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Black December Everywhere

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Greek prisons – Open letter of anarchist prisoners Nikos Romanos & Panagiotis Argirou for a Black December, for the anarchist offensive against the world of Power; in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and Sebastián Oversluij (published Nov 10th 2015)

Worldwide – International call issued by Anarchists Outside the Walls for a Black December (Nov 10th)

Greece – Black December propagated on the occasion of Nov 12th clashes in central Athens

Greece – Black December slogans spray-painted and shouted in the margins of Nov 14th demo against the meat & fur industry in central Athens

Greece – Graffiti in the city of Volos

Brazil – Four incendiary attacks by Carlo Giuliani Cell of M.I.A. (Anarchist Insurgent Movement) against bank branches in the city of São Paulo in the early hours of Nov 16th

Brazil – Poster by M.I.A.

Greece – Individualities & collectives throughout Crete to coordinate with each other ahead of Black December, following an initiative of comrades from Rethymno (Nov 22nd)

Mexico – A poem from Tijuana

Chile – A homemade incendiary device placed by Karr-kai Cell in a public transport minibus of Alsacia bus operator in Santiago (communiqué received Nov 23rd)

Mexico – Bank ATMs and CCTV camera sabotaged with paint by Anti-Social Individualities for the Fall of Civilisation in Torreón (Nov 23rd)

Greece – Banner hung at the Athens Polytechnic School in Exarchia, downtown Athens, on Nov 26th

Greece & beyond – Poster by Anarchists Inside–Outside the Walls for a Black December to be flyposted in several cities

Spanish State – State & corporate vehicles, mainly belonging to security companies, torched; bank branches attacked with hammers, stones and paint, & ATMs burned; waste containers set on fire, and street furniture destroyed by Individualities for the Dispersion of Chaos-FAI/FRI in Barcelona (communiqué received Nov 27th)

Greece – Public service buildings, schools, squares, banks, and fascist’s workplace tagged by Memento Mori Sympraxis of Anarchists in various locations in Athens in the early hours of Nov 27th

Greece – Flyers, wall-charts and graffiti in central Athens

Greece – Event-discussion organised by Utopia A.D. squat in the city of Komotini on Nov 28th

Greece – Incendiary attack against the Hellenic Post (ELTA) branch in the district of Pefki by Combative Anarchy/FAI-IRF in Athens in the early hours of Nov 23rd (communiqué dated Nov 30th); “Strength and complicity to the arsonists who set fire to social peace and sabotage the social normalcy in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, spreading Black December in every corner of the world”

Greek prisons“Requiem for a Journey of No Return”: Testimony to revolutionary memory from anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos on what preceded the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos on December 6th 2008 (received Nov 30)

Argentina – “About anarchic projections”: Some thoughts from an antiauthoritarian individual in Buenos Aires (published Nov 30th)

Chile – Joint communiqué of five direct action groups in response to the Black December call from Greek prisons (published Nov 30th); “Let’s continue, compas, let’s advance towards total liberation, towards anarchy… Along with our sisters and brothers kidnapped in the prisons of Power, and along with our clandestines who evade the cops in Chile, Greece and the world… Along with our dead sisters and brothers in Chile and Greece: Heriberto Salazar, Christos Kassimis, Christos Tsoutsouvis, Michalis Kaltezas, Norma Vergara, Claudia López, Jhonny Cariqueo, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Mauricio Morales, Lambros Foundas, Pavlos Fyssas, Sebastián Oversluij, Jorge Saldivia, Javier Recabarren, Spyros Dravilas, and so many others…”

Greece – Contra Info recording broadcast in Spanish on Radiofragmata anarchist radio on December 1st at 23:00 local time in Athens (GMT+2)

Greece – Black December phone conversation with CCF anarchist prisoner Panagiotis Argirou broadcast on Radiozones of Subversive Expression anarchist radio on December 5th at 17:00 local time in Athens (GMT+2)

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Greece: Incendiary attack by Combative Anarchy/FAI in Athens

We claim responsibility for the incendiary attack against the Hellenic Post (ELTA) branch in the district of Pefki [in the early hours of November 23rd]. Anarchist prisoners, currently on trial in the terror-court of Koridallos prisons for a series of cases of anarchist violence, are also accused of committing robbery at this branch, that’s why we made sure it went up in flames, to send them a symbolic message of solidarity in view of the court decision.

This particular attack is our response to the call for a ‘Black December’ launched from inside prisons by our captive brothers Nikos Romanos and Panagiotis Argirou.

The political rationale of this specific proposal – one we entirely support – stands for an open wager for reinitiating the anarchist insurgency, and attempting to create an informal platform that may become an invisible point of encounter and coordination between comrades in every trench of multiform anarchist struggle.

Not much else to say at the moment; now is the time for action, for constant and ceaseless multiform struggle.

Strength and complicity to the arsonists who set fire to social peace and sabotage the social normalcy in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, spreading Black December in every corner of the world.

Strength and complicity to those who will take to the streets seeking to vandalise representations of domination, throw stones at cops and burn symbols of Power.

Strength and complicity to all anarchist prisoners in every corner of the world.

Solidarity means attack!
For a Black December!
For the anarchist offensive against the world of Power!

Combative Anarchy/Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI-IRF)

Source: Athens IMC

In Spanish

Lesvos Island, Greece: The hot spot facilities at Moria detention centre

Click image to read/download English PDF by Musaferat – Collective against detention centres (Mytilini, Lesvos Island)

In Greek | More photos

São Paulo, Brazil: Rabbits rescued from laboratory supplier

An ALF/ELF cell rescued 15 rabbits from a breeding site in São Paulo. According to anonymous information, rabbits from this breeding site are sold to laboratories performing tests on animals in the state of São Paulo (via Bite Back).

