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Athens: Six years after destruction and reconstruction of the self-organised park at Kyprou and Patission St.

They will not root out the resistance

On January 26th 2009, Athens Municipality crews on the orders of the then mayor N.Kaklamanis destroyed the park located on Kyprou Street, uprooting its perennial trees with a view to handing over the space to a private parking company.

Its cementing was prevented thanks to the immediate mobilisation and combative resistance of local residents and people in solidarity, who put in collective efforts to regenerate the park, planting 150 new trees and shrubs, and transformed it once again into an open public green space and a focal point of social struggle.

Six years after the park was destroyed, and despite the systematic machinations of the municipal authority and the state, we continue to resist in a collective, self-organised, anti-institutionalised and self-determined manner against its commercialisation, ghettoisation and antisocial use, and we keep defending its open, social character.

Nowadays, when the largest part of society suffers the consequences of an all-out attack by the state and the bosses, we continue to defend every focus of resistance against poverty, fear, exploitation, racism and repression, for a society of equality, solidarity and freedom.

Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of Kypseli / Patission

More photos from park activities on February 1st 2015:

Galicia: Sabotage in solidarity with prisoners in struggle

We stand in solidarity with the struggle of prisoners who went on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Javier Guerrero and Xavier Corporales, as well as Roberto C. Fernández Pardiñas, a libertarian prisoner in struggle, and all those who are locked up and deprived of freedom.

Therefore, since mid-January, we began sabotaging the tires of luxury cars and vehicles of transport services collaborating with the system, in the north of Galicia.

This is a type of sabotage action that we encourage you to spread and carry out. Like countless attacks against all representation of Power and domination.

We want to break with everything established, we want to live our lives freely, and so we are against all authority that denies our free development.

We are against hierarchies and this system of domination that subjects us to a uniformal way of thinking based on a predetermined attitude and, for their own benefit, denies us to think for ourselves. We grew up fooled to believe that ideas and acts go separate ways in life, and to obey so as not to suffer, and in all of what this entire techno-industrial civilisation condemns us to, to live miserably.

We believe that the fight must transcend from simple words to actions. By this, we perceive life as the need to act according to our acratist ideas, full of vengeance, without waiting for the moment of social revolution. We have already begun.

For the propagation of rage!
Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Free and Informal Association of Savages

Berlin: Security company vehicles torched

For a hellfire on earth…

And once again autonomous cells struck. This night we carried out a sabotage in Berlin, in complicity with all the fighters of our worldwide conspiracy. With fire we transformed two cars belonging to the company ‘Sicherheit Nord’ completely worthless for the watchdogs of the system. With this attack we promise our attention and support to those persecuted and incarcerated by the pigs.

Strength to Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, Mónica Andrea Caballero and Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez.

Strength to the prisoners of the Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas), who are locked up in maximum security prisons.

The dogs that are hunting us down will be hunted by us at any time. Furthermore, we enjoyed the attempted prison escape by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, as well as the assassination of the chief executioner of Domokos type C prison.

We encourage all those who are able, to make attacks against the prison system on a daily basis.

Also the prison laborers who bake donuts for the Olympics propaganda, and thus further dig their own grave, could instead poison a few sports fans of the Berlin Senate with arsenic.

… for a society without coercion and prisons!
For Anarchy!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Translation notes:
Recently, as part of the city authorities’ push to represent Germany in the bid for the 2024 Olympics, the Berlin Justice Senator Thomas Heilmann tried to give away donuts (Pfannkuchen) decorated with the Olympic rings that were baked by inmates from Tegel prison.

Final message on video reads: “See each other on the 18th of March in Frankfurt – make ECB’s opening into a disaster.”

Bristol, UK: Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard

On February 24th, 2015, anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment at Bristol Crown Court for “committing criminal damage recklessly endangering life.” The charge relates to damage of police cars in the Bristol area.

Emma can receive cards, stamps and stationery.

