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Berlin: Raw news from the refugee protest in Friedrichshain

on the 28th of August there was an evening demo from Frankfurter Tor with around 500 people. cops tried to break it two times. they beat up people. one arrest was confirmed. the demo was crumbling after the arab group (antiimperialist communist group, which also organised the ‘revolutionary may 1st demo’) announced that the cops attempt to storm the hostel roof. people with bicycles left and rushed to the junction in Gürtelstraße. it caused an alarm also at the junction where protesters were because nobody, apart from the arab group, had heard anything about it.

at around 9.30pm, after the demo arrived at the location, same as usual, speeches, slogans, marginalised political groups presenting their banners, etc. there was lot of free food, which people also took well, but soon afterwards they started leaving again, and before midnight only few people remained. a sign of solidarity was expressed by a neighbour who made kind of a laser show beaming the slogan “no human being is illegal” on his balcony. he later came down when he saw that refugees who tried to get some sleep at the junction had not enough blankets, and went through the barriers giving them two thick ones. then, when he wanted to pass through the barriers, the cops hindered him and prompted him to show his ID, which he had not on him. they made a fuss until his wife shouted: “could you let my husband inside again?…” they let him pass but he was forced to get inside home, get his ID, go down again and show it to the cops. meanwhile the refugees on the roof started continuously drumming (probably on pots), gave light signals and also shouted from the rooftop. protesters replied by shouting back slogans, blowing whistles and there was also one megaphone. but soon cops disallowed all of that.

also, a couple of nazis showed up. comrades recognized at least four. three of them appeared in the middle of the road in the Scharnweberstraße standing there and shouting a nazi slogan, while one passed by in a car, but was recognized too late. for sure, there were far more of them who went unrecognized (the protest is directly at the border of their stronghold district Lichtenberg).

during the 29th and the 30th of August, the situation remained relatively unchanged. authorities still starve refugee protesters on the hostel roof in Gürtelstraße, and support of demonstrators is still low.

there’s a call for a demo tomorrow, Sunday the 31st at 5pm in Warschauer Straße, Friedrichshain.

‘Attack’ against Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit

Racism kills!

Tonight, in the early hours of Saturday, August 30th, 2014, we – a small group of small humans – smashed the windows of your workplace and sprayed slogans on your walls.

It’s not your windowpanes and walls, we know it, it’s the windows of your employer, the windows of your State, which pays you so that you can pay for the walls of your house, to look out of their windows on a city in which refugees are not meant to be, even if they climb onto a roof and are about to jump for their human-right. Even when your State with the help of the police cuts off their water and electricity [in Gürtelstraße], so that they break down stretched to the limits of their bodies. Those bodies that are trapped in the paragraphs that come up with the warmongering policy, and the register forms that you process, and the commands that the police execute. Those bodies which are titled as shelterless, homeless and illegal, without seeing the humans behind. We are all together in this boat, which may be called either inhumanity or humanity. Let your heart not hide behind the walls of your office, and don’t look anxiously out of the window; open the doors of your State for the refugees, because you have also shut them off. Every little cogwheel of this “asylum”-system kills humans, and no one can-should-may afterwards say that they did not know what they were doing. A human thinks, so think and act like you are a human, too, and not just a blunt cogwheel.

Chile: In response to the international call for anarchist prisoners of the world

International week of solidarity with imprisoned comrades. We go out decisively and fearlessly to amuse ourselves breaking with their dogma of tranquility and legality. With the rebellion of José Huenante, boy assassinated in democracy, in mind.* Cops, screws, guards and every authority will burn with our warmful joy. Propagate the revolt.

In the defined night
the routine’s twilight
infinite particles conspire in the dissocial shadow.
In the spectra of nothing
desires are moaned
rage is howled
the forgotten are shouted
the lost echoes are roaring.

In the disrepair of one power citadel
frantic machines, swarm of slaves,
makeup powders and devices of control.
The rebellious schizos, barbarian!
We deny the everyday existence: Prisons,
schools, families, madhouses, asylums, psychiatrists
and every individual nullification.

We open the wings to come out of crevices and caves,
to bifurcate the fire in every alley,
security perimeter and place of domination.

May it be known that we overflow in all directions,
towards all the points.
We are infinite particles looking for the explosion.

A small contribution from the territory called Chile, Talca of Maule region.

Affine group dogs, cats and frogs

The action took place on Wednesday, August 27th; a roadblock in one of the city’s arteries, at eight in the evening.

* 16-year-old Mapuche, who ‘disappeared’ while being held in police custody in Puerto Montt in southern Chile

Berlin: Gürtelstraße 39 solidarity group update

Translators’ note: Below is an update from August 27th, 2014 retrieved from We may not share all of the views expressed, but we feel it offers a good overview of the situation. The German original text is also spread in the streets.

Refugees are still protesting on the roof of the hostel on Gürtelstraße 39 in Friedrichshain, Berlin. They are protesting because the promises, which have been made to them at Oranienplatz in spring, have not been implemented. They are protesting because they demand the right to stay for everybody.