YouTube Preview Image

Transcription of video:

Beginning of 2015, interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil

The Animal Liberation Front has investigated, for days, one of the largest rabbit breeding sites in the state of São Paulo.

Here, a large number of rabbits held in captivity are used as test subjects in laboratories of the state of São Paulo, where animals are subjected to experiments such as cosmetics toxicity tests, vivisection and other types of atrocities.

This action has been carried out and claimed by one of the thousands of cells of the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front scattered throughout Brazil and the rest of the world.

In memory of Barry Horne (1952-2001), an activist who died in prison, [three years] after his third hunger strike which lasted 68 days, and requested that the British government hold a public inquiry into exploitation of animals in laboratories. Barry was serving an 18-year sentence for fighting for animal liberation.

“If you don’t act then you condone.
If you don’t fight then you don’t win.
And if you don’t win then you are responsible
for the death and suffering that will go on and on.”
Barry Horne, animal rights activist


London Antifa Solidarity Tour – Financial support of prosecuted comrade in Kavala, Greece

[Kavala, Greece] London Antifa Solidarity Tour / Talk + Social

Saturday December 5th
7pm – 11pm
62 Fieldgate Street
London E1 1ES

We will be asking for donations at the door.

London Anti-Fascists are organising a short tour with a comrade from Kavala, Greece to raise awareness and solidarity for their struggle against fascists and state repression.

Anti-fascists in Kavala have been some of the most active in all of Greece, organising demonstrations and actions against neo-nazi groups over the past years.

We are organising this tour as one of the comrades from Kavala is facing serious charges on December 9th and is desperate need for solidarity and financial support.


On Sunday 26th January 2014, a few hours before a scheduled anti-fascist rally, neo-nazis from the “Patriotic Movement” smashed up a shop owned by one well know anti-fascist and attempted to set fire to it, endangering the lives of those inside the building. After the intervention of local residents, as well as people from the surrounding nightclubs, the worst was avoided.

Our comrade, once notified of the attack on his store, went down there to see what had happened. A few moments later some plain-clothes police officers arrived, having been notified by the local residents. At that moment our comrade is informed that before the smashing and arson of his store, a clash had taken place between a group of antifascists and a group of members of the Patriotic Movement. The “Patriotic Movement” were guarding the public space of the Municipal Park to prevent any anti-fascists from attending.

Though refusing to have anything to do with the police, our comrade for the purpose of insurance had to go to the police station. Whilst waiting for 3 hours he was informed that he was arrested for public disturbance. Apparently members of the Patriotic Movement in collusion with the police attempted to put the blame for a previous confrontation on him.

Not only were the Patriotic Movement attempting to control the streets and public spaces, they had after the incident violently attack two youths in a park and then proceeded to work with the police in making this claim against our comrade.

A few hours later the antifascist rally, organised by the Autonomous Collective of Kavala [Kavala Autonomous Hangout], Vironos 3 squat and individual antifascists, took place in Faliro Park. From the very first moment of the rally, the Park was surrounded by several riot squads (around 8 to 10) and many plain-clothes cops. As soon as the antifascists (150 to 170 people from Kavala and other towns) blocked the road in front of the park, police vans shut off the road, in order to prevent the antifascists to approach the Municipal Park, where at the same time the fascist gathering was being held. Not only neo-nazi Golden Dawn members took part in the fascist gathering, but also other neo-nazi groups, such as the National Socialist Army of Macedonia and other known and unknown fascists from Northern Greece.

After the events of that weekend, two comrades were held in custody for several days and face charges of “disturbance of public order with facial features covered”.

The trial is set for December 9th 2015.

We hope that this tour can further make links between anti-fascists in UK and anti-fascists across Greece. | ldnantifascists[at]

German prisons: Anonymous letter from inside

Received November 24th 2015:

Our friend and comrade has been in prison for over 4 months now and is currently being held in “Untersuchungshaft” in Germany. Here are a few words that reached us from the dungeons.

With midnight always in one’s heart,

And twilight in one’s cell,

We turn the crank, or tear the rope,

Each in his separate Hell,

And the silence is more awful far

Than the sound of a brazen bell.

After having been arrested and taken to prison in a small border town somewhere in South-Eastern Europe, and having had the “pleasure” of spending three weeks in its state-hotels, I now find myself in the claws of the German state. At the moment of writing I still do not know when I will be free again; no “official” accusation has been sent, no court date has been set. In theory, “U-haft” can take up to six months- depending on the wishes and whims of prosecutors and judges however this period can be extended. So far i have not been wrecking my head over it too much. The insecurity of not knowing what will happen next, or when, is one of the more difficult things in this situation, but i refuse to torture myself with questions that for now remain unanswerable. Whatever is to come, I will face it with my head held high.

The circumstances under which i am held here I suppose could be pronounced “harsh” (no phone calls, all communication with the outside world subjected to voyeuristic interference- the prosecutor reading all letters to and fro, visits always in the presence of a screw and overzealous criminal police) but then again, i would not expect any different from those i consider my enemies. For that they are, and among them the friendlier faces of oppression: the priests, the therapists, the social workers, … (someone once rightly remarked how only two kinds of people enter prison: those who can leave again voluntarily, and those who cannot.) And when the incessant imposed control, discipline, and “re-socialisation” fail to succeed, self-flagellation is never far. No need for pacification or control when all possible critique is transformed into a mea culpa, when the prevailing idea among those locked up is that one is in prison because one did something “wrong”, is “guilty” of something and now has to pay the price for it.

