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Information about prisoner hunger strike from 18 to 20 July in Germany and Switzerland

solidarity will prolong our lives

July 9th, 2014 – Update on prisoner hunger strike in Germany and Switzerland, in solidarity with prisoners in Greece, following this announcement:

Even if the Greek parliament passed the bill on maximum security prisons on the 8th of July, the resistance against the new prison system, and in particular the type C prisons, is not over… These prisons have similarity with the F-type prisons in Turkey or with maximum security prisons in Germany. Following the mass hunger strike in Greek prisons, a statement on international solidarity hunger strike has been sent around in different prisons in Germany, but the communication between/with inmates takes a long time.

In German prisons, the participants in the solidarity hunger strike are until now Oliver Rast at Tegel prison in Berlin, Ahmet Düzgün Yüksel (extradited from Greece to Germany in May 2014), as well as Andreas Krebs.

Andreas, in his early 40s, has been in prison for over 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner, and participated in several hunger strikes and also tried to escape two times. Thanks to his initiative, over 20 prisoners in the Aschaffenburg jail in Bavaria declared their solidarity with the upcoming strike. He has also written to inmates in two other prisons.

Comrade Thomas Meyer-Falk, imprisoned since 1996 and now in security detention in Freiburg, has written a solidarity message for the hunger strike, announced between the 18th and the 20th of July 2014.

Anarchist Marco Camenisch (in jail more than 20 years) will participate in the hunger strike as well; he is currently held in Bostadel, Switzerland.

Thessaloniki: Office of Greece’s ruling party MP trashed

Struggle with all means for the destruction of prisons

On Monday the 7th of July, at 12pm, we paid a visit to the political office of Nea Dimokratia MP, Elena Rapti, in the city centre of Thessaloniki, and intervened in the decor with paints and fliers.

She is one of the MPs who, from the outset, supported and voted in favor of the bill on establishment of type C prisons, while she participated in its shaping as well. So, we sent her the message that responsibility for the wretchedness of thousands of prisoners and targeting of people in struggle bears a cost. Those responsible have a face and a name, and we do not forget it.

All other minions, who sell their ass for a place next to political figures, offering them full support and then trying to deny responsibility for their actions, should also keep in mind that we’re not willing to forget what they’ve done.

The fact that the bill passed does not stop our fight against prisons, be it regular jails or solitary confinement units!

Fire to all prison cells!

Spanish State: Update on the case against Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

July 6th, 2014

- Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar are prosecuted on terrorism charges; basically, the examining judge Velasco accepted the police hypothesis as valid to bring them to trial.

- All charges against the rest of the comrades implicated in the same case were dropped.

Mónica and Francisco are doing well, and cheered up when they heard the news about the other comrades, whose charges were dismissed. To write letters to them in prison:

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila), España/Spain

Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona Finca Tabladiello
33480 Villabona-Llanera (Asturias), España/Spain

[Cybrigade] Update following yesterday’s shutdown of espiv server

On July 8th, 2014, members of the Cybrigade admin crew, as well as representatives of the Proledialers (call-centre workers, whose blog is hosted on espiv), went to the Panteion university premises. Their presence was enough to put the server back in operation.

The attempted silencing of hundreds of collectives that use the espiv infrastructure was averted. Certainly, this does not mean that similar attempts by either the authorities or private individuals cannot occur in the future.

Espiv is not owned by one administrative group, but rather is an infrastructure already used by a big part of the movement. Therefore, the struggle in defense of espiv server concerns us all. Faced with an attempted attack on struggles within the labour movement, on infrastructure of the antagonistic movement, on islets of freedom of expression and speech, solidarity is our weapon.

We support the new call by the Proledialers, for Monday the 14th of July at 9am in the office of the Labour Inspectorate located in 10, Agisilaou Street, Athens.

ALF in Istanbul: At least 4 fish freed, fish cage damaged

YouTube Preview Image

An anonymous report at (English text included).

[Cybrigade] About server shutdown on 7/7

[8/7/2014: espiv back online]

Today, Monday, July 7th, 2014, the rector of the Panteion University (in Athens, where espiv server is located) ordered that the espiv server be unplugged and put out of service. The pretext was an extrajudicial notice which was served to the university administration by the owner of the call-centre company OnLine Sales, by which the boss asks that a blog post which is allegedly defaming him be deleted and that the authors of the same post be named.