In April this year individual negotiations between a group of the refugees and the senator Delik Kolat took place at Oranienplatz. The agreement included that the group should remove the tents at Oranienplatz. In return they should get accommodations and their legal requests for the right of residence should be fully examined. Already at this time conflicts emerged between those who accepted the offer and those who considered the whole procedure as nothing else but empty words and wanted to stay at Oranienplatz to struggle for their demands for the right to stay, against accommodation in migration camps and mandatory residence.

In the beginning of this week the deadline for the accommodations, where the refugees who took part in the agreement have been living, ceased. The majority of them were informed verbally about it first on Monday, August 25th. From Tuesday, most of them have been thrown out on the streets without means. A couple of refugees got on the roof of their accommodation in Gürtelstraße 39 before they would be kicked out, and stayed there in order to protest. They demand to speak with the senator Kolat and a right to stay for all. They say they will not leave the roof so long as these demands are ignored; if the cops should break the protest by force they are prepared to jump.

Meanwhile the cops have blocked the surrounding streets of this accommodation. Since Tuesday morning not only the Gürtelstraße, but also the Dossestraße is occupied by repression forces. Residents are forced to show their IDs in order to reach their homes and are escorted there by cops. All this reminds of the blockades some weeks ago in Ohlauer Street (in Kreuzberg). It is unclear for how long the exclusion zones are scheduled. At this moment the cops have not begun to evict the roof in Gürtelstraße, but they remain inside the accommodation.

Throughout Tuesday, lawyers, doctors and supporters tried to get a permission to reach the people on the roof. But the director of the police operation did not give them permission. Thus, the refugees are deprived of their basic rights on legal aid, food and drinks. One person on the roof is in urgent need of vital medication. It is also not permitted to hand medication over to the refugees. Meanwhile electricity and water have been cut. The hostel operator issued a complaint for the breach of domestic peace against the refugees. Both the Senate and the cops are acting illicitly and misanthropically.

Since Tuesday, there is a permanent gathering at the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße. From 9am to 10pm there is a sound system which is also used as ‘info-point’. Regular food and drinks are required for the gathering. Repeatedly people who got thrown out of their accommodations are coming to the ‘info-point’ in urgent need of sleeping places. We still need people who can overtake shifts or can simply stay there and support the protests vocally. If you like to help you can come to the ‘info-point’.

Since Tuesday, there have been frequent hostilities by racists against participants in the gathering and refugees. On Tuesday it went so far that a pub guest (visitor of the bar “Zum Igel”) in Scharnweberstraße cut the cables of the sound system. You should be careful when coming to the gathering.

Take care of each other! Be creative, plan some actions, and support the protests of the people on the roof! Any support is urgently needed, also in the nighttime!

Statement from August 27th of the refugees on the roof in Gürtelstraße 39:

“From our point of view, the requests have not been thoroughly examined.

We currently demand access to food and drinks, access to medication, electricity and water.

We call upon the representatives of the Social Administration, the Commissioners for Integration, the Migration Office, and the senator Kolat to initiate negotiations. For this, we need assured access to our lawyers.

In principle, we demand that the requests be reexamined. According to the agreement, we demand the transfer of all cases from other German Federal States to Berlin.

We demand basic assistance as provided by law, including accommodation and the ensuring of health care, which has been completely denied contrary to law.

We call all media to not look away but to report on the situation.

We are desperate and angry!!!”

Berlin: Raw news following crackdown on refugees in Friedrichshain

previous updates here

August 27th, after 16:00 (local time):

- refugees are still occupying the roof of the former hostel Georgenhof in Gürtelstraße (the hotel Georgenhof, where anti-riots cops were stationed yesterday, is another building right next to the hostel)

- the cops deny them food, water and any contact with their lawyers; they also deny them medication (there is one refugee who is in urgent need of medication)

- the refugees also point out that there are no negotiations; this misinformation has been spread by the police; they insist on speaking with the senator for integration Kolat from the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), who was responsible for the agreements; they state they will not leave without negotiations

- they demand the right to stay for all refugees including themselves, and don’t want to be criminalized anymore

- at the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße, in Friedrichshain, there are an estimated 15 to 20 people, among them refugees and solidarians; they still have a PA there, informing people through speeches and also offering them to give own statements; the cops opened this junction for the traffic, which makes it difficult to follow the speeches

- there is a call for physical support at the junction; apart from this, food, drinks, chalks, music and blankets are also needed

- there are now less police vans inside the barriers, and the cops who check people at the barriers are fewer compared to yesterday (26/8)

- at least 4 refugees were reportedly detained at Oranienplatz today between 14 and 14:30 for no apparent reason

sources: and the street

Cyprus: Refugees staged a rooftop protest at the Mennogeia detention centre

After consecutive incidents of suicide and self-harm of detainees in Cyprus prisons, five inmates of Iranian origin and another from Afghanistan, locked up in the Mennogeia detention centre in Larnaca, staged a protest on the roof of the prison building on the morning of August 25th, 2014 to demand the end of their detention. In Cyprus, as elsewhere, asylum seekers and other migrants are held for months on end. The migrant protesters informed supporters on the outside that there are people without criminal conviction who have been inside the same hellhole for 4.5 years.

