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Costa Rica: Incendiary attack at butcher shop in Cartago

Various cells have initiated a series of small acts of sabotage in Costa Rica for months now, yet we really didn’t expect that our action would have such a strong impact. It is the first action of this type in this filthy country in many, many years…

For this reason we saw the need to claim responsibility for this action, thinking that many more people would gain strength and shake off the fear that torments us every day, this fear that doesn’t let us go any farther…

The technological control is steadily increasing, that’s why we decided to take control of our lives for a few moments and carry out this action, which is not an end in itself but the means by which we get revenge for our slavery. On Thursday, June 19th, 2014 we particularly attacked a butcher shop in Cartago with an incendiary device. The fire exceeded our expectations, and according to reports in the Press the total damages were more than 40,000 dollars. The meat industry is a clear reflection of this society: domestication, minimum respect toward nature, and money as a sacred god behind every move. This is not just a responsibility claim; it is a call for war toward the rest of the cells, the rest of the brothers and sisters of fire; they know to whom we refer, to whom this message goes out.

It’s about time that we burned this country, this artificial world; it’s the onset of the black fire that will consume their businesses and industry of the filthy techno-industrial society. It is now time to articulate a direct and cold criticism, away from fantasies, put it forth, and present strikes. It is obvious that we didn’t destabilize the system with this action, but a burned butcher shop is a butcher shop less…

With the incarcerated or fallen in combat comrades in our memory, rifle and attacks…

Without more ado, this was a short message from Savages of the Earth – Earth Liberation Front//Animal Liberation Front//Informal Anarchist Federation//International Revolutionary Front

translated by CCF-FAI/FRI comrades imprisoned in Greece

[Greece] Statement on the latest cyber attack against

Hello to everyone,

Over the past 3 weeks one of our servers is experiencing a large-scale cyber attack (DDoS). Multiple infected hosts from different parts of the world are participating in the attack, so we can’t really know who’s behind it. No user data has been compromised; however, the attackers have caused network congestion. As a result, the blogs, websites and fora hosted on espiv are hardly accessible or entirely unavailable.

Unfortunately there are very few things we can do to mitigate this type of attack. Nevertheless, we are considering possible alternatives to improve the accessibility of our services. administration collective

Cyprus: Demo in memory of murdered antifascist Pavlos Fyssas

Below is footage from the antifascist demonstration in memory of Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) that took place on Thursday, September 18th, 2014, in the city centre of Nicosia, Cyprus

YouTube Preview Image

The banner of the anti-authoritarian student group Skapoula reads:
“Wrath and Rage for Pavlos Fyssas – R.I.P Killah P”

Chile: A brief reflection on the September 8th bombing and its media consequences

“(…) Human strike, today, means
refusing to play the role of the victim.
Attacking it.
Reappropriating violence.
Arrogating impunity to ourselves.
Making the paralyzed citizens understand
that whether or not they go to war they are at war anyway.
That when people tell us it’s either you do this or you die, it’s always
do this and die.”
Tiqqun, “How Is It To Be Done?

Having read the Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery, we can reflect the following.

We had already suspected it from the official information, that’s why we didn’t want to join the social trial and construction of the persecutory media spectacle, despite the taunts and insults to which we were subjected; we lament the fact that various anarchists have blindly and voluntarily become a part of it, based on what they watched on their television—not for nothing did some amigas call them tele-anarchists—and only ended up showing desperation.

There have already been cases in other countries where people sustained injuries in attacks that were previously warned, something that the authorized channels of information do not say (even if some expect something different), for obvious reasons. This may be something to lament, but to negate it, pass judgment on it, or raise infantile theories so rapidly is a complete mistake; it just shows how mediatized the Chilean anarchism(s) has become.

The executants of various actions of war against the state of things are not worried beforehand—in relation to the actions themselves—about the subsequent improvement of control mechanisms that are typical of panopticism; not because war is not declared on vigilant institutions and agents, but because violent action is perceived to be fully justified and the only thing that makes the deployments of the forces of Power tremble, thus the repressive aggravation of the latter is not at all surprising.

We salute the persecuted and the kidnapped.
Solidarity in the social war.

Source: El Amanecer (September 18th, 2014)

Komotini, Greece: Arson on motorcycle belonging to a fascist

In the early hours of Thursday, September 18th, 2014, we burned the motorcycle of Christos Georgiou, known member of the Golden Dawn and regional councilor candidate in the Rhodope regional unit in the last elections. The action took place in remembrance of Pavlos Fyssas.