Please write letters of solidarity to:
Emma Sheppard A7372DJ
HMP Eastwood Park, Church Avenue, Falfield
Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12 8DB (England, UK)

For donations, news & any other solidarity efforts email:

Note from Contra Info:
This is the first conviction under Operation Rhone; an investigation led by 10 CID officers to investigate over 100 actions of anonymous attack in the Bristol area over the past four years, gather intelligence on the broader anarchist movement, as well as hunting for the fugitive comrade Badger, who fled in August 2011. However, Emma’s arrest and guilty plea relating to a sabotage on New Year’s Eve appears to be a stand-alone case and was not the result of Op Rhone work – even if they got involved afterwards.

[USA] Fire to the Prisons #12 is available now

The new issue of Fire to the Prisons is now completed and available online.

Check out the new issue, print your own copies, and view past PDFs at our new website: (NOT TO be confused with .com, which is hosted by unknown sources).

Fire to the Prisons is an insurrectionary periodical. It focuses on promoting a revolutionary solidarity between different struggles, prisoners, and existing social tensions that challenge capitalism and the state.

We made 10,000 copies of this issue because we wanted to get them as far and wide as possible. In order to create a publication for free to comrades and the general discontented public, we have forfeited our traditional magazine form and went with a less costly newspaper. We hope to spread this as far as it can go. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this project and we hope that it shows.

If you would like to order bulk copies of the newspaper, please order from LBC at their website ( LBC will send out issues for only the cost of postage.

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We are still looking to make back the amount that was spent printing the publication, so if you are interested throwing us some money – or better yet, organizing a benefit event, please get at us.

We’d also like to thank everyone who made this project possible – and all who have supported us in the past. Everyone that spent long hours looking at PDFs, those that built our new website, the friends that will help us print and distribute this paper, all those that contributed to the publication, and everyone that has given us encouragement along the way. Without you, this project would not have been possible.

For a borderless affinity,
For those that truly know the meaning of silence,
For all our comrades yet to be made free from the horrors of the State,
Fire to the Prisons

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Spain: Solidarity attacks against cash machines for prisoners in struggle

Navarre — ATM sabotaged in Altsasu

We support the struggle of prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and Javi Guerrero.

This is why on February 8th we sabotaged the ATM of Santander bank in Altsasu (Navarre), Basque Country, to be linked with the exploitation of prisoners in the Spanish state. There is no need for a lot of resources; a hammer and a little determination are enough.

Freedom for the comrades immediately.

Death to the state and long live anarchy
Madrid — 113 ATMs rendered unusable

Solidarity action with the three prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez, Xavier Corporales and Javier Guerrero.

With this action we tried to break, even if only for a moment, the cash flow, the normal consumerism of this lobotomised and automaton society.

While the powerful continue to profit from their lives of luxury and privilege, from where they run the open-air prison in which we live, we are constantly monitored by cameras, mobiles and social networks… Each step we make is recorded, engraved, stored on the retina of the eye that sees everything, watching in search of suspects, rebels, immigrants, the poor, anyone who might represent a threat to their status quo, for whom only misery, suffering, prison bars and death are reserved.

But we won’t make their task easy, because while they tighten the rope around the neck, we learn ourselves how to undo the knots again and again, until the last walls fall; until the last of these blood-sucking murderers falls, until, one after another, they disappear from the face of the earth without leaving any trace of exploitation, misery and domination anymore; until we are all free, the struggle is the only path.

We want to wish a welcome home the recently released comrades of Operation Pandora, and send a warm solidarity hug to the incarcerated compas Mónica, Francisco, Gabriel, as well as all the rebels kidnapped by the states wherever they are.

So the revolt extends!

Note (translated and slightly adapted from French):

Now 57 years old, José Antúnez Becerra has spent more than 40 years of his life behind bars. He has participated in numerous struggles and revolts on the inside (since the time of the COPEL: Spanish Prisoners in Struggle Coordinating Committee), and was sentenced to an additional 13 years for taking part in the rebellion of Quatre Camins in 2004. After an initial hunger strike last year after which he obtained nothing, he decided on January 23rd 2015 to begin an indefinite hunger strike until his release.

Imprisoned for 11 years, Javier Guerrero Carvajal declared hunger strike since December 12th 2014, and demands the respect of the prison regulations and human rights in the prison of A Lama. On January 5th, he was admitted to the hospital of Pontevedra because of his state of health.