The specific blog post is as follows:

- —-
“OnLine Sales: Employer continues to act arbitrarily; we call for a gathering at the Labour Inspectorate (Athens)

On June 6th, 2014 the boss also sacked the colleague E.T. because she refused to continue to work unpaid and overtime until she’d achieved the “sales targets” of the company. This requirement, as we have noted many times before, is a daily practice at this call center. However, in the case of the colleague E.T., the boss exceeded all limits, and assaulted her verbally and physically after she was asked to sign a document which stated that she would not make any financial or other claims to the company, but she expressed legitimate reservations.

*/ We remind that on Monday, June 16th, at 10am, the Labour Inspectorate (located in 10, Agisilaou Street, near Omonia, Athens) will examine the complaints of fellow workers I.K., E.D. and E.T.; this is why we invite every trade union, collective, neighbourhood assembly, and every single colleague to attend the meeting and support our female co-workers I.K. and E.D. in their struggle for reemployment, as well as E.T., who experienced this blatantly arbitrary employer behavior./*

More related posts on this topic can be found (in Greek) here and here
- —-

Cybrigade, which already exists for six whole years, as administrative crew of the 6-year-old espiv server, informs all concerned that:

Espiv is an internet infrastructure dedicated to the antagonistic movement which stands against capitalism and hierarchy. On espiv, we do not just provide digital space for the expression and organization of individuals and collectives, but we also consider ourselves part of the global community that fights for digital rights, the inalienable right to privacy, interception-free communication, and freedom of expression. In espiv, we oppose in-principle the storage/recording of data identifying those involved in any communication that our server provides. Cybrigade has explicitly stated the following on and

“The content of all pages on this domain ( is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Greece License. The administrative collective defends freedom of speech and expression, so in no event shall uploaded opinions or texts –which are solely the views expressed by their respective authors– be censored. Additional permissions to use this work, beyond those granted by the license that has been applied, may be listed on
Espiv does not store any data enabling identification of users, in any of its services. Data of visitors and users, such as IP addresses, are not registered on the server.”

In conclusion, Cybrigade chooses not to keep and, by extension, not to provide any kind of identification information (aka snitching) to any entity, and therefore neither to employers or other type of oppressors.

We will let you know of our next steps/actions.

Greece: Update regarding the monstrous bill on maximum security prisons

After some modifications to the draft bill on maximum security prisons, the recess section of the Greek Parliament is now prepared to vote on this new law on Monday, July 7th. Perhaps it will take another summer session for the final voting, but their plan is to pass the bill no matter what… A protest gathering, supported also by anarchists, against the passage of the ‘prison reform bill’ will take place on Monday 7/7, at 18:00 in Syntagma Square, Athens.

Prisoners throughout Greece have quit their mass hunger strike since the 1st of July, promising other forms of protest on the inside (we don’t have related info as of yet).

One can never know what the fucking minister of Justice, Charalambos Athanasiou, will submit at the last minute, but according to updates so far, main modifications are supposed to be as follows:

- initial incarceration period in Type C prison units for recalcitrant inmates: (from 4 years to) 2 years;

- initial incarceration period in Type C prison units for inmates convicted to over 12 years for terrorism (article 187A of the Greek penal code), and for inmates convicted to over 15 years for criminal organization (article 187 of the Greek penal code): (from 10 years to) 4 years.

It is said that prisoners remanded on terrorism charges (under article 187A), who are still awaiting trial (not yet convicted), will also be sent to Type C prison units.

It is still a fact that inmates locked up in Type C prison units won’t have the right to furlough (days of leave from the prison).

Even if “dangerous” inmates serve 4 full years in a Type C prison, the incarceration period can be extended by prison prosecutors to 2 more years (when these prisoners are not “well-behaved”, or suddenly have further “incriminating indications” presented against them, etc.); when the additional 2 years are over, their incarceration in a Type C prison can be prolonged again to another 2-year period, and so forth…

This is all we can transmit for the time being.

Solidarity with prisoners of the State/Capital. Destroy all prisons!

Niš, Serbia: World solidarity against the World Cup

Antifa crew from Niš doesn’t remain silent while the Brazilian state conducts terror in the streets. A banner was hung at one of the city’s overpasses, reading: “World solidarity against the World Cup – Support favela riots – AFA Niš”.
While corporations, states and the media promote the World Cup, which directly brings unhappiness to many (over 50,000 families were displaced, dozens of people killed, hundreds wounded), and gives a false happiness to those who watch it from their room and cheer for “their” team, we call for world solidarity and rebellion!

