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About some car fires in recent weeks in Berlin…

For Mónica Caballero, Nikos Romanos, Francisco Solar, Nikos Maziotis and all upright prisoners, for those who burn the vehicles of the prison-construction company Vinci in the streets of Paris and have celebrated the 14 July national holiday in their own way, for the untouchables that throw once again μολότοφ [Molotov cocktails] and stones through the streets of Athens and not let themselves be deceived by Syriza… and for ourselves.

That’s why we torched a vehicle of the surveillance company Deutsche Telekom in the Wedding district of Berlin on 11/6/2015; we burned a van of the armaments company Siemens on the Stralau half-island on 13/7/2015; and caused a vehicle of the security company WISAG in the Paul-Junius-Straße to burst into flames on 17/7/2015.

Fortress Europe will collapse only when the storm on the outer boundaries connects itself with the local, inner subversions, and these struggles correlate with each other.

in German / Greek, French

Paris: Incendiary solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece


French / Greek

Basel, Switzerland: In memory of the killed comrades in the Suruç massacre

In memory of the killed comrades in the Suruç massacre and in solidarity with the struggling comrades in Turkey and everywhere we hung two banners in Basel, Switzerland!

Hamburg: 3 to 9 August 2015 – Week of mobilisation and agitation in solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Straße” case

Let’s break the law!
Solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Strasse” case in Hamburg!

On the 27.08.2014 a house was squatted in Breite Straße in Hamburg. When the cops came to evict they were heavily attacked by the squatters with fireworks, colour, and a lot of other projectiles.

Later people got arrested outside the house accused of participation in the action. Some of them where in custody for some months but are now out. End of august 2015 the courtcase will start against 6 persons. The accusations are heavy, some of them are accused with attempted homicide because of the attacks on cops.

Let’s show solidarity with the action because it was an attack against this oppressive normality!
Solidarity with the accused because there should be no rebel in the hands of the state!

03.-09. August 2015 Week of mobilisation and agitation in solidarity with the accused of the “Breite Straße” case!
Show your solidarity with the accused rebels no matter where and how!

Flyer (original)

Sweden, 5 to 12 August: Förvilda-camp in Umeå

What we want is quite simple. We want the concrete to crack up into an ocean of medicinal herbs, to let the clear cuts grow wild and away from the ”sustainable” forest industry, that the psyches of the civilized people, their emotions, realities and everyday life are liberated from the chains of civilized culture, that the oceans are filled with life and not plastics, that our wild friends are let out of their cages, to destroy the scientific objectification which justifies everything from rapes to vivisection, that hierarchies are overthrown, that the air is liberated from its bad breath and so much more.

The challenge is to get there.

Förvilda, meaning ”Rewild” in Swedish, is just a name on what you see every day in the corner of your eye, in the cracked asphalt, in the empty lots, outside your window, in the peepholes of the balaclava or the liberated animals first steps outside the cage,

The Earth is angry and those who feel the Earth feel the same anger. Feel it you too!


The location is, as stated on the Swedish poster, “some empty house”. For more info, visit or email

USA: Communication restored for Sean Swain

The Fuckweasels at the ODRC seem to have both run out of excuses for silencing Sean, and realized that suspending his communication access indefinitely without investigation or slightest pretext of a rationale is going to make it hard for even the boot-licking federal judges to decide the civil rights lawsuit in their favor.

The communications ban was officially lifted on Sean’s favorite holiday: July 14th, Bastille Day. This means we now have a flood of new things from Sean which you can read. Click here to see the entire list.

The lifting of the ban means that Sean’s Final Straw Radio segments are now going to be in his actual voice! You can hear his thoughts on subjects like: The Free Alabama Movement, Guerilla Warfare, Failed States and the new reading from The Invisible Committee.

Write to Sean:
Sean Swain, 243-205
P. O. Box 45699, 1724 St. Rt. 728
Lucasville, Ohio 45699 (USA)

Zadar, Croatia: 9th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, 2015

Balkan Anarchist bookfair is an annual anarchist event that changes location each year. This year BASK will take place in Autonomous cultural Centre Nigdjezemska in Zadar!

Why Zadar ? About the space:

After two years of restoring and cleaning the building in abandoned military barracks, this spring the Autonomous cultural Centre Nigdjezemska opened it’s doors. Nigdjezemska arose out of the missing space in Zadar for people to organize activities like d.i.y gigs, discussion and workshops, movie screenings, freeshop, bicycle repairing, gardening and other activities on a self-organized and horizontal level!

Anarchist bookfairs are organized in different cities over the world and open space for discussion and exchange about anarchist topics. The idea of Balkan anarchist bookfair is to connect different anarchist people and groups and to be a weekend, on which we can meet each other, discuss, question, exchange local experiences and struggles and develop perspectives for local and also international resistance.

The bookfair lives through participation and solidarity of different people and groups. Balkan Anarchist Bookfair was first organised in 2003 and since then it happened in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sofia, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Mostar and Zrenjanin, which created solidarity network through the Balkan and beyond.

