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London Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 24th October

The 34th London Anarchist Bookfair will showcase anarchist ideas from around the world and across the UK. As usual it’s not just books. Thousands of Anarchists will gather to discuss everything from Austerity and , Housing to Migration or Workplace Orgainsing. Anarchists from around the world including Greece, Kurdistan, Spain, Czech Republic, USA and the Caribbean will be talking about the struggles in their countries, and how we can work together to strengthen the global Anarchist resistance. Most of all people will be able find out the truth about anarchist ideas rather than the distorted caricatures presented by politicians and journalists from any of the 100 stalls and 60 meetings.

Key speakers include Janet Biehl on social ecology, Scott Crow who helped organise the grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina and was criminalised for his efforts and John King, author of the Football Factory and England Away.

The bookfair has a new venue – at Central St Martins ( University of the Arts London)  and as always it will be free with a crèche and older kids space.

For further information see the website. Telephone contact – 07960 668471

10am – 7pm at Central St Martin’s  (University of the Arts London)

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA

Athens: Evi Statiri to be released from prison!


According to an update we received from the ‘Relatives–Friends of prisoners and prosecuted fighters’, Evi Statiri (currently hospitalised) is soon to be released from prison, though with the provision of the strictest restrictive conditions.

More info as it comes.

Koridallos underground prison cells: Protest in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

As of today, September 30th 2015, we participate in the mobilisation of prisoners throughout Greece (at the prisons of Trikala, Domokos, Grevena, and the women’s and men’s prisons of Koridallos in Athens) for the immediate RELEASE of Evi Statiri, wife of political prisoner-member of the Cells of Fire Gerasimos Tsakalos.

Evi has already been admitted to the General State Hospital of Nikaia, having entered her 16th day on hunger strike.

Solely responsible for her life are the justice minister — who enacted an amendment-scrap of paper for the cessation of prosecution against relatives of inmates, which nevertheless remains inactive — as well as the judicial council where the request for Evi’s release has been filed – who are procrastinating at the expense of her constantly deteriorating health.

Until Evi is released from prison, we refuse the midday lock-up and count in our cells.

Initiative of Political Prisoners
Koridallos Prisons Underground Annex [*]
September 30th 2015

[*] basement in Koridallos women’s prison, a special high-security unit for men where those convicted as members of armed revolutionary organisations, including anarchist comrades, are being held separately from the general population of inmates

Volos, Greece: Flyposting in solidarity with hunger striker Evi Statiri

The ‘Assembly of anarchists for the solidarity Inside and Outside the walls’ pasted posters on two central buildings of Volos (central Greece), reading:

When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive environment, seeking to punish what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

A couple more photos & Spanish here.

Paris: International Call out against COP21

Against the COP21: Everyone in Paris!

From November 28 to December 12 we will fight against the COP21 held in Paris.

195 governments and countless business leaders will gather to decide useless measures in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact , all they will discuss is the reasonable amount of pollution industries can release in the atmosphere. The new CO2 quotas are nothing but another way for rich countries to grant themselves the right to pollute with impunity.

We won’t let those who are responsible of global warming and the commodification of every life form hold their umpteenth masquerade peacefully!

The one and only solution to this matter is to end capitalism and productivism, not a summit in a militarized zone.

Those in Europe and the world who cannot stand this deadly system must converge in Paris against the COP21!

Multiple demonstrations and discussions will be held during the conference. Come with your initiatives and your will to create other ways of living, far away from the dictates of the economy.

Accommodations and reception places will be provided. The following actions are planned :

Saturday November 28 : Gathering of the convoys from the ZADs (zones to be defended against urban projects)

Sunday November 29 : Demonstration

From November 29 to December 12 : Multiples action days

December 12 : Closing day, and action day

The Parisian assembly against COP21

call-out in French, Italian, Spanish and German via Parris-Luttes

Greek prisons: CCF member Gerasimos Tsakalos has been on hunger strike since 14/9, in solidarity with the struggle of Evi Statiri

On Tuesday, September 29th, it became known that anarchist prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos has undertaken a hunger strike since September 14th 2015, standing by the side of his life companion Evi Statiri from the very first moment she initiated her hunger strike. For reasons of his own, Gerasimos chose not to publicise this fact earlier. It must be reminded that his body has not had time to fully recover from the exhaustive hunger strike that he recently carried out along with the rest of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire imprisoned members and anarchist captive Angeliki Spyropoulou.

Below is his open letter from Koridallos prison (Spanish translation here).

‘For, if we don’t die for each other, we are already dead’
[verse adapted from a poem by Tasos Livaditis]

Gerasimos Tsakalos — To Evi’s struggle

It’s been 7 months since the imprisonment of my companion Evi Statiri in the cells of democracy. The only ‘offence’ she ever committed is her personal relationship with me. At the same time, my mother Athena Tsakalou lives as an exile on Salamis Island by decision of the judicial junta.

It’s been 7 months since the Power’s experimentations that have widened the circle of repression against friends and relatives of political prisoners, aiming to disseminate fear among people who stand in solidarity with the latter, and to impose a peculiar quarantine regime on captive urban guerrillas. Through the criminalisation of family-friendly relationships, the Power seeks to amputate every bond of solidarity that permeates the prison walls and fuels the struggle for freedom. Right at this moment, the endurances of our own world — a world that has never learned to bow its head — are being put to the test by the police-judiciary machinery of the Power, who are simultaneously taking the pulse of its reactions. With every step we take backwards, the totalitarianism of the statist beast gains ground.

Fear has expansionist tendencies… If that which is being tested today against political prisoners is not slaughtered at birth, it will spread like a plague, striking everyone who wants to live rebelliously without accepting orders or commanders in his/her life. There are many things that I would like to say but, in such moments, actions speak louder than words. Since September 14th Evi has launched a hunger strike fighting for her liberation. Since September 14th I have stood by her side, just like over recent years she has stood by my side, and I have since that date been on hunger strike myself, despite the contrary opinion of doctors, who have outright disagreed with me because it’s only been a short while since the previous hunger strike in which I participated came to an end. My only request is Evi’s liberation. My hunger strike is the only weapon I now have as a prisoner so as to stand in solidarity with Evi. It is part of a polymorphous solidarity that has already begun to manifest itself across Greece within the space of struggle and anarchy. So, there’s really no need to lose focus of the very purpose of the struggle for Evi’s liberation by making mention of my hunger strike or me personally. As I stated before, my hunger strike is my way of declaring myself present at mobilisations of people who stand in solidarity with Evi’s struggle. It is my contribution to solidarity actions that are being accelerated in order to derail — by means of anarchy — the history that we have never recognised as our own as is written by laws, judges, cops and the Power.