Antifascist Cell

Paris: Eiffage car inflamed

On the night between the 14th and 15th of September 2014, an Eiffage vehicle got inflamed on the Garonne’s quay because of its hatred against prisons.

Fire to all the prisons!
Fire to the collaborators of imprisonment.


Santiago, Chile: Responsibility claim for bombings in Los Dominicos metro station and the Escuela Militar Subcentro underground gallery

Original communiqué received on September 18th, 2014

“Life is so boring there is nothing to do except spend all our wages on the latest skirt or shirt. Brothers and Sisters, what are your real desires? Sit in the drugstore, look distant, empty, bored, drinking some tasteless coffee? Or perhaps blow it up or burn it down.” (The Angry Brigade)

Our fraction of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) decided to attack the station ‘The Dominicans’ of the Santiago Metro on July 23rd. The deed caused a large-scale political and media frenzy. Bureaucrats and the media coordinated their discourses to say that the attack was aimed at passengers who were traveling at that time, and therefore the use of the antiterrorist law was invoked. This action was planned taking into account the minutes when there would be no passengers, having calculated the moment that the metro would terminate its journey and the carriage would be stored. The driver moved the bag which contained the device to a different wagon of the metro train, under a seat, as in the other place in which it was initially installed; this situation was concealed by the media and agents of the government. We interpret the foregoing as an attempt of the individual to take advantage of the situation, thinking that maybe he’d find valuables inside the bag, but he ran into our surprise, which turned out as expected.

As always, any action tending towards attack will be prosecuted and punished by the economic power of businesspeople or members of the bourgeoisie, by the powers of the State with their laws, judges, politicians and cops. The principal function of the State is to protect the interests of the rich and powerful, of the well-off or benefited from this system of exploitation and domination. The metro transports people every day, acquiring huge profits on a daily basis. They transport us through the city that consumes our energy by its mode of life, in which the exploitation of other people’s work sets the pace. We directly and symbolically attacked structures of Power on its own turf, in Las Condes. Normalcy by which the city operates has been the target and will remain so.

For this very reason we decided to attack the sub-centre of the ‘Military School’ metro station on the 8th of September. A shopping centre of the bourgeoisie, located in Las Condes, where businesspeople make their thing to get themselves established and to commercialize their merchandise which traps people in stupefaction of the spectacle and appearances. The society that walks in this direction is what we attacked. The society of domination that pervades all expressions of life. Let it be known that we made warning call to the 133 emergency number over 10 minutes prior to the detonation, waiting for the police to react by evacuating the place, but they ignored this information detonating the device and causing several injuries, which we lament; we make it clear that our target were not the consumers and/or workers, but the structures, properties and minions of Power. Police incompetence and ineffectiveness contributed toward the damage caused to the injured persons. The greatest assassins and terrorists have always been the repressive apparatuses of the State.

We fraternize with all the comrades throughout the world that confront this reality of domination, and employ all means at hand to attack Power.

We send a greeting to all the comrades who are serving sentences in prisons of the world. Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Carlos Gutiérrez, Juan Aliste Vega, Hans Niemeyer, Tamara Sol Farías, Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai, all the brothers of the CCF around the world, Giorgos Polidoros, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Olga Ekonomidou, Damianos Bolano, Theofilos Mavropoulos. We greet all those who serve a prison sentence for confronting any domination in actual practice. We remember all those who have fallen in the social war, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij, all those who have dared to act… No one is forgotten.

We make a call to all insurrectionaries to go on the offensive, to attack Power in all its forms of domination

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (Chile)

Balkans: Over the Walls of Nationalisms and Wars

Statement of participants of 8th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair

It is clear that nationalism is a tool used against the exploited classes. In the Balkans (especially in the region of ex-Yugoslavia) the rise of nationalist ideology in the 1990s helped enable the brutal capitalist attack against society. It further atomized the population and destroyed established networks of cooperation and solidarity.

The need to confront nationalist ideology from a radical and anti-authoritarian perspective gathered us in Mostar on the 5th and 6th of September 2014 for the 8th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair. We came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Greece and other countries outside the Balkan area.

The true nature of nationalism is nowhere more obvious than in Mostar, a city divided in two, with the signs of wartime brutality still evident in the streets of the city.

It is essential to realize that this division was not the cause of war, but the consequence of wars and nationalist ideologies created by the ruling class.