A group of people in solidarity held a gathering in the proximity of the detention centre, shouting “Freedom” and slogans such as “The passion for freedom is stronger than all prison cells.”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

After a 48-hour stay on the rooftop of the detention centre and negotiations with authorities, the migrant protesters were conditionally released.

Utrecht, Netherlands: Solidarity night for anarchist prisoners

Saturday 30th of August comrades are doing an event related to the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners. More info on

Spread the word!

Address: Voorstraat 36 in Utrecht

Germany: Large-scale police operation against refugees in Berlin

Since yesterday, August 25th, 2014, after reports in the mainstream media that the migration office rejected the applications for asylum of 108 refugees, there have been preparations for the eviction of these refugees, who occupied the Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg in the past (and were evicted in early April 2014) but later signed contracts with the Senate of Berlin, which promised them among others places to stay for at least six months and a single case examination of each of their asylum applications. It is known that parts of the agreements mentioned in the contract have been broken already in the beginning, e.g. that some refugees got their applications rejected without the promised single case examination and have been threatened with deportation already before the six months’ period was over. So yesterday the Senate sent officials to the respective refugees to inform them about the rejection of their applications and to order them to immediately leave their homes.

Yesterday, around hundred policemen and the Press appeared close to and in front of the refugee house in Gürtelstraße, a former hostel in the district of Friedrichshain. Also, on Gürtelstraße, they stored street barriers already two or three days ago. All of this indicated that soon there would be police operations.

Police also appeared at Oranienplatz yesterday, where one of their patrol cars got attacked with stones by angry people. According to reports, one of the rejected refugees covered himself in gasoline and threatened to torch himself.

A part of the refugees from the Oranienplatz have been in Marienfelde, a district in the outskirts of Berlin. There are no independent reports yet about what has happened to them (only mainstream media reports, stating they left without visible protests).

The situation right now (after 16:00 local time) in Gürtelstraße, Friedrichshain is that at least 2 refugees are on the roof of the house. According to street reports, several refugees have already left the former hostel where they were living. There are several hundreds of cops besieging the area. Also the Press is there in huge numbers. What is missing are people in solidarity with the refugees. There are only a couple of people, who are quite passive. No banners, no slogans yet, just a few slogans written with chalk on the sidewalk. The area is not closed; people in solidarity can reach the place from all directions. Anti-riot cops are located on Gürtelstraße, Dossestraße and Scharnweberstraße. There are also lots of undercover cops in the area. Right now police are waiting for orders of their bosses. Any kind of action in solidarity with the refugees, and in order to distract the cops from the area, is more than welcome!

Sources: and the street

the refugee house in Gürtelstraße

solidarity banner at a neighbouring house

Update (at about 17:30 local time):
There are currently three refugees on the rooftop of the hostel in Gürtelstraße, Friedrichshain (see map). Several cop barriers are located at the junction of dosse str. and oderstr., dosse str. and ede-und-unku-weg, gürtelstraße and oderstr., gürtelstr. and scharnweberstr. Entrance to the blocked area is only allowed for residents with identity card, or members of the Press. Shouted slogans in support of the refugees, as well as cop sirens, could be heard from farther away.

Update (circa 19:00 local time):
There is a small gathering with sit-in at the barrier at the junction of guertelstr. and scharnweberstr. There are no people behind the other cop barriers. The fire brigade is inside dossestr. with two inflatable mattresses (they use these things when people jump for some reason from the window, etc.).

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∙ Call for a demo at Frankfurter Tor (Friedrichshain) today, August 26th, at 8pm – Kommt alle!

Update (circa 20:00 local time):
Τhere are still at least three refugees on the rooftop of the hostel in Gürtelstraße. Supporters are still somewhat passive and waiting. Anti-riot cops are stationed on the roof of hotel Georgenhof, which is the building next to the former hostel (the two roofs are not connected). At the junction of guertelstr. and scharnweberstr., there are around 50 people (curious bystanders included).

∙ Words from Badra Ali Diarra, who signed an agreement with the Berlin Senate and now is imprisoned: Some statements from our friend in deportation prison

Update (after 22:00 local time):
The demo from Frankfurter Tor arrived close to the refugee home on Gürtelstraße. There were 150 to 200 protesters at the police barrier at the junction of Gürtelstraße and Scharnweberstraße. Gradually people got less and lesser there. Slogans were shouted, e.g. “We are here, we will fight, freedom of movement is everybody’s right.” There were also a few solidarity banners. Demonstrators set up a PA opposite the barrier, where speeches were held by people in solidarity and refugees who informed about their situation. In one of these speeches, it was stated that there are more than 60 people from the former hostel in Gürtelstraße among those who had their applications rejected; most of them have left. Sleeping places are needed for evicted refugees. It is estimated that 10 people remain inside the hostel or on the rooftop. Further affected refugees are from a second accommodation in Marienfelde and a third one in Hardenbergstraße (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf?). It was pointed out that this is just the beginning: everyone from the refugees who have signed the agreement and have not appeared in an appointment with the authorities, or have had their application rejected, are in serious danger of losing their accommodation plus the financial assistance. There is also a huge threat of deportation, since the migration office has ruled that for all those concerned (at least 108 cases) there is no right of residence in Berlin.