That the struggle for Evi’s liberation and for the cessation of prosecution against relatives-friends of political prisoners be the detonator for restarting anarchist offensive, reclaiming the streets, igniting barricades, intensifying desires, waging urban guerrilla warfare, and wagering on total liberation.


‘For, if we don’t die for each other, we are already dead’


Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Hamburg: Anti-Authoritarian days against prison society – 8th-11th October

breite-sol-editNo Prison – No State!
Anti-Authoritarian days against prison society
October 8th-11th 2015 in Hamburg

Whilst we are working, consuming, functioning… they build the cage we`re living in!

Life under democratic regime is dominated by a continuous process of adaption to the problems and developments of the system. The state permanently reflects and improves itself, trying to keep up a civic discourse through offering so-called alternatives and reforms. This is supposed to destroy the basis for unrest and resistance and to many it legitimates strong repressive answers to such rebellious behavior.

This phenomenon can be found in almost every aspect of modern life. The illusion of participation if one of their strongest weapons, and together with the ongoing expansion of so called rights, democracy is developing towards a system, in which the ruled are actively participating in their own oppression.

But their maintaining of this so called social peace doesn’t happen without any disruption and errors. In many places, the social inequality reaches a point, at which it doesn’t maintain, but starts to threaten the stability of power. In these places, more and more people start to leave their prescribed frame and rebel.

Furthermore, Europe is facing a constant stampede for its borders (including its financial and social systems) by people from those countries, in which the inequality has already reached the peak of functionality. These unwanted of the democracy are creating dynamics to which the state has to react, if he doesn’t want to see his existence under threat.

But these developments do not come out of nowhere – they have been expected by those in power, these dynamics are known through studies and analysis for a long time. Counter-programs and processes are running and the states, including their structures and apparatuses of control, are in state of restructuring again. Everything has to become faster, more effective, cheaper. So does the apparatus of repression, which is supposed to defend the current order, defend the state and attack rebels, unwanted, un-needed and the states enemies.  Besides the expanding networking and armament of the apparatuses of repression, there is a need for social assimilation as well, so as to avoid the development towards a field of conflict and a target of the hatred of the oppressed. A society, that finds the ever expanding repression legitimate and actively takes part in its development won’t rise up.

This ever increasing praxis of often violent appeasement is not unknown – especially to those, who have been incarcerated in prisons during the 1980s and 90s, when there where riots, insurrections and hunger-strikes going on allover the European continent, creating cracks in the destroying force of prisons daily grind, it must be pretty familiar. The methods which were used to crush these tensions – on one hand, repression and violence and on the other hand, intensified improvement of the illusion of actively participating and having influence on ones own oppression – can nowadays be found on both sides of the walls.

The prison, as the states most frightening weapon of repression against those who are either not willing or capable to comply with its rules, is actually everywhere, it became much more then just the a grey wall which we`re supposed to fear, it became a concrete reality in every-ones life – the prison is just the states maximized version of the same confinement we have to get used to since we were born.

If we want subversion, the turnover of the system and the end of all oppression and authority, for the realization of a life in freedom, we have to rebel!

If we want a social revolt, that doesn’t just pave the way for another authoritarian reality, we have to recognize social conflicts, we have analyze them and create them ourselves. Through permanent intervention, conflict and reflection of the existent, we can provoke cracks in the normality of the system. Our goal should be to destroy this prison society, starting from what could grow in the spaces, permanent attack could open.

In most parts of Europe, subversion seems to be asleep. Let`s wake it up, armed with our ideas and passions for freedom and put an end to the misery.

If prisons, camps or borders, the states institutions, banks, the economy, the cops or the military – lets face the system and its defendants – just as we have to destroy all the authoritarian bullshit in our heads, the rules and norms created by the existent, for getting closer to our freedom.

We want to come together on this weekend to discuss ideas and struggles for social revolts against the prison society and its world.

We want to talk about whats up and what is to come, get to know each other for finding out, if we share perspectives and find ways of struggling together.

08th-11th October 2015 in Hamburg

Preview to the program:

Thursday, 8th October, 19:30, Centro Sociale
Our passion for freedom is stronger then any prison!
Presentation and discussion with revolting prisoners in Greece and a comrade from the solidarity-fund for prisoners from Athens.

Friday, 9th October, Rote Flora, 19:00
Against the world of borders and papers!
We want to talk about the possibilities and perspectives of struggles against the deportation machinery, the racist normality and its world. There will be comrades talking about concrete experiences in specific struggles.

Saturday, 10th October, Rote Flora, 12:00am
Neither laws nor order!
Discussion concerning specific struggles against repressive developments with comrades from Munich.
Later: Open space for different discussions, for example a workshop about communication with prisoners and a presentation concerning the repression against anarchists in Czech Republic.

Sunday, 11th October, Rote Flora, 12:00am
Against the prison and its world!
What happens in the prison society, which perspectives of struggle do we see (or don’t)?

For more info, check
On each day, there will be food, drinks and infotables.

in German

Piraeus: Evi Statiri, on hunger strike since 14/9, currently hospitalised

Anarchist gathering in solidarity with Evi Statiri, who has undertaken hunger strike since September 14th against fear and injustice: Wednesday, September 30th 2015, at 18:00 outside the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus. —Assembly in solidarity with Evi Statiri (in Athens).

In the early hours of Sunday, September 27th 2015, when Evi Statiri entered the 14th day of her hunger strike, she suffered severe hypoglycemia and presented with symptoms such as intense pallor, orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia on exertion. Additionally, she has experienced malaise, palpitations when making the slightest effort and when standing, and cold intolerance, often accompanied by chills. Later that day, she was urgently transferred from Koridallos prison to the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus, having lost 11% of her initial body weight.

Evi Statiri is now awaiting response from a judicial council, having filed a new request for her release three weeks ago.