After more than 20 years in the Spanish jails, Xavier Corporales is due to be released on April 14th 2015. On January 2nd 2015, he went on hunger strike to put an end to the FIES (the prisons within the prisons), for the release of prisoners with incurable illnesses, and against the lack of care in the jails. However, due to health problems, he had to end his hunger strike after 20 days.

Since January solidarity with these three prisoners has manifested in various ways in different parts of Spain: painted slogans, banner drops, gatherings, etc.

On February 2nd, anarchists placed a banner in Altsasu (Navarre) to show solidarity with the struggle of Javi Guerrero, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and José Antúnez Becerra. They also gave revolutionary greetings to comrades held hostage by the various states, in Chile (sending courage to the recently convicted Tamara Sol Farías Vergara), Mexico, Greece, Italy, and to Francisco and Mónica, prisoners of the miserable, murderous and torturous Spanish state.

Later in February, anarchists in Zaragoza spray-painted slogans for anarchists implicated in Operation Pandora, and dropped banners to express their solidarity with the two prisoners still on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra and Javi Guerrero, “because we want them free and alive.”

Of the necessity to find ourselves: A camp in Bure for Summer 2015

We come from counter-summits, Climate Action camps, No Border villages; struggles in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the Susa Valley or in the Sivens; anti-nuclear struggles such as in Valognes, Montabot or Bure; social, feminist and anti-authoritarian struggles…

If all these struggles are singular, many of us will bear the same horizontality structured ideals and reflections to combat all forms of domination. We also find common ground in modes of life and action. These battles sometimes intersect and reinforce each other.

The capitalist logic transforms the territory, devastates our environments, seeking to reduce our lives at work and by consumption. Faced with this we respond with squatting, blockades, sabotage; by practices that acquire autonomy outside of this world.

But we see that is not enough. Because if we win moments of autonomy, we are still losing ground.

To strengthen and deepen our connections we must create moments of encounter, confront our practices of struggle and modes of organisation, reflect on the points of contention that agitates our communities, away from the schedules imposed by the summits and other farces of national unity.

This summer, let’s come together for a self-managed camp in Bure, in Meuse(1), where they are building in force an international centre for radioactive waste disposal… We want to discuss our strategies, before together envisaging our methods of collective action, to anchor our resistance in Bure, like elsewhere.

Furthermore, the next big global climate summit (the COP 21), to be held in Paris in December 2015, will once again focus on the usual indignation. Let us not be entertained by this masquerade. Let’s nourish ourselves instead from the already created trajectories transversed from Chiapas to Exarchia, from Ferguson to Villiers-le-Bel.

We have nothing to do with “the international” of their summits; for us the surpassing of borders is instead constructed by the connections woven between our worlds.

Our anger is not reversible. It is organising.

Vladimir, Martine & Co*

* In homage to our unwilling comrade who rid us of the CEO of France-based Total.(2)

Source: Nantes Indymedia

Translation notes
(1) Meuse is part of the region of Lorraine, located approximately 50 miles west of Nancy, in the north-east of France.
(2) Thanks to a private plane crashing into a snowplow he was driving at Vnukovo international airport in Moscow, Russia. In response Russian authorities opened a criminal investigation against the driver, Vladimir M.

Bulgaria: Antifascist march in Sofia

Neither in Sofia nor anywhere…

Last Saturday, February 14, 2015, around 150-200 antifascists demonstrated in Sofia against the annual march in honour of general Hristo Lukov, Nazi collaborator and leading figure of the Bulgarian national-socialism, executed by partisans in 1943.

Fascists from all over Bulgaria take part in the march in memory of Lukov, and previously up to 1,000 people were participating in it. This year, the fascist gathering was attended by 300 invertebrates.

The antifascist demonstration was also directed against the rise of racism observed in Bulgaria in recent years, after the appearance of refugees (from Syria) for the first time in the country. Furthermore, demonstrators chanted slogans against homophobia (in 2008, fascist hooligans killed 25-year-old student Mihail Stoyanov at a park in Sofia because he “looked gay”).