Update – August 27th (at about 08:30 local time):
There are still refugees on the rooftop of the hostel in Gürtelstraße. Few supporters spent the night behind the barrier at the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße. The aforementioned locations are still blocked off by the cops. During the night, police started to impose a ‘special service’ on residents who live inside the besieged and blocked area; every single resident was escorted by one robocop ‘safely’ to the entrance door of their homes.

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Greece: Correspondence address of anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis

Sending books to inmates is banned in Diavata prison, where Nikos Maziotis is currently incarcerated. So, the comrade can only receive letters (at best some news reports, too). It is obligatory to indicate a sender address, otherwise letters are not delivered.

To write to the comrade:

Nikos Maziotis
Geniko Katastima Kratisis Thessalonikis
57008 Diavata, Thessaloniki, Greece

source: athens imc

Greece: Incendiary attack on neo-Nazi’s vehicle in Veria

We will crush every facet of fascism

Over the last period, there were two unsuccessful arson attacks with gas canisters by fascists of the Imathia Patriotic Movement against the self-managed space ‘La Rage’ in the city of Veria (northern Greece). The attacks of these fascists, who are practically nonexistent in the local context, aimed to intimidate people in struggle and to test their limits, in the hope that they will gradually come out of their holes also in our city.

Militant antifascism with all means

But there’s no way we are willing to let what we have gained through long-standing struggles be changed. We are proud that no fascist group has developed in our city; that fascists haven’t inaugurated local offices; that they call in reinforcements from other regions to be able to appear in public. This is something that has been achieved through polymorphous combative actions whenever any of the fascists thought they could rear their head.

We decided to give our response to rise to the occasion. In the early hours of Wednesday, July 30th, we torched the car of Golden Dawn member Stefanos Vafeidis, a close buddy of the president of the Imathia Patriotic Movement, Georgios Theodorou, who is the one that made the attacks against ‘La Rage’ hangout.

Fascists, you messed up, and now it can’t be fixed…

Militant antifascism – Militant antistatist struggle

PS. To whoever wrote the Golden Dawn’s related announcement and emphasized how fearless they are, and that attacks don’t scare them: go ask your former ‘co-fighters’ who left the Golden Dawn party as soon as they saw the consequences.

everything continues…

Greece: Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity

On July 16th, 2014 the armed dogs of the establishment unleashed a fierce manhunt, and comrade Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, was hit by a cop’s bullet and fell covered in blood. The comrade gave his battle against the cops that were chasing him. The state apparatus in its totality triumphed over the arrest of the “No 1 most-wanted fugitive” in the country. So did the criminal and real archi-terrorist Samaras, whose government took over the reins from the former pro-memorandum governments in a campaign for the biggest social genocide that has ever occurred in Greece in a time of “peace”. Samaras has used the arrest of Maziotis as a means to the stabilization of his faltering government, in order to support a political and economic regime with rotten foundations, which has long been discredited in social consciences.

For the political and economic regime, not only in Greece but also internationally, the arrest of a revolutionary with the political calibre of Nikos Maziotis is a “significant success”, as stated by the United States. That’s because the comrade’s arrest is perceived by our enemies as a blow to the struggle for the establishment’s subversion, as a blow to the struggle for liberation from the yoke of capitalism and the State, as a blow to the struggle for social Revolution. The size of threat that Maziotis poses to the establishment is reflected in the high-pitched nauseating rejoicing on the part of the domestic and foreign political power. Because the comrade and the Revolutionary Struggle, the organization in which he belongs, are intrinsically linked to the systemic political destabilization, to the undermining of a rotten regime; linked to the consistent war against domination and contemporary barbarity; linked to the struggle for the overthrow of the State and capitalism, linked to the social Revolution itself. Comrade Nikos Maziotis was and continues to be committed to the Revolution. This is what he has fought for, this is what he still fights for; this is why they present him as No 1 danger to the establishment. Thus, the political gravity of this case should be the primary parameter in expressing solidarity with the comrade.

Currently, Maziotis is a prisoner of social and class war. It’s not fair that he is in prison. It would only be fair if he was free, fighting for social Revolution. It would only be fair if those who are responsible for the plight of the Greek people, those who voted for and implement the memoranda, were shackled instead of him and they stood people’s trials; the economic elite, the rich who suck the blood of proletarians, the political elite and their servants. It would be fair if Samaras, Venizelos, Papandreou, Papademos and their criminal organizations, the Troikans and the leaders of the European Union, were shackled in chains. The domestic and foreign bosses, for the economic interests of whom the land and the people who live in it are being ravaged. These are the real terrorists and robbers. These are the ruthless criminals and brutal murderers.