Greek prisons: Text of Revolutionary Struggle prisoner Kostas Gournas about the hunger strike undertaken by Evi Statiri

(banner in Thessaloniki: Let’s combat states of exception with factual solidarity – Freedom for Evi Statiri)

September 15th 2015:

It is a longstanding as well as an infamous tactic of the State — particularly of the police-judicial mechanism — to use fabricated charges against relatives so as to hold them hostage and put pressure on fighters and political prisoners. It was done in 2002 [against Angeliki Sotiropoulou, wife of 17N prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas], it was done in 2010 [against Marie Beraha, wife of Revolutionary Struggle prisoner Kostas Gournas], and it was done again in March 2015 [against Evi Statiri, wife of CCF prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos, but also against Athena Tsakalou, mother of the Tsakalos brothers]. This is because the repressive policy applied against imprisoned members of armed organisations is an ongoing process of political extermination by any means.

After its capitulation on February 20th, the SYRIZA-led government was faced with the first class confrontation — that is, the hunger strike of political prisoners during Spring — and was compelled to vote favorably — among others – on an amendment that theoretically opened the way for the relatives of CCF members to be released. Today, after being refused her liberation six times by judicial councils, Evi Statiri, companion of an imprisoned member of the organisation, is still in prison. Her case is the clearest proof, not only of the acceptance of a state of emergency surrounding the memorandum by the government of the Left, but also of the strict application of a state of exception for political prisoners.

For those in society who had the clarity and determination to approach the ‘no’ vote in the referendum in a class manner and to oppose every memorandum, though without being able to take the next step forward, the question of an alternative way other than the one of delegation or relinquishment, which all the bourgeois parliamentary forces are charting, is more pressing than ever. And this is no other way than struggle and solidarity. Evi’s way…

on hunger strike since September 14th 2015

Cyber-world: Vivisection laboratory website defaced by the ALF and taken offline

The 7th September 2015, a vivisection laboratory website was sabotaged by using the technique of “deface”. It was entered to the website server and some of their directories were modified. The result was a more realistic image about what the laboratory does and a message we hope never forgot.

Because we don’t care about the excuses and lies they use to justify their experiments. What really matters is that people see and know what really happens inside the laboratories, and to cause the biggest economic damage as possible.

After few weeks, the website has disappeared. What probably means it has been closed (hopefully permanently). We are proud that the goal of this action has been reached, and we’ll go on until we close all laboratories.



Note from Contra Info: The website referenced is the Chudasama Laboratory of Brain and Behaviour, a part of the McGill University campus in Montreal, Canada, that previously looked like this.

in Spanish

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Call for international solidarity with the Hanhikivi hunger-strikers

Update 23.9.15 at 23:30pm: The person in a tree-house has been taken down by the cops on 23.9.2015. The operation required cutting trees, building a new road, a special unit of cops and fire department, 3 big vehicles, guards, and many hours. Finally the mop of pine martens caught the squirrel. Our comrade was taken into hospital to get liquid, but was already released this night. We are happy that the person is quite ok. All the hunger strikes ended this evening.

The anti-nuclear struggle continues in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp was almost evicted last week, 15th September, but the cops left one person in a tree-house. Some people started a new camp just next to the construction site, in a cottage which had been a second base of the camp until now. Isolating the person in a tree led to the hunger strike of 5 people.

The nuclear power company Fennovoima doesn’t allow activists to bring vital supplies to the person in the tree. He has been without food since Saturday 19th September. In this situation he started a hunger strike demanding to get food, more warm clothes and other needed supplies on Monday 21st. Four more people started a solidarity hunger strike with the same demands. Three of the support strikers are camping next to the Fennovoima office in Pyhäjoki centre and one in Helsinki.

The order to deny all entry to the area was made by the Fennovoima’s construction manager Jouni Sipiläinen and the Oulu police as his loyal friend, despite the fact that there doesn’t actually exist a legal restriction of trespassing in the area yet.

We, supporters of the hunger-strikers, are really concerned especially about the condition of the person protesting in the tree-house. The person has stayed there one week. The weather is cold, rainy and windy, the situation in the area is very stressful because of large amounts of private security guards, who don’t let supporters inside the area. The situation for the protester is hard.

We strongly ask you for solidarity actions and sharing of information! For example your local Finnish and Russian Embassy would be a good place to do protests and actions. The Fennovoima company is partly owned by the Finnish state. Fennovoima has plant supplier contracts with Rusatom Overseas, which is a subsidiary of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.


puumaja-treehouseOn Tuesday 15th September, at midday, 16 police patrols, border control with a helicopter and g4s security attacked the camp. At this moment there where just a few people in the camp who climbed up to two tripods and two tree huts. Soon after a bulldozer and an excavator demolished the entrance of the camp. The first tripod was taken down by pulling the legs while there was a person sitting on it, with the bigger one the cops first cut it’s legs using chainsaw. One tree-house was unreachable for the cops, and at the moment, one week later, there is still a person up a tree.

The camp started on the 21st April, so it was 5 months old yesterday. Originally Fennovoima demanded that the area should be empty at the end of May, as it wanted to start massive operations in the beginning of June, but the eviction happened only 3 and a half months later. The camp managed to delay and mess up the plans of the construction site for the whole summer. In July the cops announced that around 100 “crimes” (including blockades and all kinds of minor disruptions of the work, specifically against the fence under construction) occured during the protest.

In the last two weeks of the camp people had to row a boat to get in the camp, as the fence was finally ready and the gate was closed. It’s evident that the company have their reasons to do everything to get rid of the protesters, even if it still hasn’t got the legal means to do so.

All the cottages are still not owned by the company, even if last week,  after the eviction, Fennovoima finally managed to buy the land it needs. According to the Finnish Nuclear Act they actually should of had all the land under their control 6 years ago, when they made the application to the government. But, big companies do what they want; this really doesn’t surprise anyone.

There are still multiple problems related to the project, including the fact that there are several shareholders who are trying to get rid of their shares. Next summer Fennovoima must have a reliable report of long term nuclear waste disposal, which will require a lot of imagination. The support of nuclear power and Fennovoima are decreasing all the time. We have no clue what kind of political and economical turbulences we might face in the Finnish or Russian near future, so this story is not at it’s end yet.

You are still welcome to join the struggle, in one way or another!

Email: hyokyaalto [at] riseup [dot] net
Camp phone: +358 465 98 1080


Basel: Demonstration against militarization, deportations, nations and borders

On the evening of friday September 18th, around 400 people walked from Claraplatz to the deportation prison “Bässlergut” in a demonstration against the military exercise “Conex15” and to show our solidarity to the prisoners. When the demonstration arrived there, about 60 riot-cops were waiting to protect the prison. From the outside we could hear the prisoners banging on the bars and shouting slogans, amongst others against the cops.