I do not want to enter a discourse that speaks in terms of innocence and guilt, for the juxtaposition at stake is not between these two “categories” formulated in the language of domination, the language of law; a language absolutely antagonistic to my own. It is, simplistic put, between those who desire freedom and those who steal it from them. And this has little to do with the double row of bars blocking my window, with the triple layer of walls and gates surrounding this place. As one of the philosophical cadavers of the university has written in a not too distant history, “prison continues, on those who are entrusted to it, a work begun elsewhere, which the whole of society pursues on each individual through innumerable mechanisms of discipline”. This work however simultaneously continues inside and outside of prison; prison is not “external” to society, it is simply another one of the many expressions of domination.

And in this pan-optical world every act of rebellion, whether it is robbing a bank or stealing a loaf of bread, is a negation of the omnipresent control imposed upon us, a deafening or barely audible No in the face of domination. Expropriation is merely one of the means in the vast array of those available to take back what is stolen from us on a daily basis – our self-determination, the freedom and possibility to construct our lives according to our own wishes and desires. With every act of rebellion we reappropiate our lives and dignity, with every act of rebellion we simultaneously negate the existing relations of power and oppression and affirm the ability to decide over our own existence. And although my existence is temporarily on hold – for this is not life – my heart beats far beyond these walls.

Love and solidarity to those in struggle everywhere,
be it a deafening or a barely audible one.

november 2015

Chania, Crete: Banner in solidarity with the hunger striker Osman Evcan, vegan anarchist imprisoned in Turkey

The banner reads:
Solidarity with anarchist Osman Evcan (A)
Vegan hunger striker in Turkish F-type prison cells

On November 23rd 2015, we hung a banner in solidarity with Osman Evcan, who is on hunger strike in Turkish F-type prison cells. This summer Osman, a vegan anarchist held in a maximum security prison, put up a multiday fight by undertaking hunger strike, until his demand to be able to receive food items from people in solidarity, so he can have a decent diet, was granted. A few days ago, however, the humanguards vengefully forbade him to receive vegan food items, forcing him to go once again on hunger strike.

Solidarity with Osman Evcan
Arson and fire to every prison
For total liberation and Anarchy.

in Greek | Turkish

Komotini, Greece: Black December event organised by Utopia A.D. squat

Event-Discussion for a Black December

Saturday, November 28th 2015, at 5.30pm
at the Old Law School building (History foyer) in Komotini

Discussion topics: polymorphy, coordination, autonomy of anarchy, the legacy of December ’08

Documentary projection

Communication with an imprisoned comrade via phone call

Anarchist Hangout Utopia A.D.

Torreón, Mexico: Bank ATMs and CCTV camera sabotaged

They will never succeed in making us part of their routine; their civilisation is a cage for us; their jobs, their laws, their norms of social coexistence only make us feel disgust; we do not care about their success, we are not interested in having cars or fully “accommodated” houses where we can have our “lovely” family and so lead a “happy” life. That simply causes us nausea… We do not feel part of the social mass, nor are we interested in struggling for any improvement for the sake of them. The mass are living enchained to their telephones with a thousand and one functions, their giant televisions, objects they do not need but go into monumental amounts of debt to obtain them, enchained to their drugs, enchained to their jobs and their studies in order to “be someone in life”… They only feel free on weekends getting drunk unrestrainedly. We totally reject and hate that style of “life” that’s just a life of the walking dead. We do not represent anyone, nor does anyone represent us, we are only chaotic individualities, we are a wild howl, we are a roar that shakes the dawn.

On Monday night, November 23rd 2015, we sabotaged 3 ATMs of Banamex with paint, along with a security camera of the same bank. Additionally, 1 ATM of BanRegio bank was sabotaged with paint. Vandalising their routine life, showing our contempt for their real god, the god of money. Preparing the ground for Black December where our rucksacks with surprises may be anywhere, where our fire may be ignite at any moment, where any telephone may receive some threat, sometimes false, sometimes not.

“Tick tock tick tock” Black December is approaching.

Until their civilisation is brought to an end

For our fallen and incarcerated ones

For anarchy

For Black December

– Anti-social individualities for the fall of civilisation –

in Spanish | Greek

Switzerland: Comrade Marco Camenisch transferred to an open prison [address corrected]

Marco is now at Saxerriet open prison. His new address is:

Marco Camenisch
PF 1
CH – 9465 Salez

Freedom for Marco!

Lesvos Island [summer 2015]: Don’t call me a stranger

via (((●))) Candia :: Alternativa

A diy production by Sine dominis – Anarchist collective from Evangelismos squat (Heraklion, Crete), based on texts of Musaferat – Collective against detention centres (Mytilini, Lesvos island); translation and subtitling by Apatris media collective. Heraklion, Crete, September 2015.

Download video here. Download English subtitles here. Trailer here. View online here (with EN subs).

sinedominis[at] |
evagelismos.squat[at] |
musaferat[at] |

Crete: Black December initiative of comrades from Rethymno

A Black December initiative of comrades from Rethymno, on the island of Crete, responded to the Black December proposal by anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos and CCF imprisoned anarchist Panagiotis Argirou. Furthermore, wanting to revive the memories and practices of December ’08, they have invited individualities and collectives from the island to communicate with each other and coordinate their actions throughout Crete.

The comrades state the following, among others:

“(…) The call for the creation of an ‘informal coordination platform’, which will be able to overcome the theoretical preconceptions within the insurrectionary anarchy, proposes something new in comparison to what has been proposed lately. Its informalist basis can be a fertile ground so that whoever comrade or collective choose to respond to the call can express themselves and act freely. (…)

As individualities we have noticed that, lately, the anarchist tendency tends to join forces on the occasion of ‘significant events’ and, unfortunately, only ends up keeping track of them. The tangible result of this is that we find ourselves unprepared, and our actions do not have the desired results.

We seek to become, all of us, the detonator of events, to create the appropriate conditions, and instead of positioning ourselves defensively against the establishment created by the State and the Capital, we choose to go on the offensive.