Strength to brothers and sisters who hit the streets and clash with cops and fascists – the watchdogs of capitalism and the state.

Let the battle continue even after the final match (but we hope the final will never be played).

Support furious people!

- Antifascist Action Niš

Solidarity with the struggle in Brazil -a message from Berlin

While others were watching the football match between Brazil and Colombia our thoughts were somewhere else. We don’t cheer for any team, especially when we know that there are people outside of the stadiums, in the streets and in the neighbourhoods that lost their houses or even lost their friends and family members. We can’t watch a game knowing that the people that built these stadiums were getting exploited or even died. We are full of rage seeing this game and knowing that the government already has a plan for these stadiums, these white giants: to transform them into prisons.

While others watched the game, we hung up a banner in solidarity with the fighting people in Brazil. It’s a small message, but hundreds of people walk by every day, cause this message is located in the centre of Görlitzer Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The banner reads:

Against exploitation and oppression!
Against the FIFA and the modern football!

Solidarity with the combatants in Brazil! For social revolt!
Não Vai Ter Copa – There is not going to be a World Cup.

-Some anarchists in solidarity

Dresden: Painted slogans in solidarity with prisoners’ struggle in Greece

In the night towards the 4th of July, we went out to express our solidarity with the prisoners in Greece and make our resentment against prisons altogether known.


For a liberated society – Solidarity with the prisoners in Greece
Fire to the prisons – For anarchy

NYC solidarity demo with prisoners in struggle in Greece

On July 3rd, 2014, we gathered in front of the Greek consulate in New York City to express our solidarity with the vibrant and dynamic struggle that has erupted throughout the Greek prison system. A hunger strike that began on June 18th quickly spread to every Greek prison facility; uniting over 4000 rebellious prisoners in resistance against the future implementation of a new set of repressive penal measures that have been designed to undermine the growing social antagonism both inside and outside of the prison walls.

We unfurled banners to block the entrance of the consulate; shouted slogans; and distributed counter-information to passersby. Within a local and international context, we understand solidarity to be an active bond that breaks through borders and boundaries presenting the possibility of connecting the various struggles in the prisons in California, Indiana, Texas, and Washington with those that have been continuously developing and strengthening in Greece.

No Hostage Left Behind in the Hands of the State!

Destroy Every Prison, Visible and Invisible!

War Against the War of the State!

Berlin: ‘Subversives of the nihilist deed’ claim responsibility for arson on Greek diplomat’s car – Media disinformation goes wild

We demand nothing less than the destruction of the beast that keeps the system running.

The ruling democrats strike back with full force. Amid the crisis, they reveal their true face. A face full of enthusiasm, which humiliates, tortures, incarcerates or murders people; a face which smiles happily at the cameras of the world, while thousands of cops break up any resistance with bludgeon and tear gas just around the corner.

However they’re not yet pleased with that. Having managed to break up the resistance in the streets, the dogs of the system have now devoted themselves to crushing every resistance that still exists in prisons, through the total isolation of the prisoners. The domination uses the current intimidation of the great silent majority to take revenge on those who littered Greece in December 2008 with a conflagration. Arising from the revolt, guerrilla groups made the stiff gentlemen in Brussels gasp. Their reaction didn’t take long to come, and it came forcefully. In addition to the EU/ECB/IMF Troika, they sent a bevy of anti-terror experts to Athens to defeat the resistive spirit once and for all. So the new training sessions of the cops quickly paid off. The dogs were initially able to fetch only sticks, but they soon adopted the ideological framework called fascism quite bluntly and openly; a harmonious coexistence, in which the power-hungry democratic fat asses throw themselves down at the feet of fascist thugs. The introduction of the new type-C security prisons is just one more step on the way to complete destruction of all those who are fed up with being oppressed.

We don’t want to stand idly by and watch these goings-on, like many others who have stopped fighting. That’s why we decided to pay a visit to one of their lapdogs in the quiet district of Wilmersdorf, Berlin.

We stand in solidarity with all hunger strikers in the Greek prisons.

We furthermore recall the murder of Ilia Kareli, who was put to death by the assassins called prison guards.