As the demonstration tried to get closer to the prison and the cops were attacked to drive them away, they responded with teargas and rubber bullets. There were a lot of slogans shouted and the attacks on the cops continued, but unfortunately we didn’t succeed to get closer to the fences. After these confrontations, which lasted for about half an hour, the demonstration continued to walk into the direction of the harbour, where originally a part of the military exercise was supposed to take place. On the way buildings of a local newspaper (Basler Zeitung), of the ISS and the border police were attacked and one ISS car was set afire. Several public transport ticket-machines were smashed.

The “Basler Zeitung” takes part in the racist campaigns against the migrants, the ISS participates in the facility management in prisons Europe-wide and the reasons for the attacks against the border police are self-explanatory. After the demonstration 8 people got arrested, but all of them are free again.

This demonstration was a sign of solidarity to the people who are imprisoned and deported and shows our anger against this society which is accepting this situation. And it is an expression of our rage against the cops, the military and the border guards, who are protecting these structures of power like prisons and borders.

Fire and Flames to the (Deportation-)Prisons!!!

Pyhäjoki, Finland: Eco-anarchist on hunger strike since September 19th at Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp

Received September 21st:

The police (sent by Nuclear company Fennovoima) evicted most of the anti-nuclear action camp on September 15th in Pyhäjoki. Police also arrested 5 people. The camp has been successfully resisting the nuclear power plant project for 5 months. The police still haven’t managed to evict one of the protesters who is now in the tree-house. Fennovoima will destroy the forest if the protester is evicted. Security companies G4S and Arlia have been preventing anyone from helping this person in the tree-house and ambulance workers also haven’t provided any assistance. The person who went on hunger strike since September 19th is in critical situation because liquids don’t stay in his body anymore.

We now call for immediate solidarity from comrades everywhere! Solidarity is our weapon!

Egaleo, Athens: Benefit gig for arrestees of the 17/09 demo that ended in clashes in Exarchia

Spread the word!

Monday, September 21st 2015, inside the occupied Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in Egaleoten minute walk from Aghia Marina metro station

Graffiti Festival + Open Mics (bring your spray paints) at 16:00
Rap Live by ‘to miasma’, ‘ex nihilo’, ‘ola denoun’ at 20:30

Assembly of anarchists/antiauthoritarians at the occupied TEI of Athens

YouTube Preview Image

Note of Contra Info:

The TEI of Athens has been occupied by comrades since September 13th, putting forward demands such as the immediate granting of educational furloughs to the anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos, the immediate release of the hunger striker Evi Statiri, and the lifting of the restrictive measures imposed on Athena Tsakalou, as well as the necessity of crushing fascism in all its manifestations, of factually supporting refugees/migrants, of sabotaging and attacking every institutional and electoral process.

In the context of the occupation’s activities and info-meetings, this is an event of urgently-needed financial support for legal expenses of arrestees of the antifascist-antistatist-anticapitalist demonstration that took place in central Athens on Thursday 17/09. The particular protest was organised by the ‘Assembly of anarchists against the State, Capital and fascists’ on occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

That night, some 150 anarchists gathered at Canningos Square and took to the streets of Exarchia neighbourhood where clashes erupted, after the local police station on Kallidromiou Street was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Footage: 1, 2 (+ photos and reportback in Spanish).

A total of 9 people were arrested, most of whom were heavily beaten up by cops. Five arrestees (2 adults and 3 minors) are still being held at the Athens police headquarters facing felony charges. The 5 captives are expected to appear before investigating judges at the Evelpidon courts (building 9) on Monday 21/09, at 12:00, and Tuesday 22/09, at 10:00.

No comrade left alone in the hands of the enemy! Solidarity is our weapon!

Nicosia, Cyprus: Banner in solidarity with Evi Statiri

“No State will halt the passion for freedom – Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

On September 19th, within a small and rotten city, we hung a banner as a small gesture of love and solidarity with the prisoner in struggle Evi Statiri, contributing our part so that her voice resonates in every corner of the earth.



in Greek | Spanish

Thessaloniki, Greece: Painted slogans and banner in solidarity with Evi Statiri

“Freedom for Evi Statiri, on hunger strike since 14/09”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri”

“Evi, hold strong until freedom – Hunger strike against fear and injustice

“Struggle against fear and injustice”

“Evi, hold strong until freedom”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri, hunger striker since 14/09”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri, hunger striker since 14/09”

A minimal gesture of solidarity with the hunger striker Evi Statiri.

Victory in Evi Statiri’s struggle, until liberation
Lifting of the restrictive conditions imposed against Athena Tsakalou
Strength to the imprisoned members of the Revolutionary Organisation CCF

Solidarity with all the prosecuted fighters

in Greek | Spanish

International coordinated actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri (on hunger strike since 14/9)

Between the 12th and 17th of September 2015, some participants in the network of Contra Info carried out a series of actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri, prisoner in struggle in Greece, who has undergone hunger strike since September 14th, demanding an end to the preventive detention that was imposed on her six months ago.

Evi Statiri is incarcerated as a result of the vengeful mania that the repressive apparatuses of Greek democracy unleashed, after the failed escape plan of the imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in early 2015, targeting relatives and friends of members of the organisation. When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they lay their hands on their close and supportive environment, seeking to sow fear and punish what does not fit into their heavy bibles of legislature, what transcends the prison walls, what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.

Following the decision of Evi Statiri to choose hunger strike as a means of struggle, we’re calling out to comrades worldwide to strengthen this cry for freedom through multifaceted anarchist action. So that it resonates in the streets: EVI STATIRI OUT ONTO THE STREETS!