In a display of internationalist antifascist solidarity, also 15-20 comrades from Greece, Romania and the Republic of Macedonia participated in the antifascist march.

‘Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence’, issue 4

Dear comrades,
The fourth issue of Avalanche just came out. To get paper copies in English, please send us a mail: correspondance[at] If not, you can also download the PDF from the website The Spanish and now also German version of this fourth issue are in the making and will soon be available.
anarchist greetings,
a v a l a n c h e

Italy: Alberto Funaro, convicted of rioting against the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa, was released from prison!

Alberto Funaro was released on probation, after two and a half years in prison for the events in Genoa in 2001, for which 10 people were convicted of devastation and looting by Italian courts.

Marina Cugnaschi and Francesco Puglisi, sentenced in the same case, remain imprisoned.

Vincenzo Vecchi, also convicted in the ‘Genoa 10’ trial, is still free / at large.

Bern, Switzerland: Attack of anarchists against state authority

In the night to Saturday, February 21st, we attacked the cop station at the Waisenhausplatz, the Bern’s regional prison office and the police cars that were parked there. With paints, sprays and smashed windows we expressed our rage against this sick system.

– Due to racial prejudice the puppets of state authority arrest and humiliate people of color day after day.

– Time and again people are dying under ‘unexplained’ circumstances in prisons. This occurred also last Wednesday in the regional prison of Bern.

These are just two of a thousand reasons why we organize ourselves and attack these structures of domination.

We will not stop fighting until these sick conditions are overcome and everyone can live together free from hierarchies. Freedom cannot be bought, just as fights cannot be prevented.

Resistance against all structures of Power!

No Justice No Peace Fight the Police

for Anarchy

Hamburg: Solidarity paint attack against housing cooperative office

Every eviction has its price! Attack with paint against the office of the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’ housing cooperative in Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg:

On January 26th, 2015, Heiko was evicted from his home at 10 Otterhaken in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg. For a long-time he was an obstacle against the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’ housing cooperative because of his organising against rising rents and due to more involvement from tenants. Since Heiko paid his rent late several times, he had to be thrown out this time.

Nearly 200 people in solidarity tried to prevent this happening. The eviction was delayed by a good 90 minutes. Unfortunately, the cops then succeeded to get through a door at the rear of the building with the help of the BFEs [special units of the German police]. The stairwell was blocked by supporters, but was then violently evicted. All this in the name of the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’.

On January 26th, their office was closed for security reasons. Days before and after the eviction, security guards took turns in front of the building. For a few days, it was probably calculated that protecting the property was no longer necessary, but that didn’t work out. On the night of Tuesday 3rd to Wednesday 4th of February 2015, we beautified the facade of ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg eG’ (at 127a Georg-Wilhelm-Straße in Wilhelmsburg) with six paint bombs.

We wish to show our solidarity with this action to Heiko and all the others who are, have been, or will be targeted by evictions!

Each eviction must be prevented at all levels, by all means!

We hope that the ‘Bauverein Reiherstieg’ will not continue with evictions, otherwise we will be back!

Anti-evictions Group

Note (translated from French): In the same district of Hamburg, the Authorities for Urban Development and the Environment (BSU), located at 19 Neuenfelder Straße, were similarly attacked in the night of Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th of August 2014. Also „fight Capitalism“ was tagged with stains of paint on the front door of the building. The action was claimed by ‘autonomous opponents of gentrification’ invoking the growing gentrification in the district of Wilhelmsburg, which is being made into a ‘new trendy area’, and recalling that gentrification and urban renewal happening for years in the Altona area has mainly affected the Schanzenviertel district.

Mexican prisons: Open letter of Amélie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson, February 14, 2015 (corrected)

On February 14 there will be an event in the museo de la tolerancia[*] that aims to raise money for political prisoners and anarchists.

Being in prison we have little information about the event.

We don’t know who is organizing it, but we know our names appear on the list of prisoners for whom the event is done.