“In this war, loser is whoever goes home. No retreat, no postponement.”
(Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-Fraction of Nihilists, 2009)

Subversives of the nihilist deed

Berlin: Some impressions from anti-eviction protest in Kreuzberg

previous updates here

Below is a brief update from street protest against the besiege of the refugee squat in Ohlauer Street, in Kreuzberg, threatened with complete eviction since the 24th of June. We write this down to share what we experienced on July 1st, hoping that it can somehow help comrades to form a view of the situation.

We reached the district at around 16:00 and after moving around to check where the cops had set their blockades, we headed to Ohlauer Street, where the squatted school is located, surrounded by massive police forces. On the roof of the former school building you could see 2 or 3 people, while in the junction of Ohlauer with Reichenberger Street there was a crowd of about 500 protesters. The anti-riot cops had moved their metal barriers forward, gaining some meters of ground, and were set in line with full-body armor and tens of police vans on the back. There was no way for people to get close to the entrance of the building, apart from breaking violently through police lines, something that was out of the question at the moment, given that we were outnumbered by the pigs, but mainly due to the character of the gathering that was all but combative.

Outside the Tempest Library there were 2 info-points, meaning 2 tables with a bunch of people sitting behind them and organizing stuff (we failed to understand what exactly these matters were). At the same time, in the middle of the street there was a small van with a sound system, from where people (mainly hip-hopper refugees and migrants) were spitting out rhymes and singing. Most of the protesters were sitting on the ground, having their back at the cops and watching the improvised gig. We find that moments of free expression on the streets are really important on a daily basis, but we consider that joyful festivities in crucial occasions like this one are at least naive, if not reactionary. The general feeling was that of a pacified civil-rights protest or a street party, stripped by any notion of rage against the militarization of the zone by police forces. Additionally, music and announcements through the microphone were continuous, leaving no room for slogans to be shouted, practically obliging people to the role of spectators.

Nevertheless, what we find completely irresponsible on the part of those that call and/or organize these protests is the fact of accepting (if not inviting) the Press on the spot. TV vans, cameras, photo-reporters and journalists were mingled with protesters, filming, taking photos and generally recording and monitoring everything. It is not to our knowledge if there were comrades among the crowd that had the same opinion with us, but preferred to keep a low profile. However, there was no visible reaction from anyone against this de facto presence of mass-media fuckers. First we addressed to an info-point, explaining it did not feel like a safe environment for demonstrators, since all of our moves were under surveillance not just by cops but also by the Press, only to receive the answer that there were people that wanted the media to be present (among them also refugees). We tried to shout slogans (‘The Press is working for the State; journalists get the fuck out now!’) but in vain, since our voices were covered by the sound system.

After a while we moved on the corner of Lausitzer and Reichenberger streets, a block away from the refugee school, where cops had kettled a group of nearly one hundred demonstrators who were carrying out a sit-in in order to block more police vans that were directed towards Ohlauer Street. The spirit was slightly better there, as people were shouting slogans clear and loud, but the action did not exceed the limits of civil disobedience. Under circumstances, sit-ins can in fact be effective in terms of blocking the cops from moving forward, but there is no guarantee for the activists that police boots won’t step on their heads whenever they feel like it. The cops exercised violence against protesters, but did not manage to storm the sit-in; then they made sure to spread more terror by bringing onwards police squads wearing black uniforms and balaclavas covering their facial characteristics. There’s no doubt; the State is the only terrorist.

We stayed in the area until about 20:00, moving from one sit-in to another (they were at least 2 more in the district). Before deciding to leave the place, we briefly intervened in the festivities in Ohlauer Street when the music stopped, stating out loud that the mass media is the voice of the enemy and so they should be kicked out immediately. The Press is to a large extent responsible for preparing this eviction in terms of propaganda, and it is really sad to see that some people don’t recognize the obvious. This struggle, as any other partial fight, will either be radicalized and assumed by both refugees and people in solidarity as an episode in an ongoing social war, or it will end up being mediated and assimilated by Power.

Here is a document dated on the 1st of July with various demands (signed by a different number of people), in an attempt of some refugees to reach an “agreement” with the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district officials, and prevent their judicial prosecution and violent eviction from the Gerhart Hauptmann Schule.

