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Zurich: Attack against two Swiss arms companies

thelustIn the night of the 19th to 20th January 2015, we attacked with fireworks RUA Defence (located in the building of Tiergarten 7, Zurich) and NEOSOFT AG (at Üetlibergstrasse 132, Zurich) as part of the campaign against the World Economic Forum (WEF). The attack is directed against two representatives of the Swiss arms industry, of which RUAG is a state enterprise. The arms contracts and the military agreements reached at the summit of the WEF in Davos emphasis here the importance of this annual meeting for this economic sector.

On the 19th September 2014, the mandate on war material that regulates the exports of Swiss arms was eased by the Federal Council, after parliament promoted this move in March 2014. The context of this derestriction was due to complaints from large arms companies (like UAG or MOWAG), that their sales were collapsing due to severe export restrictions. Since 2008, exports of war material were prohibited to countries where human rights are “systemically and seriously” neglected. This excerpt was then removed in Autumn last year, so now the export of arms is legal again, as long as there is only a small risk that the weapons will be used for “serious and systematic” violations of human rights.

Athens: Anti-election action in Petralona

Hope is coming – Greece (is moving forward)WILL BURN
and Europe (is changing)WILL BURN.
(Vote for)DEATH TO Syriza.
Abstention from the ballot boxes – Rebellion and disobedience
The stencil reads: “Fire to the school cells”

In the early hours of Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th of January 2015 a small group of comrades carried out the following actions in the Athens neighbourhood of Petralona, currently decorated with pre-election materials:

At least 7 election banners of political parties were taken down or spray-painted.
Slogans were painted on walls of several streets, on the “little shop” of the Syriza party and a polling station.
An anti-election banner was hung.

Sabotage the electoral process – Death to the saviours
We declare war on democracy
Our lives in our hands
Long live anarchy

Sympraxis of Anarchists

Lamia, Greece: Anarchist intervention against maximum security prisons


On January 20th, in the afternoon, participants of the Assembly of Anarchists/Anti-authoritarians from Lamia carried out an intervention against maximum security prisons (type C) in Eleftherias Square.

We placed a banner, distributed informative texts and threw fliers around the square. Given that this is the first time we present this issue in the city of Lamia, while there are only a few days to go until the general elections, people’s reactions were followed by surprise. Many were those who stood to speak and exchange opinions with us—among them also residents of the nearby town of Domokos that were passing through Lamia—which we consider to be positive.

Of course, an issue so important cannot be addressed with merely a public intervention, especially since a great many of our comrades are locked up in the hellholes of Domokos. We will come back soon with more…


Assembly of Anarchists/Anti-authoritarians from Lamia

From Greece to Pakistan, struggle in memory of Shehzad Luqman


Combat and memory for the dead migrants // Not even an inch of land for the fascists // The revolted have no fatherland // From Greece to France, we smash racism and xenophobia

To demolish the concentration camps // Fire to the borders // Shehzad Luqman present // Cops – TV – neo-Nazis, the scumbags all work together

“The one who shot was not alone
he had other unknown executioners with him
He had the virtuous with him
He had the honest with him
He had the moral with him
He had the righteous with him
He had the peaceful with him”

On Saturday at midday, January 17th, 2015, a demo was carried out in the Athens district of Ano Petralona, two years since the racist assassination of Shehzad Luqman, a migrant worker from Pakistan who was stabbed to death by two Golden Dawn thugs on Trion Ierarchon Street, while he was heading to his daily work. Around 400 people marched with strong slogans, starting from Merkouri Square, moving through the narrow streets of Ano Petralona and Thissio, to make a short stop at the assassination spot, before returning to the same square.

Comrades from the area met once again on the streets, joining the call for a mobilisation with a distinct bloc at the tail end of the demonstration. As anarchist individuals, we might come from different starting points, nevertheless we share a common conviction: We have no illusions of democracy, nor do we wait for any bourgeois justice or electoral system to solve the problems of the oppressed. The institutions of the States and Capital are the main perpetrators responsible for the murders en mass of migrants and refugees at the borders of the continents and oceans; for the State and para-State pogroms and deportations, for the concentration camps, for spreading xenophobia and racism, for the production and reproduction of nationalisms, and finally for the complete fascistisation of our neighborhoods and societies.