This was clear to the demonstrators in Tuzla who wrote the graffiti “Death to nationalism” as well as to demonstrators in Mostar who burned down the headquarters of both nationalist parties in February 2014.

Still, in other parts of the world new nationalisms and conflicts are being created on similar lines and with predictable consequences.

Many in the Ukraine today think they have to respond to the false choices of war posed by states and corporations (amongst them are even some anarchists and “anarchists”[1]). We, however, maintain that nationalism is always an ideology that reproduces the State, a system of repression and exploitation, and pits the exploited and oppressed against one another. Today we see in the Ukraine the same mechanism that was used also in the war(s) in former Yugoslavia: Nationalism is the tool of those in power to push people into war for the interests of capital. As anarchists, we opposed all war efforts in former Yugoslavia through solidarity that continues to this day. Far from liberal pacifism or obsessions with left-nationalist guerrilla armies, our struggle will never take the side of militarist politics and the destruction that all states are based on.

Against nationalism, militarism and war! Against all governments and states! For solidarity and autonomy!

[1] From anti-colonial nationalists of Mlada Bosna/“Young Bosnia” from Sarajevo of 1914 influenced by anarchism, and especially to the case of posers like the “anarcho”-nationalist group “Slobodari” from Sarajevo of 2014, all attempts of combining anarchism with nationalism have shown that the result is simply: nationalism. “Slobodari” are a small group from Sarajevo who pose as anarchists but are in contact with Nazis from the Ukraine (the so called autonomous nationalists Avtonomnyj Opir/“Autonomous Resistance”). They have many websites which created a lot of confusion, including a Balkan anarchist black cross website; more on this here: sabotagemedia

In Spanish

Berlin: Gürtelstraße rooftop occupation ended

After 13 days of continuous protest, the last refugees left the hostel roof on Gürtelstraße 39 in Friedrichshain on Sunday evening, September 7th. The next day, around 1,000 people marched through Friedrichshain in solidarity with refugees and against the ignorance with which the Berlin policy reacted to the refugee protest.

Paris: Fire to the prisons

Rue Haxo, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris

Early this Thursday, September 11th, a van of Vinci was engulfed in flames, because Vinci constructs and manages prisons and detention centres.

Incarceration and borders kill, as was recently the case with Abdelhak Goradia.*

It’s not enough to make denouncements, and so, we pass to the attack!

* Undocumented migrant who died on August 21st, 2014 at the hands of French police while being transferred from Vincennes detention centre to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, near Paris, to be deported to Algeria.

Italian prisons: Strike of anarchist prisoners in solidarity with Graziano Mazzarelli

Since Monday, September 1st, comrade Chiara Zenobi, NO TAV prisoner who is currently held in Rebibbia prison in Rome, has been on yard strike, refusing to go out on scheduled yard time, to protest against the isolation imposed on Graziano Mazzarelli, anarchist kept in solitary confinement at Borgo San Nicola prison in Lecce since his arrest, almost two months ago, who is charged in the same case (attack on the TAV worksite in Chiomonte in the night between the 13th and 14th of May 2013).

On August 3rd, Graziano was moved to another individual cell, which made his situation even worse. The cells next to his are empty, and he is meant to go out alone in a messy yard. Furthermore his letters are stolen by jailers on a weekly basis, and the simplest daily needs, such as washing dirty clothes, are continuously hindered or delayed.

Chiara’s refusal to go to the yard continues as long as Graziano is subjected to solitary confinement, a regime desired by both the prison administration in Lecce and the Turin prosecutors who, as often happens in such cases, are shifting the responsibility to each other.

Since the morning of September 9th, comrades Niccolò Blasi and Mattia Zanotti have been on yard strike, too, while Claudio Alberto joined them on the morning of September 10th. According to recent updates, also comrades Lucio Alberti and Francesco Sala will carry out similar forms of protest against the isolation inflicted on Graziano.

A call is made to support the initiative of solidarity with Graziano and put pressure on those responsible for this treatment, namely prosecutors Rinaudo and Padalino as well as the prison director in Lecce, Rita Russo, by sending faxes to the prosecutor office in Turin (0114327453) and the prison in Lecce (0832387496). A fax model can be found here in pdf format.