Meanwhile, the federal minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, urgently applied for a vote on the tightening of asylum legislation, which will practically make it impossible for people (it aims against Roma in particular) coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia or Serbia, among others, to get asylum in Germany since the law will change the status of such regions into “safe countries of origin”. The German parliament is expected to decide about this racist bill in an accelerated proceeding.

Dortmund, Germany: Antimilitarism Campaign, 1–3 August 2014

Today as 100 years ago: War against war! For the social revolution!

The 28th of July 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, and the 1st of August is the date of entry of the German Empire into the latter. Already since the beginning of the year, the media and society are showing increased interest in the topic. However, the coverage is mainly focused on the course of the war and a superficial review of its causes.

The war didn’t just break loose all of a sudden. It was planned, prepared and realized. In every war, there are certain people, systems and ideologies that profit from hostilities and seek for warfare, be it nationalist and chauvinistic hallucinations of power in parts of the population, or profits of the arms industry, or the regulating function within the states.

While taking a look at the present, we want to work out the differences and similarities in militarism and warfare. Of course, as anarchists, we want to use this anniversary to show that we fight against all forms of militarism, nationalism and capitalism. To achieve peace, the existing conditions must be changed radically.

The antimilitarism campaign in Dortmund will start on Friday the 1st of August with a manifestation at the Katharinentreppen (across the main railroad station) at 6pm. On Saturday and Sunday we will hold several readings, presentations and a workshop (only in German language).

For further information please check our site:
Contact under: kriegdemkrieg AT

In German

Greece prisoner hunger strike suspended

Stencil painted during PA’s gathering in the proximity of Koridallos prison, in Athens on the 1st of July, referring to prisoner Ilir Kareli (murdered by prison staff after his transfer from Malandrino to Nigrita), who stabbed a prison guard to death with an improvised knife: “A good start was made in Malandrino prison; every torturer should get his throat slashed.”

According to an announcement by an initiative of the Prison Struggle Committee, the nationwide mass hunger strike against the bill on maximum security prisons has been suspended as of Tuesday, July 1st. Most of the inmates, who participated in the strike from the 23rd of June, are now gathering strength to continue their mobilization in Greek prisons with other means.

full text of the prisoners’ letter here

Athens: Vehicles at a Skoda dealership set on fire in solidarity with prisoners all over Greece

From Monday, June 23rd a mass hunger strike is being carried out in most prisons by inmates opposing the new omnibus bill, which aims to create maximum security prisons and restructure-tighten the penal code.

An inauguration of maximum security prisons is meant to complete the puzzle of repression that is being systematically structured in recent years. Ever since the mask of consumerist havens was dropped and the social body’s hallucinations about a peaceful life collapsed, domination bares its real face. It was the time when the breath of social unrest stroked the nape of the “powerful” and the cry of the dispossessed marginals whistled hazardously in their ears. The State, and the interests championed by the State, could not leave those who dared question its omnipotence in practice, unpunished; those who looked beyond the standardized patterns of a sterile life promoted to us, and dared pursue their dreams.

The need for creation of maximum security prisons is an integral part of the multi-level heightened repression we are experiencing in recent years. These concrete tombs are intended to act as a deterrent for anyone who feels suffocated in the modern concrete jungle, thus preventing them from attacking what oppresses them, but also to punish the recalcitrant inmates who may revolt and stand up against the skinners of their dreams.

The following thoughts are dedicated to all unruly and rebellious prisoners who chose hunger strike as a means of resistance against the inhumane and vindictive fury of the State and its mechanisms.

To those who stand up against death, and skip the deadly arranged appointment, and remain alive.

To those who “walk” with a steadfast and aggressive determination on the avenue of social inaction.

To the rogues who taste the feeling of law-breaking and flirt with illegality.

To the combatants of today, of the here and now, the resolute, uncompromising and confrontational rebels.

To you whom the pervasive authoritarian fury has not managed to bend; you who sided with the dissident elements of practical insurrectionary life till the very end…

That’s why we torched four vehicles at a Skoda car dealership in the district of Gerakas, in the early hours of Monday, June 30th, as a minimum token of solidarity with the mass hunger strike of prisoners. We call for an escalation and intensification of polymorphous actions of solidarity in view of vote on the multi-bill in the next couple of days.