For struggle in memory of Shehzad Luqman and every migrant fallen into the hands of Nazis (with or without uniform) means for us a struggle against borders and nations. A daily international and insurrectionist struggle, until we make this muthafucka ungovernable.



Greece: Words from Angeliki Sotiropoulou as regards the new type C prison in Domokos

Once again—as expected, of course—the state and the media of deception are trying to sow fear and terror. All prisons in Greece, other than the agricultural ones, are and have always been maximum-security facilities. Especially the basement in Koridallos women’s prison, where the ‘17 November’ case prisoners have lived over the last twelve and a half years, is demonstrably the most heavily guarded section. Therefore, they have established isolation prisons, rather than maximum-security prisons. Outside a state of rights, they want to make these prisoners invisible. All arguments of the extreme right-wingers who passed and applied the respective law are based on deceit and lies. Christodoulos Xiros [recaptured on January 3rd] did not escape from any prison, no matter if they invoke security reasons or gaps. He left his house. We are thus faced with an outright vindictiveness towards political enemies and mainly a vulgar political exploitation for cheap communication purposes. The new pre-election TV ad of the extreme right-winger Samaras identifies the jihadists with fighters of armed counter-violence organizations, showing the real reasons for the creation of these prisons, as well as their huge panic. I wonder: where else does fascism originate from? Over there—I mean Domokos prison—nothing has changed; all is as it was before, just like at every other prison. All they did differently is discover after twelve and a half years that suddenly these people have become dangerous—one of them is 72 years old—and took them away from their families, as much as possible for the time being, to inflict more problems upon them. We endure it; they might as well send us to the borders.

Words from the former political prisoner Angeliki Sotiropoulou—companion of Dimitris Koufontinas, who is currently held in the type C prison of Domokos—broadcasted during an internet radio show (January 15th, 2015)

Kerameikos, Athens: Photos from the gathering against maximum security prisons

On Saturday evening, January 10th, a PA’s gathering against maximum security prisons took place at Dimosio Sima, in the Athens neighbourhood of Kerameikos. The event lasted almost 4 hours and counted with the participation of some dozens of comrades. We threw fliers in the nearby streets, prepared and placed banners, and we read texts from anarchist and social prisoners.

We do not forget those who have fallen in combat, we do not forget those who have been captured, nor do we forget those who have gone underground.


The banners read:

Immediate cancellation of the transfers of political and social prisoners to the maximum security prisons of Domokos

Not in Domokos, nor anywhere, fire and explosions to all cells

Freedom for the anarchist prisoners and the inmates who struggle

Fire to the prison society

Thessaloniki: Action against the special conditions of detention

Neither type-C nor regular ones; fire and arson to all the prisons.

We don’t want bigger or more luxurious cages; we want them broken, burned and emptied.

Visible cages, cells and bars; destroy all shackles of the State.

On Saturday noon, January 17th, 2015, a PA’s gathering took place at the corner of Olympiados and Ioulianou streets in the city of Thessaloniki against the special conditions of detention, but also against the institution of incarceration that affects all living beings.

During the gathering, which was attended by nearly 30 comrades, texts were distributed and fliers were thrown.

Unyielding struggle for Total Liberation and Anarchy.

Black/Green Anarchist Collective

source/more photos: mavroprasino

Germany: New Year’s Eve demo at the prison of Freiburg

In the evening of December 31st, 2014, in Freiburg, around 20 people demonstrated unannounced and without permit for the freedom of all prisoners and against the repressive society. From the meeting point at Tennenbacher square the demonstration moved to Freiburg’s prison. Despite the failing sound system, the demo was loudly and was accompanied with appropriate pyrotechnics and some colour eggs. At least at the main entrance the prisoners heard the demo and waved back. The demo lasted about half an hour. The police showed no reaction.

Below are a few words from comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk, imprisoned in Freiburg. Two other speeches prepared by supporters for the action can be found in the German original.

Greeting by Thomas Meyer-Falk

New Year’s Eve 2014

This gesture of yours, showing solidarity with those who are forced to live behind these thick cold walls, is shining like a torch in the darkness. As in the years before, people suffered and died here in 2014. There have been suicides, many suicide attempts and a hunger strike.

And yet one can see pulsating life behind bars, which is not least fueled by the solidarity support from relatives, friends or comrades.