Below are a few photos from actions that took place in the territories controlled by the states of Bolivia, France, Greece, Portugal, Chile and Spain. We look forward to receiving your contributions at contrainfo[at]

A banner was hung in La Paz (Bolivia), reading: “From Bolivia we salute you, compañera Evi Statiri, abducted by the Greek state”; flyers were also distributed: “From Bolivia to Greece, freedom for Evi Statiri – Your struggle from inside the prison is a sign of indomitable ferocity in the face of the Power and repression”

Leaflets and flyposting in Toulouse (France): “Solidarity with Evi Statiri, political prisoner in Greece – Evi Statiri is detained on remand at Koridallos prison, in Greece, since the 2nd of March 2015, arrested for being the life companion of Gerasimos Tsakalos, imprisoned member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (international anarchist revolutionary organisation). After being refused her liberation once again, she commences a hunger strike on the 14th of September. Fire to the borders – Fire to the prisons”

Banners at the Athens Polytechnic School, Exarchia (Greece): “Neither innocent, nor guilty – Solidarity with Evi Statiri” / “Evi Statiri, hold strong – We are all family of the Cells of Fire – Death to the judges!”

A banner was placed in one of Lisbon’s most central and tourist locations (Portugal): “Freedom for Evi Statiri”; leaflets signed by Some Anarchists were also handed out, providing an update on Evi’s situation: “Internationalist and anarchist solidarity with Evi Statiri – After 6 months in preventive detention, an act of pure vengeance and arbitrariness of the Power, Evi Statiri initiated a hunger strike on September 14th 2015, in the dungeons of Greek democracy, until her unconditional release. (…) Freedom for those who are in prison cells – Immediate release of Evi Statiri – Lifting of the restrictive measures against Athena Tsakalou!” (PDF in Portuguese)

Banner in Santiago (Chile): “«Fear may rule, but it cannot reign in the hearts and minds of free human beings» – Evi Statiri out onto the streets!”

Slogans were spray-painted in the streets of Iruña/Pamplona, Navarre (Spain) — Evi askatu! (“Free Evi!” in Basque) and more…

“Until the total destruction of all the prisons – Evi free”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri”

“Freedom for Evi Statiri, compañera in Greece”

“Solidarity with Evi Statiri”

Spanish, Greek

Brussels: Down with the maxi-prison – gathering without borders from september 29th to october 3rd

abaslamaxiprisonFive days of gatherings and debates
September 29th – October 3rd 2015 in Brussels
The program of events can be found here.

If the state counted on silently building in Brussels the largest prison complex in Belgian history, it was mistaken. Against this maxi-prison project, a struggle was born and has intensified. An uncompromising struggle that has taken the initiative, which creates paths without political parties or formal organisations, that embodies itself in self-organisation and direct action against what makes the maxi-prison possible.

The project to build a maxi-prison is inscribed into a wider economic and political context. In this time of new economic and political instability, the Belgian State, like other States, level up with strengthening the repression. Whether this translates into tougher laws, more control at all levels, cameras everywhere, militarisation of borders, soldiers in the street, urban regeneration to “restore order”, there are also all types of extensive prison building programs. Because prison will always be one of the threats used to try to make us fall into rank as well as a powerful state tool to keep in order its world divided into rich and poor, powerful and excluded, oppressors and oppressed.

If ideas and actions have to join hands, if thought and experience can sharpen the fight we lead, if the construction of the maxi-prison is not just a question of four walls, but perhaps above all a social issue that affects the whole of this society, these five days of gatherings around the struggle against the maxi-prison could be a valuable opportunity.

At these meetings, comrades from different corners of the world will chat about their experiences of struggle, bringing along their reflections around insurrectionary struggle and explore ways to deepen the fight against the maxi-prison, but not solely.

Tuesday 29th September, 7:30pm
Le Passage – Rue Rossini 11, Anderlecht
The hour of the revolt (comrade from London)

Wednesday 30th September, 3pm
Lion D’or – Avenue Jamar 5, Anderlecht
The struggle against the maxi-prison

Wednesday 30th September, 7:30pm
Pianofabriek – Rue du Fort 35, Saint-Giles
The struggle against the new Type C prisons in Greece

Thursday 1st October, 7:30pm
Acrata – Rue de la Grande Ile 32, Brussels
Towards the insurrection (comrade from Italy)

Friday 2nd Octoer, 5pm
Acrata – Rue de la Grande Ile 32, Brussels
Undermine the prisons of the democracy in Chile

Friday 2nd Octoer, 7:30pm
Le Passage – Rue Rossini 11, Anderlecht
Rebellion in Spanish prisons (comrade from Spain)

Saturday 3rd October, 2pm
L’eau Chaude – Rue des Renards 25, Marolles
Feedback and perspectives of struggle

in French, Italian | Program of events in French and Dutch (pdf)
Further reading: “The struggle against the maxi-prison” (pdf)

Welsh translation of Reclaim the Fields – Towards a world without prisons

Wrecsam, Cymru: Ail-Feddiannu’r Caeau – Tuag at byd heb garchardai

O’r 28ain Awst i’r 2il o Fedi 2015, fe atynodd Gwersyll Ryngwladol Ail-Feddianwn y Caeau dros 130 o bobl i Wrecsam, i wrthsefyll ‘Project Carchar Gogledd Cymru,’ ac adeiladu yr ail garchar mwyaf yn Ewrop. Cynhalwyd  y digwyddiad yng Ngwersyll Amddiffyn y Gymuned Borras, gwersyll a sefydlwyd i wrthwynebu ffracio yn yr ardal, yr oedd yr ymgynulliad yma o bobl yn ceisio i gysylltu brwydrau tir ag ymwrthedd i’r cymhleth diwydianol carchar (the prison industrial conplex) (1) a mecanweithiau parhaus o drais gan y wladwriaeth a difeddiant.

Cysylltu brwydrau

O ddydd Sadwrn i ddydd Llun, yr oedd rhaglen cynhwysfawr o weithdai, trafodaethau a gweithgareddau ymarferol. Fe wnaeth pobl wneud cysylltiadau rhwng brwydrau yn ymwneud a’r system carchardai, sofraniaeth bwyd, ffiniau, ac agweddau eraill ar y byd ar ol cau y tiroedd comin. Fe wnaeth nifer o’r gweithdai archwilio i greulondeb y system carchar, cyflwyno’r cymleth diwydiant carchardai, y brwydrau parhaus dros garcharorion IPP, carchardai i’r sawl nad ynt yn fodau dynol a sut y mae carchardai yn ymwneud â brwydrau rhywedd a cwiar, yn ogystal a hyn yn ystod y penwythnos fe ddatblygwyd cynllun permaddiwylliant ar gyfer y gwersyll a dechreuodd pobl gweithio ar yr ardd berlysiau, system biochar a phaneli solar ar gyfer y safle.