Please let us know in advance, if you want to do a presentation, discussion, book stall or if you have other suggestions for the weekend! We only have limited sleeping places.

So please let us know in advance if you need a sleeping place (How many are you? Are there any needs that we have to consider choosing your sleeping place?)

We are looking forward to hear from you and welcome your ideas!

Program will be announced closer to the bookfair dates.

Contact: bask2015[at]riseup[dot]net

Athens: Anarchist interventions against the July 5 referendum






Some pictures from anarchist interventions against the referendum (i, ii) that took place in Exarchia on July 1st, in the neighbourhoods of Koukaki and Petralona on July 2nd, and in Propylaea (Panepistimiou Street, downtown Athens) on July 4th; the actions were called by Anarchists for the Destabilisation of the System. During the interventions slogans were shouted, flyers thrown, leaflets distributed, graffiti painted, electoral propaganda removed and banners placed: one in Exarchia square reading “Neither right nor left administration – Conflict in the now for the destruction of State and Capital”, another at the entrance of the Polytechnic School reading “Neither elections nor referendums – Sabotage against the institutional processes”, and a third one at Propylaea reading “Fire to the ballot boxes of democracy – Anarchists”.


Spanish / Portuguese

Greece: Evi Statiri still in prison for being the life companion of a captive anarchist urban guerrilla

On July 14th 2015, it became known that the latest motion for release filed by Evi Statiri (the life partner of CCF imprisoned member Gerasimos Tsakalos) was rejected by the competent judicial council.

Despite the fact that Evi has never been a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, nor had she any involvement whatsoever in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire escape plan, which was uncovered in January 2015, she is nevertheless being held in pretrial detention in Koridallos prison since March 2nd.

Mexico: Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan

Bit by bit we have started to drown in this concrete jungle, provoked by the progress of a decadent system that is driven on by a few individuals who think they own the world. They have been laying waste to it bit by bit, and even now they continue to pillage wild nature in an attempt at domination. Against them, we appeal to direct action to put the brakes on the machinery that devours these spaces, such as Primavera Forest [lit. Spring Forest, a so-called “protected natural area” outside of Zapopan].

To all those who threaten wild nature and our lives, we say that we will not stop until we see you destroyed. This is the beginning, and we are ready for more. Today it was just the machinery that we burned – tomorrow it could be the lives of those who demand the destruction and looting of nature. We are not interested in dialogues or pacts with your authorities, we don’t want the donation of small spaces that you call nature preserves or protected areas – we don’t want your scraps of forests, and we will not engage in dialogue for the liberty that was stolen from us. We are tired of resisting as we have for more than 500 years now – this is our moment and we are taking the offensive. We will not cross our arms and watch how you destroy the earth, taking flora and fauna with it.


In the early morning of Monday, July 15, we attacked the construction site of WEST PLAZA PARK, a future warehouse and industrial ship company. This project was being built in the vicinity of the Primavera Forest, an ecosystem that is in grave danger due to the construction of subdivisions and infrastructure projects. The need to defend this territory has become evident when what little defense is shown takes place through ambiguous and insipid campaigns.

Thus, we lay claim to the burning of construction equipment, excavators, transport vehicles, and industrial tubing on your property.

We waited in the forest before coming out to attack. The moon and the fireflies lit up the night, before melting together with the fires of the savages.

In defense of all that is savage.


original in Spanish | in Greek

Mexico: Some answers about the present and NOT about the future

Pachuca, Hidalgo, November 13 2014.

With this statement, some groupuscules of “Savage Reaction” (RS), will respond to the text “Some ideas about the present and the future” from “Ediciones Isumatag” (EI), published on their blog on October 6 of this year [2014].

At the same time, with this writing we demonstrate the existing distinction among critics of the industrial-technological system, specifically among those who are bent on and advocate the creation of an “organized movement capable of contributing to the overthrow of such a system”, and those like we who do not seek that, but rather, to attack the development of the systems progress from the present, tending to destabilize it.

With this text, we do not intend at all to open the sterile and impractical debate on future or present strategies which “have to” be taken while facing the industrial-technological system. Everyone decides their own path. What follows is just a quick exposure of our tendency regarding this topic. The intelligent ones who tend towards the wild will know very well how to analyze and criticize this communique.

Clearing doubts:

In January 2012 Individualities tending towards the wild (ITS) published its sixth communique, which from the start announced itself as a self-critique, in addition to publicly accepting mistakes from past communiques, but more than that, this sixth communique was an indirect response (as some have rightly mentioned before) (1) to criticisms published that same month by Último Reducto (UR) and Anónimos con Cautela (AC) editorial groups.

At the time, ITS welcomed most of URs critique, it helped very much for solidifying positions and to push us to let go of some leftist, relativist thematics alien to what we wanted to form.

In fact, all those who have ever read the works of UR, might have noticed that they had a strong influence on the primary formation of our ideas.