Below are the prison addresses of the 7 anarchists co-accused in the TAV yard attack case:

Francesco Sala
C.C. Via Palosca, 2 – 26100 Cremona, Italia

Lucio Alberti
C.C. Via Cassano Magnago, 102 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (Varese), Italia

Graziano Mazzarelli
C.C. via Paolo Perrone, 4, Borgo San Nicola – 73100 Lecce, Italia

Niccolò BlasiMattia Zanotti
C.C. San Michele strada Casale, 50/A – 15121 Alessandria, Italia

Claudio Alberto
C.C. Via dell’Arginone, 327 – 44100 Ferrara, Italia

Chiara Zenobi
C.C. “Rebibbia” Via Bartolo Longo, 92 – 00156 Roma, Italia

USA: Missouri Prison Newsletter, Issue #6 – Ferguson

Summer In The City
A Prisoner Publication For Missouri and Beyond, September-October 2014

The Missouri Prison Newsletter is distributed to (about 150) people in prisons across the US, but focusing on those incarcerated in Missouri and Illinois.

This issue focuses specifically on the recent uprisings in Ferguson, MO, and contains original personal accounts of the riots, analysis and a timeline of the uprisings as they unfolded.

The previous five issues are available on Anti-State STL.

You might also want to check out these links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Belgium: Anti-prison walk along the canal in Brussels

no maxi-prison – neither in Brussels, nor elsewhere

against the maxi-prison — fire to the slammers

fire to the prisons

fire to all prisons

Source: La Cavale

A video (from 2013, in French) against the construction of a maxi-prison in Brussels here.

Portugal: Subversive editions exhibition in Lisbon

Mostra de Edições Subversivas

From 26 to 28 September 2014 @ BOESG library in Santos, Lisbon

Contact: mostrededicoesubversivas(at)

Dortmund, Germany: Summary of the fight for the social center Avanti

graffiti in the evicted church

Church squatted
In the evening of Friday the 22nd of August 2014, activists occupied the former St. Albertus Magnus church in Dortmund which was unused for over 7 years. Only minutes after the occupation was made public, nearly 40 supporters came to the area and held a gathering in front of the church in solidarity with the project and the squatters. Of course, it didn’t take long before the cops also arrived at the location, but they didn’t attempt to raid the building, and instead controlled the supporters outside. The next day, a priest in charge of matters of the church building spoke to the squatters and stated he will tolerate the occupation for one week. Immediately activists began to form work groups, trying to renovate the building to establish a social center.

Attack by neo-Nazis
Dortmund has a big neo-Nazi problem, so it was expected that the squat would be faced with fascists sooner or later. Already during the first night of the occupation people saw Nazis driving by in the surrounding streets. This was definitely not a coincidence, because that part of the city is heavily populated by people with a migrant background. On Saturday the 23rd, Nazis held a rally in the city of Dortmund to protest against the ban on their former organization Nationaler Widerstand Dortmund (National Resistance Dortmund), but were soon blocked by hundreds of antifascists. Soon afterwards, around 40 Nazis appeared in front of the new squat in Enscheder Street and shouted “we will get all of you.” At first there was no police presence, and the squatters resisted the attack by throwing a couple of stones from the circa 17-meter-high rooftop of the building. However nobody was injured. Then police arrived and told Nazis to go 30 meters down the street, where they held a protest against the squat. This manifestation had been authorized by police the night before, at 3am, and nobody knew about it (not even the media). This fact raised criticism against the police even in bourgeois parts of the Press and the public, but a few days later all criticism was addressed against the squatters for throwing stones at fascists and the cops. Many of the hundreds of antifascists who had blocked the Nazis earlier in the city came to the squat as soon as they heard it was attacked by Nazis. On the same day the Nazis posted a video on their facebook page with footage showing the moments when stones were thrown at them, and they said they’d pay 1500€ for anyone willing to give them names of the squatters.

art action in front of the squat

Short week of anarchy
Despite the Nazi attack and constant intimidation, activists kept working and really started to build up a social center in the squatted church. Every day there was an open assembly, where neighbours were able to participate. A few neighbours became involved in the squatting project or helped by giving water or even electricity supply. There were daily events, like concerts, readings, art exhibitions or jam sessions. Hundreds of interested people visited the squat, participated and helped in organizing new events. Ideas of what could be done in the social center Avanti were almost endless. Catering was also made possible, and of course everything was free. The priest, who had spoken about toleration towards the squatters, was stunned by what the activists had accomplished in such a short time. Even after he had a meeting with other authorities of the church, and they decided that they would not allow activists to stay after the week of toleration, the mood was still good at the squat and many people were confident that the social center Avanti would live on. In the meantime rumors were spread publicly, also in the Press, that the “nice and cooperative activists could be infiltrated by militants, who would take the lead should an eviction take place.” On Thursday the 28th a family festivity was carried out in the squat, when an inflatable castle was built inside, and new visitors were given tours through the building. Nobody knew this would be the last action in the squatted Avanti.

