel expenses for those facing economic difficulties to come here. In terms of content – raves and street performances will be there. The other part of the program concerning presentations, skill-shares, workshops and discussions, we expect to be formed by those who will participate.

We expect that those interested in participating will be proactive, offer workshops or lectures of their own related to squatting, public action, public art, community organizing, radical space politics etc. The more collectives participate and add to the size and content of the gathering, the bigger everyone’s gain is going to be. Also – this is quite important – we expect (some) people are not afraid of taking to the streets: although we will try to minimize the risks of clashing with the authorities and all participation will be voluntary, nobody yet knows what exciting things may happen…

Contacts and Registration

We encourage people or collectives who are interested in participation to write us before April 15th by email: kaunospiauda[at]
We ask to inform us about your location and activities, travel expenses, workshops and presentations that you could make, any other suggestions and ideas for the gathering.

You can check for more information about our collective and Kaunas Karnival on:

In Solidarity,
The “Egzilis” collective
Kaunas, Lithuania