UR themselves have written:

“Much of the discourse and terminology used in their communiques is taken from the writings of Kaczynski and UR (although in cases where their taking UR as reference, they do not explicitly say so)” (2)

At the time, by strategy and prudence, we never made direct mention of the influence of UR, as not to jeopardize their editorial work, being that we are an underground group with terrorist history, but since we are clearing doubts, and a few years have past since these events, we make it public.

Beyond the term “Revolution”

Ever since signing as ITS, we’ve rejected the term “revolution”. We’ve always criticized and cast aside the term that has been used to name the hypothetical process by which the destruction of the techno-industrial system would “have to” go through to be attained, as some like EI say.

But for now let’s put aside the “revolution” as a term (3), and focus on the problem as a strategy.

Freedom Club (FC) proposed in 1995, a “revolution” to end the techno-industrial system in it’s essay “Industrial Society and Its Future”. From then on, some people have taken this proposal as the only valid one for this hypothetical triumph in this hypothetical future. More »

[Zine] The struggle against the maxi-prison in Brussels – A chronology of attack & antagonism

Click here for low-res version or here for high-res and imposed versions.

The Belgian State has been announcing it for some time: building 13 new modern and efficient prisons.

As part of this new master-plan the State wants to build a maxi-prison in Haren, northern Brussels. It is intended as the largest prison in the country, a genuine prison town that would include five different prisons on the same terrain. It would then lock up at least 1,200 men, women and children.

With the fight against the construction of this monstrosity raging on, this 48-page publication features analysis and a chronology of attack from the past two and a half years of struggle against this project.


– No new prisons, no maxi-prison in Brussels!
– The struggle against building a maxi-prison and the offensive of power
– No maxi-prison, not here, nor anywhere!
– Let’s rebel against the construction of a maxi-prison
– On your marks, get set, go!
– To the undesirables
– Break the ranks
– For the insurrection
– Sabotage
– To the uncontrollables
– Chronology of attack & antagonism

For antagonistic struggle,
Person(s) Unknown Publications

Meuse, France: Attack against a technical site of ANDRA

Not far from Bure, an analysis site of ANDRA was attacked by a few determined night owls.

At Bure, in Meuse, power is trying by all its means to have accepted a nuclear waste landfill project 500 meters underground.

Despite that the project has not yet officially started, that of the nuclear waste not arriving before 2025, the ANDRA installations (the National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management, in charge of the landfill project) are already swarming in the area.

One night around the 25th June, a construction site containing multiple electrical installations and a well, to analyse the condition of the rock and water table, was devastated.

The well was then forcibly blocked up with concrete, and all the cabinets were fractured and destroyed by the rage of those who don’t want to wait for the exhaustion of legal resorts to attack this project.

Attack the infrastructure of power wherever they are, in Meuse like elsewhere.

Against Cigéo and its world, resistance and sabotage!

Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence, issue 5

Click here or front cover to download Avalanche no° 5

Dear comrades

Avalanche n° 5 just came out in English and French. The German edition will soon follow.
Copies of the issue can be requested by sending a mail to correspondance[at]riseup[dot]net or by downloading it on the website.

anarchist greetings

[New Zine] Hambach Forest occupation

Click here to download 20-page pdf

Click here or the image to download 20-page pdf booklet (7.4mb)

June 2015

This zine tries to give a short overview over the struggle against the lignite mining in the Rhineland in Germany. It is a compilation of texts that were written by people who also participated the occupation.

One thing that is important to understand is that it is an open struggle which means that there are somehow agreements against hierarchy and domination, sexism, racism and speciesism but there is no exact collective opinion. People who participate the struggle in the Hambacher Forst participate as individuals who organize together but not as platformist slaves.

This means also that opinions and analysis stated in the following texts do not necessarily reflect on a common point of view. Rather there are as many opinions as people involved. Surely there are also many things to criticize (such as victimisation or using terms and logics of the state like “guilty“, “illegal“ or „injustice“ for example). And this criticism is necessary and welcome.

So this compilation of texts does not even reflect on the opinion of the people who put it together. But surely the ones who read this zine will be smart enough to make up their own conclusions.

Contents (also available on this blog)

– Short facts about the lignit mining in Rhineland (Germany)
– The Hambacher Forst occupation
– The first declaration of the Hambacher Forst occupation in 2012
– About the relationship between domination and environmental destruction
– Other parts of resistance in the area
– A few thoughts about solidarity and violence
– Small lexicon of forms of action
– Chronicle 2012-2014

Paris: Vinci and La Poste lose two vehicles

incendieIn the night of June 30th to July 1st, we set fire to a utility vehicle of the La Poste [French mail serivce], Surmelin street. The Post snitch on the undocumented migrants (and finance the construction of new Ministry of the Interior offices).

Soon after, it’s a car of Vinci (prison builders) that’s ablaze, Jules Dumien street.