We wanted to clarify that it seems strange that people we do not know and with whom we do not share affinities are using our names without notifying us. That we’re in jail doesn’t mean we have no voice. These acts of solidarity where all prisoners are mixed make us think of the blind recuperation of imprisoned people. Whether they are “Political” or “Anarchists”. Since the beginning, we always remained firm in our positions and ruptures. It seems rather strange to see our names beside those of Brian Reyes, Jacqueline Santana and Jamspa at a public event of solidarity. Perhaps their intention is to build relationships between different bands of people. That we understand, but we also know that there are reasons for this lack of relationship. There are very different methods and intentions and probably irreconcilable schisms.

For us the feeling of affinity is primordial in our struggle. We do not consider ourselves as “Political Prisoners” and do not attack the institutions of Power to improve society.

On the other hand, in prison we have relationships with all kinds of people, with whom we do not necessarily share “affinities of struggle”. People who do not care about “politics”, of which most believe in god, and never went to school. With them we also build strengths and live multiple moments of subversion of the existing order. It would be ridiculous to organize only with self-proclaimed “Political Prisoners”. We do not like most political prisoners, and neither most anarchists for that matter. The trick is to start from here with the energy there is. If we separate ourselves from this group that organizes the event it does not mean that we cut off everyone. We separate ourselves from those who identify as authoritarian, political partisans or left-leaning. We also learned that the event will be held at the Museo de la Tolerancia,[*] State Institution.

We want no mediation with the State.

Let it be said, we have no affinities with any of the people mentioned —except Carlos— nor with the people who are organizing the event. They do not consider ruptures that already exist, they only reproduce “presismo”.[**] We do not want to be recuperated. Go ahead with your solidarity events but without our names. Those who support us know why, and share affinities with us.

The best Solidarity is always Attack.
For Total Destruction of the Existent.
Fire to Civilization.
To infinity and beyond.

Fallon and Amelie
Reclusorio de Santa Marta, México DF

Translators notes:
* The event was, in fact, held at a different place called museo “casa de la memoria indómita” as originally scheduled.
** The term “presismo” refers pejoratively to a form of victimization and idealization of “political” prisoners, and of making anti-prison struggle a specific, partial one and in which the main activities are characterized as assistance to “political” prisoners and prison reformism.

Italian prisons: Anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito held in isolation

Isolation, disciplinary reports, and protests in the AS2 section of Ferrara prison:

On February 13th, having spoken to one of the imprisoned comrades in the high security section of Ferrara prison over the telephone, we learned that Alfredo Cospito was punished with isolation, following an altercation with a guard. The measure of punitive isolation (article 14-bis of the penitentiary regulation) was put in place two days ago, while another comrade in the AS2 section has received a disciplinary report for the same incident with the screw. The other prisoners protested against what happened, and intend to continue their protest until the isolation of Alfredo is suspended.

On February 14th, Alfredo was hurriedly moved to another section of Ferrara prison, where he has no contact with other prisoners —neither with those in the AS2 wing, nor with inmates in others sections. The other comrades held in the special wing have their sociability suspended and are banned from meeting each other.

Spanish | Greek | Portuguese | French

Switzerland: Bank attacked in Lugano

On the night of December 30th, 2014 in the city of Lugano (canton of Ticino) we destroyed the ATM and all the windows of a bank branch with a sledgehammer, in solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in the Spanish State after the repressive operation Pandora [released on bail since January 30th, 2015].

Against every State, against every Power

Montevideo, Uruguay: A gesture in complicity with Mónica and Francisco

Communiqué received on 7/2/2015:

At dawn on Tuesday, February 3rd, an incendiary attack took place against the office of the Partido Popular (PP) of Spain in Montevideo. This gesture was done in complicity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, detained and incarcerated for over a year by the Spanish State, accused of belonging to a “terrorist organisation” and of placing an explosive device.

This party is the current ruling party in Spain, and its politicians are among those mainly responsible for the persecution and initiation of proceedings against comrades of the social war on this said territory, as in the recent case of “Operation Pandora”. These are the ones who also at the end of 2014 promoted and approved the so-called “gag law”, which amongst others provides sanctions and restrictions to diminish street protests, housing occupations and the entry of immigrants.

We are everywhere!