Strength to the struggle of the hunger strikers

Nothing is over. Everything continues

Fire to the prisons in every corner of the Earth

Consiousful Marginals

Marseille, France: Solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike in Greece

A banner was placed in central square of Marseille, and the text of the prisoners was distributed in French.


UK: Leaflets given out in London on the 28th of June, in solidarity with hunger strikers in Greek prisons

Click image to read a leaflet handed out at a noise demo outside Holloway prison and at a meeting in solidarity with anti-eviction fighters raided and arrested in Turin, Italy on the 3rd of June (constantly updated list of comrades in prison or house arrest here).

It’s time to act with all means in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons!

Berlin: Poster against the eviction and besiege of the refugees in Ohlauer Street +Updates

More »

Patras: Surprise noise demo outside the prison of Aghios Stefanos

On Sunday morning, June 29th, some 50 comrades went to Aghios Stefanos prison in Patras, where 550 prisoners are on hunger strike. Local authorities were caught off guard and reacted in panic. Through loudspeakers, the administration ordered the prison staff to lock inmates who had entered the yard back in their cells.

Upon arrival, comrades set up a sound system and read words against maximum security prisons and messages in solidarity with prisoners. They chanted slogans around the outer fence of the prison and then approached the walls near the main entrance, where slogans like “solidarity with the struggles of prisoners” and “fire to the galleys” were painted, while screws and cop cars were going back and forth.

There was a direct line of sight to prisoners, who responded with shouts such as “fuck maximum security prisons” and “we’re gonna continue the strike till victory”.

Solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike

Against maximum security prisons and special conditions of detention

Until every prison is demolished

Greek prisons: The struggle against maximum security prisons intensifies

Anti-prison banners in Florina, northern Greece (June 27th, 2014):
“4,400 prisoners on hunger strike against maximum security prisons”
“Neither penal nor political prisoners, explosives and fire to every prison (A)”

Chania, Crete Island, Greece (June 27th, 2014)

As of June 27th (5th day of mass hunger strike), more inmates have joined the hunger strike in the prison of Corfu, taking courage from the warm supportive intervention outside the extermination centre.

On the same day, the network of imprisoned fighters called for solidarity with the ongoing struggle in Greek prisons, referring also to the case of hunger striker Nicolò Angelino, hostage of the Italian State.

In the night of the 27th, the inmates in all wings of Koridallos men’s prison refused to be locked up in the cells for one hour (until 10pm), protesting because there is a huge lack of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, like stretcher bearers, in the prison and its ‘hospital’ in particular, but also due to the fact that the screws have declared a ‘work stoppage’, thus actually blocking visits between the prisoners and their lawyers or relatives.

Since the 28th of June (6th day of mass hunger strike), protest mobilizations have intensified ahead of voting, on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014, of the new draft law on maximum security prisons.

In the morning of the 28th, five incarcerated comrades currently on hunger strike were moved to the infirmary in Koridallos men’s prison, namely Yannis Michailidis, Argyris Ntalios and Nikos Romanos, as well as CCF members Michalis Nikolopoulos and Panagiotis Argirou. Meanwhile, over 30 hunger strikers have been transferred there already. As expected, the prison director Maria Stefi (whose car was blown up by anarchists in 2013) has demonstrated a total disregard for their health condition sending most of them quickly back to the wings.

On June 29th (7th day of mass hunger strike), more hunger strikers reportedly had a fainting episode at Koridallos.


Athens: Reportback from anti-prison demo

“No tolerance to Type C prisons and every other form of captivity (A)”
“Long live Anarchy”
(slogans painted on June 28th at Syntagma Square)

According to rough estimates, nearly 4,000 individuals participated in the anarchist-antiauthoritarian demonstration on the 28th of June in downtown Athens.

People in struggle and in solidarity are obviously not figures in accounting books, nor does any total number equal the desire for freedom. However, the last few days, numbers are those that rudimentarily map one of the most massive mobilizations which have ever occurred within prison walls in Greece, so it is reminded that the participation of prisoners, who are fighting against the bill on inauguration of type C-maximum security prisons and introduction of special conditions of detention and isolation, so far consists of approximately 4,400 hunger strikers in 15 different hellholes, not counting all those who refuse prison meals. Already on the 28th of June, several hunger strikers in Koridallos, including imprisoned anarchist comrades, were transferred to the prison infirmary in need of immediate medical treatment.