Destroy that which destroys us!

in Greek, Spanish, Italian and German

Czech Republic: The situation of our comrades in prison – greyness, solitude and hunger

Non-vegan diet, isolation, boredom, hour and a half of daylight. Meeting people through the bars and hardened glass. These are just some of the conditions our comrades experience while imprisoned. In this article we would like to describe the everyday reality of imprisoned anarchists and outline ways to support them. We call for support of all three defendants and, especially Martin, to whom the few next weeks may be critical. We also call for exerting pressure on the Pankrác prison to respect Martin’s vegan diet and towards improving prison conditions in general. More about the case from AntiFenix.czechOperation Phoenix, police infiltration and possibly fabricated case

Recently in April 2015, Police of the Czech Republic commenced an operation against the anarchist, anti-authoritarian and animal liberation movement. This operation is known and called Operation Fenix (Phoenix). During the initial stage many individuals have been questioned and interrogated, some arrested and several places raided. Police confiscated servers, computers, flash drives, cameras, mobile phones and other digital devices or data carriers. So far we do not know to what extend the operation goes and how many people are being monitored and what the intentions of the police are. On a number of occasions the police fabricated or purposely concealed important facts in order to obtain permission to search different properties and arrest people.

The closest media attention has so far focused on the affair of ” far left terrorism.” From the original 11 detainees, three individuals remain in custody (Ales, Petr and Martin – “Fenix 3″) where they wait for trial. Petr and Martin are accused of “conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack” and Ales with the offense for illegal arms possession.

Today we know that the entire “action” to attack the train, which the police claimed to prevent by arresting Petr, Martin and two other people (currently investigated without detention), was scheduled and co-planned by (at least) two undercover operatives. Specifically trained undercover police officers infiltrated a group of people and gained their trust to obtain information. After a while, when surveillance of their new “friends” was established, they began to talk more about the necessity of actions more militant in nature and they actively participated in the preparation of such a plan.
Martin’s lawyer mentioned in an interview:

“My defendant considers the whole case as the result of police provocation and he had no intention whatsoever to plan or carry out a terrorist attack. As he stated, if he would not have met the undercover police agents he would most likely never have gotten into the current troubles.”

It was the police themselves who invented the whole event. Without their initiative, the whole affair would not even exist. The aim of the police was most likely to discredit, intimidate and divide the entire anarchist movement and to collect as much information about the groups, activities and individuals as possible. More about police infiltration here.

Fenix 3, prison conditions, loneliness and hunger

So far, no court hearings have been held yet, therefore the accused should be regarded as innocent, however the reality is that not only in the media (from whom we can not expect more than a hunger for sensation), but mainly in prisons the presumption of innocence is somehow forgotten, and defendants are treated as if they were already sentenced.

All three were assigned to various prisons around Czech Republic. Petr is at Ruzyne prison, Martin at Pankrác prison and Ales was recently transferred to prison in Brno. Petr at least had the opportunity to meet with other prisoners, even if only for a few small moments but Ales and Martin were placed in solitary confinement without the slightest possibility of social contact. Petr and Martin are both allowed a visit once every two weeks for 90 minutes limited to 4 people. They are allowed to walk for 90 minutes alone in a restricted area of the prison.

Martin was transferred to Pankrác Prison in Prague in early June and the already unenviable conditions have been aggravated. He was separated from the other prisoners and placed in a solitary confinement. All of his personal belongings were taken from him and no money has been delivered to him yet. Due to this practice it is not possible to deliver a radio that must undergo input check, which is covered from Martin’s money. He met people just over the bars and plexiglass always being handcuffed and he is allowed to walk outside for 90 minutes a day.

The situation of Martin’s diet is outrageous. According to the statutes of Pankrác prison he has the right to eat a vegan diet, but in reality he does not even get a vegetarian diet. Ironically Martin was offered an “alternative” Muslim diet which means an animal product based diet with the absence of pork, so obviously not vegan. Martin is not getting enough food! In addition, Ales and Petr are vegetarians and are allowed to receive a maximum of 5 kg parcels once in three months only and content is tightly regulated. The fact is that basic food intake should be provided by the prison rather than by people from the outside!

We call for support of all three defendants, especially Martin at the moment, who is suffering due to prison authorities disrespecting his vegan diet and refusing to accommodate his dietary habits. More »

Frankfurt: Antifascist Action Day against right-wing scum

It was supposed to be one of the largest mobilizations of far-right scumbags in the region for quite a while. By Saturday, 20 June 2015, the ‘Resistance East / West’ called for a demonstration in the city centre of Frankfurt in order to “unite all patriots” agitating well-known recipients of their racist message. The organizers Ester Seitz and Michael Stürzenberger are well-known from their Pegida-offshoot in Bavaria (Bagida) planned to gather at Rossmarkt, Frankfurt’s central square. Especially neo-Nazi hooligans from different areas of southern Germany but also those from Erfurt, Leipzig and Berlin responded. All together, the crude mass did not exceed 180 participants.