The anti-prison fight will always include the idea of a radical change of existing conditions, because the capitalist form of society will never do without prisons. Someone fighting for the abolition of custodial institutions will, at the same time, be endeavoring to live in another society; that is, a free society.

Your demos at this prison are cherished enthusiastically by those who live here. Because you show us that we here are not alone and that there are people who reject incarceration.

Solidarian and heart-throbbing greetings!

To all of you a healthy, colourful, lively and free 2015!

For a society without prisons!

Thomas Meyer-Falk

Athens, Greece: Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis were released from prison!

Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis were released from prison on January 12, 2015 owning to the expiry of the maximum 18-month period of pretrial detention.

The two anarchists were arrested on July 11, 2013 in Thessaloniki and then sent to pretrial detention in Koridallos prison, in Athens, on terrorism charges. Tsavdaridis has assumed responsibility for sending a parcel bomb (as FAI-IRF cell under the name Commando Mauricio Morales) to Dimitris Chorianopoulos, ex-commander of the anti-terrorist police unit, while Mandylas (participant in Nadir, ex-squat in Thessaloniki) has denied all charges against him. As of June 4, 2014 both comrades stand trial in the special courtroom of Koridallos women’s prison, alongside the ten imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. Andreas Tsavdaridis and Spyros Mandylas are accused of alleged participation in the CCF, attempted homicide of that ex-commander of the anti-terrorist force, and attempted explosion and possession of explosives (in connection to the same incendiary package mailing, action claimed in Greece as part of the “Phoenix Project”).

USA: Eric McDavid released from prison!

Dear friends and comrades,

It is with bursting hearts that we write to tell you some amazing news. Today, January 8, Eric was ordered released from prison. It has been almost 9 years exactly since he was arrested in Auburn, CA, on January 13, 2006.

Eric’s release came about because of the habeas petition that he and his legal team filed in May 2012. Because the government withheld important documents from the defense at trial, Eric’s original judgment and sentencing were vacated and he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge that carried a five year maximum sentence. This means Eric has already spent four years longer in prison than could have been required under the statute for the charge he pleaded guilty to. He received credit for time served and was ordered released.

Eric’s projected release date – until today – was February of 2023.

We are beyond thrilled that Eric will soon be back home with us, where he belongs. But nothing can change the fact that Eric and his loved ones have had 9 years stolen from them by the state. At times, this fight seemed almost impossible. Eric endured hunger strikes, solitary, the separation of hundreds of miles from everyone and everything he loved, and the isolation and cold walls and wire of prison. These things were meant to break him – but the state has utterly failed in this endeavor. Eric remains steadfast and strong. Eric fought the charges against him 9 years ago because he knew it was the right thing to do. He has maintained his integrity all of these years by staying true to himself and to the things he believes in. But he has not done this in a vacuum. Thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support these last nine years. It has made all the difference. To everyone who has ever written a letter, sent drawings of dragons or pictures of fairies, or included pictures of something as simple as a blade of grass… you have given Eric’s life color, fire and connection these past 9 years. You have proven that our solidarity is our strongest weapon.

We are anxious to celebrate! But we also must remember that Eric’s case is just one among many – and it is by no means the most egregious. Since 9/11 the state has engaged in political prosecutions of hundreds of people in this country – the majority of them from Muslim communities – for their religious and political affiliations. And our comrades continue to be targeted and arrested for daring to dream. We are overjoyed that Eric is coming home. But we also know that we must never rest until all are free.

Eric has been released from Sacramento County jail, but his struggle is far from over. He received two years of supervised release and will be under their watch during that time. Coming out of prison is a complicated and difficult journey, but it is one that we are excited and ready to begin.

Thanks again to all of you – and a big shout out to Eric’s lawyers – Mark Vermeulen and Ben Rosenfeld – who have worked tirelessly and passionately on his case for years, pro bono.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks. Until then – celebrate! Struggle! And as Eric would say… Find UR Joy!

So much love to you all.

Until all are free!

-Sacramento Prisoner support

Greece: Most of the migrants implicated in the Amygdaleza uprising trial have been released from prison

On New Year’s Eve, 24 out of 25 migrants held on remand were finally released from prison. They were among the accused in the Amygdaleza uprising trial that were unanimously acquitted in court of all charges related to the rebellion at the Amygdaleza concentration camp in August 2013. After the repressive apparatus waffled back and forth, a mastermind decided it was no longer necessary to prolong the detention of these people, with the exception of one migrant who is still incarcerated in Koridallos men’s prison, apparently because of a previous criminal case. The rest of them are now ‘free’. However, while some of the migrants had requested asylum and their application was accepted, most of them were served with a document that requires their voluntary departure (deportation) from the country within 30 days.