Commando Mateo Morral

Greek | French | Portuguese

Santiago, Chile: Comrade Diego Ríos sent in pretrial detention

On Monday, February 9th, two days after his arrest in La Ligua village, comrade Diego Ríos appeared before the court in Santiago, where the judiciary authorities pressed charges against him. The prosecutor unsuccessfully tried to reopen the notorious Caso Bombas (“Bombs Case”, in which the defendants were acquitted of all charges). Thus, the comrade is not currently facing accusations under Chile’s anti-terrorism law.

Nevertheless, the court ordered that Diego be held in pretrial detention for the duration of the investigation (30 days), accused under gun control law of illegal possession of explosives, meaning 4 kilos of gunpowder, a detonator and other related materials, for manufacturing homemade explosive devices that were seized by the police back in 2009, after Diego’s mother turned him in.

The compañero is held in the Maximum Security Section of the High Security Prison (CAS) in Santiago.

Internationalist solidarity with Diego Ríos!

Berlin: Prison industry targeted by Destroika

In the night between the 28th and 29th of January 2015, Destroika struck in Berlin, and two prison industry vehicles turned into ruins. Through these pinpricks, we will limit the flexibility of the relevant companies. A van of Wisag in Lichtenberg and another of Sodexo in Moabit came under attack.

The company WISAG provides, in addition to the exploitative cleaning sector, security staff for transport services such as the BVG transport company in Berlin, and is responsible for filling the Berlin prisons of fare-dodgers, with ticket inspectors plain-clothed as well as in uniform.

The company Sodexo now runs five prisons in the UK under their own responsibility since the privatisation of the British justice system. In addition, Sodexo is blacklisted in Belgium for their involvement in deportation prisons, besides providing facility management services to deportation lagers in Germany. The company is owned by the Zehnacker group, which is presented in this way: “As a partner of the armed forces, we accompany them in their operational areas at home and abroad. Our mission is to take care of both the troops and their command for a better quality of life. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, Sodexo plans and delivers solutions that contribute to smooth operations in correctional facilities. In all our activities, we respect our values and ethical principles. Our work in this domain is further proof of our strong commitment to society.”

Freedom for the prisoners of Operation Pandora and all the others!

On the 18th of March 2015 off to Frankfurt – to reduce the European Central Bank to ruins and ashes!

Autonomous Group “Muslim H.”

(Muslim H., originally from Kosovo, was 28 years old when he was killed by 8 screws in the prison of Landshut on May 24th, 2014, in revenge for his successful resistance to his deportation to Hungary.)

Translation note: On January 30th, the remaining seven prisoners of Operation Pandora were released on conditional bail.

Chile: Comrade Diego Ríos arrested after five and a half years on the run

To make the revolutionary solidarity uncontrollable – Diego Ríos to the streets

Immediate solidarity with anarchist comrade Diego Ríos

Against the State/prison/Capital: social war – Freedom for Diego Ríos!

Solidarity now with comrade Diego Ríos!

Propaganda in solidarity with Diego Ríos
Saturday, February 7th, 2015, in Santiago

Anarchist comrade Diego Ríos entered clandestinity since 2009, going on the run after his mother found materials for the manufacture of explosive devices in an apartment of her own property and notified the cops. During that year, the compañero had made public three communiqués reaffirming his positions against Power and every authority; then he stopped writing open letters to the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu.

The only available information that came out the following years derived from the bourgeois Press jointly with the police, typical of the dirty tricks played by the State/Capital in an attempt to intimidate and persecute.

Today (7/2/2015) a police operation was unleashed in the locality of La Ligua (Petorca province, Valparaíso region) capturing the comrade, and thus halting his escape that we always wished would last forever.

Once we became aware of this situation, filled with rage and despair, we immediately carried out a minimum gesture of solidarity with the comrade, pasting some banners on the walls, always hoping this will make actions multiply.

To conclude, we believe we should be alert to the maneuvers of Power and all of its control apparatuses that begin to make their move; we need not to cling to empty words and do nothing; it’s time to act.

A salute to comrade Diego, strength and fortitude.