At about 12pm solidarity people began to gather in Monastiraki Square, next to the metro station. Along with distribution of texts against the white torture cells and the Greek Guantanamo, there were also people who handed out leaflets about a recent attack by football’s mafia thugs on the Strouga squat, which is located in the district of Nea Filadelfeia (Athens). Shortly after 1.30pm, under a hot sun, anarchists, antiauthoritarians and other protesters (e.g. there was presence of Trotskyists) started to march with organized ‘safeguarding’ lines, taking a familiar route in the city centre: through Athinas Street towards Omonoia Square, and then turning to Stadiou Street on to Syntagma, where the parliament building was guarded by police as usual. Passersby were not that many. But there were plenty of repressive forces that watched closely from parallel streets, while some antiriot squads followed the demo from a distance. Leaving behind the disciplined line of an unsuspecting group of middle-aged tourists with their luggage in tow in the presence of antiriot cops in khaki uniforms, the anarchist-antiauthoritarian march walked on Panepistimiou Street, where it ended at about 2.30pm in front of the Propylaea.

The ‘pulse’ of protesters was not lively at all times, nonetheless those who chose to take to the streets were understandably conscious of the critical nature of this struggle, but also of the symbolic-vital character of the protest itself in major arteries of the city. Demonstrators carried various anti-prison banners (the most visible one, due to its height, being one by the Rocinante anarchosyndicalist initiative). Many fliers were thrown, numerous leaflets were shared informing people about the ongoing struggle of prisoners, and a pet store that sells nonhuman animals packed into cages was spontaneously attacked, while lots of stencils against the maximum security prisons and various slogans and A in a circle were painted along the route. At the end of the Stadiou street, demonstrators exchanged greetings with laid-off workers (cleaning ladies formerly employed by the finance ministry) who stood on the sidewalk holding their own protest banner. Finally, some of the slogans that were shouted during the demo are: “neither penal nor political prisoners, explosives and fire to every prison,” “all the values of this society are maximum security prisons,” “solidarity is people’s weapon, war against the bosses’ war,” “the prisoners from the galleys and we from the streets, together we will abolish the State and the laws,” “the passion for freedom is stronger than all prisons,” “listen up you humanguards, hands off the combatants,” “the States are the only terrorists, solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters,” “hunger strike inside the prison cells, struggle for life and for freedom,” “Greece of Greek policepeople, of snitches, murderers and torturers,” “the State is calling the fighters scumbags, scumbags are the antiriot squads and plainclothes cops,” “the State and the Capital are the only terrorists, solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters,” “free-free-freedom for those who are in prison cells”…

Strength to the hunger strikers in Greek prisons


Greece: Flyer by relatives and friends of prisoners in struggle

Type C-maximum security prisons, which the government is prepared to vote for, are intended for the political adversaries of the system, the anarchists, the communists, and “indiscipline” prisoners… They are a prison within a prison, guarded by Greek police’s forces, in which inmates will have to serve 10 full years, with constraints on communication and visitations, without pastime or the option of daily wages (that reduce one’s sentence), without the right to furlough and parole, a prison regime which legitimizes snitching among inmates, and drives affected prisoners to despair or hopelessness…

Down with the maximum security prisons, down with the white torture cells, down with the Greek Guantanamo!

- Relatives and friends of prisoners (28/6/2014)

Corfu Island, Greece: Solidarity intervention at the local prison

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Solidarity cannot be caged in prison cells.

Last night, June 26th, around 20 individuals carried out a solidarity intervention outside Corfu prison, which was met with a big and touching response from inside the walls, with prisoners responding immediately to shouts and slogans. The last update refers to 120 hunger strikers in the hellhole of Corfu.

Berlin: „Kugeln für Herrmann, Henkel, Panhoff“ – Arson on Tempelhof-Kreuzberg District Court

We bring light into the darkness…

A militant intervention: 4 tires, 10 liters of petrol.

In the night toward Friday, June 27th, 2014, we set fire to the district court in Kreuzberg. This is only a small symbolic act to support our friends in struggle against the prevailing conditions.

Our solidarity goes to the refugees of Gerhart Hauptmann Schule and all people affected by repression. The eviction is an attack against us, which will be followed by further actions.

Bullets for mayor Hermann, interior senator Henkel, district councillor Panhoff.

Freedom for all prisoners!
Right to stay for everybody!

For an armed struggle!


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