In Rethymno, any disruption of social regularity is a rare occurrence. Through our actions, we seek to disrupt the divine law of the Rethymnian normalcy.

This first attempt at coordination and action is framed in the context of ‘Black December’. The December 2008 legacy was important for anarchy. Hundreds of squats and occupation, direct action groups, spontaneous and organised attacks, unmediated diffusion of anarchist discourse, through interventions at the mass media of domestication, is all that we retrace and wish to reintegrate into everyday practices of anarchy. (…)

For all the above reasons, purposes, actions and aspirations, we choose to stand alongside all comrades, both inside and outside the walls, who will take action in the framework of ‘Black December’.

The fires of December ’08 may have died down, but they still burn within us.”

Mexico: Black December poem from Tijuana

Black December of individualities with the cry of solidarity
of new, anarchic, black and direct solidarity
solidarity by flaming barricades, Molotov cocktails, bullets, daggers
expropriations, explosions, arsons, acts of sabotage
pamphlets, banners, verses, texts
actions claimed or not
multiple anti-hierarchical gestures
and an infinity of attacks

Comrade Sebastian Angry Oversluij
those bullets that entered your body will be avenged
Banks, police stations, transnational corporations, churches
courts, laboratories, institutes, and offices, whichever they are
burned down by the flames of the insurrect December

December of new anarchy’s permanent danger
Black December for the freedom of all anarchist prisoners
December for the solidarity with dignified fugitives
December for the memory of comrades fallen in combat
December for the complicity of individuals and indomitable cells
December by all means against domination

The kidnapped, fugitive and fallen comrades will feel
we accompany them with every blow against passivity.

Anarchist prisoners out to the streets!
We want them free and wild!

Some Solidarian Individuality.

Spanish | Greek

Paris: Callout for medics during COP21

A few people in Paris are working on making sure there will be a medic space during the COP21, and on facilitating communication amongst medic teams and with the groups who will be present at the different actions.

The general idea is to be able to coordinate as well as possible between different teams present according to affinity, experience, language… some friends are also lending us a place to be used as a medic space during COP21.

However, we do not know how many people we can rely on!

We would wish to have an idea of how many “medics” can be present during the two weeks, or parts of these two weeks. We’re ideally looking for people who already have some kind of experience of being a “street medic” or with first aid skills (we trust you to judge your experience level and limits).

For those of you who wish to join us you can contact us at the email below so we can start organizing.
Please tell us what languages you or your affinity group speak, if you can bring medic stuff with  you, how long you are thinking of staying… Please send us your ideas, and spread this call-out within your own networks.

Cheers, see you soon 😉

You can write to us at: mediccop21[at]riseup[dot]net

Useful stuff:
– Survival blankets
– Blankets
– Tourniquets
– IV bags with 0,9% Sodium Chloride injection
– Suture kits (with sterile pliers and protect slit sheets)
– Thin and thick sutures (body and face)
– Oral airways
– Bandages / sterile gauzes / dressings /… Always useful
– Splints and slings ; crutches
– Antiseptics
– Hand antiseptics
– Saline solution (packets, bottles…)
– Sterile gloves
– Non sterile gloves
– Penlights
– Thermometers
– Tensiometers
– Stethoscopes
– Glucose meters
– Medical tables

in French

Greece: Rage in the streets of central Athens

November 12th rioting:

YouTube Preview Image

Riots broke out in the streets of central Athens on November 12th 2015, day of general strike. Before the morning demonstration, hooded protesters chased a team of uniformed cops who were patrolling on foot near the Archeological Museum, in Patission Street, and beat up at least one of the pigs. Just after Omonoia Square, a Bazaar supermarket chain store, which was open despite the general strike, was trashed until its managers lowered the roller shutters. A little further on, near the Old Parliament building, a minivan belonging to OTE telecommunications company was burned. Rioters smashed street furniture (bus stops, traffic lights, etc.) and spray-painted anarchist slogans on the walls along Stadiou Street. At Syntagma Square, anti-riot squads who were guarding the luxury hotel Grande Bretagne on Vasileos Georgiou Street were attacked with firebombs. At the lower side of Syntagma, the ministry of Economy was also attacked with Molotov cocktails. At the upper side, in front of the Parliament, a giant Greek flag was removed; the patriots that tried to retrieve it were beaten (several times), and later their shitty rag was burned. A quick Molotov cocktail attack was also carried out against anti-riot squads next to the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. As the demonstration was nearing its end, the Bank of Greece building on Panepistimiou Street was attacked with fire, and clashes with cops took place near the Propylaea. These are only a few moments that we witnessed ourselves, together with other comrades. No arrests or injured protesters were reported.

Among other incendiary slogans, “Organising informally and insurrectionally, Black December in the whole wide Earth” was chanted (which is devoid of rhyme in its English translation, but shows we are warming up over here).

Some individualities that joined clashes in downtown Athens that day released a text, stating among others: “On November 12th, we also participated in the general strike with the clear objective of clashing; a clash that is not framed in the context of regaining our labour rights, or any sort of humanisation of the system. We clashed with the aim of highlighting the insurrectionary practice, with a view to sharpening and making it long-lasting, in the face of every authoritarian institution or relation. (…) We also call for a Black December, for the coordination and organisation of insurrectionary, polymorphous anarchy. Discourse without praxis is not more orphaned than praxis without discourse. (Signed:) A street group.”

November 17th rioting:

This year’s November 17th marked the 30th anniversary of the murder of 15-year-old Michalis Kaltezas, shot dead by the cop Athanassios Melistas on the sidewalk of Stournari Street. On November 17th 1985, Michalis Kaltezas was killed by a police bullet in the back of his head as he was running towards Exarchia Square along with other anarchists and rioters who had firebombed a police bus of the MAT anti-riot squads.