Byth ar pen eich hunain, Byth yn angof

Drwy gydol y gwersyll fe ddigwyddodd nifer o weithredodd. Yn ystod y nos, cymerodd pobl systemau sain, uwchseinyddion, ac offerynnau gwneud sŵn eraill i garchardai lleol er mwyn dangos carcharorion nad ydynt yn cael eu hanghofio ac nid un ar pen eu hunain. Fe ymwelwyd a HMP Stoke Heath, HMP Drake Hall a HMP Altcourse. Ymwelwyd a rhain i gyd, gyda llawer o garcharorion yn gweiddi yn ôl a yn curo eu drysau. Yr oedd pobl yn bloeddio “If you hate the screws, clap your hands” o dan lleuad llawn.
Fel rhan o Wythnos Ryngwladol Unoliaeth gyda Carcharorion Anarchaidd, fe wnaeth plant yn y gwersyll wneud baner ar gyfer garcharor anarchaidd o Wledydd Prydain, Emma Sheppard. Cafodd llythyrau eu hysgrifennu a straeon carcharorion eu rhannu. Cafodd baneri hefyd eu gwneud ar gyfer gymrodyr ar dag ac ar amodau mechnïaeth gormesol nad oedd yn gallu cyrraedd yr ymgynulliad o ganlyniad i hyn.

Yn y Strydoedd

Roedd yna hefyd gweithredoedd ar y stryd fawr, gyda pobl yn dosbarthu taflenni am y carchar yn Wrecsam a sut y gallant gymryd rhan yn y frwydyr yn ei herbyn. Ar ddydd Llun yr oedd protest yn erbyn Tirlunio P & A. Nhw yw tirlunwyr y carchar ac maent wedi darparu nifer o ffensys a deunyddiau i’r carchar. Fe wnaeth pobl ymweld a’i canolfan arddio cyhoeddus. Ymwelwyd a hysbyswyd cwsmeriaid am eu rôl yn ehangu carchar.

Blocâd drwy’r dydd ar y Carchar

Ar ddydd Mawrth y 1af o Fedi fe wnaeth tua 20 o bobl rwystro tair porth mynediad i’r safle adeiladu Mega-Garchar Wrecsam. Yr oedd y weithred syml hon yn hawdd i gydlynu, a gyda heddlu a staff y safle yn ddryslyd a heb baratoi,  cafwyd effaith fawr heb angen llawer o ymdrech. Cafodd ciw o dryciau eu hatal rhag mynd i mewn ac allan o’r safle, gan gynnwys cyflenwad sment enfawr oedd yn rhaid cael ei droi yn ol cyn iddo ddifetha. Yr oedd Simon Caron, Cyfarwyddwr Prosiect Lend Lease, yn ymbil protestwyr i adael wrth ddweud, “We’ve been reasonable letting you protest, please just allow this one to get through”.  Ni wnaeth unrhyw un symyd fe oedd cerbydau cyflenwi deunyddiau yn methu mynd i mewn.

Targedu cyflenwyr yn rhanbarthol

Wrth i gyfranogwyr y gwersyll rwydweithio a dod i adnabod eu gilydd, ffurfwyd grwpiau rhanbarthol i weithredu yn erbyn targedau yn eu hardaloedd eu hunain. Ymwelodd un grŵp â swyddfeydd Swydd Gaerloyw o Precast erections Cyf, y cwmni sy’n cyflenwi blociau concrid a ddefnyddir i adeiladu’r carchar. Mae mwy o weithredoedd yn cael eu cynllunio. Cysylltwch â’ch grŵp lleol i gael gwybod sut y gallwch gymryd rhan yn Ngweithredu Cymunedol yn erbyn Ehangiad Carchar.

Protest Unoliaeth yn y Llys

Ar ddydd Mercher yr 2il, fe aeth pobl o AilFeddianu’r Caeau i gefnogi dynes leol, Vanda Gillett a oedd wedi ei cyhuddo o ymosod yn ystod Blocâd Cymunedol Barton Moss. Yn dilyn rheithfarn euog, fe ffrwydrodd gwylltineb yn ei hamddiffyniad. Cafodd y llys ei feddiannu a yr oedd “ysgarmes” gyda’r heddlu y tu allan i’r llys. Cafodd pedwar o fobl eu harestio a symudodd pobl i ddangos unoliaeth yn y gorsafoedd heddlu lle oedd yr sawl a arrestwyd yn cael eu cadw.

Oherwydd yr arestiadau a bod blaenoriaeth i gefnogaeth tu allan gorsafoedd Heddlu, cafodd gweithredoedd pellach ym Manceinion wedi eu gohirio, fodd bynag, mae pobl leol sydd wedi eu cymell gan y frwydr gwrth-garchar yn awyddus i barhau i dargedu cwmnïau lleol ac oedi adeiladu y mega-garchar.

Ail-feddiannu’r Caeau, Adfer ein Bywydau

Mae adennill y Caeau yn gyster o fobl a phrosiectau ar y cyd sydd yn barod i fynd yn ôl at y tir a ail-feddianu rheolaeth dros gynhyrchu bwyd. Rydym yn benderfynol o greu dewisiadau amgen i gyfalafiaeth trwy dulliau cyd-weithredol, ymreolaethol, yn cynhyrchu dros anghenion a mentrau ar raddfa fach, gan roi theori ar waith a chysylltu gweithredu ymarferol lleol gyda brwydrau gwleidyddol byd-eang.

Mae’r gwersyll yn un rhan o’n stori. Nid ydym yn ‘ymgyrch’ na ‘chlymblaid’. Yr ydym yn bobl, prosiectau a brwydrau amrywiol yn cydgyfeirio ac ddargyfeirio ar hyd a lled Ewrop. Mae sawl ffordd y mae economeg cyfalafol yn dod i dra-arglwyddiaethu ar y tir (boed hynny drwy adeiladu carchardai, dryllio am nwy neu ecsbloetio amaethyddiaeth diwydiannol) yn berthnasol ac yn cysylltu bob un ohonom. Er y gall crynoadau a gwersylloedd gweithredu fod yn gyfyngedig yn wleidyddol, nid ydynt yn bopeth nac yn ddiwedd ar ein holl waith. Maent yn fannau ymgynnull ac yn gyfle i gymrodion i gyfarfod ac adfyfyrio’n feirniadol ar sut y brwydrau hyn yn llunio ein bywydau.