The cheering about the arrest was accompanied by the anticipated attacks of state propaganda, reproduced and largely created by the mouthpieces of Power, the mass media. Attacks that tried to stain the comrade’s revolutionary character and used the shootout in the area of Monastiraki as their banner, in which the comrade is portrayed as “unscrupulous gunslinger” who opens fire indiscriminately, while the cops “are striving to neutralize him” without the use of firearms. The cops supposedly fired a single bullet, and this was merely done to “neutralize” the comrade. How nauseating liars and hypocrites are they, both the state mechanisms and the kneelers who bow down to the regime in the news bulletins! “He was shooting amid the crowd.” Who chose the place for this battle? Who started the manhunt? Or, should Maziotis have dropped the weapon and surrender without a fight?

The cops consciously opted to conduct an armed clash in a crowded place. The comrade was obliged to defend himself. After they made one of the injured tourists, who stated he was shot by a cop, disappear from publicity as soon as possible, they declared again and again in the mainstream media that they fired only one bullet, while the comrade fired eight bullets. But upon mere suspicion that the man they were chasing may turn out to be Maziotis, they would open fire even with automatic machine guns not to let him get away. Because the stakes for them were of great political importance, and they didn’t care one bit if their operation was taking place among dozens of people, nor did it matter to them if some bystander would get killed. Besides, if that happened, they would blame the comrade for it. Who could ever refute them?

As for the ridiculous claims that they had supposedly tracked him down a few days ago, these were said in the context of state propaganda, not to admit that this was a purely random incident. And this is something that can also be seen in their contradictory reports. First, they claim that the comrade was recognized by a secret policewoman shortly before the shootout. Then, they claim that a former secret policeman had recognized him days before at a metro station. If it were true that they had tracked him down the previous days, they would have arrested us. A female snitch and a moment of bad luck gave way to the manhunt. But, again, they could not admit that the police chase started randomly. All of the propaganda about locating him beforehand was generated to publicly assert that the repressive mechanisms, and especially the “antiterrorist” force, are productive and effective. But this is too far from reality. In the whole previous period, we were continuously among them. We were moving everywhere. We were passing by them. We watched them, but they did not see us.

Since the arrest of my companion, I have become “No 1 most-wanted fugitive”; I and my child, about whom the regime’s men of straw in the mass media “inform” with excessive vulgarity, disclosing a lot of his personal data, and with a nauseating hypocrisy they simultaneously reward the prosecution mechanisms for their “sensitivity” not to release the child’s photograph to the public. From now on, the cops are going to sweep the country to find the child based on any clues that they might have. Other than that, my son is not wanted by authorities… And as one disgraceful police-minded journalist stated in the past, they were hoping to catch us through the child. Now, through the child, they wish to capture me.

They have my comrade heavily wounded in their hands. Their vindictiveness was something expected. To them it is not enough that they have Maziotis with an arm crushed by a bullet and in serious health condition; so, despite the fact that the necessity for close medical supervision and more surgeries was made public, they enforced his vindictive transfer to a prison known to not have doctors even for the most basic medical needs of prisoners. No doubt that, because of this transfer alone, his condition has deteriorated. I know firsthand what kind of prison transfers are imposed on armed combatants. When I was forced to be moved to another prison while I was pregnant, I ended up in hospital bleeding, and I was forced to stay bedridden to avoid having a miscarriage. It is obvious that they are afraid. They have the comrade in their hands with his arm crushed, and yet they are still afraid.

In what has to do with me: really, did they expect and still anticipate that I’m going to give myself up? I’m not going to do them this favor. Let them come and get me. In reality, my persecutors do not believe that I would do such a thing. That’s why they raided and searched the home of my family, interrogated my mother and sister looking for any clues, but in vain. Their statements in the media, that I find myself in a difficult position and it’s possible that I will hand myself in to authorities, are nothing more than an ultimate effort to inflict pressure. My persecutors know me. They got to know me on April 10th, 2010, when I was pregnant in their hands, and despite their ridiculous attempts to terrorize me, I didn’t even tell them my name; all they received from me was spitting. They are aware of my political stance during imprisonment, they know what political stance I maintained during the entire trial process. I was, I am and I will be a member of the Revolutionary Struggle. If they think they can bend me, they are grossly mistaken.

The arrest of our comrade was a blow. Our comrade Lambros Foundas shed his blood in the alleys of Dafni, and Nikos Maziotis in Monastiraki. The Revolutionary Struggle has given its blood for the cause of social Revolution. But our enemies will not have the last word.

There is still open ground for the Revolutionary Struggle. The social ground is ours, not theirs. For our enemies it is a hostile, wild ground which they can control only with violence. Every day the State and the Capital plunder, terrorize, murder, and exterminate in their attempt to save the establishment. In the name of “tearing out of the system all the rot” they hack to death millions of people that are considered superfluous for the reproduction of capitalism. At the same time, they bombard the society with stupid stories of “economic recovery” and “a way out of the country from the tunnel of crisis”; stories that make the poor, the hungry, the ragged in this country burst into laughter and indignation.