YouTube Preview Image

On November 17th 2015, after the annual commemoration of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising against the regime of the colonels, and once the peaceful demonstration in Athens was finished, several hundred hooded rioters took to the streets of Exarchia and clashed with police forces, from about 8pm until the small hours of November 18th. Rioters used all available materials – stones, sticks, Molotov cocktails, flares, etc. – to attack anti-riot squads and teams of plainclothes cops. Also, a car was set on fire in Stournari Street. That night, amid flaming barricades and clouds of tear gas, rioters stormed a Bazaar supermarket at Soultani Street en masse, completely looting and vandalising the store.

At least six people were arrested downtown, before the commemoration demo and during late-night clashes.

Some of the slogans that were shouted during the street clashes in Exarchia:

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, bursts of Kalashnikov to make it stick in your mind”

“One does not kneel before Democracy – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire”

“Scumbags Snitches Journalists”

“Cops Pigs Murderers”

“One – three, Christos Tsoutsouvis” (In memory of acratist urban guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis, who executed three cops on May 15th 1985 in Athens, during a shootout in the neighbourhood of Gyzi, before he fell by police bullets.)

footage by “ALFA TV” comrades

Athens: Fascist arson attack against Agros squat in Ilion

On Sunday morning, November 1st 2015, Agros squat in Tritsis Park came once again under fascist arson attack. The damage was small and is being restored. The fact that their attacks include setting fire inside the park – a rare place, life-giving lung for residents of the surrounding areas, rare habitat of plants and animals – only confirms their already established cannibalism.

The self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park exists for over six years now. As a land project, with our discourse and actions, we resist the destructive dominant development planning that increasingly ravages free, common spaces. We have assumed the land, having occupied a field at the western side of Tritsis Park. This is one of our ways of blocking the flow of commodity relations and consumption, considering that the park, for years now, is found in a cyclone of smaller and larger commercialisation plans. We cultivate the land on our own terms, without using specialists or industrial techniques, without seeking profit, without any sort of payment being made. We participate in the squat and act in a self-organised, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial manner, away from any kind of mediators, against any kind of dominant distinction, having solidarity as our compass. And we continue to do so unremittingly, because the very essence of the project lies in our relationships, values and projectualities.

This land cannot be burned.

Agros, self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park (Ilion)

Mytilini, Lesvos Island: SYRIZA’s offices attacked twice and banks vandalised

During the night of November 17th 2015, we attacked SYRIZA’s party offices in Mytilini with stones and paint, and simultaneously we vandalised the bank branches of Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank and the National Bank of Greece.

The next day, we carried out a second attack against the party’s offices in response to the gagging of the incidents from the previous night.

Our reasons for attacking were evident. SYRIZA, being the ruling party with corresponding practices in immigration, economic and repressive policy issues, as well as banks, being a central cog in capitalism, will ALWAYS be our targets.




London: Latest communique by Squatters and Homeless Autonomy (SHA)

Received November 14th:

Against Apolitical Squatting

Coming to Terms

In Camden, an eight-month squat is evicted by pigs and three are arrested under Section 144, the 2012 ban on residential squatting. A man in a SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SQUAT t-shirt waits for NELSN to forward a text. Two arrive from a council-estate squat further north. Builders begin to secure the building. Against Section 144, against increasing precarity and repression, broken self-identity and fractured organisation, London squatting seems to have begun a coming-to-terms.

Attempts to surround the fragility of the squat scene with nostalgia have come thick and fast: Remember the Squatters’ Union; remember unrestricted residential squatting; remember squatters’ rights. As ever this nostalgia is a thinly disguised dose of forgetfulness: Squatting has always meant struggle; and no mourning for a golden age can deny the permanence of our struggles and the permanent need to politicise them.

In the blur of this permanence, however, squatting has been increasingly forced into the temporary. Court papers are served quicker and quicker, evictions become fortnightly rituals, and the looming ban on commercial squatting places squatters before an ever shortening horizon. The loss caused by the 2012 ban is a collective memory permanently recalled by the imminence of the next.

For those who do not find comfort in a false unity of the past – and whose future seems to have heard its end already – we must come to terms with our present.

The Sacrificial Squatter

Moving when evicted, served when moved, evicted when served. Contemporary squatting is a series of defensive and reactive acts. Ritualistic and cyclical, squatting is determined by forces always separate from squatters themselves.

The promise of “dropping-out” has dropped to the floor of every squat rave. Standing up, it has become the reality of crossed imperatives. The balance between resistance, self-determination and self-preservation is impossible to strike; and, unable to live up to any, collective stress seems organic as organisation.

In larger activist circles too, squatters have offered up liberated spaces only to become the silent facilitator among other rebels and radicals. Seen mainly as preparation for actions and events, squatting features more in the context than the content. In a political and economic situation where content dominates context – where legalistic ideology sees no variance in the same – preparation does not validate whoever prepares.

Abolishing the artificial roles of “facilitator” and “facilitated” ultimately means that everyone must help to facilitate everyone else. Finding themselves repeatedly in the former role, squatters have not demanded the mutual solidarity they need. Even the most politically active squatters now seem to fall into the dominant consensus from anti-capitalists and are absent at the daily eviction resistances.

From this lack of validation and solidarity has grown silence. Most of the political activity squatters do falls under any banner but squatting – and this is one that stretches far: Not only housing, but all struggles have basis in the liberation of space. If there are squats in the struggle, then it is a squatting struggle too.

This is squat-for-squat-sake politics: where flying the squatting banner comes simultaneous to flying others. To emphasise squatting as the liberation of space and temporary expropriation of property demands that it is seen as legitimate direct action in itself.