Daeth yr ymgynulliad yn fyw trwy waith grŵp anhygoel o bobl sy’n gweithio ar y cyd ac yn llorweddol. Yr oedd nifer o cyn-garcharorio a’r sawl sydd wedi cefnogi anwyliaid yn y carchar yn bressenol a fe wnaeth y profiad eu cyffwrdd. Yr oedd yr angerdd a’r casineb tuagat y system garchar yn bresennol iawn ac yn weladwy iawn. Hefyd yr oedd yr awch am rywbeth mwy, ar gyfer tyfu bwyd, adennill tir a byw yn wahanol.

Byddwn yn parhau â’n gwaith i adennill ein bywydau gan y wladwriaeth, gan ein system economaidd gyfalafol a chymdeithas carchar gormesol. Hyd nes bod OLL YN RHYDD!

Ail-Feddiannu’r Caeau, Medi 2015

(1) Diffinir yma fel buddiannau sy’n gorgyffwrdd y llywodraeth a diwydiant sy’n defnyddio gwyliadwriaeth, plismona a carchar fel atebion i broblemau economaidd, cymdeithasol a gwleidyddol.

Finland: Repression & resistance in Hanhikivi Cape, Venetsia squat evicted

Finland: Police attacks occupation in Pyhäjoki and Squat Venetsia, Helsinki

On Tuesday September 15 the cops and security guards from local security company Arlia and G4S started to evict the protesters on Fennovoima´s planned nuclear construction site on Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki. 4 arrests where made but people where released the day after. Updates from a treehouse tell us that by 11 o´clock Wednesday evening the cops have not yet succeeded to empty the area, but the destruction is in progress.

Eviction of Squat Venetsia

On the same day that the eviction in Pyhäjoki started, Squat  Venetsia in Helsinki showed solidarity with the occupation in Pyhäjoki. The day after, on wednesday, Venetsia was evicted.

Squat Venetsia had been planning solidarity events for the Pyhäjoki occupation and was also going to play an important role in housing people during the major strikes, protests and anti-government activities planned in Finland on friday.

The resistance on Hanhikivi Cape, Pyhäjoki

The protest camp, which has been around since April, is now moved to a different location in the remaining forest. The diverse activities that has taken place in Hanhikivi Cape – ranging from blockades, occupied trees and acts of sabotage- have significantly delayed Fennovoima´s plans to start the construction of the nuclear power plant together with energy company Fortum and Rosatom – Russian state owned company that specialises in the manufacturing of nuclear arms. Since the start of the occupation the situation on Hanhikivi cape has become more and more oppressive. A couple of weeks ago guards from the security company Arlia entered the camp in the night, armed with knives. A  person was dragged away by the hair and two occupants were arrested by the police.

Both the camp on Hanhikivi Cape and Squat Venetsia – as part of the finnish squatting scene – have lately played important roles in spreading autonomous culture of active resistance and direct action against state and capital, in Finland. It is no coincidence they have been targeted now, on the verge of the protests taking place on Friday.

More info and images on Takku and Hyökyaalto.

Ohio, USA: Sean Swain incommunicado again

Received on September 15th:

We’re not sure what’s going on, but Sean Swain has been blocked from receiving (and presumably sending) JPay emails. He also has not called his primary supporters, or The Final Straw for a new radio segment. We’ll probably hear from him via snail mail sooner or later, but until then, we’ve got to assume he’s cut off.

When we called the prison, they told us he was not in the hole, and did not have any restrictions on his communication. We suspect they may have transferred him back to a 3B spot, undoing the success of our recent call-in effort. They refused to tell us what security level the block he is held in is on and they got surly and authoritarian when we asked.  It seems that the officers at Sean’s newest prison, Warren CI need to learn that their jobs are a whole lot easier when they don’t provoke anarchists from across the country to call and check in on the welfare of our friend who they hold captive.

WARREN CI: 513-932-3388

You can call Warren CI and ask the same questions we asked- why does Sean not have access to communication, what security level is he currently housed in, and does the JPay kiosk in his (or any Warren Unit) actually work right now? You can also leave Sean’s Case Manager a voicemail by punching extension 2281, or try and talk to deputy warden Robert Welch, who maybe got Sean moved from 3B to 3A a few weeks ago, he’s at ext 2005. Whatever lucky anarchist happens to be on the call when when of these officers breaks and spills the beans, please drop a line to AnarchistSwain [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sean doesn’t like when they fuck with his communication access. Being a writer, getting his voice out is one of the things that help Sean feel connected to the outside world. So he’s probably feeling alone and frustrated. Also, his birthday was Sept 12th, so if you haven’t written for a while, or missed sending him birthday wishes, please consider dropping a line and letting him (and the mailroom monkeys who have to read all his incoming communication) know that he is loved and missed.

Sean Swain
Warren CI
P.O. Box 120
5787 State Route 63
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Current address, as of Aug 14, 2015

Wrexham, Wales: Reclaim the Fields – Towards a world without prisons

From the 28th August to the 2nd September 2015, the Reclaim the Fields International Action Camp drew over 130 people to Wrexham, North Wales, to resist the ‘North Wales Prison Project,’ the construction of Europe’s second largest prison. Held at Borras Community Protection Camp, a site camp established to oppose fracking in the area, the gathering sought to link land struggles with resistance to the prison industrial complex (1) and ongoing mechanisms of state violence and dispossession.

Connecting the dots

From Saturday to Monday, a comprehensive programme of workshops, discussions and practical activities took place. People connected the dots between struggles around the prison system, food sovereignty, borders, and other aspects of the world post-enclosures. Several workshops explored the brutality of the prison system, introducing the P.I.C., ongoing struggles around IPP prisoners, nonhuman prisons and how prisons relate to gender and queer struggles, and over the course of the weekend a permaculture design was developed for the camp and people began work on a herb garden, biochar system and solar panels for the site.

Never alone, Never forgotten

Throughout the camp several actions took place. In the evenings, folk took sound systems, megaphones, and other noise making instruments to local prisons determined to show prisoners they are not forgotten and not alone. HMP Stoke Heath, HMP Drake Hall and HMP Altcourse were all visited, with many prisoners shouting back and banging their doors. Chants like “If you hate the screws, clap your hands” rang out under a full moon.
As part of the International Week of Solidarity for Anarchist Prisoners, children at the camp made a banner for UK anarchist prisoner, Emma Sheppard. Letters were written and prisoner stories shared. Banners were also made for comrades on tag and repressive bail conditions who couldn’t make the physical gathering.