Everything continues
No concentration camp, never and nowhere

No Lager Assembly
Athens, January 7th, 2015

Germany: New Year’s Eve at the prison of Münster

On December 31st, 2014 as in recent years, a demo took place at the prison building in Münster. From around 23:30, over 40 people demonstrated against one of the most brutal form of repression, imprisonment, by making use of banners, music and fireworks. During the demo many bangers and skyrockets were thrown or fired over the prison wall to express solidarity with the inmates who reacted with loud shouting and jeering.

We do not want a society that deals with problems by punishing and locking up people. A large share of criminalised actions is in all likelihood caused by the capitalist conditions that force people to commit these “crimes”. Hardly anyone would steal food or rob a bank if they were “better off” economically. Prison does not serve to “reintegrate people back into society” (as if persons turned into offenders were no longer part of society in the first place). The only purpose of prison is to uphold the social order, punish people and break them. For us, it is clear that this as any other kind of state repression is to be fully rejected.

After the demo paint-bombs were thrown at the building and the slogan “Fight the State” was painted on the prison wall. We also blocked the road in front of the prison with materials from construction sites.

For a liberated society, free of prison, repression and capitalism!

Let us be the cracks in the wall!

Ilion, Athens: Agros squat came under fascist arson attack

On Wednesday night, January 7th, 2015, Agros, the self-managed occupied zone in Tritsis Park, suffered a fascist arson attack. Immediately after the attack, comrades went to the squat alongside people in solidarity. The material damage is limited.

Agros squat has been operating for five years, carrying out interventions in the areas of Ilion, Aghioi Anargyroi and Kamatero in a self-organized, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial manner, away from any kind of powers and mediators. These are the characteristics that motivated the dastard fascists to confirm their discomfort caused by projects that put disobedience against the world of Power into practice.

We continue unyieldingly…

Source: Eleftherosagros

Translators’ note:
Agros, an occupied shelter and piece of land within the commercialized ‘Environmental Awareness Park Antonis Tritsis’ in the area of Ilion, Athens, came into existence in May 2009. The project carries out collective land cultivation, weekly assemblies and collective kitchens, among others. It had come under fascist arson attack also in the past.

Greece: ‘War Communique’ of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire anarchist prisoners

Note of Contra Info:

In early January 2014, while on furlough, Christodoulos Xiros, convicted member of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary organization 17 November (17Ν), did not voluntarily return to prison. The Greek police placed a huge bounty on his head, in addition to launching a series of raids in Athens and Thessaloniki at the homes of comrades.

After a year, on January 3rd, 2015, Christodoulos Xiros was spotted and recaptured near Anavyssos, Attica, without resisting his arrest. His ‘safe-house’ was extensively searched by antiterrorist cops who found firearms, explosives and other items inside, including a forged ID card with the photo of a young woman—whose real first name appears to be Angeliki. That same night, the 1st wing of Koridallos men’s prison was raided by state-security agents and the EKAM special suppressive antiterrorist unit, and a short time later two imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Christos Tsakalos, as well as two other incarcerated comrades accused of alleged participation in the same anarchist revolutionary organization, Andreas Tsavdaridis (who took responsibility for an incendiary package mailing by the FAI-IRF cell ‘Commando Mauricio Morales’) and Spyros Mandylas, were separated from the general prison population and moved to the dungeon cells of Koridallos women’s prison. The morale of the four prisoners remains strong.

Amid pre-election period, the state mechanisms have led a media-feeding frenzy, in search of individuals who may be linked to Christodoulos Xiros and/or CCF prisoners. The cops also raided houses in a couple of other Greek towns, and released the image of the woman pictured in that fake ID. What’s more, the police claimed to have found notes indicating a plan to assault Koridallos prisons in Athens, with the purpose of helping CCF members escape. In response to police reports about the ‘prevention of a terrorist attack’ relating to this prison escape case, the ten imprisoned members publicly sent their strength and solidarity to the unnamed persons who are wanted in connection to the escape plan in support of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Below is the latest open letter of CCF comrades from Koridallos prisons.