Against the unachievable duties of “Resist all Evictions”, new squatting politics must find a place for self-preservation in resistance. The duty to resist in all cases contradicts maximum expropriation in some and the self-preservation of squatters in many. It surrenders self-determination to agitprop painted as unreachable duty. It decreases the times when we can actually resist in keeping them out, not just longing them out.

Our Squats are not Tokens, Our Barricades are not Gestures

A planned eviction resistance at a council estate occupation begins with a collective meeting on the potential roles of newly arrived recruits. The punch-line is that Russia Today live-streamed the whole event – which turned out to be a non-event altogether.

Often as theatre and often seeming farce, the Left is playing eviction resistance to an audience of corporate media and well-meaning professional activists. The show is titled something like Awareness-Raising or Mass Appeal.

Eviction resistance is rarely something for the cameras. The forces of populism rush to condemn or ignore the less watchable aspects of resistance – the messy violence and dull labour required to defend our squats and occupations. Squatters are left with the spectacle of resistance and a trolley of possessions in the street.

The need to defend squats and the political creativity they have is urgent. The political creativity drained from squatting by leftist tokenism and the strategy of passive resistance goes hand-in-hand with a situation drained of politics itself.

Against Apolitical Squatting

In Amsterdam, squatting and gentrification has often had an uncomfortably close relationship. In areas of London too, such as Shoreditch or Camden, in occupying empty, sometimes derelict buildings in poor areas, squatters bring refurbishment, street art, and a look of “alternative authenticity” so appealing to trendy middle-class house-buyers. And so: the process goes from dereliction, to squats and, in turn, to regeneration and invasive economic power. That the squatters themselves were evicted sooner or later to make way for yuppiedom is important to note.

Equally important is the use of squatting as resistance to gentrification. The squatted council estates at the Aylesbury in Elephant and Castle and Guinness in Brixton – additional to the presence of squatters in street-based resistance – continue the legacy of Gospel Oak and 144 Piccadilly before them. Squatters at 10 Otterhaken in Hamburg put up a fierce resistance which continued the escalation of their neighbourhood. Young squatters in the Basque Country continue to make the liberation of space the basis for insurrectionary action.

That these two forms of squatting – to create alternative forms-of-life and larger class-based resistance – have had such different effects should not suggest a natural contradiction between them. The political use of squatting culture to add to larger cultures of resistance should not be denied. Oppositional self-identity, whether on the streets or in squats, continues to make squatting a threat to cultural power.

The cooption of this self-identity in the name of middle-class warfare falls at the feet of squatters also. In splitting squatting culture from squatting politics, they have been left with a culture unable to defend itself.

A squatted space not used for politics soon loses the politics of squatted spaces. Creating spaces intolerant to social hierarchy and state surveillance, for organising and consciousness-raising, is integral to the creation of effective resistance in squats and on the streets.

Further along to apathy, squatters build lists of recommendations from ex-landlords in hope of a longer stay. A reversion to comfortable hierarchy in the present always means uncomfortable coercion in the future. The creation of the “landlord-friendly squatter” strips squatting of its oppositional nature and, with it, its political potential.

In the social realm too, radical forms-of-life created by communal living and unusual shared experience are replaced with family, precedence and guilt. While benefiting from the organic mutual aid within familial relations, being restricted by them restricts the potential for subversive forms-of-life.

All squatting starts from a level of anonymity. The flow of bodies in and between squats, hostels, social centres, streets, council-estates and university occupations causes a contradictory coupling of familiarity and anonymity. Making new, more effective squatting collectives and networks means recognising this interplay between the familial and anti-familial. Groupings must be strategic and personal – recognising one in the other – and must work for both political action and self-preservation.

The withdrawal from risky politics into comfortable normalcy in the street and squat is a core symptom of increasing repression. The 2012 ban on residential squatting, a Left dead-set on passive resistance and a depoliticised squatting movement has left squatters with increasingly fewer lines of defence and political creation.

Organic as this repression seems, resistance is sprouting everywhere. Squatting continues to prove itself as direct action against power. People rip down the fences at the Aylesbury; squatters refuse to stop squatting residential. On the continent, in Naples, Amsterdam, Calais and elsewhere, mass occupations continue in the context of illegality.

In Naples, autonomists occupy empty buildings in solidarity with homeless migrants. ‘Homes for All’ is not a request but a strategy. In Amsterdam, squats were cracked in solidarity with occupations at the University, providing bases for mobilisation and support. The mass squats by migrants and small numbers of anarchist comrades still exist in the cracks of state power and violence in Calais. Occupations stand as clear markers of self-determination and the will to create communities and cultures of resistance wherever people stay.

The forms of squatting able to resist repression will fit the changing needs of larger struggles while emphasising squatting as struggle. In escalated situations, such as Naples or Calais, squatting is generalised by its use in creating temporary autonomous zones and communities of resistance. In Amsterdam, squats broaden the free education struggle beyond the University while providing the mechanisms for its escalation.

In situations where squatting is increasingly deescalated and isolated, the task is to generalise and escalate the squatting resistance. The old networks and forms-of-life are dragging into a state of alienation and disassociation: between squatters and larger struggles, between the varying and sometimes contradictory uses of squatting, between squatting collectives who know nothing of one another, between comrades. In the vacuum of this disassociation, new informal organisation and radical action must continue to grow.




Squatters and Homeless Autonomy is a London squatting collective working to combat gentrification and establish autonomous anti-capitalist spaces. Squatting the RBS building on Charing-Cross Road over Christmas 2014, they were also involved in the Institute of Dissidents – the occupied Institute of Directors building on Pall Mall – and have run temporary anarchist spaces at Neal Street and St James’s Square. In September the collective occupied the Mamelon Tower pub to oppose the eviction of tenants there and plans to turn it into upmarket flats.

Brazil: Black December poster by the Anarchist Insurgent Movement (M.I.A.)