In the Streets

There were also highstreet actions, with folk leafleting Wrexham about the prison and how they can get involved in fighting it. On Monday a protest was staged at P&A Landscaping. They are the prison’s landscapers and have supplied several fences and materials to the jail. In response their public garden centre was visited and customers were informed about their role in prison expansion.

Day-long Blockade of the Prison

On Tuesday 1st September, around 20 people blockaded the three access gates to the Wrexham Mega-Prison’s construction site. This simple action was easy to co-ordinate, and with confused and unprepared police and site staff, had a big effect with very little effort. A queue of trucks were prevented from entering and exiting the site, including a huge cement delivery which had to be turned away before it spoiled. Simon Caron, Project Director for Lend Lease, begged protesters to let it in saying, “We’ve been reasonable letting you protest, please just allow this one to get through”. No one budged and vehicles delivering materials failed to enter. […]

Suppliers targeted regionally

As camp participants networked and bonded, regional groups formed to take actions against local targets in their own areas. One group visited the Gloucestershire offices of Precast Erections Ltd, the company supplying concrete blocks used to build the prison. More actions are planned. Contact your local group to find out how you can get involved in Community Action on Prison Expansion.

Solidarity Protest at the Court

On Wednesday 2nd, people from Reclaim the Fields supported a local woman, Vanda Gillett who had been charged with assault during the Barton Moss Community Blockade. Following a guilty verdict, anger erupted in her defence. The court was occupied and ‘scuffles’ with the police took place outside. Four people were arrested and people moved to demonstrate at the police stations where they were being held. […]

Due to the arrests and priority of station support, further actions in Manchester were postponed, however local people motivated by the anti-prison struggle are keen to continue to target local companies and delay the construction of this super prison.

Reclaiming the Fields, Reclaiming our Lives

Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production. We are determined to create alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective, autonomous, real needs oriented small scale production and initiatives, putting theory into practice and linking local practical action with global political struggles.

This camp is one part of our story (read the UK history here). We are not a ‘campaign’ or ‘coalition’ or a ‘mass movement’. We are diverse people, projects and struggles converging and diverging all over Europe. The manifold of ways in which capitalist economics comes to dominate the land (whether that be through the construction of prisons, drilling for gas or the exploitation of industrial agriculture) implicates and connects us all. While gatherings and action camps can be politically limited, they are not the be-all or end-all of our work. They are points of encounter, a chance for comrades to meet and critically reflect on how these struggles shape our lives. […]

The gathering came alive through the work of an incredible group of people working collectively and horizontally. Numerous ex-prisoners and people who have supported loved ones through jail were present and moved by the experience. The passion and the hate for the prison system was very present and very visible. As was the desire for something more, for growing food, reclaiming land and living differently.

We will continue our work to reclaim our lives from the state, from our capitalist economic system and oppressive prison society. Until All Are Free!

Reclaim the Fields, September 2015

(1)  Defined here as the overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and political problems.

in Welsh

Bloomington, Indiana: Banner drop in solidarity with anarchist prisoners

A banner was hung in Bloomington in response to the call for an international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, August 23–30.

via Rififi Bloomington | in German, Greek

Argentina: Luxury SUV torched in Buenos Aires

Received on September 10th:

We claim responsibility for the burning of a luxury SUV in an affluent area of Buenos Aires. The big luxurious and destroyer, polluting motor is now scrapped.

With this gesture, we remember Angry, and we salute Sol Vergara, Tato, Javi and the recently abducted by the $hilean State.

Sebastián Oversluij Conspiracy

in Spanish | Greek

Hambach Forest: Solidarity Call – Freedom For Jus

7 weeks ago our comrade Jus got taken from us at the eviction of Remi’s Tower, a huge baricade build in honour of Remi Fraisse, who got killed by the freakin cops.

The first 3 weeks Jus was on hunger strike and as a reaction to that the cops told him he did not have a lawyer registered (which he had) and put him in a isolation cell, where it is hard to sleep cus they check every 15 minutes if your not dead yet by turning the lights on and off. All the letters he receives now get checked and it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for them to get to him. He is in prison for 6 weeks and was only had two visits. It is extremely difficult to arrange visits, because there has to be a interpreter at all times, and they want audio visual surveillance. Also his phone privileges are restricted to only his lawyer (even though everyone else can call whoever the fuck they want) and even about that they are being assholes.

All of that for allegedly breaking a bulldozer window, he has never touched a single individual. These charges would seldomly result into imprisonment before trial, and almost never result into such extreme measures, unless of course cooperate climate and Eco-extreme energy criminals like RWE are involved.

Now off his hunger strike, and still in fucking isolation, Jus is not permitted to join any group activities since he is considered a ‚violent offender‘. He is awaiting trail, they especially kept him for not having a permanent address, even though he has one, they still do not want to let him go. we want our comrade back!

Statement from Jus out of jail:

‚As i sit, work out, and read in my cell, from one side echoes the yell of ’sieg heil‘, and ‚fuck the forest‘ and threads of violence, as on the other side half of the wing erupts in ISIS related chants and slogans. A good illustration of how right wing and fundamentalist extremism is silently tolerated and even endorsed by the state, while all who appose the special interest of capitalist machine of greed and destruction, find them selfs confined and isolated . After regaining my health, following of 22 days of hunger strike, i am planning 3 prison resistance projects and i will keep you all updated.‘

We would like to ask everyone to support Jus, in his struggle in jail.

You can do a couple of things:

Write him! He really likes to read and can read English and Polish. Books and magazines are not allowed, but a article on a piece of paper, or a chapter of a book is.
Write him about the squat you life in, a workshop you been to, send pictures, make a drawing!
For someone so involved in environmental struggles its really hard to be cut off from news sources that you would normally have access to. So keep him updated of what is going on, to show that people care, and are still fighting the machine.

Dariusz (Jus) Brzeski 3236156
JVA Köln
Rochusstr. 350
50827 Köln
Do a solidarity action and make pictures, you can send them to:
or leave comments on our blog:

Tell the story, get involved, make a poster, visit Hambach Forst, organize benefit gig, everything helps.

We will try to keep everyone updated, also on Jus his prison resistance projects, for more info you can call the meadow phone: 0157 – 54 136 100

burn all prisons, freedom for Jus, freedom for all prisoners!