The venue is well-known to antifascists from Frankfurt. For weeks the likeminded Pegida offshoot and the split off “free citizens for Germany” organized rallies repeatedly around here. The cops always cordoned widely the area so that this racist speech could be disseminated undisturbed. To prevent this scenario, this Saturdays actions aimed to thwart the passage of right-wingers. Hundreds of people gathered from the morning to reach the venue and occupy the route of the planned march that finally did not happen. In a first try to reach the demonstration route, the cops brutally attacked antifascists stealing various banners and using battons and pepper spray. The protest de-centralized afterwards so that each access was blocked. In the area around the train station several militant antifascists awaited the neo-Nazi hooligans. Scuffles broke out repeatedly and at least a dozen experienced physically that they would be better off at home.

Provocations repeatedly by the cops triggered offensive responses by antifascists. Exemplary for Frankfurt police tactics, they kettled arbitrarily around 150 antifascists, arresting severals and checking all IDs. Such smaller scale police operations happened several times. Lately, since the militant protests against the ECB, they are fiercely investigating antagonist structures. The legal aid team counted 23 antifascists detained.

The gathering was finally not stopped entirely but a good number of participants will think twice to join such nationalist gatherings. Despite largest efforts in their mobilization, fascists could not gain ground on the streets of Frankfurt. On the other hand, 1000 cops used the occasion to settle old scores. They even denied medical attendance to one badly injured woman.

Once again antifascists ousted militant Nazis, bourgeois racist agitators and police brutality on the streets of Frankfurt. No matter what disguise, fascists have no chance in this city.

Naucalpan, Mexico: Explosive device placed at Mercedes-Benz dealership

In the early hours of July 5th we left an explosive device underneath a luxury car of the ‘Autosat Satélite’ Mercedes-Benz dealership which is located at México-Querétaro Avenue in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

We do not underestimate any attack against the technological system; the members of Savage Reaction have made use of various modes of operation to continue ambushing and striking those directly responsible for the destruction and artificialisation of wild nature, and we will keep on doing so.

The rainfall continues, so do the attacks!

The thunders feed the instinct of attack so as to fall upon the infected heads of the enemies of the Indomitable…

Savage Reaction
‘Until Your Death or Mine!’ Groupuscule

original in Spanish | Greek, Italian

Santiago: Incendiary sabotage against PROQUIMSA industries

“Life is a journey by parachute, and not what you want to believe. We are falling, falling from our zenith to our nadir, and we leave the air stained with blood to poison those who will come to breathe it tomorrow. Within yourself, outside yourself, you will fall from your highest to lowest point because that is your destiny, your miserable destiny. And the higher you fall from, the higher you will bounce, and the longer you will be remembered by the stone. We have jumped from our mother’s bellies or the edge of a star, and we are falling. Oh, my parachute, the sole perfumed rose of the atmosphere, the rose of death, tumbling between the stars of death. Have you heard? That is the sinister noise of closed breasts. Open the door of your soul and come out to breathe outside. You can open the door that the hurricane slammed, with only a whisper.” [Vicente Huidobro, Altazor]

On Tuesday, June 9, according to one of the many calendars of domination. Our contradictory wrists carry watches that indicate that it’s ten till two in the morning. The cold is chilling, but we’re well equipped. Long minutes walking to enter the outskirts of the industrial park Lo Boza, in the municipality of Pudahuel – a territory substantially faded by the uncontrolled advance of the techno-industrial system and the active complicity of the submissive population, which has been enchanted by this regime of hate and death. “Where the waters meet” was once home to fertile, colorful land; for the time being, it is a deposit of human waste, orderly zombies arriving early to work in the morning. The air is torn by hundred airplanes that land with impunity on the high-density concrete of the Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, the soil is dirtied by industries that spring up faster than mushrooms in the Valdivian forest, the water is “mis-treated” by some of the largest water treatment plants in South America.

Our target is the industrial facilities of PROQUIMSA, speciesist experimentalists, torturers of our brothers and sisters. They are providers of consumables for the chemical industry, in its broadest spectrum of productive horror.

We sabotaged one of the several “electrical distribution boxes” that serve these spaces of death; fire was our destructive element, two chemically activated incendiary devices that illuminated the night for a time. They did not achieve quite the desired effect, but the act serves as a rehearsal for the qualitative advancement of our actions. We will strike harder every time! In one way or another, we thought that burning one of these “boxes” might produce wider blackouts in the facility, but it did not – there was only minor material damage. We should research more on the network of electrical supply and distribution in these zones; we believe that we only affected the local circuits, belonging to the exterior illumination of the enterprise.

Our plans, wills, and resources advance in secret, but without putting a foot on the brakes. Our fight to the death against this system of domination knows no strategic pause, much less theoretical revision.

For autonomous action in the broadest sense!

We are capable; we have the tools within reach. Intelligence, love, conviction! While our brothers and sisters die in different types of cages, we cannot help but act – there are no excuses.

Action against ourselves is here and now. Action against our enemies is here and now. Action against the defenders and false critics of the patriarchy is right in front of our noses. Sharpen the conflict, overcoming our negative egos!

Month for the Earth” – “Black June” is part of one of the many proposals for coordination and effective attack. For us, it holds all kinds of contradictions and tensions, but they are perfectly manageable, absorbable, spit out, well received, thrown out, armored, vomited, enjoyed. We believe that this is a tool for the proliferation of certain tactical/practical discussions and dispositions, theoretical tangles, and maybe some synthesis of these experiences. We are part of this call as a complementary part of our integral construction of constant tension. Against the society of domination!