Not a step back! War on the State and the Capital!

Solidarity with comrades in Greece, Spain, Italy, Chile, Turkey and Brazil. For the construction of anarchist and popular urban guerrillas!

M.I.A. Movimento Insurgente Anarquista
m-i-a [at]

Kielce, Poland: Message against arson at an open-air market

No States, No Borders! FAI-IRF

Solidarity with refugees

Video (uploaded November 9th 2015)

Today at 04:20 we placed boards of solidarity with refugees at the Kielce bazaar, where many Armenians, Bulgarians and people from the eastern border have been working for years. A few days ago (October 31st), their stands were set on fire – of course, on football match day. These first pictures are from four o’clock in the morning; on another photo which was taken just after six, when traders were beginning to set up their stalls, it can be seen that a board with the slogan of solidarity with refugees was deliberately broken.

Source: grecja w ogniu (freely translated) | Greek

São Paulo, Brazil: Carlo Giuliani Cell of M.I.A. join the call for a Black December through fire

We claim responsibility for incendiary attacks against four banks in the city of São Paulo. The attacks occurred at the Santander bank branches in Largo da Batata, another in the Liberdade area, and the other two in the central region and in a peripheral region.—


The “Carlo Giuliani” cell of the Anarchist Insurgent Movement (M.I.A.) assumes responsibility for the four incendiary attacks that consumed bank branches in the early hours of November 16th 2015 in the central region of the city of São Paulo.

On November 15th the proclamation of the republic is “commemorated”, within large and ironic quotation marks. We have this fetish of commemorating historical dates and personages that remind our massacres and subservience. We do not commemorate the insurgencies of slaves or the Canudos Insurrection, nor do we celebrate the epic past of Marighella, Zumbi, João Cândido, Jesuíno Brilhante, Olga [Benário], or Espirtirina Martins. Going against logic, we buy the canned historical version, told by the winners who still continue to dominate us.

The fetid and corrupt monarchy that parasitised Brazil, deposed after the proclamation of the republic, does not differ in absolutely anything from the elite which nowadays parasitises the so admired democratic republic. Bankers, lobbyists, politicians, corporatists, CEOs, speculators and landlords, all worms that accumulate innumerable richness at the expense of others’ sweat.

Republic, presidentialism, monarchy, or even social democracy. There is no alternative to capitalism that is more “humanised” because the problem is capitalism itself. We will be oppressed and exploited as long as there are capitalism, social classes and exploitation of human by human.

Do not believe in magical solutions proposed by demagogues and opportunists. There is no alternative to the capitalist crisis that looms large on the horizon. Impeachment, coup, elections or any other palliative do not solve the structural problems that the Brazilian State presents. Only the autonomous, free and revolutionary organisation of male workers, female workers and youth can guarantee the construction of a new society towards complete freedom.

We reiterate: there is no way to remain a pacifist in the face of one of the most violent societies ever constructed over the course of history. We not delude ourselves into believing that this gigantic pyramid of hierarchised oppressions can be overthrown or even delegitimised through pacifist actions.

We will continue to violently attack the superstructure of capitalist domination. We will make gunpowder and fire our only voice in the face of injustices, for the construction and propagation of anarchist urban guerrillas that today begin to emerge in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, in parallel with the struggle of the masses that also emerges with new revolutionary subjects.

The struggle of students in São Paulo against the shutdown of public schools by Geraldo Alckmin’s dictatorial and militaristic regime is extremely heroic and remarkable. Our most sincere solidarity, strength and compassion to all 19 schools occupied, so far, by high-school boys and girls. Continue to resist bravely. Do not be intimidated by the attacks of the police, the media or the judiciary. The people are certainly with you.

Our solidarity also goes out to the feminist struggle of women who marched in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro against the scumbag Eduardo Cunha and the entire reactionary mob that nowadays infest the political and economic scene with their rotten conservative and theocratic agendas. Continue to fight the good fight; the people are with you as well!

Our condolences and sincerest solidarity to the victims, their relatives and all those affected by the disaster [at the Germano mine near the town] of Mariana [in Minas Gerais state], perpetrated by the capitalist trio Vale, Samarco and BHP Billiton. An advance warning: your actions that end up resulting in irreparable damage to the environment and the lives of thousands of people, for the sake of your filthy lucre, will not be left unanswered.

Furthermore, we would also like to salute the General Strike that took place in Greece on the 12th day of this month, against austerity, poverty and repression imposed by Europe’s banking elite. Our most sincere solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, especially the comrades who are currently imprisoned in Greece: Gerasimos Tsakalos, Olga Ekonomidou, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Damiano Bolano, Panagiotis Argirou, Giorgos Polidoros [and Theofilos Mavropoulos].

We will continue to progressively increase our attacks in accordance with the increase in our operational capacity. Wait for more acts of sabotage and direct actions in the coming months.

We call in advance all anarchists and communists to prepare materials and equip themselves logistically for the last month of this year. Black December is being organised by revolutionaries from all corners of the world, seeking multiple, continuous and constant attacks, and if everything goes according to our plan it will be marked by chaos and revolutionary energy that will take good care of São Paulo and other Brazilian states.

Let practice and direct action become the evolution of libertarian theory. In an autonomous and decentralised manner, through small groups of intimacy, anyone disposed and organised can carry out their own actions.

Not a step back.

War on the State and the Capital!

Source: Cumplicidade | Greek, Spanish

Germany: Solidarity in the depths of the forest

Some anarchists at the squatted Hambach Forest sent us these pictures as a display of solidarity with comrades facing repression in the Spanish State. Their banner reads: “Mateo Morral, Pandora, Piñata, Ice… Same repression, same solidarity.”

Paris: Neither their War, nor their Peace

Neither their War, nor their Peace!