On the 16th of July a battle took place in Monastiraki. An unequal battle between a revolutionary and tens of armed dogs of the State. An unequal battle, just as the struggle for Revolution is unequal in this historical period. A struggle between few revolutionaries and an apparatus that is armed to the teeth and very large in numbers. It’s just that this struggle, the revolutionary struggle, is not a numerical question. It is a matter of soul. It is a matter of believing in revolutionary justness. A matter of believing in the Revolution. Of combating a murderous system, criminal by its very nature, reproduced through exploitation, oppression, and even the physical extermination of people. A system reproduced by violence. The violence of economic policy, the violence exercised by the economic and political elite to keep the rotten capitalist system alive, to ensure their interests, and to continue to dominate. Every single one of us experience the results of this violence over the last four years that the country has been in the throes of crisis, with millions of unemployed and casual workers, with poverty wages, with the transformation of work in slave trade, with the worst conditions of wage slavery ever experienced by people in this country. We have seen and continue to see the results of this murderous violence in people’s hunger, malnutrition of children, starvations, sicknesses, deaths, and the ever increasing suicides. We see these results in dumpsters where humans-mice, with their dignity crushed, are diving for a piece of bread. This “concealed” violence of the system, amid a systemic crisis, has now become a weapon of mass destruction.

It is absolutely fair to fight injustice; to combat a system that is imprisoning, beating, killing second-class people, whether these are resisters, strikers and demonstrators or wretched migrants, with the raw violence of repressive mechanisms so as to consolidate the order. A system that is establishing “maximum security” dungeons with the primary purpose of annihilating the armed combatants politically, morally, psychologically, even physically, of crushing the willingness to wage an armed revolutionary struggle. A system served by a justice which requires the legitimization of all kinds of state violence (e.g. the case on the wreck in Farmakonisi, where Coast Guard officers were responsible for drowning migrants, is filed), but also the racist violence against wretched workers (e.g. strawberry producers and their foremen were acquitted for the murderous assault on migrant farm workers in Manolada). Moreover, internationally, in the name of consolidating the New World Order through wars against “terrorism”, the slaughter of an entire people in Palestine is being legitimized.

Revolutionary struggle is a matter of believing in the need of combating oppressors; of returning to the real criminals, the real terrorists and murderers who make up the system, a percentage of the violence which is perpetrated by them. Because only with armed revolutionary action they will be able to understand that they won’t stay forever untouched.

Most of all, revolutionary struggle is a matter of deep and unyielding belief in revolutionary justness, the righteousness of abolishing every form of exploitation and repression, and destroying the State and capitalism. The fairness of a society of economic equality, without rich and poor, without masters and slaves. The fairness of a society of truly free people.

In the period that the Revolutionary Struggle has been active, since 2003 to date, it has waged a forceful armed struggle against all forms of violence of the establishment which were mentioned above. Ministries, courts, police forces, banks, the stock exchange building, the American embassy, the Bank of Greece were targeted by the organization. Acting consistently, the Revolutionary Struggle has given significant responses to state violence, the violence of the economic and political elite, the violence of the establishment’s justice, and has written significant pages in the revolutionary history of this land, but also at international level.

The Revolutionary Struggle acted and spoke with regards to the economic crisis in times when silence spread over the establishment’s fraud of “eternal stability of the system” and “flourishing Greek economy”. Later, with the onset of the crisis, the organization refuted all of the dominant voices that spoke of “fortified and unassailable Greek economy,” but also the swallow perceptions, impregnated with the regime’s propaganda, that were unable to grasp the magnitude of the coming storm.

The Revolutionary Struggle spoke and acted with regards to the Revolution and the revolutionary social organization in times when these issues were buried beneath the mold of fraudulent social welfare. It kept and continues to keep the flame of social Revolution, the flame of freedom, alive. It marked, determined, inspired many people, and shaped and continues to shape consciences.

For all of the aforementioned, it has posed, poses and will pose a serious political threat to the establishment. The Revolutionary Struggle has fought, fights and will fight for all of the aforementioned. For all that, I will continue to fight.


Pola Roupa
August 8th, 2014.

In Spanish + Portuguese.

Sweden: A comment on the recent riots in Rinkeby, Stockholm

(picture from last year’s riots in the same suburb)

Hidden underneath the media spectacle around the 2013 early summer riots in the suburbs of Stockholm (Husby being the epicentre) lies the constant social tension in segregated areas of Sweden (see Social tension and anarchist intervention in Sweden, in Avalanche #2, p.23).

Rinkeby, a suburb neighbouring to Husby, turned up the heat again. This time, it did not spread further than the nearby suburb. On July 23rd, 2014, in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta there was a car chase that ended in a crash; as the cops made an arrest, it turned into a scuffle. Shortly after this incident, there was another car chase which stopped not far from the centre of Rinkeby, in western Stockholm. As the cops tried to tow the car, they found themselves in a really aggressive tension and left the area. An hour later, the car was set on fire. The fire brigade arrived, followed by police for their protection, and immediately the cops were attacked with stones, and decided to get out of there. Soon they were back for another burning car, this time with secured vehicles, but were so massively attacked that they retreated for the third time. The continuation of unrest took the form of several torched cars, motorcycles, even buildings. The night between the 23rd and the 24th, riots broke out in Rinkeby; one person got arrested, and several were interrogated and released later on. In the night of the 24th cars were set on fire, but there were no confrontations. The following night, July 25th, there was car burning again, this time also in Husby.