With Mauricio Morales, Spyros Dravilas, Pelao Angry and so many comrades who have departed this physical plane.

Affectionate greetings to all the brothers and sisters encaged worldwide, those forced underground (“on the run”) here and there – strength in your hearts and bodies!

Greetings to the Council of Uehuetlatolli Groupuscule of Savage Reaction

Against Civilization! For the defense of all that we have been losing!

Capybara Group FAI/FRI

original in Spanish; in Greek

Indianapolis, USA: Solidarity action at the Mexican consulate

On July 3rd, there was a solidarity demonstration against repression in Mexico, organized outside the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis, USA.

The text of the flyer distributed during the demonstration:

On June 16, 2015, the Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico, an anti-repression organization, released word describing an escalation of the harassment and surveillance they experience at the hands of the Mexican state.

This is just the latest clamp down doled out by the Mexican government:

– In September of 2014, 43 student rebels from a rural teachers college in Guerrero who were involved in educational protests were disappeared, likely by local law enforcement and crime syndicates. Demonstrations in response to the kidnappings have been met with continued violence by the police. Nearly a year later, only one of the bodies has been found.

– At the beginning of June 2015, a militant teacher, Juan Villegas Tenorio, was beaten to death by police during a protest. Two other teachers at the event were beaten by police but survived.

– An increasing number of revolutionaries are facing long prison sentences, including Abraham Cortes, who was recently sentenced to 5 years and 9 months. Other anarchist prisoners currently facing extreme prison sentences include Fernando Barcenas and Fernando Sotelo.

A new hunger strike has been announced in the prisons around Mexico City. The primary demand in this hunger strike is the end of torture in the prisons.

– Since the beginning of June, protests have erupted across Mexico, including a demonstration by 6,000 teachers at the city center in Oaxaca. These protests call for a boycott of the elections: “To Vote Is To Lie.”

With all this repressive violence, the Mexican state hopes to control popular rage, but it’s only succeeding in spreading resistance. We are here at the Mexican consulate today to call attention to these struggles, and to express our solidarity with these diverse rebels, and others who suffer at the hands of the state. We hope this is a small step toward spreading these rebellions.

Down with every border and prison!

in Spanish, Italian

London: The Anarchist Struggle Against Prisons In Greece (Event)

Saturday 4th July at the Elephant & Castle Social Centre in London

Mexico City: Police harassment of members of Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

In the last few years, we have seen how the escalation of repression has intensified around the libertarian and anarchist movement through the strategies used here in Mexico City: Setting very high bond amounts, and applying the same package of charges, always aggravated, without giving much importance to the specific situation, but rather to what the State dictates. Persecution and finger-pointing in the media as a basic element of their set-up: Noting the names of groups of people or spaces (whether they exist or not), making up relationships that really don’t exist, comparing everyone and everything from a vertical point of view, trying fit us into a schematic of leadership. Of course, this demonstrates a deep ignorance and/or contempt for anarchist ideas, which have nothing to do with this kind of hierarchical logic.

On the other hand, we have the government’s efforts to qualify anarchism or “anarchic conduct” under the judicial classification of terrorism, applying severe charges and operating under maximum security parameters, only to withdraw the charges, with the argument that they lack sufficient evidence – but always leaving the open threat that “investigations continue.” Nonsensical investigations, plagued with arbitrary references to groups and individuals that exist in very different spaces.

This is all paralleled by police monitoring and surveillance of certain individuals in an attempt to intimidate them, as well as provocations against certain autonomous spaces.

Framed by this strategy, and alongside many other comrades, groups, and collectives, the name of Cruz Negra Anarquista México [Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico] has come to stand out among the notes, “investigations” and political or police declarations.

We believe it is important to make it publicly known that in the past few weeks, individuals who seem to be part of the Mexico City police “investigation” have shown up outside of some of our houses and workplaces, threatening our neighbors and family members and arguing that they are doing security and surveillance work.

Beyond calling for an end to this persecution, we are making this public report as a wake-up call: We know that repression is intrinsic to the state that we have declared as our enemy. We know that its jails and its police are the foundation of its power and its domination. And we know that our work around anti-prison thinking, support, and accompaniment of imprisoned comrades is directly contradictory to this power and domination.


In this context, we ask individuals, collectives, and affinity groups, the comrades we have worked with in the last few years, to be attentive, and to continue to provide the same solidarity that we have received up to this point.

Down with prison walls!

Freedom for everyone!