Eviction, repression and resistance
In the morning of Friday the 29th the church building was evicted by police, even before the official termination of the toleration period. It seems the cops didn’t want to wait for the squatters to get prepared. The official reason for the eviction was the stone-throwing almost one week before, when neo-Nazis had attacked the squat. Police said they wanted to search for evidence and suspects. Almost 38 people were in the squat during the raid, and all of them are now treated as witnesses. One was even treated as the main suspect of police investigation. The charge: “attempted homicide.” After a few hours of detention, the main suspect was released due to “lack of suspicion.”

In the evening, activists organized a demonstration in solidarity with Avanti and people affected by repression. The fact that over 350 protesters took part in the demonstration shows the big interest in Avanti; normally, the large autonomous demonstrations in Dortmund (against fascists, for example) consist of around 200-250 people. It was a loud demo with lots of slogans chanted against cops.

demonstration for Avanti

Over the past few days, repression has escalated. Several of the people who were in the squat during the raid were visited by cops at their homes and asked to tell who threw the stones at the fascists. The police offered everyone a 3000€ reward for snitching, and published photos of squatters who were on the rooftop of the building when the Nazis attacked the squat. It is highly likely that the cops will also try to harass the rest of the people and maybe even search their homes.

Participants in Avanti organized a concert on Friday the 5th of September to show that they are still active. This fight isn’t over yet, as the activists said they will neither be intimidated nor divided by the cops, the Press, or the neo-Nazis. The slogan that keeps getting shouted is: Avanti lives! Avanti fights!

more info, in german, on

Bağcılar, Istanbul: Earth-destroying excavator sabotaged

Responsibility claim in turkish/english via sosyal savas. Here in greek.
Source: istanbul indymedia

Solidarity from Hamburg with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

A group of anarchists in Hamburg dropped a banner in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco, imprisoned in Spain. The banner read “Freedom for Mónica and Francisco. Pull down the prisons.” This is our small contribution to the week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners.

Freedom for Mónica and Francisco, freedom for all anarchist prisoners. Until all are free!

Industrial Civilization, Meat Production and Consumption (video)

The video was first screened at the discussion event “Industrial civilization, meat production and consumption” on March 14th, 2014 in Athens (Greece) by the group Sympraxis for Anarchy. Website (Greek language):

Paris: The city council on fire

Between the 26th and 27th of August, a truck and three utility vehicles of the Paris city council were set on fire in the XIth arrondissement, on Pétion street.

Because, like all powers, the city council oppresses and exploits.


Serbia: Week of global solidarity with anarchist prisoners

As an act of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, an informal group of anarchists dropped a banner which read: “Against the system of domination and subordination. Against prisons and the society that imprisons.” The banner was dropped from an overpass at the highway under which prisoners are frequently transported, which is located near the Central Prison in Belgrade.

in serbo-croatian

Berlin: Gürtelstraße 39 update

On Sunday evening, August 31st, a large demo started from Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain and reached the Gürtelstraße and Scharnweberstraße junction, at one of the police blockades around the besieged former hostel, where refugees are threatened with eviction and deportation process since the morning of the 26th. The participation of people in solidarity in the demonstration was good enough, but lots of protesters left the spot soon after. Before the arrival of the demo, cops had already tried to disperse the gathering near the hostel in Gürtelstraße, claiming that the number of people present was not enough to be considered a legitimate protest. In other words, apart from solidarity demos, what is needed the most is constant and mass presence of protesters at the barriers.

Meanwhile, there are still refugees on the hostel roof. There is not a live connection with them anymore, because the batteries of their cell phones are empty. They have gotten only 6 liters of water since Wednesday the 27th. On Sunday it was raining, and the refugees managed to collect some water. While starving them, cops have spread the lie (also through the mainstream media) that the 9 refugees are on hunger strike.