Revolutionary Struggle Collective (CLR)


Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair 2015

The Eleventh Anarchist Bookfair in Zagreb (ASK – Anarhisticki sajam knjiga) will take place from 10th to 12th April 2015.

For more information

Marseille: Solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

Thursday 12th February, at 18:30:
Film screening of the documentary “Caso Bombas” on anarchists in Chile
(the film is in Spanish but the subtitles are in English)

Vegan food, liberated price
For the address:

International solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

“For those who struggle, the sense of solidarity intends to dismantle the loneliness of incarceration, waging a battle against forgetting our comrades abducted by states, bringing to light the logic of domination that seeks to condemn them to surrender.”

– anarchists of Pandora

A year after the end of the “Caso Bombas” farce, the Spanish and Chilean ministries, judges and cops are working together on a new case, this time on this side of the ocean. Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, both ex-suspects in the “Caso Bombas” case, are arrested in Barcelona, suspected of placing an explosive at the Basílica del Pilar in Zaragoza, planning a similar action and belonging to an alleged terrorist organisation.

On December 16th 2014, 15 houses, squats and anarchist social centres in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid were raided, and eleven anarchist comrades kidnapped by the Spanish State. Four were released shortly after, the other seven on January 30th on conditional bail. The judge additionally ordered that they each pay a bail of 3,000 euros to be released. Donations are therefore urgently needed in order to pay their bail, a total of 21,000 euros.

This kidnapping of eleven comrades set off a multitude of rallies and demonstrations that same day in different cities. Thousands of people came out in solidarity with the arrested comrades, showing rage and hatred towards the State’s new repressive operation. /

in French

Athens: Business of fascist parliamentarian attacked with gas canisters

Crush the fascists (A)

At a time when voters were getting ready to hand over their dignity to the ballot boxes by delegating the administration of their lives to the country’s political staff, an incendiary cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation went on the offensive, thus wanting to contribute to an intensification of antidemocratic deviation… We placed an incendiary device at the bookstore of [New Democracy party’s MP] Adonis Georgiadis in the district of Kifissia [in Athens on January 22nd, 2015]. The property and enterprises of politicians are also in our sights, as much as their physical integrity is. Adonis Georgiadis is known for his extreme right-wing views, being a fanatical exponent of type C prisons, besides being the politician responsible for banning the telephone communication of the Revolutionary Struggle’s urban guerrilla Nikos Maziotis during a scheduled public political event on armed struggle [on October 17th, 2014], while he had publicly expressed his Thatcherite concepts on the occasion of the victorious [sic] hunger strike of anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos, advocating the deathly intransigence of the State both in this particular case and any other hunger strike by imprisoned fighters.

That we intensify our attacks!
A warm hug to our captive and fugitive comrades!
Death to the State!

Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/FRI)
Commando Jorge Saldivia

PS. The compañero Jorge Saldivia was assassinated on October 3rd, 2014 by an armed security guard during an attempted expropriation of an armored truck [belonging to Brink’s] in Chile. Jorge remained consistent throughout his life in waging clandestine struggle against the establishment. He fought in the ranks of the FPMR during the military dictatorship. He never came to terms with the democratic tale of social peace, and instead continued the struggle, until he fell in combat with his gun in his hand. Jorge, like other fallen revolutionaries, is present.

Catalonia: Sabotage in solidarity with those implicated in Operation Pandora

In the morning of Friday 30th January, just after the secrecy of the investigation was lifted and the news disseminated of the impending conditional bailing of comrades, we decided to express our solidarity in the streets. We sabotaged the cashpoints and the windows of the following Santander Bank offices:

In Mataró, the branches in the streets of Camí del Mig, Plaza de Granollers, Plaza Santa Anna, Carrer Sant Cugat, Avenida de América, Via Europa. We also sabotaged the branches of the same bank in El Masnou, Vilassar de Mar and Premià de Mar.

We chose the bank Santander because it is the only entity responsible for managing the cash flow in prisons of the Spanish State, generating around 100 million euros per year, according to official figures. Speculating and turning a profit on the basis of this important amount of money, the fruit of suffering and incarceration of thousands of people.