Anarchist Black Cross–Mexico

original in Spanish (June 16, 2015); in Greek

Text of Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis regarding Greece’s default and exit from the EMU

The SYRIZA-led government is collapsing. The Greek default and exit from the Eurozone, as choice of the lenders, is a process that started in 2010 and currently marks the beginning of the end of the SYRIZA government. The implementation of the memoranda from 2010 was one phase in the process of orderly default that the supranational economic elite had chosen, in order to ensure the sustainability of the Euro and to cut off one member that due to the debt crisis is considered gangrened and has to be expelled. Essentially, Greece’s default has always been regarded by the supranational economic elite as a prerequisite for its salvation, without even breaking the country’s obligations to the lenders, something that was ensured by the inclusion of the country into the power of the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission. Since 2009, Greece was already a bankrupt country and this was something known by both the then government of Georgios Papandreou and the European Union. The supranational economic elite, from 2010 onwards, followed an orderly default tactic so as to safeguard the lenders, the then holders of Greek bonds, the French, German, British and American banks.

The first aim of the memorandum was that it prohibited unilateral suspension of debt payments on the part of the debtor. On that basis, all of the Greek state-owned assets were frozen to ensure the repayment of the debt.

Additionally the debt passed from Greek to Anglo-Saxon law, prohibiting its conversion from Euro into any undervalued national currency. The Greek state gave up national sovereignty over its assets, all of which were transferred to the jurisdiction of the lenders. By granting the prior loan of 110 billion euros and replacing the old debt with a new one, the second objective of the memorandum was the repayment of the then holders of Greek bonds and the transfer of debt to the international organizations, the IMF, the ECB, and the European Union member states. With this process of extension of Greece’s default, the holders of Greek bonds, who investment-wise had junk bonds on their hands, were able to get rid of them with the least possible losses.

This process continued with the PSI in the debt restructuring that took place in March 2012, where the big winners were the foreign banks, and the big losers were Greek banks, Greek social security funds and small bondholders.

Parallel to this, the supranational economic and political elite turned the country into ruins, and using the dilemma “austerity or bankruptcy and disaster” for five years launched a policy of societal genocide and euthanasia for sections of the population, leading to thousands of deaths and poverty, hunger and immiseration.

The ultimate objective of the lenders is to create a two-track European Union, with powerful and big-surplus countries on the one side, and weak, indebted countries on the other.

As we mentioned as imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle, in December 2010, in our text Let’s Make In Greece the Beginning for a Global Social Revolution: “Our exit from the EMU [Economic and Monetary Union] is now considered a given to ensure the viability of the Euro. However, as the debt crisis is deepening, and one European country after another will collapse financially in the near future, it is difficult not only for the EMU to survive but for the European Union as well. The most optimistic scenario for the future of the Union is to create a formation where powerful and big-surplus countries will lead and bankrupt countries of the European periphery will be transformed into protectorates, as they will cede entirely their economic and political sovereignty to the political and economic directorates of Europe. This condition is being promoted in the European Union by establishing an orderly default mechanism.”

Almost five years later, this process takes shape with Greece’s default within the European Union and its exit from the EMU. Through the process of orderly default, Greece was slated to become the first country to inaugurate the two-speed European Union. All Greek governments, from 2010 until today, faithfully served these aspirations of the supranational elite.

The SYRIZA government is collapsing in a much shorter time than its predecessors, the Samaras and Papandreou governments. Despite the fact that within 5 months they renounced the plan for which they were elected, that they accepted the repayment of debt, and signed the extension of the existing memorandum No. 2, despite stepping over many of their red lines in the negotiations with the aim of signing a new memorandum agreement with the creditors – an agreement they admitted themselves was much harsher than the measures proposed by [ex-finance minister] Hardouvelis – the lenders decided on Greek default and exit from the EMU, with the debt obligations of course to remain intact. In five months in power, SYRIZA proved how impracticable was their program, how inapplicable were their Keynesian reforms pursued in a globalized neoliberal environment within the framework of the European Union, how contradictory it was to accept the debt repayment while seeking to increase the basic salary, to agree to privatizations and want the state to be represented in the privatized enterprises, to request financing from the lenders while not wanting to apply the terms of the loan agreement that they themselves agreed to extend on February 20, 2015, to engage in hard negotiations while stepping over red lines by agreeing to memorandum measures and indirectly, with the new taxes and VAT increase, to a further reduction of people’s income, layoffs and unemployment increase; to think they blackmail the lenders by threatening not to pay the loan installments while on February 20 they’ve agreed to sign that there cannot be a unilateral breach of debt payments and that the Greek state-owned assets are frozen and can be sold off unless they pay.

It is certain that all the while the lenders thought the SYRIZA-led government to be an unreliable partner and administrator of the Greek crisis. The July 5 referendum decided upon by the government, to accept or reject the proposals of the lenders, is nothing else but the communications management of its political shipwreck, accompanied by conspiracy theories and suspicions of a political coup and “new Iouliana” [in reference to July 1965 events] aiming at its overthrow.

But, in reality, the SYRIZA government collapses under the weight of its own contradictions and its own deadlock. The referendum has no material basis because 5 days before the vote, on June 30, the austerity program expires and the country is already in default status, so there’s no such thing as a new negotiation or a proposal for an agreement with the lenders. Furthermore, the outcome of the referendum whatever it is will have no influence on the country’s bankruptcy and exit from the EMU, both of which are unavoidable, nor will it avert the eventual collapse of the government.