The media learned from last year’s escalation, admonished by the cops, to not report and exaggerate around the rioting, and so there were only a handful of media articles. Their coverage was only given the perspectives of the nasty creatures called social workers, cops and “people who live there.” And where last year there were more and louder radical voices involved in public discussions, there was now no room for such perspectives. The social workers and the so called “people who live there” (of course, well-chosen people who want to lick the asses of the authorities shiningly clean, and not the majority of residents) were given space to express their hatred for disorder, anarchy and destruction, and their love for cops, order and democracy.

What is, however, interesting is that riots erupt nationwide in segregated areas every now and then. It is not all uncommon. In Araby, Växjö, in Gottsunda, Uppsala, in Bergsjön and Hammarkullen, Göteborg, and so on… There is no question about why the mentioned areas are the ones where unrest erupts. The poorest part of the population lives there, outlaws and outcasts live there, prison birds and mentally disorderly live there, and the population is growing with an increasing number of those who don’t fit in the disgusting normality of the “Svensson” (Swedish for “Average Joe”), and more and more people who are seeking refuge from war and disasters – partly created with guns produced by Bofors and other Swedish arms manufacturing companies – end up there.

The suburban tensions don’t seem to decline and decrease, quite the opposite, and the breeding ground for society-threatening alliances and possibilities to expand these tensions will be potential as ever before.

What are we waiting for?

Attack and reject authority, now and always!

Welcome to Greece – No Lager Assembly’s poster seen in the streets of Athens

ALF in Istanbul: Further actions in 2014

April 30th, 2014, Istanbul: 18 ducklings and 18 chicks were liberated from a street peddler who was trying to sell them in a tiny box. The action was claimed by the Animal Liberation Front, in solidarity with vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan.

July 28th, 2014, Istanbul: 2 rabbits were freed from a pet shop in Beyoğlu-Taksim area. An ALF cell claimed the action against industry and civilization, stating that being vegan is not enough since animals are being held in cages, tortured and slaughtered all over the world, and this violence should be stopped.

July 30th, 2014, Istanbul: 3 milk trucks were sabotaged in a busy street of a district in the European side of the city. Front tires were slashed, and door locks and load locks were glued. Residents realized what went on, so ALF activists hurriedly moved away. However, while escaping, they threw stones at the windows of a fast food store.

Athens: Announcement by Kouvelou squat

Maroussi, northern suburb of Athens
August 1st, 2014 – 22:50 (local time)

Today, August 1st, one hundred Golden Dawn members attacked our squat, the Epavli Kouvelou, with the tolerance of the Greek police.

This was not a random incident, but rather happened during their planned motorized demo which started from their now-closed offices in Neo Irakleio, and headed to their new offices in Maroussi. Thirty comrades were inside the squat during the attack. Although we were outnumbered, we successfully repelled this prolonged–organized attack (the neo-Nazis were waving helves and knives, and carried collapsible batons, makeshift shields, etc.). Numerous police forces (MAT anti-riots squads, and DELTA motorcycle units) let the Golden Dawn members act undisturbed all this time (15 minutes), and were deployed in the area only after the neo-Nazis were gone; it was then that the cops surrounded the squat. The frantic attack (of the Golden Dawn members) caused damages to cars parked in the surroundings of the squat, while some of the comrades who were in the space were slightly injured. Neighbours stood in solidarity, provided us with first aid and remained outside the squat until the cops pushed them away.

In times of crisis, where they take everything from us and loot even more, the fascists of the Golden Dawn are the long arm of the State and the Capital.

We will not leave the streets and the squares to fascists.

No tolerance for the neo-Nazi murderers.

Kouvelou squat & comrades

Athens – Kouvelou squat attacked by fascists: Call for gathering at Maroussi metro station

Maroussi, northern suburb of Athens
August 1st, 2014 – 19:50 (local time)

Nearly 100 fascists, who arrived in the area on motorcycles, attacked the Kouvelou squat but were repelled by comrades who were in the building. At this moment the squat is tightly surrounded by anti-riot squads and motorcycle police units. There are wounded comrades inside the squat. There’s an immediate need for their support: those who are inside the building right now, call people in solidarity to gather at Maroussi metro station.

More updates as they come.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Placement of incendiary devices in private security company vehicles

The State (and each government on duty), faithful to the peace, order and security doctrine, is desperately and downright promoting the physical and psychological annihilation of its adversaries: crushing prison sentences, type C prison units, baton charges and tear gases are just few of the practices applied.

Their primary objective is to spread fear and consequently to prevent any organization and participation in forceful outlaw actions that aim to strike the existing system and its supporters.

Well, bastard devotees of this world, read this through: No matter how many prisons you build, or how many surveillance cameras you install, or how many “dogs” you unleash, we are still going to stand against you as outlaws and delinquents, until either you or we are destroyed. There’s not enough room for the both of us.

As for the apathy that prevails generally (and per person), compromise, democratic inaction and silence equal connivance, and the subjects that follow such an approach carry the burden of proportionate liability.

Being at war, in the early hours of Wednesday, July 9th, after the enactment of the bill on the construction of maximum security prisons it was our time to strike back, so we placed two incendiary devices in two vehicles of the security company Force (Elektras street, Kalamaria neighbourhood). Simply for what it is, because it offers control and repression products and services for sale, this “enterprise” is a target.