After the protest march reached Gürtelstraße, refugees on the street held emotional speeches. Some of them pointed out that they had no choice but to migrate after capitalism and the wars destroyed their homes. There was also a band with instruments playing live music. In terms of neighbourhood solidarity, there are now more banners hanging from the surrounding balconies, showing support and demanding the right to stay for everyone (from time to time, cops steal the solidarity banners on the sidewalks). Moreover, two groups of residents attempted to pass through the police barriers to give food supplies to the refugees resisting on the rooftop of the building, but with no success. The first group was blocked. Some of them had their IDs taken and were escorted by cops to their flats, where they got their IDs back. They also had to endure racist remarks from the cops (for example, they were told that if they care so much for these “dirty ones” they should take them home and feed them there). The other group was reportedly able to leave food items at the entrance of the building in Gürtelstraße, which were taken by the cops but were never delivered to the refugees.

At least two times a cop-lover pacifist (not someone from the refugees) called the crowd to remain non-violent and to not throw anything at the cops because “they are also humans and have kids and families.” A part of the crowd expressed their disapproval through whistles and shouts, and some protesters left after this repulsing call. Truth be told, it is practically impossible to raise a violent clash against the repression forces on the spot, mainly because there is no critical mass of people to support this case. In fact, anybody who shows support gets harassed, yet there is some civil disobedience from neighbours against the police-state measures inside the militarised zone.

Below are some pictures from the junction of Scharnweberstraße and Gürtelstraße.

“cops’ terror, restricted area; this is german asylum policy”
“right to stay for all!”

“every flag is a border… every border kills [people]”

“right of asylum = human right”
“we are here, we will not move away”

While the state authorities are rigorously trying to silence the refugee protest, direct actions in solidarity with the refugee protesters took place the last days: for example, “autonomous groups” carried out an arson attack on the cable shaft of the Berlin S-Bahn between Treptower Park and Ostkreuz stations on the 28th, causing considerable damage and a temporary halt to that part of the transport network, and the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit was symbolically attacked on the 30th.

Greece: A few words related to the call for a week of actions in solidarity with anarchist prisoners

Every society you build will have its fringes, and on the fringes of every society, heroic and restless vagabonds will wander, with their wild and virgin thoughts, only able to live by preparing ever new and terrible outbreaks of rebellion!
Renzo Novatore

We are writing this text to all anarchists and rebels, in and out of prison walls throughout the world, in response to the international call for a week of actions for anarchist prisoners (August 23–30). A coordination of actions through calls of this type is needed, all the more so at the international level, urging individualities and collectives to act as they can and feel, and to express and diffuse the anarchist struggle for liberation. However, we should not depend on only these calls to get our voices heard and our actions shown. So, taking for granted that we are at a raging war, and having chosen this side, we are confronted with an enemy who has every means to beat us in our every step of attack. Armies, cops, control technology with cameras, advanced surveillance, storage of DNA samples and fingerprint profiles, the media, and so many other institutions and mentalities constitute domination that we are hostile to. In this war, the only certain thing is that we will have prisoners, or even victims, and that’s where the verification of the battle itself lies.

We are going through a period in which the Greek State has captured dozens of anarchists in its prisons for their acts against domination. Prison has not managed and will never succeed in bending the morale and the fighting temper of anarchists, and this is shown by their daily dignified attitude in the cells of democracy but also the struggles they give behind bars. “Innocence” and “guilt” is a fake distinction that only applies to the arsenal of the State.

Within the framework of generalized repression, the bill on the type C prisons and the new special conditions of detention was passed during the summer, following the American and European standards for crushing the dignity of prisoners. Without losing time, the authorities have already started the first transfers of inmates from the hellhole of Domokos to other prisons, emptying the prison of Domokos to convert it into a maximum security facility, and the first prisoners to be held there will be anarchists and urban guerrilla fighters.

The more the stranglehold of prison is tightened, the more their democracy and correctional system reproduce a death in doses, pulling us into the lethe in terms of our individual freedom and true living.

Cops, judges, prison guards and their throng, troglodytes in bondage to their democracy, enslaved to their own misery, consumers of useless goods which domination offers generously, are going through an everyday death in terms of cancerous life. Holders of senior positions, who take advantage of their authority, are trying to recast a lower kingdom of nationals who dream of grandeur just like them. They forge the human mind to become a suitable mold for casting artificial values and institutions, pushing humans into apathy through the media, the drugs, the generalized consumer culture, through religion and patriotism, holding the individual away from thinking and acting on their desires. Drowned in inertia, humans choose to stupefy themselves, undergo the 8-hour brutalizing slavery, nourish themselves on contrived notions, cling to addictions of the system, and be enslaved to a predetermined life before a certain and idle death.