In the case of “Yes” in the referendum on the proposal of the lenders, the collapse of the government will be much more immediate, given that they formally drafted it in favor of the “No”.

If indeed the majority who participate choose “No”, it is possible for the government to gain a bit of time, but it is completely incapable and unprepared to deal with the consequences of bankruptcy and exit from the EMU, so sooner or later its fall is given.

Regardless of the outcome though, the referendum is misleading because what really is at stake, namely the Euro or Drachma dilemma, does not provide any solution to the problems of the people.

As we have said as Revolutionary Struggle, Greece’s exit from the EMU and the adoption of the Drachma in the European Union framework leaves the problem of debt untouched, and does not invalidate the memorandum-related commitments. Since a term of the memorandum prohibits the conversion of the debt from Euro into any undervalued national currency, not only the adoption of the Drachma would not reduce the debt, but it would increase it.

Also, the adoption of the undervalued Drachma would lead to further devaluation in the purchasing power of workers, and thus deterioration of living standards, which will further increase poverty and immiseration. Therefore, the question of currency alone does not solve the problem. Those who think that the exit from the EMU inside the European Union is a radical solution are grievously mistaken. Currently Greece’s exit from the Eurozone is being sought by the lenders themselves to downgrade a country to a protectorate within the framework of the European Union so it can be sold more easily to repay its debts.

Only action from below, only the action of a Revolutionary Movement that will overthrow the capital and the state, will erase the debt, will pull the country out of the European Union itself, NATO and the market economy, would give a radical solution while proposing the reorganization of society on the basis of Libertarian Communism, based on a confederation of communities, workers’ councils and popular assemblies. Right now, the political bankruptcy of SYRIZA, the country’s bankruptcy and exit from the EMU – the consequences of which are unknown even to the lenders themselves – open up a range of opportunities for revolutionary forces, so that we advance the prospect of overturn.

Abstention from the referendum.

No to the Euro or Drachma dilemma.

The only solution is social revolution and the people in arms.

Nikos Maziotis
Koridallos prison

[June 28, 2015]

Bloomington, Indiana: June 11th 2015 round-up

This year, Bloomington held a week of activities leading up to June 11th:

June 2: A benefit raised $350 for Eric King, an anarchist held captive in Kansas awaiting trial for an alleged incendiary attack on a Congressman’s office.

June 6: An assembly was held to discuss prison projects and recent struggles of revolutionary prisoners and prison rebels.

June 8: A card and letter writing night for anarchist prisoners was held. A few letters were written and cards were signed for 20 anarchist prisoners in the United States.

June 9: The Pages to Prisoners Project held a 12-hour ‘packathon’ event where people responded to prisoners’ letters and put together packages of books.

June 10: A film showing of Lucio, a documentary about anarchist counterfeiter Lucio Urtubia.

June 11: A microphone demonstration was held at the town square with a dozen comrades handing out literature and holding banners. A sound system played Sean Swain’s 2015 June 11th statement, an interview with Michael Kimble, and interviews about June 11th and Sean’s recent struggles. Banners included “Free Marius Mason and All Prisoners” and “Free the Anarchist Fighters” with the names of long-term anarchist prisoners in the United States (Amazon, Bill Dunne, Rebecca Rubin, Jeremy Hammond, Jennifer Gann, Andrew Mickel, Blackjack, Michael Kimble, Sean Swain, Casey Brezik, and Marius Mason) and one awaiting trial (Eric King).

In addition, a message was painted at a swimming spot, reading “For Marius J. Mason and all imprisoned comrades: Wish you were here.”

These are all small gestures for our imprisoned comrades, gestures we hope can help break down the isolation imposed by prison. Raising funds, sending letters and books, and raising awareness about prisoners are all important. However, we must recognize them as parts of a polymorphous and combative struggle against prison society as a whole. The recent hunger strike of Greek anarchist and rebel prisoners, the successful hunger strike of Nikos Romanos, the refusal of Spanish anarchists to break beneath the weight of Operation Pandora and Operation Piñata, the wide array of attacks in solidarity with prisoners and against repression: these all offer glimpses of possibilities, of freedom and rebellion.

We send international greetings to Nataly, Juan, and Guillermo, anarchist prisoners in Chile who recently ended their hunger strike after 53 days; those facing repression in Operation Piñata and Operation Fenix; Chilean anarchist Tamara Sol, recently moved to a high security prison; Silvia, Billy, and Costa, facing charges yet again for an alleged plan to sabotage an IBM nanotechnology research center, for which they have already served years in prison; and Marco Camenisch, held captive since 1991. We also express our deepest rage at state murder of comrade Spyros Dravilas in Greece.

We will not forget that Bloomington was once home to Marius Mason and we will not cease to struggle for his freedom and the freedom of all prisoners.

Solidarity with all prison rebels!
Solidarity with all anarchist prisoners!
Solidarity with the fugitives running wild and free!
Against the state and its prisons, struggle continues…

from Anarchist News via Rififi