Strength to the members of Revolutionary Struggle

The struggle continues…

[Italy] Painted slogan on a wall in Bergamo

Freedom for Nikos Maziotis (A)

August 23-30, 2014 – Week for Anarchist Prisoners

Click image to be reminded about the call . . . .

Greece: Comrade Nikos Maziotis transferred to Diavata prison

In the morning hours of July 26th, Nikos Maziotis was transferred from Koridallos prison (Athens) to Diavata prison, near the city of Thessaloniki. His transfer is a clearly vindictive practice by the State, especially given the fact that the comrade must undergo further medical examinations and surgeries.

Hands off anarchist Nikos Maziotis,
member of Revolutionary Struggle.

Athens: Poster in Exarchia, in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis

Come play with me.
I will hand my queen over to you.
(She was once my loved one
now I don’t have a loved one anymore.)
I will hand my rooks over to you
(now I don’t shoot at my friends anymore
they died a long time ago, before I ever did)
And this king was never mine
and what do I need all these pawns for?
(they go right ahead, blind, without dreams to speak of)
All of them, I’ll give all of my knights to you
I’ll just keep this fou of mine
who knows how to go to one colour only
jumping from one edge to the other
laughing at the many armors you have
taking over your lines all of a sudden
agitating your unyielding deployments.

And this game shall have no end.

Manolis Anagnostakis


Santiago: Action at the Chilean-Hellenic Institute in solidarity with Nikos Maziotis


Thursday, July 17th, 2014, Santiago

Anarchist Nikos Maziotis had gone into hiding two years ago, when he did not present himself in court during the trial in which he was later convicted for armed struggle actions as member of the anarchist urban guerrilla organization Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), in which he proudly admitted his participation. From counter-information sites of affinity, we learned that Nikos Maziotis was seriously injured the day before, July 16th, in a shootout with police in the area of Monastiraki, central Athens. The comrade was in Evangelismos hospital, and was transferred to Koridallos prison hospital on Saturday, July 19th.

As soon as we were informed of the situation, in the early hours of Thursday, July 17th, we placed a banner in solidarity with the comrade, threw various fliers and painted some slogans outside the Chilean-Hellenic Institute, located in República Street, central Santiago.

From a distance we send a fraternal embrace to the compañeros who are incarcerated for their membership in the anarchist urban guerrilla of Revolutionary Struggle, and also to the compañera who is still on the run. We are aware of all the strength they have, that their morale will not drop, and of the dignity with which they have confronted Power and its prosecution.

Love and solidarity from a distance!
We don’t recognize any border!

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)

Poster in solidarity with the current (prisoner-)struggles against the prison society

German original

Switzerland: Banner action in solidarity with prisoners in struggle

July 20, 2014 – Solidarity from Zurich with the struggle of prisoners in Greece against the new isolation prison project, with Nikos Maziotis who was recently recaptured in Athens, and the hunger striking prisoners in Switzerland (Marco Camenisch) and Germany (Olli Rast, Andreas Krebs, Thomas Meyer-Falk, Sadi Özpolat, Ahmet Düzgün Yüksel). Also R. who is imprisoned in a forensic psychiatric institution in Germany, participated in the solidarity hunger strike from 18 to 20 July 2014.

Bologna: Poster about the proceeding for the events in Piazza Verdi in 2007

I prefer insanity to their normality

On July 15, 2014, the investigation of the proceeding for the facts in Piazza Verdi in Bologna in 2007* was concluded, a trial against five comrades which has not yet reached even a first-instance judgment.

On this occasion the public prosecutor Simone Purgato asked for high sentences ranging from 6 and a half years to 7 and a half years in prison against the five, who at the time were arrested and incarcerated for obstructing a TSO.

These conviction requests are clearly an attempt to create a precedent and to intimidate the comrades. Similarly, accusations were invented against them in a typical frame-up of the State, in order to hold the five back and suppress them.

On October 17, 2014, at 10am, there will be another hearing, which may be the sentencing.

Conscious of the fact that the real lunatics are outside, we do not take a step back.

Maximum solidarity and complicity with Madda, Sirio, Fede, Juan, Fako!


* Translator’s note: On October 13, 2007, at around 4am, a young woman who is sleeping in Piazza Verdi is noticed by cops, who decide that the girl’s behaviour must be “corrected” by compulsory sanitary treatment (TSO). They forcibly keep the girl under their custody and call an ambulance to commit her to a mental hospital against her will. Juan Sorroche Fernandez, Cristian Facchinetti (Fako), Federico Razzoli, Sirio Manfrini and Maddalena Calore, five comrades of the anarchist space Fuoriluogo, witness the incident and try to block the ambulance staff in an attempt to free the girl. The reaction of the police is immediate and brutal. Shortly afterwards, the anarchists are handcuffed, having been severely beaten by cops. The invented accusations against them are quite heavy, including robbery charges (according to the prosecution, the comrades took a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie, and attempted to steal a gun from one of the cops during the scuffle).