We must annihilate the enemies of the Republic… and strip those who besmirch the French spirit of their nationality.”
Manuels Valls, Prime Minister, 14th of November 2015

If one has to recognize a certain continuity of the French Republic, its for sure the continuity of mass murder. From the State Terror of 1793-1794 which gave birth to the word terrorism to the slaughter of the insurgents of 1848 and those of the Commune of 1871; from the colonisation or the deportation of Jews made possible by prior screening and filing to the massacres of Algerian demonstrators in 1961 in the heart of Paris, all French Republics have massacred without counting so that the powerful might continue to dominate and exploit everyone. The French Republic is a mountain of corpses of which the filth that composes the summit has only be able to stay in place by crushing its true enemies, the rebels and revolutionaries who fought for a world of justice and freedom. The “French spirit”, if this enormous stupidity would ever exist, would be a closet filled up until the point of bursting with voices crying for vengeance against the bourgeois, the politicians, the cops, the soldiers and the priests who have trampled them to establish their power.

Ah, but that’s all rubbish from the past, isn’t it? Do the decades of civil participation, commodity integration and generalised dispossessing really made forget those who still preserved a slightest touch of sensibility that firing randomly into the crowd is not an exclusivity of remote terrorists? That since several years the French State is making its great return on the international scene of state terrorism by multiplying its military attacks in the four corners of the globe (Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Central Africa, Iraq, Syria)? The pretext changes each time, but the reasons stay the same: to maintain control of strategic resources, to win new markets and influence zones, to preserve its interests against competitors, to avoid that insurrections are transformed into experiments of freedom. And if it was still needed, warnings have been given also to avert the indolent that this war logic will not know any territorial limit: the death of a demonstrator last year in Sivens or the bodies riddled with shrapnel in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and in Montabot recall that the offensive grenades in khaki do not hesitate, also not here, to be launched against crowds as to sow terror.

Because what else is terrorism than randomly hitting the crowd with the aim of preserving or conquering power? A bit like the rich do by killing and mutilating daily millions of people on the job in name of the money generated by their exploitation. A bit like the industrialists and their white collar lackeys do by poisoning durably all life on earth. A bit like all the States do who lock up behind four walls and slowly torture those excluded from their commodity paradises and those who rebelled against their laws. A bit like the grrreat democracies who turned the Mediterranean Sea into a cemetery of thousands of undesirables who did wrong by not having the right piece of paper in their pockets. But the peace of the State and of capitalism comes at this price. The peace of the powerful is war against the dominated, on the inside as well on the outside of their borders.

The 13th of November 2015 in Paris, the rule of the game has been respected. They may call themselves Islamic or Republican, Caliphate or Democracy, a State is a State: an authoritarian power whose mass violence applies to all those who do not bow for their sovereign order. One of the principles of all States is to only recognize subjects. Subjects who have to obey the laws dictated from above, it is to say, the exact contrary of free individuals who can self-organize without being commanded and without commanders. From the bombardments of Dresden and Hiroshima to the villages of Vietnam wiped out with napalm or the cities of Syria wrecked by barrels of TNT, States never hesitated in their dirty wars to sacrifice a part of their own population, or of their competitors. By randomly killing Parisian passersby to punish their State, the small soldiers of Daech did nothing else but reproducing the implacable logic of their adversaries. A terrible logic, as terrible as any state power can be.

The state of emergency is declared in France since yesterday, a measure of internal war of a government who places the country in conformity with its politics of international terrorism, is just a step further in the basic practices of any government, aiming to forcibly normalize life, to its institution codification, to its technological standardization. Because what is the State seeing when looking to the future? Economical cracks, mass unemployment, exhaustion of resources, international military conflicts, civil wars, ecological disasters, exodus of populations… In short, he see an ever more unstable world where the poor are ever more numerous and concentrated, a world sweating despair which is becoming a gigantic powder keg, engulfed by tensions of all kinds (social, identitarian, religious). A world in which the lighting of the smallest spark, whatever it might be, should not be tolerated by an ever more totalitarian democracy. So, just as “civil” is another word for “cop”, the “war on terrorism” means above all the war against all those who are breaking away from the ranks of power. To all the deserters of social pacification, to all the deserters of the wars between the powerful and the authoritarians, lets sabotage the National Unity…

A bad subject,
enemy of the Republic and of all States
Paris, 14th of November 2015

Pamphlet spread in Paris, originally published on November 15th 2015.
PDF in French here.

Athens: Indictment for the CCF escape plan

On November 16th 2015, it became known that a total of 27 people are being indicted for the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire planned escape from Koridallos prisons. Persons belonging to the immediate family nucleus of captive anarchists are included among the accused; that is, Athena Tsakalou (mother of the CCF members Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos) and Evi Statiri (wife of Gerasimos Tsakalos) will also stand trial.

Meanwhile, Evi Statiri had filed a motion for the lifting of one of the restrictive conditions imposed on her after her release from prison. She had requested the lifting of the prohibition on communicating and meeting with her imprisoned partner Gerasimos Tsakalos, but her motion was rejected earlier this month (November 3rd).

Poland: Communiqué and video of bank arson attack

On the 11th of November, while fascist scum held marches throughout Poland, we decided, as anarchists, to give free rein to our hatred of the State and capitalism.

We express our support to the struggle against the oppressive apparatus on all fronts, from trade unions to direct actions.

We hope this symbolic act of setting fire to a bank sparks a wave of radicalism across the country.

Solidarity with all prisoners of the system! This action is dedicated to Czech anarchists detained as part of operation “Fénix (Phoenix)”.

Let deeds speak, not words!

Solidarity in the fight.

“Black Ranks” Group

Polish via grecja w ogniu; English (slightly edited here) via 325 | in Greek