We celebrate the fact that our comrades are again on the outside, but even so, we are well aware that we still have a long and difficult path ahead, and that as long as resistance exists against the domination of the capitalist system, the state and it’s repressive mechanisms will try to put an end to it.

That the flame of solidarity isn’t put out.

Freedom for Mónica and Francisco!

Santiago, Chile: Comrade Tamara Sol Farías Vergara sentenced to 7 years and 61 days in prison

Freedom for Tamara Sol and all the enemies of domination who have been kidnapped by the State in Mexico, Greece, Italy, Chile, USA…

On February 4th, 2015, the court in Santiago issued the judgment against the compañera Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, who has been held for a little over a year in pretrial detention, accused of shooting a security guard in a branch of BancoEstado in the commune of Estación Central in the morning of January 21st, 2014.

The court acknowledged the mitigating factor of her previous irreproachable conduct, but denied that Tamara Sol substantially collaborated in clarifying the facts, considering that neither her statement given to the prosecution at the stage of the investigation with which she admitted to the facts, nor her consent to the realisation of several expert reports contributed anything, since the evidence was already available to the authorities from the moment of her arrest. In addition, the defense’s proposed mitigating circumstance of diminished capacity, based on expert testimonies by psychologists, was dismissed.

In fact, the presiding judge adopted the prosecution’s argument that spoke of a premeditated action, alleging that this has been demonstrated by the cry “revenge for Sebastián” attributed to Tamara Sol at the time of opening fire on the guard, and emphasizing the fact she chose not to make any declaration during the trial. Thus, while the defense sought recognition of two mitigating circumstances in order to request a sentence of 3 to 5 years and the application of the alternative sentence of release under intensive supervision instead of actual imprisonment, this objective was not reached.

In particular, Tamara Sol Farías Vergara was convicted of aggravated attempted homicide and sentenced to 7 years in prison, perpetual absolute disqualification from holding any public duty and office and from practicing political rights, and absolute disqualification from maintaining or obtaining any professional license for the duration of the prison sentence. She was also convicted of theft regarding the gun of the security guard and sentenced to 61 days in prison and a fine of almost 215,000 Chilean pesos (300 euros). Finally, she was ordered to pay the costs of the case and to give her DNA samples that will be included in the Registry of the Convicted.

This synopsis was originally written in Spanish, based on the official court ruling. In the video below you can see the reaction of her close ones once the sentence was pronounced:

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Strength and solidarity to Tamara Sol Farías Vergara.
Revenge for our dead, revenge for our prisoners.

Spanish State: Conditional bail for comrades detained during Operation Pandora

In the night of January 30th, 2015, the 7 comrades who were still imprisoned following the arrests on the 16th of December 2014 as part of Operation Pandora were released.

One day before, the instructing judge of the Audiencia Nacional (Madrid) permitted access to the investigative file, and what we know at the moment is what has been circulated through the website of Mossos d’Esquadra in a press communiqué. They are facing charges such as membership in GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), attacks against banks, posting parcel bombs (one to the Archbishop of Pamplona, one to a member of the fascist congregation Legionaries of Christ, and others to Italian companies), while “they are linked”—always according to the police—with the explosive attacks against the Cathedral of Almudena in Madrid (February 7th, 2013) and the Basilica of the Pillar in Zaragoza (October 2nd, 2013), the latter having led to the indictment and pretrial detention of our comrades Mónica and Francisco.

The police statement ends with a victorious “according to the investigators, the structure of the GAC/FAI-FRI is disrupted in Catalonia, the stronghold of this criminal organisation with terrorist purposes against the Spanish State”. What these servants of Power do not recognise (and never will) is that they sought to generate fear to all other comrades with this operation, which not only failed, but we can say without a doubt has generated the opposite effect.

No doubt their release from prison and to receive them amongst us is an opportunity to celebrate, because they are no longer locked up, as much because they are with us again to fight shoulder to shoulder against this world of shit. But it is a “celebration” which remains incomplete. The charges remain, as do the bail conditions—obligation to sign three times a week, passport confiscated, etc. Furthermore Mónica and Francisco are still incarcerated… not to mention all the comrades who risk other prison sentences in other cases, and those who have already been convicted.


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