“First I shot him in the mouth to stop him talking crap;
then I shot him in the arm to stop him writing crap”
Jacques Mesrine on the kidnapping of a French journalist

The filthy war and the vulgarity of journalists as regards the case of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire intended prison escape have no end. They have been targeting comrade Angeliki, emotionally blackmailing her parents, and spreading vile lies about her alleged involvement as an intimate friend of the arrestee.

Angeliki is an intimate friend of insurgency, anarchy, freedom.

Struggle and anarchy would be the only feasible reality if there were more people like Angeliki.


SOLIDARITY AND STRENGTH by any means possible to comrade Angeliki
and to all those wanted in connection to the same case.

The Cells will always stand by you…

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Prisoners Cell

Olga Ekonomidou
Giorgos Polidoros
Michalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Gerasimos Tsakalos
Christos Tsakalos
Haris Hadjimihelakis
Damiano Bolano
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Panagiotis Argirou

Translated from Greek from Asirmatista (January 7th, 2015)

Italy: Update on anarchists accused of taking part in May 2013 attack at the TAV construction site in Chiomonte

Anarchists Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi were convicted at first instance without the aggravating circumstance of terrorism submitted by Turin’s prosecutorial duo Padalino and Rinaudo. The four comrades, sentenced to 3 years and 6 months each, are currently under house arrest with all restrictions.

Terrorism-related charges have now also been dropped for anarchists Francesco, Graziano and Lucio. On December 29th, 2014, the court of review upheld a motion of the defense for dismissal of the charge of “attack with the purpose of terrorism”. However, they are still accused of possession and transportation of weapons of war, causing damage by fire, and some misdemeanors. The three comrades remain under preventive detention for now, in the high security wing of Ferrara prison:

Francesco Sala, Graziano Mazzarelli, Lucio Alberti
c/o C.C. via dell’Arginone, 327 – 44100 Ferrara (Italy)

Rennes: New Year’s solidarity against all types of incarceration

As a small gesture of solidarity with those languishing behind bars, and like each new year, people gathered to express a bit of their revolt against all confinement.

We went in front of the women’s prison in Rennes, that of men in Vezin and the detention centre for the undocumented in Saint-Jacques. To exchange some shouts and fireworks across the walls and the bars, and mitigate the daily imposed isolation, even for just a short while.

Because we refuse to light-heartedly celebrate a new year, when thousands of people spend time in cells. Because a happy new year doesn’t exist when each day spent in jail is always a day too many; there can be no good health, either physical or mental, when we are deprived of freedom; and the best wishes we can bid them are those prison riots and next escapes!

A small gesture that calls many others.
Here, elsewhere, everywhere, all the time.
Destroy the jails!

Source: Indymedia Nantes

Kerameikos, Athens: PA’s gathering against maximum security prisons

Freedom for those who are in prison cells
Strength to the anarchist captives and combative inmates

We call for a PA’s gathering (mikrofoniki) against maximum security prisons on Saturday the 10th of January 2015, at 17:00, at Dimosio Sima on the corner of Plateon and Leonidou streets in the Athens neighbourhood of Kerameikos.

We openly position ourselves against the new era of repression that the Greek democracy seeks to establish, we stand by our imprisoned comrades and the combative captives of the social war, we fight for the immediate cancelling of transfers of political and social prisoners to the type C prison in Domokos and for the destruction of the prison-society.



Berlin: Solidarity sabotage with those incarcerated as part of Operation Pandora in Spain

As a sign of our solidarity with projects raided on December 16th, 2014, in Barcelona and in other cities as well as the comrades detained in the course of Operation Pandora, we burnt a vehicle of DHL in the early hours of January 5th, 2015, in the neighbourhood of Neukölln in Berlin.

DHL was attacked not only for their collaboration with the army, but also for the reason of international distribution of vehicles of this company, which constitutes an appropriate target for sabotage actions.

Where European security agencies exchange information and prepare their common fight against the structures of resistance, the fightback and militant solidarity do not stop at borders either.

Happiness and freedom for:
Lisa Sandra Dorfer
Alba Gracia Martínez
Noemí Cuadrado Carvajal
Anna Hernandez del Blanco
Enrique Balaguer Pérez
David Juan Fernández

Until all are free!