Rebels who have no horizon beyond the walls of their coercions are also introverts in their nonexistence. Seeing oneself through the perspective of coercions means that one accepts the direction set by Power, thus either accepting or merely repelling it. Insurrection must aim for the total destruction of Power; nothing less than everything is enough for us.

Domination wages war on all fronts, destroying not only human lives but also launching an onslaught to enslave non-human animals and the nature, so our answer must also be on all fronts aiming at total liberation. Partial struggles have their own importance; however, nothing will be free until all are free.

Anarchist fight until the destruction of the last prison
Solidarity with anarchist prisoners throughout the world

Anarchists for total liberation

Brussels: Greek embassy spray-painted in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Nikos Maziotis

In the night from Thursday to Friday (August 29th, 2014), as part of the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, we painted FREEDOM FOR NIKOS MAZIOTIS on the embassy of Greece in Brussels.

Nikos Maziotis is an anarchist prisoner, member of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle. Imprisoned several times, he was arrested on July 16th in Athens.


Berlin: Raw news from the refugee protest in Friedrichshain

on the 28th of August there was an evening demo from Frankfurter Tor with around 500 people. cops tried to break it two times. they beat up people. one arrest was confirmed. the demo was crumbling after the arab group (antiimperialist communist group, which also organised the ‘revolutionary may 1st demo’) announced that the cops attempt to storm the hostel roof. people with bicycles left and rushed to the junction in Gürtelstraße. it caused an alarm also at the junction where protesters were because nobody, apart from the arab group, had heard anything about it.

at around 9.30pm, after the demo arrived at the location, same as usual, speeches, slogans, marginalised political groups presenting their banners, etc. there was lot of free food, which people also took well, but soon afterwards they started leaving again, and before midnight only few people remained. a sign of solidarity was expressed by a neighbour who made kind of a laser show beaming the slogan “no human being is illegal” on his balcony. he later came down when he saw that refugees who tried to get some sleep at the junction had not enough blankets, and went through the barriers giving them two thick ones. then, when he wanted to pass through the barriers, the cops hindered him and prompted him to show his ID, which he had not on him. they made a fuss until his wife shouted: “could you let my husband inside again?…” they let him pass but he was forced to get inside home, get his ID, go down again and show it to the cops. meanwhile the refugees on the roof started continuously drumming (probably on pots), gave light signals and also shouted from the rooftop. protesters replied by shouting back slogans, blowing whistles and there was also one megaphone. but soon cops disallowed all of that.

also, a couple of nazis showed up. comrades recognized at least four. three of them appeared in the middle of the road in the Scharnweberstraße standing there and shouting a nazi slogan, while one passed by in a car, but was recognized too late. for sure, there were far more of them who went unrecognized (the protest is directly at the border of their stronghold district Lichtenberg).

during the 29th and the 30th of August, the situation remained relatively unchanged. authorities still starve refugee protesters on the hostel roof in Gürtelstraße, and support of demonstrators is still low.

there’s a call for a demo tomorrow, Sunday the 31st at 5pm in Warschauer Straße, Friedrichshain.

‘Attack’ against Berlin Foreigners Registration Office in Moabit

Racism kills!

Tonight, in the early hours of Saturday, August 30th, 2014, we – a small group of small humans – smashed the windows of your workplace and sprayed slogans on your walls.

It’s not your windowpanes and walls, we know it, it’s the windows of your employer, the windows of your State, which pays you so that you can pay for the walls of your house, to look out of their windows on a city in which refugees are not meant to be, even if they climb onto a roof and are about to jump for their human-right. Even when your State with the help of the police cuts off their water and electricity [in Gürtelstraße], so that they break down stretched to the limits of their bodies. Those bodies that are trapped in the paragraphs that come up with the warmongering policy, and the register forms that you process, and the commands that the police execute. Those bodies which are titled as shelterless, homeless and illegal, without seeing the humans behind. We are all together in this boat, which may be called either inhumanity or humanity. Let your heart not hide behind the walls of your office, and don’t look anxiously out of the window; open the doors of your State for the refugees, because you have also shut them off. Every little cogwheel of this “asylum”-system kills humans, and no one can-should-may afterwards say that they did not know what they were doing. A human thinks, so think and act like you are a human, too, and not just a blunt cogwheel.