Source: Linksunten Indymedia

Translators’ note: Recall that Beatriz Isabel Velazquez Dávila is among those arrested in the course of Operation Pandora and sent to prison. It’s possible that the authors of this communique had knowledge of an incomplete list of prisoners first circulated on 22.12.2014. Updated list of prisoners here.

Cephalonia Island, Greece: Banner in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Giorgos Salayannis

“Solidarity with anarchist Giorgos Salayannis and all the hostages of social war. Fire to the galleys.”

Banner hung by comrades at the entrance to Argostoli town.

Le Havre: Fire(s) at the prison

Beautiful fireworks
At the penitentiary of Le Havre
Nocturnal and solidarian
Notwithstanding the spotlights of the watchtowers
On this first day of the year

Inside, the prisoners
Not considering it to shut their mouth
Taunted authority.
Finally, we went away, somehow
Hoping they will be able to escape!

Source: Indymedia Nantes

Translators’ note:
In the original French acrostic, the first letter of each line spells out ‘bonne année’ (Happy New Year).

Paris, January 1st: Solidarity with all the incarcerated!

Stone by stone, wall by wall, we’ll destroy all the prisons!

In the night of December 31st 2014 to January 1st 2015, a few groups of people went to express their solidarity with the prisoners and other detainees by shouting slogans against confinement, speaking with the prisoners at the windows and throwing fireworks, around the prisons of Fresnes, Versailles, Bois d’Arcy and Nanterre, and the administrative detention centre of Vincennes.

Source: Indymedia Nantes

Florence: ATMs, luxury shops and company cars attacked


On New Year’s Eve night, in Florence, numerous ATMs were jammed, the windows of luxury shops in the city centre were smeared and smashed, and the tires of several 500 Red car-sharing vehicles with the Frecciarossa logo were slashed.

In solidarity and complicity with the stone bench of Sant’Ambrogio!

(bench in front of the church of Sant’Ambrogio vandalized on New Year’s Eve)

Source: Informa-azione

Ittre, Belgium: Fireworks against the jails

Yesterday evening [December 31st, 2014], while everyone celebrated the “new year”, others didn’t forget that, this year, the misery of the jail continues, and that some are still there to rot and die.

Fireworks and firecrackers were therefore thrown in front of the prison of Ittre [a town located 30 km south of Brussels] in solidarity with the prisoners incarcerated, greeted with cries of “Freedom”, “Strength”, or “Brick by brick, wall by wall, destroy all the prisons”, to show them that there are people who don’t forget those who undergo confinement.

Because nobody can be free in the shadow of a prison, but also because the world which we live in always resembles more of an open prison.

Destroy the jails!

Source: Indymedia Bruxsel / A compilation of actions on New Year’s Eve, in French, on Le Chat Noir Émeutier

Berlin: Solidarity action for anarchists in Spain

Freedom for the 11 captive anarchists in Madrid and Barcelona

Your repression will not stop our desire for freedom

So that the solidarity spreads! With love and strength from Berlin!

On December 20th, 2014, like in Barcelona and several cities of the Iberian Peninsula, we wanted to show a clear sign of our solidarity.

On December 16th, eleven anarchists were arrested in Barcelona and Madrid, of whom seven were sent to pretrial detention and the four walked “free” under restrictive conditions. In spite of the rain and snow, the message was clear; even though we didn’t remain a long-time with the bad weather conditions. We don’t want and we’re not going to forget the anger we felt these past days. We don’t want and we’re not going to forget that, in spite of the distance, we feel close to the prisoners. Fliers were distributed amongst the passers-by and read as well through a sound system. Approximately 50 people gathered at Kottbusser Tor, the heart of Kreuzberg in Berlin.

Freedom for all the prisoners! So that the solidarity spreads!

Some anarchists from Berlin

Buenos Aires: Solidarity action at the Spanish embassy

Freedom for the anarchists arrested in Spain (A)

They’re unable to stop us – Solidarity with the Operation Pandora prisoners (A) – Fire to the prisons – We are everywhere

On Monday, December 29th, 2014, at around 6pm, more than 30 people went to demonstrate in front of the Spanish embassy in Buenos Aires against the incarceration of the 7 anarchists detained in the course of Operation Pandora in Spain.